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Next Stop, the UN: Embassy Protectors and Other Groups to Stage UN General Assembly Protest

WASHINGTON — Following the illegal seizure by U.S. authorities of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, the group of activists who lived in the building for 37 days — protecting it from such a seizure at the request of the democratically elected government of Venezuela — is escalating tactics. In many ways, the fight of the […]

A Novel We Can All Relate To: “The Other Americans”

America is still discovering itself. The rise of Donald Trump alerted those citizens who held that they alone defined our culture and values to the existence of a significant population holding very different views– and the will to back a candidate who might speak for them. (Thus, the most unlikely candidate entered the White House.) […]

Five Years in Prison for Offending Someone Online (And Other News From The Twilight Zone)

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man Let the weekly absurdity begin! New SAT scoring will combat Asian privilege The infamous SAT has been used since 1926 as a sort of university entrance exam to objectively test high school students’ scholastic aptitude. Until now. Test administrators announced plans this week to include an ‘adversity score’ for every […]

PODCAST: The other Palestinian march of return

The +972 Podcast heads to the destroyed village of Khubbeiza to hear what Nakba Day means to different people, including Palestinians internally displaced in Israel. Palestinian citizens of Israel take part in the Return March, held at the destroyed village of Khubbeiza, to mark Nakba Day, May 9, 2019. (Mati Milstein) Every year for over […]

Deep State rats Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and others turning on each other as AG Barr tightens noose in widening “Spygate” probe

(Natural News) For nearly two years, supporters of POTUS Donald Trump watched as he and his administration were hamstrung by a bogus “Russian collusion” investigation that was amplified by the fake news “mainstream media” as well as Democrats in Congress. For just as long, Trump supporters grew frustrated and angry at then-Attorney […]

Iran able to satisfy defense needs of other countries: cmdr.

MNA – Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard, the commander of Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, said that Iran is able to fulfill the needs of other countries in the defense sector. “Thanks to the efforts and perseverance of domestic experts, we are not only able to fulfill our demands for equipment, but also to meet […]

“US-Gate”? Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List of U.S. “Regime Changes”

GR Editor’s Note This incisive list countries by the late William Blum was first published in 2013,  posted on Global Research in 2014. In relation to recent developments in Latin America and the Middle East, it is worth recalling the history of US sponsored military coups and “soft coups” aka regime changes. In a bitter irony, […]

9 Secret UFO Bases Other Than Area 51

Tired of hearing stories about Area 51? Here’s a list of other places routinely visited by UFOs. #1 San Luis Valley, Colorado  Over the years, a plethora of reports have earned the San Luis Valley the reputation of a UFO hotspot. And it’s not just flying saucers. People have allegedly seen shadow people lurking in […]

Saudi Slaughter of Shiites and Other Innocents: THE INSIDE STORY

    Saudi Arabia is carrying out a second oppressive mass slaughter in the era of King Salman, including children, protestors, and activists Without the knowledge of the victims’ families, the Saudi government today circulated awful news of the execution of 37 people, including minors, protestors, and the disabled. Many of them were linked […]

Putin and Kim give each other same gift… a sword (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The Russian president led his North Korean counterpart through the traditional gift-giving ceremony that accompanies landmark international summits, first offering him a set of handmade gilded glasses. But the highlight was a Russian curved saber that Putin unsheathed as he offered it to the North Korean leader. As is customary when gifting blades, to avoid bad […]

CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by people from other countries who enter the United States and spread the disease

(Natural News) In the first four months of 2019, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have confirmed 555 cases of measles across 20 states. In comparison, there were 382 cases in all of 2018 and just 120 back in 2017. Five years ago, there were 667 confirmed cases, spurring media frenzy. In […]

Netanyahu, Gantz or 37 other parties? Israel goes to the polls

Israelis were going to the polls Tuesday morning in a closely fought election that pits incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against former army chief of staff Benny Gantz, but also offers citizens a chance to choose from one of 39 diverse political parties. Over 10,000 polling stations were set to open around the country at […]

Nuclear Weapons Ruined My Life, And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

I want to offer you something different than the barrage of facts and figures around nuclear weapons. But let’s establish the basics. There are nine countries that possess them: France, China, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and — of course — Russia and the United States. Together these nine countries possess a […]

Australian telcos block access to 4chan, other websites

Telstra and other telcos have been censoring websites. Photo: YTB Australian Internet Service Providers (ISP) have begun blocking access to websites used to host footage of the Christchurch attack, including 4chan, 8chan, Liveleak, Voat and ZeroHedge. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have all announced that various websites will be restricted under ‘sensitive material guidelines’, in a […]

They’re Waiting For Us On the Other Side – Doctor Studies 14,000 Dreams of Dying People

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times We tend to look at death as the end of a life, but surely there’s more to the story than that. And while we know that people have very similar stories to tell after a near-death experience, often speaking of a tunnel of light and then being returned to […]

A Brutally Honest Guide To Stop Caring About What Other People Think

We are having a Full Moon in Virgo on February 19th at 3:53pm Universal Time. This is the peak of the Lunar Cycle that began on February 4th with a New Moon in Aquarius. It will also be a Supermoon, which is when the Moon appears larger and brighter due to its closer proximity to […]

"Strongest evidence yet" that obesity causes depression, even in the absence of other health problems

(Natural News) Disturbing yet unsurprising results from a recent study provide the “strongest evidence yet” that obesity causes depression, even in the absence of other health problems. These findings were published in the International Journal of Epidemiology and highlight both the physical and mental risks that come with being obese. Researchers from […]

Iran’s president renews call for Middle East free of nukes, other WMDs

Iran’s president renews call for Middle East free of nukes, other WMDs Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivers a speech in Tehran on February 6, 2019 as he hosts foreign ambassadors on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. (Photo by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani renews Tehran’s call for a Middle […]

The Ruling Elites Love How Easily We’re Distracted and Turned Against Each Other

Let’s say you’re one of the ruling elites operating the nation for the benefit of the oligarchy. What’s the best way to distract the populace from your self-serving dominance in a blatantly neofeudal system? 1. Provide modern-day versions of Bread and Circuses to distract the commoners from what actually matters: “the golden age of TV” […]

More Than 70 U.S. Health, Consumer And Other Groups Demand Elimination Of NAFTA 2.0 Terms That Would Lock In High U.S. Medicine Prices

More Than 70 U.S. Health, Consumer And Other Groups Demand Elimination Of NAFTA 2.0 Terms That Would Lock In High U.S. Medicine Prices Above Photo: Bob King/Flickr Letter to Congress: Giveaways to Big Pharma Must Be Removed From Revised NAFTA WASHINGTON, D.C. – After overwhelming public demand to reduce medicine prices helped propel Democrats to a […]

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