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Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestine (12- 18 November 2020)

Source 12 – 18 November 2020 In 101 IOF incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem: 77 civilians arrested, including 5 children Annexation and settlement expansion: Israel issues calls for tenders for the construction of 1,365 settlement units IOF demolished 5 houses and confiscated 6 tractors; several establishments in the West Bank and […]

“Free Democratic” [Zionist Occupied Gov’t] of Canada Importing Guillotines For Canadians

Sunday, November 15, 2020 by: Mike AdamsTags: Canada, communism, concentration camps, COVID, executions, guillotines, pandemic, TyrannyBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL38KVIEWS (Natural News) The Canadian government, on its official acquisition website ( is requesting bids for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” as part of, “products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.” The listing number is 45045-190091/A, and it is found at […]

Enforced disappearances in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir: A challenge to world conscience

By Altaf Hussain Wani Source Enforced disappearances are a serious problem in almost all regions of the world; however, in the conflict-affected regions like Kashmir the forced disappearance is being used as a political weapon to subjugate and silence the dissenting voices and instill a sense of fear in the society. The region that has […]

Living Under a ZIONIST Occupied Government

The American TFP > Catholic Perspective > Italy Faces the Threat of an LGBTQ Dictatorship July 23, 2020 | Julio Loredo  Italy Faces the Threat of an LGBTQ Dictatorship In a few weeks, I could go to jail for what I’m about to write. The Italian Parliament is presently discussing the Zan Bill (introduced by Member of Parliament (MP) […]

The way to the ‘occupied lands’

For many of us who are Palestinians, we fight and sacrifice for those things we have yet to touch, experience, or see. Myself, in the 27 years of my life I have never smelled or gazed upon land that was once Palestinian and now part of Israel, especially al-Majdal. It was my family’s village whose […]

Trump Set to Recognize Israel’s Claim to Occupied Golan Heights and Its Sizable Oil Reserves

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – While President Trump has reneged on many of his campaign promises — namely, those more populist and non-interventionist in nature — he has undeniably fulfilled those that appealed to his pro-Israel, Zionist supporters. First, Trump announced late last year that his administration would officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. […]

Israel announces plans for 2,500 homes in occupied W. Bank days after Gaza bloodshed

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday that he was finalizing plans for the construction of new homes in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. Writing on Twitter, Lieberman said he would seek approval for the project next week, expressing hope that the regional planning board – the High Planning Council in Judea […]

Germany Is Occupied Territory

Germany Is Occupied Territory Jewish Agenda Articles, Holocaust Hype Articles Germany Is Occupied Territory May 16, 2018 © YouTube Link Watch On +BN’s Own Channel ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ More +BN Videos! Trump’s Little French Poodle Here Trump–The Art Of Breaking A Deal Here The Jewish Occupation Of Germany (Article) Here Notes From A Gas Chamber […]

Over 1,000 Israeli settlers attack al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied al-Quds

Palestinian sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a total of 1,042 settlers and dozens of intelligence agents forced their way into the holy site through the Bab al-Magharibah under the tight protection of several groups of Israeli soldiers and special police forces, Arabic-language Safa news agency reported. The settlers performed acts deemed provocative by Palestinians […]

‘US Embassy’ road signs appear in occupied Jerusalem

‘US Embassy’ road signs went up in Jerusalem on Monday ahead of next week’s opening of the mission in the holy Palestinian and Islamic city. The signs, in English, Hebrew and Arabic, were installed by workmen close to the south Jerusalem location of a US consulate building that will be repurposed as the embassy when it is […]

Ahed Tamimi, 17, to serve 8 months in prison for slapping soldier in occupied village

Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian who was imprisoned in December for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier, has reportedly reached a plea bargain to serve eight months in prison including time served, according to U.S.-based civic organization Avaaz, which is organizing the Free The Tamimis campaign. Following a closed hearing on Wednesday at Israel’s Ofer […]

Thousands of civilians fleeing militant-occupied E. Ghouta as mass exodus continues (LIVE)

In total, more than 68,000 people have so far left Eastern Ghouta through the humanitarian corridors set up by the Syrian Army and Russia, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Syrian Reconciliation said in a statement. “The humanitarian corridor in Eastern Ghouta continues to work,” Maj. Gen. Vladimir Zolotukhin, a spokesman for the Reconciliation Center, […]

Israeli forces wound tens of Palestinians protesters in occupied territories

Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded 37 Palestinians during Friday protests occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, medical sources said. Spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza Ashraf al-Qidra said that the Israeli occuaption wounded 22 Palestinian protesters along the eastern borders of Gaza Strip. He said that 16 of the wounded […]

The Occupied Territory Of The United States Of America

The Occupied Territory Of The United States Of America Above Photo: Image from Creative Commons. Support the Commons! It happened so subtly, we missed the corporate coup. Like shadows, corporations surrounded our country and slowly strangled it. They crept into Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, the FDA, the military, the Department of the Interior: […]

NC Governor’s Office Occupied By Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protesters

NC Governor’s Office Occupied By Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protesters Above Photo: From Update: At 6:45pm, police took 15 protesters into custody. Opponents of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline filled North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s office Friday and refused to leave until he reverses course on the pipeline. About 25 people began their sit-in at about […]

Erdogan Threatens To Invade US-Occupied Syria

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed that Turkish military operations in Syria will reach as far as the Iraqi border in order to clear the entire area of terrorists. He said that when the Turkish-rebel coalition is successful in Afrin he will launch another offensive to dislodge the US-backed Kurdish militias from Manbij as well: “’Operation Olive […]

US refuses to budge as Turkey extends military ops into US-occupied Manbij

     After launching its Olive Branch operation in Syria’s Afrin, the Turkish authorities said that the operation was likely to expand towards the neighboring city of Manbij, where the US has some 2,000 of its military personnel deployed. Pulling US forces from Manbij is “not something we are looking into”, US Central Command chief General […]

It’s Time We Occupied Congress

It’s Time We Occupied Congress Above photo: Joy First (in front and on the right) and others occupy Steny Hoyer’s DC office. From The Nation Report. As I entered my jail cell at Capitol Police Headquarters in Washington, DC, I sat down on the cold steel bench and looked around thinking – here I am […]

Disgust Follows Pictures of Seinfeld at ‘Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp’ in Occupied West Bank

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Russia Says US Has De-Facto Occupied Part of Syria & Is Hindering Humanitarian Deliveries

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has demanded that the US lifts all restrictions to the access of humanitarian aid to the Rukban refugee camp in the Al-Tanf area. They say that the area is de-facto occupied by US forces. Moscow reitterated “the need to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Syria in the implementation of […]

Ukraine will initiate new resolutions on the human rights situation in occupied Crimea: Yelchenko

nsnbc : Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko said Ukraine will initiate new resolutions on the human rights situation in Crimea, since Russia […]

Netanyahu Party Votes To Annex Palestinian Occupied West Bank In 2018

Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have denounced Israeli plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank, saying they represented “an end to the remnants of the peace process” and would “lead to more Palestinian resistance”. On Sunday, about 1,500 members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s Likud party voted  unanimously to impose Israeli sovereignty over “Judea and […]

Israel approves law prevents ceding power over occupied Jerusalem

Israeli Knesset approved on Monday night the second and third readings of the so-called “United Jerusalem Bill,” which takes occupied Jerusalem from any future deal with Palestinians. Sources said that 64 extremist Jewish MKs voted in favour of the bill, 51 voted against it, including the Arabs, and one abstained. The bill was proposed by the […]

Likud convenes to urge annexing occupied West Bank to Israel

Israeli ruling Likud party is to convene on Sunday to vote on urging party’s leaders to formally annex occupied West Bank to Israel, allow unlimited construction in illegal Jewish settlements. A number of party heavyweights have released statements or online videos expressing support for the vote, which will take place at the Avenue Conference Centre, […]

On Israel’s demand, NBA removes ‘occupied Palestine’ from website

The National Basketball Association (NBA) removed “Palestine—occupied territory” from list of countries on its official website on Friday following request from Israeli official. In a new website the league set up for the 2018 All-Star Game in Los Angeles that enables fans to vote for their favourite players, fans are directed to a page where […]

US State Dept rejects US envoy proposal to stop calling West Bank occupied

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How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army

‘Ahed Tamimi exposed the brittleness of the IDFs’ supporters’ masculinity – and the true purpose of hasbara Last Friday, as part of the ongoing operations of the Israeli military dictatorship in support of the settlers, an IDF gunman fired a rubber-coated bullet into the head of Muhammad Tamimi, aged 15, in the Palestinian village of […]

Israel plans 3 new Jewish settlements in occupied Jordan Valley

Israeli occupation government to build three new Jewish settlements in occupied Jordan Valley, housing about 10,000 Jewish settlers, and to expand existing settlements with 14 new neighbourhoods. On Tuesday, Israeli housing ministry and Jewish National Fund (JNF) released the plan for the illegal building in the occupied Jordan Valley. The plan includes the establishment of […]

Child of 12 is roughed up, then detained, by Israeli forces in occupied Hebron

The world is beginning to pay attention to Israeli crimes against children. Earlier this week a photograph of a blindfolded and disoriented Palestinian boy of 16, surrounded by 20 Israeli soldiers who had arrested him, drew international outrage. The boy, Fawzi al-Junaidi, has been charged with throwing stones. Fawzi al-Junaidi, 16, has been accused of […]

US Reform Jews endorse land theft in Israel and occupied territories

Editors’ Note: These days Reform Jewry is in a pickle. It first condemned Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem, then Dani Dayan, the Israeli consul general, expressed grief over the Reform statement, and so did Malcolm Hoenlein, and the next day the Reforms reversed course and said the recognition was a great thing. Here is some other distressing […]

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