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US Rep. Tlaib rejects Israel’s visit offer over ‘oppressive’ conditions

US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has rejected Israel’s offer to allow her to visit her Palestinian family in the West Bank after Tel Aviv barred her from entering the occupied territories. Tlaib, a Democrat who represents Michigan in the US House of Representatives has been a vociferous critic of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. She said […]

Rep. Tlaib Rejects Israel’s New Offer To Visit West Bank

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who was barred from entering Israel on Thursday, says she won’t accept the country’s new offer to allow her to visit her grandmother in the West Bank on humanitarian grounds.  “Silencing me & treating me like a criminal is not what she wants for me. It would kill a piece of me. I […]

It’s Medicare’s Birthday—Let’s Offer It To Everyone

We need to call our representatives and tell them that we are current Medicare beneficiaries who strongly support Medicare for All. Fifty-four years ago, President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare into law. Over half a century later, Medicare has proven its tremendous worth. Before Medicare, nearly half of all seniors were uninsured. Now, virtually all Americans who […]

‘Progressive’ votes on anti-BDS bill offer a political defense of the indefensible

If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, paddles like a duck, then probably it’s a duck. Or a good imitation of one. When self-described progressives like Ayanna Pressley and Ro Khanna walk and talk like Netanyahu, it’s fair to ask what kind of politicians they really are.  Both have defended voting for […]

Iran says it sees no ‘sincerity’ in Pompeo’s offer for talks

Bloomberg – Iran doesn’t think the U.S. is seeking talks or an agreement with the Islamic republic, Abbas Mousavi, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Tehran, said days after Secretary of State Michael Pompeo expressed willingness to travel to Tehran to address the Iranian people. This is a “defensive move” by American officials in […]

Iran Rolls Out ‘Substantial’ Offer to Washington in Exchange for Lifting Sanctions

Iran came up with an offer to permanently allow enhanced inspections of its nuclear program in exchange for the permanent removal of US sanctions, The Guardian reported Thursday. Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif commented on the offer, calling it a “substantial move.” “It’s not about photo ops. We are interested in substance,” he told reporters in […]

Trump’s Lead Negotiator Could Offer Concessions to North Korea in Nuclear Talks

Earlier this week, 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen reported during an interview with RT International that there were fundamental problems with how the US negotiations with North Korea were being structured, and that this could preclude any possibility of successful outcome with Pyongyang. As it turned out, the US lead negotiator has since ceded ground on […]

NASA to Offer $50m Rides to the Space Station and a $35k/Night Suite Overlooking Planet Earth

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times NASA has just announced that it will be offering up the International Space Station as the most exclusive resort in the galaxy. The first tourists will be ale to buy their way into space as early as 2020, an effort which NASA says hopes to encourage private development of […]

Isn’t that racist? 75 American colleges offer black-only graduations

   A study by the National Association of Scholars revealed that at least 75 American colleges have black-only graduation ceremonies and 43 percent of surveyed colleges offer segregated residential halls. The organization refers to this as “neo-segregation.” According to a study by the National Association of Scholars, graduation ceremonies at American universities are becoming increasingly […]

Iran to offer 13 oil, gas blocks

Financial Tribune – The National Iranian Oil Company is interested in working with local firms willing to take a reasonable amount of risk, including uncertainty in international markets, tech issues, project-related challenges and difficulties emanating from natural disasters. Seyyed Saleh Hendi, the head of NIOC ‘s Exploration Department made the announcement on the sidelines of […]

‘We don’t have a future’: Greta Thunberg used to offer salvation, now she prepares us for doomsday

The teenager’s latest stop on the celebrity mortification tour – it recently included a one-to-one with the Pope – was the UK parliament, where she delivered her now-familiar public shaming. Only where once she spoke of deadlines, however unrealistic, there was an almost cathartic reveling now in the inevitability of the coming End of Days […]

Pentagon Claims 1,100 High Schools Bar Recruiters; Peace Activists Offer $1,000 Award If Any Such School Can Be Found

Pentagon Claims 1,100 High Schools Bar Recruiters; Peace Activists Offer $1,000 Award If Any Such School Can Be Found Above Photo: From UPDATE: Timothy Paul Jerzyk has added another $1,000 to the award, making a total of $2,000. According to statements in February by the Secretary of the Army, various U.S. high schools are barring military […]

Public Schools Should Offer More Vegan Menus

Public Schools Should Offer More Vegan Menus Above Photo: LAUSD Food Service Workers prepare for lunch at Sylmar High School in Sylmar, CA., Monday, September 11, 2017. Sylmar High School was one of the seven LAUSD high schools trying out the new vegan lunch menu in a pilot program.(Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily […]

US And Allies Steal $23 Billion, Offer $60 Million In ‘Humanitarian Aid’

US And Allies Steal $23 Billion, Offer $60 Million In ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Above Photo: Fernando Torres/Flickr The first trucks carrying the so called humanitarian aid for Venezuela have arrived at the Colombian border city of Cúcuta where a standoff is taking place. Together the European Union and the United States plan to send $60 million in […]

‘Professional’ opposition figure: Can Juan Guaido offer a meaningful alternative for Venezuela?

The eight days Washington’s allies in Europe gave to President Nicolas Maduro to call new presidential elections in Venezuela have passed. The UK, Austria, Spain, France and Sweden have already granted their official recognition to Juan Guaido, who declared himself Venezuela’s leader last week. In doing so, they joined the relentless campaign the US wages […]

Spanish Elections Offer Another Lesson For The Left

Spanish Elections Offer Another Lesson For The Left Above Photo: Supporters of the far-right Vox party rally in Spain. (Shutterstock) In what seems a replay of recent German and Italian elections, an openly authoritarian and racist party made major electoral gains in Spain’s most populous province, Andalusia, helping to dethrone the Socialist Party that had […]

How They Do It– Is Trump a Nixon or a Clinton? Cohen’s Crimes Offer a Guide

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,004 other followers Source Article from Related Posts My Stretch of Texas Ground, Too Much Truth for Trump’s Texas By Gordon Duff and Ralph Cinque See film at Amazon Review at Texas Monthly Americans Trump Renews […]

Breathing through the nose may offer unique brain benefits

     Folklore, spiritual traditions and even mothers have for ages drawn an implicit connection between respiration and state of mind: Breathe in deeply through your nose, we are told, to clarify thoughts, achieve serenity, defuse tantrums. There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence to back up these ideas, but a growing number of experiments have […]

Turmeric for Better Health – includes Special Offer on Science Natural Turmeric Supplement

Turmeric has a 6,000 year history of medicinal use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Today’s western science only confirms what people have known and practiced for millennia. The subject of extensive scientific research, curcumin, the most well-studied bioactive ingredient in turmeric, produces as many as 150 therapeutic actions in the human […]

Work Remote? These Cities, States, and Countries Offer Crazy Incentives to Move There

By Joe Jarvis Tulsa, Oklahoma offers $10,000 to any remote worker who moves to the city. And to sweeten the deal, they are throwing in a free membership at a co-working space. On January 1, 2019, Vermont will begin its new program offering $10,000 worth of tax credits to remote workers who move to the state. […]

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