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Tlaib calls Israel ‘racist’ for not offering COVID vaccines in Palestinian territories

Browse > Home / News / Tlaib calls Israel ‘racist’ for not offering COVID vaccines in Palestinian territories January 20, 2021 by JNS Read on for article Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) accused Israel of being “racist” for not distributing coronavirus vaccines to the Palestinian territories, despite the fact that the West Bank is under the […]

New Zealand declared ‘main Zealand’ by Twitter after offering to share its oversized vaccine stockpile with neighboring islands

It has enough Covid-19 vaccine doses to immunize its population three times over, so New Zealand’s giving some to its neighbors. Twitter reacted with adulation, but some think the Kiwis simply had it too easy with the infection. This week, the government of New Zealand announced it has pre-purchased additional quantities of Covid-19 vaccines produced […]

Dominion Advisor Met With John Podesta Offering ‘Anything’ That Would Help Defeat Trump,………

By Cassandra FairbanksPublished December 5, 2020 at 4:49pm650 CommentsShare on Facebook(10k)TweetShareEmail An email previously released by WikiLeaks reveals that a Dominion Voting advisor met with John Podesta during Hillary Clinton’s campaign to discuss ways that they could help to defeat Donald Trump. In 2018, Dominion Voting announced that it had been acquired by its management team and Staple Street […]

Company Offering ‘Portable Pod’ For Travelers Concerned About Catching COVID

A CNN reporter angrily whined about President Trump triumphantly removing his mask outside the White House Monday night, leading the President’s campaign staff to release video of the very same reporter casually removing her own mask inside the White House after cameras had stopped rolling. CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins commented on Trump’s return […]

Borat’s back, offering VP Pence his daughter in trailer for new sequel

Amazon released a trailer for the sequel to the 2006 hit film Borat starring Sacha Baron Cohen on Thursday, with the protagonist offering his daughter to US Vice President Mike Pence at a rally. In the trailer, the actor and comedian Baron Cohen is seen in the US, apparently trying to marry his daughter to […]

Stone ‘Treasure Chest’ With Inca Offering Discovered In Lake Titicaca

Underwater archaeologists in Peru have discovered an ancient stone box containing treasures pertaining to an “alternative” sacrificial ritual, they reveal in a study to be published in Antiquity tomorrow. The Inca Empire dominated the Andes mountains of southwest South America during the 15th and 16th centuries until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors , and Lake […]

US Air Force Offering Reward Of $5,000 For Missing Grenades

The US Air Force has mislaid a box of grenades and wants them back. An armored box containing the grenade rounds fell off the back of a truck and could be lying about somewhere in the countryside of North Dakota. A US Air Force spokesperson told VICE News. “It is seeking the public’s help to […]

Lycopene is found in a variety of fruits, offering an array of antioxidant carotenoid benefits

(Natural News) Lycopene, a compound that occurs in a variety of fruits, provides antioxidant carotenoid benefits, according to a study published in the journal Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia. The study looked at the lycopene content of various fresh fruits, which included tomatoes, watermelons, jackfruits, bananas, grapes, oranges, and papayas. The researcher […]

UK – ‘Punish a Muslim Day’: Letters sent out offering rewards for throwing acid and “burning or bombing a mosque”

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Report: CIA Gave $100k To Russian Offering Dirt On Trump, Including The Sex Video

Report: CIA Gave $100k To Russian Offering Dirt On Trump, Including The Sex Video Daily Caller February 10, 2018 The CIA paid $100,000 last year to a Russian operative who claimed to have derogatory information about President Trump, including a video tape of the Republican engaged with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room. If the […]

Tony Blair is back offering opinions no one asked for and deflecting from his warmongering that led to the refugee crisis

     Britain’s never-truly-gone former Prime Minister Tony Blair has had a busy new year period, filling the void by offering opinions no one wants. Brexit, immigration, ignoring democracy – he’s got a lot to say. With most politicians up to god knows what in the holiday period (we’ll probably find out in the tabloids soon […]

Monsanto now offering CASH to farmers if they will use its toxic "dicamba" agricultural chemical

(Natural News) The agri giant Monsanto, commonly known as the world’s most evil corporation, is now offering farmers cash in a desperate bid to distribute its XtendiMax with VaporGrip dicamba-based weed killer product. Reuters is reporting that Monsanto will be offering farmers refunds of over half the cost of the product in 2018, if they […]

Brazil is Offering its Prisoners Ayahuasca for Rehabilitation

Heather Callaghan, GuestWaking Times How would society change if instead of suffering, punishment and recidivism – we embraced love, healing and restoration? Some Brazilian prisoners are getting the opportunity to embark on their own ayahuasca journeys and turn their lives around. The powerful herbal combination that produces DMT and a hallucinogenic experience is said […]

Despite Tree Lovers Offering $150K to Buy Forest, Gov’t Sells It To Loggers for $40K Less

By John Vibes The Department of Natural Resources sold large portions of Indiana’s Yellowwood State Park to a logging company this week, despite the fact that people interested in conserving the forest offered considerably more money. On Thursday, an auction of the forest was won by Hamilton Logging of Sullivan County for just $108,785. However, the conversationalist owners […]

Arkansas School Starts Offering Yoga and Meditation Instead of Detention

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times A school in Jonesboro, Arkansas, has joined many others in turning to an alternative method of discipline. The Success Achievement Academy has stopped using in-school suspension as punishment. Instead, the directors started using yoga as a means of helping students relieve stress and recognize responsibility for their actions. But […]

Wings for hire? Ex-Blackwater CEO Erik Prince reportedly offering private air force for Afghan War

Prince, the founder and former CEO of private military company Blackwater (now rebranded Academi), has floated a business proposal offering a privately-manned “turn-key composite air wing” to the Afghan government, whose troops steadily lose ground to the Taliban, the Military Times reported on Thursday. Prince’s plan, cited by the newspaper, was reportedly submitted to the Afghans back […]

Visa Offering Bribes Of Up To $10,000 To Businesses Who Go Cashless For NWO

There are good reasons to think this initiative won’t get far. Customer resistance. Food vendors, and in particular restaurants, are low margin businesses with fickle customers who have little to no loyalty. Why risk driving business away? Aside from the fact that some customers prefer cash, a related issue is that using cards and smartphones […]

HUH? Pizza maker offering probiotics with pizza

(Natural News) It’s becoming glaringly obvious that people want to be healthy without actually being healthy. Interest in probiotics has soared remarkably in the last couple of years due to the growing amount of research that touts its numerous benefits. At first, people were limited to taking their daily dose of the healthy bacteria from […]

Genetic Company Offering Free Eugenic Screenings, But Only for Racial Jews

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer May 15, 2017 There are a lot of ethical gray areas in respect to eugenics, and what looks good on paper is not always how it manifests in practice (Lothrop Stoddard’s book on the Third Reich documents how restrained infamous German eugenic courts actually were). There’s a strong argument […]

Colleges now offering Play-Doh for students who feel "triggered" by finals week

(Natural News) In the 2nd-hour monologue of his daily three-hour show on Tuesday, talk show behemoth Rush Limbaugh discussed whether today’s younger generation would — if the remote possibility arose — be able to rise to the occasion to defend the country from powerful armies seeking our destruction, in the mold of “The Greatest Generation” that defeated […]

The Genetic Tool That Will Modify Humanity

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Send us Snail Mail: P.O Box 8526 Round Rock, Tx 78683 Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article […]

Rockefeller Divests From Fossil Fuels & Drops Exxon Like a Bad Habit

Susanne Posel (OC) : The Rockefeller Family Fund (RFF) have revealed a divestment plan to take their money out of fossil fuels because they feel that “we must keep most of the already discovered reserves in the ground if there is any hope for human and natural ecosystems to survive and thrive in the decades […]

Coast Guard suspends search for Marines who went missing after two helicopters crashed off coast of Hawaii last week

     The U.S. Coast Guard will stop actively searching for the 12 Marines who went missing when the two helicopters carrying them apparently crashed off the coast of Hawaii last week. The search suspension goes into effect at sunset Tuesday. No survivors have been found nor bodies reported recovered. “A decision to suspend searching without […]

Federal judge: Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home

The investigation leading to the raid began at least seven months earlier, when Robert Harte and his son went to a gardening store to purchase supplies to grow hydroponic tomatoes for a school project. A state trooper had been positioned in the store parking lot to collect the license plate numbers of customers, compile them into a […]

Federal judge: Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home

The investigation leading to the raid began at least seven months earlier, when Robert Harte and his son went to a gardening store to purchase supplies to grow hydroponic tomatoes for a school project. A state trooper had been positioned in the store parking lot to collect the license plate numbers of customers, compile them into a […]

As A Nation Cheers Its Own Demise

We as a nation have condemned the Chinese people for their lack of foresight, in the control of their birthrate. We have cringed at their focus of the systematic elimination of their female babies. We have criticized their 1 child policies that have decreased their female population to such low numbers. All while have watched the Chinese people struggle […]

Top Coal Executive Faces Criminal Charges

Print Friendly Above photo:Don Blankenship. Michael Munden for Reuters. Note: Back in 2010 I wrote an article for Huffington Post calling for Don Blankenship to be charged with murder. Here’s how it began: Were it not for the deliberate actions of Don Blankenship and Massey Energy the deaths of 29 miners in West Virginia would not have occurred. […]

Pump up the bubble? HSBC offering 90% mortgages again

  Lisa Bachelor Guardian October 14, 2011 First-time buyers are being targeted with a new range of mortgages from HSBC, which is making £350m of lending available to borrowers with small deposits. The bank has launched a range of fee-free mortgages with a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) of 90%, including a market-leading lifetime tracker. The bank is reserving £250m of […]

Westward Seafood Offering Exciting Careers

by John Vogel   Westward Seafood has recently teamed up with leading military job board Hire Veterans.  They are currently offering exciting careers to Veterans in the seafood industry.  Have you ever dreamed of moving off to Alaska and trying something new?  Now that dream can be a reality with careers being offered in Alaska […]

Huge Marketing Firm CE Offering Employment

by John Vogel   Campbell-Ewald has recently joined forces with Hire Veterans in hopes of luring talented and creative veterans to their company.  This is one of the largest and oldest marketing agencies in the United States having just celebrated their 100 year old anniversary.  This is one of the industries leading agencies who have […]

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