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MKUltra survivor Cathy O’Brien exposing the paedophile agenda

David GARETH ICKE POSTED ON 25 OCTOBER 2020 MKUltra survivor Cathy O’Brien exposing the paedophile agenda Cathy when she was being abused by her father and paedophile/Satanic rings before being taken by later President Gerald Ford into the government-military-CIA mind control program MKUltra and its elite offshoot Project Monarch. ‘Pedophiles thrive on the adrenaline of tortured […]

Countess who took flights on paedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ quits NSPCC

The wife of an aristocrat who flew more than 30 times on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ private jet has stepped down from her role at the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Clare Hazell raised thousands of pounds for the charity by hosting a classic car show each year […]

Tom Grauer: Jewish Leader of The Paedophile Movement

The Jews never rest from their schemes and corruption. They always seek to violate and abrogate more and more norms of decency, until Gentile society descends into a state of utter barbarism, at which point the Jew feels himself most at ease, having removed all manner of opposition to himself, and having humiliated his hosts […]

Deaf Paedophile Has Jail Sentence Slashed Because He Can’t Hear TV

A paedophiles jail term has been reduced after he complained he had no one to communicate with and he was unable watch tv Egyptian-born Gamal Demian was sentenced to 20 years for rape and sexual assault on girls as young as eight, but his sentence was cut to 18 years because his life behind bars […]

12 Yr Old May Face Charges For Sending Topless Photo To Paedophile

A 12-year old girl who was pressured into sending topless photo of herself to an online paedophile has been told by the police that she could face criminal charges. The school girl was groomed by the online predator after being targeted on Instagram. Child exploitation officers warned the schoolgirl she could end up with a criminal […]

Venezuela army deployed to control food production and distribution

Venezuela’s military has started monitoring ports and food processing plants, in a new effort to guarantee supplies of food and medicines. In a decree, President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the army to co-ordinate the production and distribution of items. Venezuela is going through a deep economic crisis, despite having the world’s […]

Astronomers Discover Planet With Three Suns

Astronomers from the University of Arizona have detected a triple-star planetary system 320 light years away from earth. Popular Mechanics reports: A team of astronomers led by Kevin Wagner at the University of Arizona discovered the exoplanet. The scientists were conducting a survey of nearby worlds with incredibly vast orbits, scouring a small section of […]

CIA Chief Says No link Found Between Orlando Shooter And ISIS

The Central Intelligence Agency director says they have not been “able to uncover any link” between the Orlando killer Omar Mateen and ISIS Mateen had claimed allegiance to a variety of militant Islamist groups, including some at odds with each another CIA chief John Brennan told the Senate intelligence committee last week (June 16th) that […]

Big Pharma Ordered To Pay $67m For Lying About Efficacy Of Cancer Drug

Big Pharma has been ordered to pay nearly $70M after concealing the adverse effects of a cancer drug and misleading doctors. Two drug companies have been ordered to pay $67 million to settle a federal lawsuit over charges that they lied about the effectiveness of the cancer drug, Tarceva. Genentech and OSI Pharmaceuticals, agreed to […]

Norway Becomes The First Country To Commit To Zero Deforestation

Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation. Last month the Norwegian parliament pledged that the government’s public procurement policy would become deforestation-free after a committee of MPs recommended imposing regulations to ensure the state did “not contribute to deforestation of the rainforest”. Norway is a major funder of forest conservation projects […]

The Conspirators Behind 9/11 Are Turning On Each Other

After 15 years of claiming that Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda were responsible and acted alone, high-ranking Americans are publicly blaming Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 terrorist attacks…. and now Saudi Arabia is publicly blaming the United States. However, according to investigative journalist Wayne Masden, it was American neocons, Saudi Arabia and Israel that successfully […]

US Forces Under Curfew After Rape & Murder In Okinawa

US forces stationed in Japan’s Okinawa island will be put under a month-long curfew following the rape and murder of Japanese women. The US military in Japan said they will restrict all celebrations and off-base alcohol consumption for its servicemen in Okinawa after an employee was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman and a […]

US Forces Under Curfew After Rape & Murder In Okinawa

US forces stationed in Japan’s Okinawa island will be put under a month-long curfew following the rape and murder of Japanese women. The US military in Japan said they will restrict all celebrations and off-base alcohol consumption for its servicemen in Okinawa after an employee was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman and a […]

We Found a Preview of the 28 Redacted Pages — and It’s a 9/11 Game-Changer

On Tuesday, the New York Times revealed a document published by the National Archives that appears to offer a glimpse into potentially damning information contained in the so-called ‘missing’ 28 pages concerning the attacks on September 11, 2001. by Claire Bernish Those 28 pages are “an entire section within the official report of the Joint […]

Dinosaurs Were In Decline Before Meteor Impact

Dinosaurs had lost their ability to evolve and were in decline millions of years before a meteorite smashed into the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and finished them off. New scientific research suggests that a long-standing theory about the demise of the dinosaurs might be wrong. Scientists have long believed that dinosaurs were wiped out by […]

How to Detox Your Pineal Gland – Fluoride, Mercury, & Consciousness

Is there a natural herb or treatment to detox from fluoride, mercury, and pineal gland calcification? by Waking Times The first intentional addition of fluoride in drinking water occurred in the early 1930′s in Nazi Germany. Marketing it as supposed helping children’s teeth, the actual sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the masses […]

Paramedics Called As Pupils Collapse During School Vaccinations

A secondary school in Northampton was forced to suspend its vaccinations session after several students fell ill  after being given their jabs. Paramedics were called to the school after around 10 to 15 students from Year 10 were reported to have keeled over after getting their vaccinations at the School for Boys on Tuesday. Following […]

ISIS Pursuing Chemical Weapons According to Iraq & US Intel

Iraq and US intelligence officials have said that ISIS is aggressively pursuing the development of chemical weapons. The terrorist group have reportedly set up a special branch to experiment, research and develop chemical weapons using scientists from Iraq, Syria and other countries in the region. US officials say however, that they ate skeptical about the […]

A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World Religion

The global elite have never been closer to their goal of a united world. Thanks to a series of interlocking treaties and international agreements, the governance of this planet is increasingly becoming globalized and centralized, but most people don’t seem alarmed by this at all. ~ Michael Snyder In the past 30 days, we have […]

Security Services To Be Given New Rights To Spy On Your Phones & Computers

Under a proposed new law, UK security services are to be given the power to hack and take control of your laptop, phone and tablets. MI5, MI6 and GCHQ will be granted a range of electronic surveillance capabilities under the Government’s Investigatory Powers Bill, allowing them to legally spy on peoples phones and computers. The […]

Queen’s Guard Arrested in Windsor Castle Paedophile Ring Probe

  By Damien GayleDaily MailSeptember 3, 2011 Police investigating an alleged paedophile ring at Windsor Castle have arrested a second soldier from the Queen’s elite Household Cavalry. Detectives raided the home of Lance Corporal Mark Neal, 28, on the Broom Farm Estate, Windsor, yards from the home of child rape suspect Lance Corporal of Horse […]

Condom-Shaped Candy Points to Paedophile Future

Awakening The World … … Every Heart Makes A Difference And The Non-Compli-Dance New times now added for the Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates […]

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