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Israel’s Scheme to Bury the Nakba. “The Ethnic Cleansing oF Palestine”

Israel’s 1947-48 Nakba against the Palestinian people was and remains one of history’s great crimes — what Ilan Pappe called “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” in his book by this title. Establishment of the Jewish state came at the expense of the Palestinian people, their descendants and refugee population. The final master plan’s goal aimed to create […]

The Book of Palestine: National Liberation vs Endless Negotiations

Those who are still hoping that the new American agenda on Palestine and Israel is temporary, or reversible, should abandon this false hope. Washington’s complete adoption of Israel’s messianic, extremist policies regarding Occupied Palestine has been a long time in the making. And it is here to stay.  Despite the unmistakable clarity in the American […]

Trump-Kushner’s Palestine Swindle

  July 6, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts House Censures Trump for Racism Jonas Alexis – Ian Greenhalgh Kevin Barrett – Bob Nichols Preston James – Michael Shrimpton Carol Duff – Johnny Punish Rep. Al Green Files Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump Rep. Al Green filed articles of impeachment against President Trump Tuesday, following scenes of bedlam […]

Africa and Palestine: A Noble Legacy That Must Never Be Betrayed

Europe’s “Scramble for Africa” began in earnest in 1881, but never ended. The attempt at dominating the continent using old and new strategies continues to define the western relationship with this rich continent.  This reality was further validated when I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on June 23. Although my objective was to address various Kenyan […]

Confederation can’t answer the most important issue in Israel-Palestine

Any framework that comes to replace the two-state solution must aspire toward decolonization, and accept that Zionism and full civic equality are irreconcilable. Israeli security forces guard as Jewish Israelis tour the Palestinian side of the old city market in the West Bank city of Hebron, June 15, 2019. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90) Changes on […]

Democratic candidates on Israel/Palestine – a guide (updated regularly)

It’s anybody’s guess how this will play out, but it’s going to be a long, wild ride. Overwhelmed by the crowd of candidates for President? The issue of justice for Palestinians – in which almost everyone bows to the Israel lobby – is the ultimate litmus test for integrity. Find out where everyone stands. (This […]

Palestine and Kenya: Our Historic Fight against Injustice Is One and the Same

In 1948, my grandfather, along with thousands of Badrasawis, was expelled by Israeli military forces from our ancestral village of Beit Daras in Palestine.  Like hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from over 500 other villages, my grandfather assumed he would be back home in a few weeks. “Why bother to haul the good blankets on […]

‘Palestine is not for sale’ — Palestinians in Gaza say Bahrain summit is the ‘New Oslo’

On Tuesday Palestinians in the Gaza Strip cursed at Arab officials and burned placards of President Donald Trump in protest of the administration’s “Peace to Prosperity” summit in Bahrain to discuss economic aspects of the long-awaited “deal of the century.” Shops, banks, and restaurants also shuttered their doors as part of a general strike. The […]

When activism becomes ‘anti-Semitism’: the silencing of pro-Palestine voices on campus

For years, pro-Palestine groups on university campuses have fought to destigmatize support for Palestinian rights in America, and dismantle the notion that criticism of the Israeli state’s policies towards Palestinians is anti-Semitic. Despite their efforts through nationwide actions like “Israeli Apartheid Week”, divestment campaigns, educational conferences, and direct actions, groups like Students for Justice in […]

Presidential candidate offers a bold plan for Israel/Palestine

Screengrab from Mike Gravel’s campaign video Presidential candidate Mike Gravel says, “The two-state solution is dead. Let us take the obvious and humane path forward,” and he lays out a courageous proposal. by Mike Gravel, reposted from Mondoweiss [At 89, Mike Gravel is running for President in order to make his progressive, anti-war message heard. […]

I’m marching for Palestine in the first Queer Liberation March in NYC June 30

I was deeply honored to be the first openly transgendered grand marshal of the New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Pride March back in June 2005; it was profoundly gratifying to have my activism and advocacy work recognized by Heritage of Pride (HOP) and all the more so since I worked with […]

Congressional candidate Andom Ghebreghiorgis wants to end the occupation of Palestine. He’s running against one of Israel’s biggest defenders

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY 16th District) has been a member of the House since 1989, where he’s currently the leader of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Engel has consistently been one of its most hawkish Democrats: he supported the Iraq War, helped push former President Bill Clinton to intervene in Kosovo, and opposed the Obama […]

Getting in, and getting out, of Palestine

In late March and early April 2019 I traveled to Jordan and the West Bank (Palestine) with two colleagues, Sonia Dettman and S. Komarovsky, first to attend the Lancet Palestine Health Alliance conference in Amman and then to explore and better understand the lives of refugees and the workings of UNRWA, with a focus on the status […]

Palestine urges immediate ICC probe into crimes by Israeli regime, settlers

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch an immediate investigation into the crimes of the Tel Aviv regime and extremist Jewish settlers. The ministry, in a statement released on Monday, condemned the settlers’ assault on the town of Kafr Malik, located 17 kilometers northeast of the […]

India Embraces Israel in Unprecedented Anti-Palestine Vote at the UN

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Scientists will freeze themselves in the Arctic ice for an unprecedented year-long study (VIDEO) The team will embark on the $158 million expedition in September, and will anchor the Bahrain FM’ call for normalization with Israel ‘reckless, unprecedented impudence’: Wefaq Bahrain’s main Shia opposition […]

Israel-Palestine conflict ‘drives turmoil in the Middle East’ — Seth Moulton

Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton is one of the most interesting candidates in the Democratic presidential field because as a former Marine officer who did several tours in the Middle East he claims foreign policy as a strength and he has taken some progressive stances on the Israel question. But he seems to be backing off […]

‘NYT’ publishes long article about Jews protesting ‘Birthright’ over its ‘lies’ about Palestine

The New York Times published a splendid article today about young Jews walking off the free ten-day Birthright trips to Israel, rejecting them as propaganda. It is already attracting pushback from Israel supporters. The long article, headlined, “Birthright Trips, a Rite of Passage for Many Jews, Are Now a Target of Protests,” is just about […]

India Now Supports Israel at the UN against Palestine. Are They Allies?

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Kamala Harris supports segregation by supporting Israel Ali Abunimah Power Suits 8 July 2019 Senator Kamala Harris with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin WATCH: Elizabeth Warren supports Israel during its 2014 invasion of Gaza See video below Warren voted to give Israel $225 million, on top […]

The inadequacy of ‘Israel-Palestine conflict’ label

By Agha Hussain Source To treat the ‘Israel-Palestine conflict’ as one in a long list of bilateral country disputes to be found in the modern age attaches to the real issue all the wrong dynamics, underlying realities and extremely ineffective ‘solutions’. The sheer inadequacy of looking at this particular ‘issue’ through the lens of Israel […]

Chicago-area school district withdraws ‘Teaching Palestine’ course and apologizes for ‘sense of exclusion’ it created

Just eight days after an administrator offered public high school teachers in Skokie, Illinois, the opportunity to take a summer professional development course called “Teaching Palestine,” the school district retracted the offer in a statement from top administrators apologizing for the hurtful, “one-sided nature of this course.” They wrote: We then heard from teachers and […]

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