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Spain’s New Left-Wing Socialist Government Offers Hope In Dark Political Times

Following months of political deadlock, nearly a year without a government and four general elections in as many years, January 7, 2020, saw Spanish Parliament swear a Socialist Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos (UP) coalition into power. The vote narrowly allowed the PSOE, Spain’s traditional left-wing party, to form a government with the far-left party, […]

Time Magazine Offers Guide on How Parents Can Brainwash Their Kids on Iran

The guide, entitled ‘How to Talk to Your Kids About the Situation With Iran’, promises to “arm you with the information you need if you choose to bring up the topic or if kids ask questions about it.” That “information” consists of watering down the fact that Soleimani had overseen atrocities that led […]

Arugula may be bitter, but it offers amazing health benefits

(Natural News) Did you know that one in 10 American adults does not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables? This does not even consider the children yet. Eating green leafy vegetables is an excellent way to get your much-needed vitamins and minerals. Take arugula, a low-calorie, nutrient-packed leafy green. Despite […]

Iran’s Foreign Ministry offers condolences over Saqqez incident

Press TV – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi has expressed condolences over the demise of nearly a dozen people, including children, in a fire incident in the country’s western Kordestan Province. The incident took place on Thursday night when a liquid gas cylinder exploded at a wedding hall in the western city of Saqqez […]

Trump Offers French President “Some Nice ISIS Fighters” Created by Cult of Judaism

Breitbart – December 4, 2019 President Donald Trump has taunted French President Emmanuel Macron over French Islamist fighters in Syria, asking him if he would like “some nice ISIS fighters” sent back to France. On Tuesday morning, President Trump had criticised Mr Macron for his “nasty” comments about NATO, who last month had said the defence […]

T-Mobile Provides Map of Where They’ve Unleashed 5G — Offers Free Phones (That May Possibly Overheat) to New Customers

December 4, 2019 By B.N. Frank In September it was reported that T-Mobile canceled 5G installation due to lawsuits.  Unfortunately, that seems to have been resolved and now they have unleashed the hotly debated technology (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) in various American communities despite people and pets getting sick where it’s already been […]

If memory serves, can it be trained? A new study offers hope

If there is one thing that all human beings seem to have in common, it is the fear of losing their memories. After all, memory shapes our personality, determines how we see ourselves, and contributes to shared experiences on multiple levels. Losing one’s memory is akin to losing an entire life history. The 21st century […]

Venezuela Offers to Pay Companies in Yuan as Workaround to US Sanctions – Report

Venezuela’s authorities and the state-run oil and gas giant, PDVSA, are considering paying to suppliers and contracts using the Chinese currency, Reuters reports, citing government officials and sources from private companies. The Caracas government is said to have offered at least four companies working with the public sector the chance to make transactions in yuan to […]

Iran offers bounty for exposing illegal cryptocurrency mining

Press TV – Iran has offered a bounty to anyone who exposes illegal mining of cryptocurrency in the country as new regulations are announced for calculation of the price of electricity used by the miners of the digital gold. A spokesman of Iran’s Energy Ministry said on Wednesday that anyone exposing people who use subsidized […]

Liz Warren Offers To Meet Bill Gates, Explain "Exactly How Much He’d Pay" Under Her Wealth Tax

Just like matter and anti-matter, the world should be afraid of the consequences of the world’s (second) richest man meeting with the world’s most vociferous wealth-taxer. During an appearance at the New York Times’ DealBook conference in New York on Wednesday, Bill Gates appeared to veer from his typical virtue-signaling supremo self, and criticized Elizabeth Warren over […]

Verizon Offers 5G Subscribers Free Disney+. No Studies Show 5G is Safe. American Academy of Pediatrics Warns Kids More Vulnerable to Wireless Radiation.

October 25, 2019 By B.N. Frank The Telecom Industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  Many doctors and scientists say it isn’t (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  People and their pets are getting sick where it’s been installed (see 1, 2, 3). American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have been […]

President Trump Offers Subtle Clues that Democrats and the Deep State Are About to Face Justice

President Trump Offers Subtle Clues that Democrats and the Deep State Are About to Face Justice Source Article from Hits: 36

Iran offers 65-day temporary free visa to Iraqi nationals

IRNA – Iraqi nationals can travel to Iran without visas for 65 days as the two countries mind to further consolidate their relations and cooperation. Citizens of Iraq are eligible to cross into Iran during 65 days (since 25 October-27 December), said Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi in the border city of Mehran on […]

Elizabeth Warren Offers Minorities $1 TRILLION Payout For ‘Environmental Racism’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren celebrated her new status as Democratic presidential frontrunner by unveiling her plan to address and “environmental racism” and “environmental injustice”, which includes a $1 trillion payout for “minority communities” affected by pollution and climate change. According to Elizabeth Warren, white people are to blame for producing almost all of the air pollution and […]

Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan, offers aid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday denounced Turkey’s invasion of Kurdish-controlled areas of northeastern Syria and said Israel was prepared to offer humanitarian aid to the Kurds in Syria facing an onslaught from Ankara. The comments were the first from Netanyahu on the situation in Syria after remaining silent for several days following US President […]

Russia offers NATO a moratorium on missile deployment, but won’t sacrifice its own security to prove its goodwill

   Vladimir Putin has sent a letter to NATO, urging its members to join Russia’s moratorium on deployment of short- and mid-range missiles in Europe. The US-led bloc has dismissed the offer, saying Moscow already fields such weapons. It’s been revealed that, last week, Russia’s president relayed a secret message to a number of foreign […]

Putting on a brave face: ‘Denise’ offers us our first look at the long-lost Denisovan race (PHOTOS)

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem revealed Denise, a 13-year-old from Siberia, on Thursday. She’s the first reconstructed anatomical profile of the other human group that once roamed the planet alongside Neanderthals 100,000 years ago. Also on Not even archaeology is safe: AI just discovered a new human species Denise was pieced together […]

Disgusting: Late-term abortionist offers patients cuddle time with their dead babies before trashing them

(Natural News) In a truly bizarre attempt at making the abortion process more comforting for women, a late-term abortionist in Maryland is offering them the option to hold their butchered babies “after delivery,” as well as take pictures of the fetuses home with them in “remembrance” of their termination. In a brochure […]

Putin Trolls Saudis, Offers To Sell Them Same Missiles He Already Sold To Iran

Serious offer or some bold high level trolling? President Vladimir Putin said while meeting with the presidents of Iran and Turkey in Ankara Monday to discuss Syria that the “smart decision” for the Saudis would be to purchase Russia’s most advanced anti-air defense system, the S-400 Triumph. “Saudi Arabia needs to make […]

Enforced malnourishment: Swan School in Oxford offers vegetarian-only lunches, pack lunches are banned

   Children at Oxford’s newest school are only allowed to eat vegetarian lunches and are banned from bringing in their own food. The policies at The Swan School in Summertown were criticised by a parent, who said her daughter ‘came home hungry’ after the academy opened on Monday. In what is thought to be a […]

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