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BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 8

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 8BLOODLINES Mikael and Eli delve into the linguistic proof that the Nordics are Israelites Share this: Hits: 23

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 5

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 5BLOODLINES Mikael Swede and Eli James continue their documentation of how the Scandinavian countries were populated by Israelites of the Great Dispersion from 745 BC Share this: Hits: 0

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 4

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 4BLOODLINES Hits: 1

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 3

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 3BLOODLINES Hits: 4

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 2

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 2BLOODLINES Eli and Mikael do a geological/archeological/historical survey of Scandinavia regarding the migration patterns and trade routes from the Black Sea to the Baltic sea Some of the noteworthy websites used as evidence: Hits: 12

The Ultimate Pirate Branding Symbol – The Origin of the Jolly Roger

Pirate lore is a popular topic among many today, with romanticized tales involving adventure on the high seas, camaraderie, and treasure hunting. However, centuries ago, pirates were very real criminals, one of the first examples of organized crime. Traveling by sea, pirates would attack and plunder, killing with disregard. There are many objects of piracy […]

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 1

BL – Israelite Origin of the Scandinavians, Part 1BLOODLINES Mikael and Eli begin a series on the common Israelite origin of the various Scandinavian nations, such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, etc., many of which were very early on ruled over by Odin, son of Judah, or Odin’s sons. Hits: 1

Blue planet: Study proposes new origin theory for Earth’s abundant water

AFP — Water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and is crucial to life as we know it, but how it got here has been a longstanding scientific debate. The puzzle was a step closer to being solved Thursday after a French team reported in the journal Science they had identified which space rocks […]

Study rules out dark matter destruction as origin of extra radiation in galaxy center

The detection more than a decade ago by the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope of an excess of high-energy radiation in the center of the Milky Way convinced some physicists that they were seeing evidence of the annihilation of dark matter particles, but a team led by researchers at the University of California, Irvine has […]

Origin of British Navy Upturned By Study

The British Royal Navy is the United Kingdom’s naval warfare force. If you’d looked at its website this morning, you would have read the widely-accepted origin story which claims that naval warships were first used by English kings from the early medieval period and that the first major maritime engagements were fought “in the Hundred […]

BL – Israelite Origin of the Germans, Part 2

BL – Israelite Origin of the Germans, Part 2BLOODLINES Hits: 0

Origin of Stonehenge’s Sarsen Stones is Finally Pinpointed

After years of uncertainty, experts have now solved the mystery of exactly where most of the Stonehenge sarsen stones came from, made possible through the return of a missing fragment of one of the giant stones and breakthrough technology. Now researchers are better able to reconstruct the history of the world-famous prehistoric site and how […]

Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

If the video above doesn’t work: go here for a backup The first documentary movie on the origin of #CCPVirus, Tracking Down the Origin of the #WuhanCoronavirus. The CCP virus, which originated from #China, has rampaged through the world and caused more than 80,000 deaths, infecting at least 1.4 million. The true number of deaths […]

Missile that downed MH17 came from Russian military, unit of origin pinpointed – intl investigators

The international team investigating the 2014 tragedy, in which Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in eastern Ukraine, reiterated the claim that it was a Buk missile, but now claims it also pinpointed the exact unit responsible. The Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) “has come to the conclusion that the BUK-TELAR that shot down MH17 came […]

Another Astronaut Shares His Thoughts On Alien Visitation & The Origin of The Human Race

Next Story The list of astronauts who have shared their knowledge and beliefs about UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are or have been visiting our planet is extensive, and growing. Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, for instance, once told us there “have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered,” and Dr. Brian O’Leary told the world there is “abundant […]

Germany facing new form of anti-Semitism from refugees & people of ‘Arab origin’ – Merkel

“We now have another phenomenon, as we have refugees or people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country,” Merkel told the Channel 10 network in a broadcast on Sunday,  as cited by Die Welt. Migration & radical European Muslims stir up antisemitism in Germany – parliament chief No Jewish nursery, […]

Award-Winning Journalist Exposes the True Origin of the Term Fake News

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times The fake news term appeared in the popular lexicon during the 2016 presidential election cycle, and has since run it’s course, done it’s damage, and been co-opted by Trump. And while many may like to believe that a meme such as this is organic and serves the purpose […]

Commando op underway at crash site to trace MANPAD rocket origin – Russian MP

The Russian warplane was downed by a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft rocket, according to the Russian defense ministry. Moscow is very interested in establishing how exactly the weapon system got into the hands of the militant group responsible for attack, Russian MP Vikotor Volodarsky told RIA Novosti. No anti-aircraft weapons sent to ‘our’ Syrian rebels – Pentagon […]

Google’s True Origin Closely Tied To The CIA

“Google styles itself as a friendly, funky, user-friendly tech firm that rose to prominence through a combination of skill, luck, and genuine innovation. This is true. But it is a mere fragment of the story. In reality, Google is a smokescreen behind which lurks the US military-industrial complex.” ~ Nafeez Ahmed, “How the CIA made […]

Google’s True Origin Closely Tied to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

December 28th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World “Google styles itself as a friendly, funky, user-friendly tech firm that rose to prominence through a combination of skill, luck, and genuine innovation. This is true. But it is a mere fragment of the story. In reality, Google is a smokescreen behind which lurks the […]

Genetic study: Ashkenazi Jews are substantially of Western European origin

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Can We Survive Technology? The Origin of SRM Geoengineering and the Modern Theory of Man-made Global Warming

September 19, 2017 By Peter A. Kirby In the course of exposing chemtrails, your author has already found and presented quite a bit of evidence linking the theory of man-made global warming to weather modification and thus the New Manhattan Project. Lately, he has stumbled upon what appears to be the earliest […]

Hurricane Irma: Obvious Manmade Origin

The flood waters from Harvey haven’t even receded yet, and here we are faced with the next manufactured storm, Irma. In this video, just as in my first Hurricane Harvey video, I illustrate how Irma was created by In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation – both on land and at sea) in exactly the […]

The Origin of Religion

By Professor Revilo P. Oliver From The Origins of Christianity, Chapter 1 RELIGION, which we may define as a belief in the existence of praeter-human and supernatural beings, is a phenomenon limited to several human species, since it depends on rudimentary powers of reason and relatively developed powers of imagination. We may agree with Xenophanes […]

Food Stamp Program Is More Likely to Give Benefits to Illegal Alien Families

By Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple Contrary to what liberals often claim, most Americans don’t hate immigrants, or even fear them. But what does raise the ire of most working class Americans, is when people sneak into our country illegally. And what angers them more even more, is when those illegals are given preferential […]

The Coming of Lugh

By Lady Gregory [M]ANANAUN MAC LIR who rules the ocean took the little SunGod, Lugh, in his arms and held him up so that he could see the whole of Ireland with the waves whispering about it everywhere. “Say farewell to the mountains and rivers, and the big trees and the flowers in the grass, […]

Iran’s refining capacity to surpass 1.8 mbd this year

TEHRAN, June 13 (Shana) – Iran’s refining capacity will surpass 1.8 mbd during this Iranian calendar year(started March 20, 2016), senior NIOPDC official said. Saeed Mahjoubi, an official at the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) said on Monday that with completion of development projects in petrochemical sector across the country, refining capacity of […]

Face Recognition App Promises to Destroy Public Anonymity

Mark Zuckerberg has hinted at the personally invasive future of social media. by Christina Sarich, Waking Times His new artificial intelligence technology doesn’t even need your face to determine who you are, but a new social media platform in Russia is launching that will make keeping your privacy in public nearly impossible – giving even […]

Collateral damage redefined: US claims 150 ‘fighters’ killed in Somalia airstrike, nobody believes them

     Deadliest strike in America’s drone war calls into question how US defines “combatants” US airstrikes targeting what the Pentagon is calling an al-Shabaab training facility in Somalia killed over 150 people on Saturday. In an announcement Monday, the Pentagon classified the dead as “militant fighters” who were allegedly preparing a large-scale attack against US […]

Murder Mystery Solved

By Professor Revilo P. Oliver (January 1991) In 1888-1889 a number of women were atrociously murdered in the poorer quarters of London by a sexual maniac who boastfully styled himself Jack the Ripper. The murders are still officially unsolved, but they are still remembered, partly because they were so gruesome, the murderer having so obscenely […]

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