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IDF officer hit by rock while driving in West Bank, moderately hurt

An Israeli military officer on leave was moderately wounded Friday afternoon after being hit in the face with a rock while driving in the northern West Bank. The 23-year-old was hit when the rock flew through the windshield of his car near the settlement of Ma’aleh Shomron, west of Nablus. The officer’s father was with […]

Ex Air Force Officer Says They Faked Alien Contact Experiences & Are “Probably Still Doing It”

The Facts: An former member of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Richard Doty, tells all to researcher Dr. Steven Greer in a long interview. Reflect On: With the reality of this phenomenon coming to light, how much disinformation has been spread by the ‘powers that be’ in order to twist the truth? Why? […]

Wyatt Detention Facility Correctional Officer Put On Leave After Truck Drives Into Protesters

Wyatt Detention Facility Correctional Officer Put On Leave After Truck Drives Into Protesters Above Photo: The Providence Journal/ Kris Craig 64-year-old Warren man seriously injured CENTRAL FALLS — One protester was seriously injured after a black pickup truck drove into a crowd demonstrating at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility Wednesday night. Officials at the […]

7th NYPD officer dies by suicide this year amid ‘mental health crisis’

Another police officer with the New York Police Department has died  from an apparent suicide, the fifth NYPD officer to take his own life in the past two months and the seventh since the beginning of 2019, amid what officials have declared a “mental health crisis.” The officer, whose name was not immediately released, […]

Former CIA Officer Interviewed by the Tehran Times, No Topic is Off Limits

    SPECIAL: Robert Steele in Tehran Times on Full Disclosure (Extraterrestials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State?) UPDATE: Front Page Print Edition, Info to President Trump Submitted by Robert David Steele Public Intelligence Blog Full Disclosure: Extraterrestrials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State? TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former […]

JFK Assassin Revealed: Dallas Police Officer J.D Tippit Was Real JFK Assassin – Not Lee Harvey Oswald

The patrolman was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald 45 minutes after he shot JFK An informant claimed to the FBI that Tippit actually carried out the assassination It was claimed officer met with Oswald and Jack Ruby a week before JFK’s killing Oswald shot J.D Tippit through head at point blank range after assassination An […]

Twin suicide attacks target police in Tunis, 1 officer killed (PHOTOS)

The first explosion, which occurred on central Charles de Gaulle Street near the French Embassy, killed one officer and injured at least one other cop and three civilians, according to the Interior Ministry. The second bomber blew themselves up near a police station in Al-Qarjani district. Body parts were strewn across the streets while civilians […]

Veteran Navy Officer Exposes Flaws in US Version of Iran Oil Tanker Narrative

Insurge — The Trump administration has released a range of photographic and video evidence in support of its claim that proves how Iran attacked a Japanese-owned oil tanker near the Strait of Hormuz. But a Canadian military analyst and former Navy officer for nearly twenty years has called the evidence into question, highlighting unresolved anomalies […]

Police Officer Sees Homeless Man Trip On Shoes, Gives Him The Ones Off His Feet

By Amanda Froelich If you pay attention, you will notice that acts of kindness occur regularly all over the world. Sometimes, the good deeds go unnoticed. But every now and again, they are highlighted for the public to appreciate. This story is the latter. In mid-June, Officer Brian Zagorski of the Niles Police Department in […]

Parkland School Police Officer Arrested on 11 Charges Tied to Shooting

By John Vibes A police officer who hid for nearly an hour at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last year while a horrible shooting took place just feet away, has been arrested for his negligence during the shooting. Former Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson was arrested this week and charged with […]

Ex-CIA Officer: Trump In “Historic Battle” With “Treasonous” Deep State

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what is going on in Washington D.C. with the “treason” against Trump is unlike anything we have ever faced as a nation. Shipp explains, “This is an historic battle between the President of the United States and what I call the ‘Shadow Government.’ “Some call this the ‘Deep State,’ and […]

Officer Commits Suicide After Making Videos Sexually Assaulting a 15-Year-Old Girl in His Patrol Car

The family of a 15-year-old girl says the department took no action after they reported an officer had sexually assaulted her. Now that officer has committed suicide. by Matt Agorist, guest writer Jackson, MS — For several days, the family of a 15-year-old girl who says she was repeatedly sexual assaulted by a Jackson Police […]

‘We Spread AIDS To Wipe Out Blacks In South Africa’ – Ex-Mercenary Officer

White mercenaries posed as doctors in order to infect black South Africans with HIV to “decimate” the black race and create a white majority in South Africa, according to a shocking confession by an ex-mercenary officer. South Africa now has one of the worst HIV epidemics in the world, with 7.1 million people, or just under 19% of […]

Former Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Demolishes Super Vaccination Agenda (Must View Video)


    Former Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic Speaks Out After Being Fired for Questioning Flu Vaccine by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News Last January, the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, medical doctor Daniel Neides, was fired due to an article he wrote questioning vaccine safety. Dr. Neides […]

Adolf Hitler protected his Jewish former commanding officer

Home» History» World War Two Adolf Hitler protected his Jewish former commanding officer Adolf Hitler made a personal intervention to spare a Jew from the Holocaust that consumed millions of Jewish lives it has been revealed. Ernest Hess managed to get Hitler to allow him to transfer his pension to Italy and free himself from […]

School police officer hits woman with patrol car – and leaves the scene

     An off-duty Aldine Independent School District police officer is accused of hitting a homeless woman with his patrol car and leaving the scene over the weekend. Omario Gatheright is charged with failure to stop and render aid. Authorities said a woman crossing the street in the 13400 block of Topeka Sunday night was hit […]

Man Shot By Cops Claims Shotspotter Found Phantom ‘Gunshot’ To Justify Officer’s Deadly Force

A lawsuit originally filed early last year makes some very disturbing allegations about police officers and their relationship with their vendors. New York resident Silvon Simmons was shot three times by Rochester Police Officer Joseph Ferrigno. Simmons was unarmed, but was hit with three of the four bullets fired by Ferrigno as he ran way […]

Police officer stabbed by a knife-wielding man reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Brussels

Police officer stabbed by a knife-wielding man reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Brussels RT November 20, 2018 A man wielding a knife has stabbed an officer outside a police station in central Brussels, officials confirmed. The attacker reportedly shouted Allahu Akbar during the attack. The incident took place in the Ixelles area, which is considered […]

Brussels knife attack on police officer investigated as terrorism – media

The Brussels prosecutor’s office told Interfax that the investigation into the attack was being conducted as “an attempted murder in the context of terrorism.” A similar comment from the city’s police was cited by RIA Novosti. READ MORE: Police officer stabbed by a knife-wielding man reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Brussels Earlier, a knife-wielding man […]

Pedophile Police Officer Convicted Of Raping 13 Yr Old Girl In His Car

A policeman has been convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl in the back of his car after being called to an incident at her family home. Described as a “committed pedophile” Ian Naude, a former soldier, joined Cheshire Constabulary to gain access to vulnerable victims Liverpool Crown Court heard. The two-week trial also heard how […]

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