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The olive trees that tell the story of Palestinian dispossession

Last week, my colleague Edo Konrad published an article revealing that, in honor of Israel’s Memorial Day, the Defense Ministry had decided to give bereaved Israeli families bottles of olive oil produced in a settlement in the occupied West Bank. The olive oil is produced by Meshek Achiya, a factory located in the heart of […]

Israel’s Memorial Day gift to bereaved families: Olive oil from a West Bank settlement

Every year in the run-up to Israel’s Memorial Day, the Defense Ministry offers gifts to bereaved Israeli family members, who have lost loved ones due to wars or terror attacks, as a token of their sacrifice to the nation. This year, the Ministry decided it would give the families bottles of olive oil produced in […]

Mechanized Olive Farming Killing Millions of Songbirds Every Year

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times The practice of mechanized olive harvesting kills millions of legally protected birds each year in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France. Among the greatest casualties include robins, greenfinches, wagtails, and warblers, according to research from Portugal’s Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests. These birds like to roost in olive bushes […]

This Olive Tree in Bethlehem Has Stood for 5,000 Years – and this Man Is Defending It

It has stood in this spot near Bethlehem longer than Christianity and Islam, since before the time of the prophets of the Holy Land. Circling slowly round this ancient olive tree, Salah Abu Ali carefully inspects every inch of it, before settling back on his chair in its shade. Beside him, balanced on a log, […]

Palestinian olive groves vandalized amid spate of settler hate crimes

Two Palestinian-owned olive groves were severely damaged over the weekend in the latest hate crime carried out by Israeli settlers in the West Bank, according to an Israeli human rights group. The Yesh Din organization said that 56 trees on a private farm in the village of Yasuf in the northern West Bank were discovered […]

Israeli army protects settlers disrupting Palestinian olive harvest

West Bank Video: IDF stops joint Jewish-Palestinian olive harvest JPost 26 Oct by Leon Sverdlov — “We won’t surrender to settler violence, and will stand with Palestinian farmers.” —  Approximately 100 activists from the NGO Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) and the Israeli grassroots movement Standing Together gathered on Friday to participate in the season’s […]

Settlers attack olive harvesters, Israeli volunteers in West Bank village

Masked settlers uproot olive trees, set groves ablaze, and beat several Israeli volunteers with stones and metal rods in the West Bank village of Burin. Rabbi Moshe Yehudai is evacuated from the village of Burin during an olive harvest after being attacked by Israeli settlers from the nearby settlement of Yitzhar. (Rabbis for […]

Mediterranean diets have medicinal benefits: Olive leaf extract can reduce your risk of several diseases

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

Olive oil, just once a week, can lower your risk of a blood clot

(Natural News) Consuming olive oil once a week reduces the risk of forming arterial blood clots in obese adults. In a new study, researchers from the New York University School of Medicine found that olive oil consumption lowers platelet activity in obese adults. Platelets are small blood cell fragments that form clumps when activated. When a blood vessel […]

Illegal Colonists Cut 200 Olive Saplings Near Hebron

Illegal Israeli colonialist settlers from Beit Yair colony, which was built on Palestinian lands east of Yatta, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron cut and uprooted, on Tuesday morning, at least 200 olive saplings. Rateb Jabour, the coordinator of the National Committee against the Annexation […]

Israeli settlers, with IDF complicity, have destroyed 800,000 olive trees since 1967

An olive tree uprooted in the village of Mreir, October 14, 2018. Credit: Abdullah Na’asan Palestinians who rely on olive harvests for their livelihood have been terrorized by Israeli settlers since the beginning of the occupation in 1967. Settlers – often guarded or assisted by Israeli military – destroy trees and equipment, steal large quantities […]

Everyone knows settlers (jewish terrorists) cut down Palestinian olive trees. But israel (apartheid state) doesn’t care

Israelis coming from a nearby northern West Bank outpost damage trees, steal olives and throw stones, yet the Palestinian villagers say involving the police is a waste of time The October 4 video looks like the scene of an olive harvest. After all, it’s that season. Two young people, at least one of whom is […]

Palestinian olive farmers navigating new illegal restrictions imposed on them by Israel

     Dozens of farmers and other residents of West Bank villages rallied Sept. 22 in front of the Israeli gate by the separation wall near Araqah, seeking access to their lands on the Israeli side of the barrier that have been under Israeli sovereignty since the wall was built in 2003. The protesters came from […]

Video: As the olive harvest begins, so do the settler attacks

The time had finally come: the residents of Turmusayya, a lush Palestinian village nestled in a valley between Ramallah and Nablus in the central occupied West Bank, had gotten permission from Israeli authorities to go harvest their olive trees. This chance only came twice a year: two days in the spring to cultivate their land, […]

Mix A Little Salt & Olive Oil and You Will Not Feel Pain For The Next 5 Years

Most people turn to prescribed drugs when they feel pain of have any other health issue. However, this is very bad as prescription drugs are associated with many side effects.  Therefore, you should opt for natural remedies instead.  Natural alternatives provide the same effects and don’t cause any adverse affects. For instance, neck osteochondrosis, a […]

Golbarg Bashi follows up ‘P is for Palestine’ with children’s book on saving the olive tree

When the children’s alphabet book “P is for Palestine” was published last year, Iranian-born author Dr. Golbarg Bashi expected some backlash, though certainly not the deluge of hate that she had to fend off. Indeed, the lack of any positive portrayal of Palestinian life in children’s books is what motivated Bashi to write. She shines a loving […]

Virgin Mary Statue In New Mexico Is Crying Tears of Olive Oil & The Catholic Church Can’t Figure Out Why

A bronze statue of the Virgin Mary at a church in New Mexico is “weeping” tears of olive oil — and no one can explain why. Leaders at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs, New Mexico, say people have come from all over the world to witness the statue cry. While leaders initially […]

Olive oil is the key to longevity: Only one tablespoon a day can do wonders for your health

(Natural News) There is lots of conflicting advice about the ideal way to eat, but one thing that nearly every healthy diet seems to have in common is olive oil. This fat that comes from the fruit of the olive tree and offers a host of health benefits that range from heart […]

Extra virgin olive oil found to reverse many of the effects of a high-fat diet

(Natural News) Could olive oil be the ticket to reversing years of damage caused by a “conventional” Western diet? New research has shown that the beloved oil can help fight against some of the most harmful effects of a diet that’s high in bad fats and added sugars. It’s not a secret […]

Extremist settlers burn Palestinian olive orchards in northern West Bank

Violence / Detentions — West Bank / Jerusalem Illegal Israeli colonizers injure Palestinian woman, burn olive trees, near Jenin IMEMC 22 June — A group of extremist illegal Israeli colonizers invaded, on Thursday at noon, Palestinian orchards near the junction between Burqa and Sielet ath-Thaher towns, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, […]

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