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Is this an Israeli false flag operation to goad the USA into war with Iran?

  FILE PHOTO © AFP / KARIM SAHIB   Iran warns of ‘conspiracy by ill-wishers,’ urges probe into ‘sabotage attack’ off UAE coast Iran’s Foreign Ministry said it wants clarification of what happened at the UAE port of Fujairah, where four ships were reportedly targeted in a “sabotage operation.” Sunday’s incident at Fujairah port […]

Operation mind control, by Manlio Dinucci

Yesterday in Pisa, approximately 5,000 children and adolescents from 212 classes participated in the « Day of Solidarity » in memory of Major Nicola Ciardelli of the Parachute Regiment (Lightning), who was killed on 27 April 2006 in a « terrible terrorist attack » in Nassirya, Iraq, during the Antica Babilonia « peace mission ». […]

GLADIO: Massive False Flag Terrorist Operation Targets Sri Lanka—Who did it and why?

    Black Operation Carried Out During Holy Week to Inflame Religious Hatreds OPERATION GLADIO is the Terrorist Arm of NATO (aka North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) The Millennium Report The preceding headlines spell it all out as does the telling graphic posted above. There is only one organization in the world that has the capability […]

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Above Photo: From For those who have never heard of Operation Gladio, the book described in this article is not the first written on the subject. In addition to books there are other sources. Here are links taken from the Wikipedia page for Operation Galdio. Between the Vatican, the […]

Wikileaks accuses Ecuadorian embassy of ‘Extensive spying operation’ against Assange

During an explosive press conference, which is still underway, Hrafnsson alleges that the operation was designed to get Assange extradited. WikiLeaks claims that it was told that Assange’s extradition was imminent. “We know that there was a request to hand over visitor’s logs from the embassy and video recordings from within the security […]

Assange Targeted By "Extensive Spying Operation" Inside Ecuadorian Embassy, Wikileaks Says

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange still resides inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London (for now, at least), where he is safe from arrest and likely extradition to the US. But in a Wednesday press conference, Wikileaks revealed that it has obtained evidence that Assange has been the subject of an “extensive spying operation” carried […]

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia

Overview of the book Operation Gladio by Paul L. Williams On the hot summer morning of Aug. 2, 1980 a massive explosion ripped apart the main waiting room of the Bologna railway station. Eighty-five people were killed and hundreds more injured. Though at first blamed on Italy’s legendary urban guerrillas, The Red Brigades, it soon […]

Libya army launches operation ‘Volcano of Rage’ against Haftar

The Libyan Army has launched a new military campaign to combat General Khalifa Haftar’s assault on the capital Tripoli, dubbed “Volcano of Rage”. Newly appointed spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu announced the move yesterday, stating that troops of the Government of National Accord (GNA) had already advanced on several fronts and […]

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, & The Mafia

Authored by via, On the hot summer morning of Aug. 2, 1980 a massive explosion ripped apart the main waiting room of the Bologna railway station. Eighty-five people were killed and hundreds more injured. Though at first blamed on Italy’s legendary urban guerrillas, The Red Brigades, it soon emerged that the attack had, in […]

Operation Cyclone never ended: The history of the West’s support for Islamist extremists

By Iain Davis The impression we are given by our esteemed leaders and the mainstream media (MSM) that so compliantly serves them, is that the Islamist extremists represent an existential threat to our “way of life”. The Islamists hate us, in the West, and most importantly, “hate our freedom”. From time to time, depending upon […]

U.S. proposes to allow drone operation at night, over people

The Trump administration on Monday proposed rules that would allow drones to operate over populated areas and end a requirement for special permits for night use, long-awaited actions that are expected to help speed commercial use of small unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States. The proposals, drafted by the Federal Aviation […]

Snopes Finally Exposed As CIA Operation

Snopes Finally Exposed As CIA Operation May 18, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US 26 Using Snopes as a trusted authority is dangerous. According to a recent investigation, the so-called fact-checking organization is actually a front for the CIA.  According to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, Snopes was formed by the Central Intelligence Agency in order to […]

Remembering Operation Cast Lead, 10 years ago today

Photo taken during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on 28 December 2008 [Rahim Khatib/Apaimages] Today we remember the 2008-9 Israeli incursion into Gaza, Operation Cast Lead, which was launched exactly 10 years ago. 1400 Palestinians – including 344 minors – and 9 Israelis were killed in the hostilities. A UN report found that Israel’s military […]

U.S. Looks To Run Navy Operation In Black Sea, Risks Heightening Tensions With Russia

By Aaron Kesel The U.S. is looking to run a Navy operation commandeering a Navy warship into the Black Sea in defiance of Russia which risks a sharp rise in tensions between Ukraine, Moscow and the U.S., CNN reported. The Pentagon has asked the State Department to request permission from Turkey to sail ships into the Black […]

Operation Northern Shield: israel’s (apartheid state) new wars

Israel announced yesterday morning a military and engineering operation, which it dubbed “Operation Northern Shield”, aimed at destroying what it alleges are offensive tunnels belonging to the Lebanese resistance group, Hezbollah, on the border with Lebanon. This operation represents Israel’s new approach to war, which has been Israel’s favourite in recent years. It calls this […]

Analysts Doubt Authenticity of Israel’s Military Operation Against “Hezbollah Tunnels

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) announced suddenly on Tuesday morning the start of a massive military operation along the border with Lebanon. The reason, said the IDF, is to search for “offensive” tunnels dug by Hezbollah which, according to a report on Israeli Army Radio, are “penetrating Israeli soil and have been prepared for carrying out terror […]

Israel launches operation near Lebanese border against ‘Hezbollah tunnels’

Press TV – The Israeli military has launched an operation along Lebanon’s border under the pretext of “cutting off” what it claims are tunnels dug by the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement near the occupied territories. It announced the operation on Twitter on Tuesday, saying that a number of areas close to Lebanon’s border, including Metula, […]

Battle for Yemen’s Hodeida: Why the Saudi-led ‘Golden Victory’ operation is taking so long

The coalition offensive on Hodeida – a key port and a lifeline for Houthis and civilians alike – is codenamed ‘Operation Golden Victory’. Rather telling, considering the vast amounts of money Saudi Arabia bundles into its military. Ironic, too: it would seem that with such massively superior military resources, the coalition should have stamped the […]

Blackstone Intelligence Network: LIVE – Israeli Assassination Operation Goes Bad

Blackstone Intelligence Network: LIVE – Israeli Assassination Operation Goes Bad Blackstone Intelligence #IDF team uses civilian car to sneak into #Gaza to assassinate Palestinian. Met with firefight by Hamas during retreat. Israeli Air Force provides cover by launching 40 missiles that kill multiple Palestinians, wounding dozens. More air strikes happening now. #GazaUnderAttack View the […]

Police operation triggered in Dunkirk hospital after reports of bomb threat

The situation kicked off after a woman showed up in the emergency room on Wednesday morning, saying that there were explosives in the hospital, it is understood. In addition to police, firefighters and a bomb disposal team, the French military was also dispatched to the site. The woman was later detained by police officers, who […]

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