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India & Israel – Kashmir And Palestine – A Study In Brutality — Rebel Voice

As tensions increase in both Palestine and Kashmir, the following article takes a look at comparable aspects of both conflicts and the right-wing regimes responsible for them. Palestine has become synonymous with oppression and Apartheid. The actions of the Israeli gerrymander over many decades have been well documented. Those crimes against humanity continue to this […] […]

Israeli Apartheid Made Official: Annexation is the New Reality in Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is moving quickly to alter the political reality in Palestine, and facing little or no resistance.  On September 10, Netanyahu declared his intentions to annex swathes of Palestinian land adjacent to the Jordan River, an area that covers 2,400 square kilometers, or nearly a third of the Occupied West Bank. […]

Rep. Dingell declares, ‘my heart has always been with the children of Palestine’ after withdrawing support from a bill that promotes their human rights

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) recently withdrew her support for a bill that promotes the human rights of Palestinian children, explaining that she changed her mind after speaking with members of her community. This past weekend Dingell took to Twitter to inform her followers that she was still committed to the issue. H.R.2407 is Rep. Betty […]

Voting Netanyahu out is not going to ‘save’ Israel-Palestine

Israeli citizens are about to vote in national elections for the second time in six months. But has anything changed since April? Why is no one talking about the occupation? And are we really about to see the end of the Netanyahu era? +972 writers talk about why these elections matter. A Jewish Israeli man […]

JTA report on Clovis controversy over Palestine speaker fails readers

Photo of Clovis Community College accompanying JTA’s article. JTA published a report on a bizarre controversy in which powerful organizations are attacking an upcoming talk in a small community college, but the article left out much relevant information… By Alison Weir JTA calls itself “the definitive, trusted global source of news and analysis on issues […]

Nasrallah: Hezbollah has no more ‘Red Lines’ Against Israel, all Occupied Palestine can be Targeted

Via The Saker September 08, 2019 Hezbollah footage of the strike (English subtitles): Report about Israeli dummy soldiers: Nasrallah: Hezbollah has no more ‘Red Lines’ Against Israel, all Occupied Palestine can be Targeted Political section of the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on September 2nd, 2019, on the occasion of the commemoration […]

Human rights reports on Israel-Palestine (regularly updated)

A child in Gaza City. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images Through the years, numerous humanitarian organizations have produced detailed reports on the situation in Israel-Palestine. Below are some of them. – By IAK Staff While both the Israeli and Palestinian governments have committed human rights violations, the Israeli abuses have been far more numerous, significant, and […]

PODCAST: Rethinking race relations in Israel-Palestine

Palestinian legal scholar Noura Erakat proposes a different, inclusive vision that guarantees justice and dignity for all oppressed groups in Israel and Palestine. Protesters carry Palestinian flags during a Black Lives Matter protest march against racist social structures and policies, toward black people in Germany and worldwide, Berlin, Germany, June 29, 2018. (Anne Paq/ Listen […]

Success: Illinois University Reverses Ban on Palestine Event

Miko Peled, speaking at the University of Illinois-Chicago campus in Rockford IL, August 3, 2019 University officials quickly reversed their decision to block an event about justice in Palestine when they were reminded that such discrimination is illegal under the First Amendment. “We’ve seen this happen again and again with Palestine-related events on campuses,” explained […]

US Removes Palestine Authority from List of Countries

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts US delays China tariffs, removes others, cites ‘Christmas shopping’ concerns   The United States Trade Representative office said Tuesday that new tariffs on certain consumer items Amazon Removes Documentaries Showing Better Ways to Fight Disease by Jeff WitzemanAmazon Prime Video has quietly been removing films from […]

If you are Palestinian, it’s just as difficult to leave Palestine as it is to enter it

Last week, US congress members Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were barred from entering Israel. Though Israel cited its 2017 law which prohibits entry of any person or affiliate that supports the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement against the state, Israel makes it notoriously difficult for anyone who has interest in, or is supportive of, Palestinians […]

Building our power for a free Palestine

This is a transformative moment for Palestine activism in the United States.  For decades those of us pushing for freedom, equality, and justice for Palestine have lived in the political wilderness. Advocating to congress has seemed like a lost cause and breaking through dominant narratives about Israeli rights violations seemed like an impossible task.   Between […]

A landmark win for Palestine student activism

Fordham University tried to shut down a Students for Justice in Palestine club over its support for Palestinian rights and BDS. That is, until a New York judge gave Palestine campus activism its first legal victory. By Radhika Sainath Members and supporters of Fordham Students for Justice in Palestine rally on the university’s Manhattan campus […]

Crosstalk: Finkelstein vs Morris – Israel/Palestine Debate

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts India & Israel – Kashmir And Palestine – A Study In Brutality — Rebel Voice As tensions increase in both Palestine and Kashmir, the following article takes a look at Israeli Apartheid Made Official: Annexation is the New Reality in Palestine Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin […]

Tlaib refuses to ‘bow down to oppressive & racist policies,’ cancels Palestine trip over Israeli conditions

US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was told by Israel today that she could enter the West Bank for a humanitarian visit to her family so long as she agreed in writing not to “promote boycotts against Israel” on the trip. Following the Israeli government’s decision to bar her congressional delegation with Rep. Ilhan Omar over their […]

Palestine: Dangerous Bill in US Congress to Crush the PLO and the PA

A bipartisan US bill currently being considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee puts at stake the ability of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to engage diplomatic and legal channels to support Palestinian national aspirations and to seek accountability through international mechanisms, as well as the future of the US-Palestinian bilateral relationship.  The Promoting Security and […]

What’s happening in Kashmir looks a lot like Israel’s rule over Palestine

By revoking autonomy from Kashmir, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking a page straight out of the Israeli playbook. By Abdulla Moaswes A soldier guards the roadside checkpoint outside Srinagar International Airport in Jammu and Kashmir, India, January 2009. (Jrapczak/CC BY-SA 3.0) The last few weeks have seen a sharp escalation in tensions in the Indian-occupied […]

From heat waves to ‘eco-apartheid’: Climate change in Israel-Palestine

July 2019 was, according to European climate researchers, the hottest month ever recorded. Coming just one year after the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its landmark report warning of an impending climate catastrophe, temperatures soared to unprecedented levels in places like Alaska and Sweden, forests incinerated in Siberia, glaciers melted in […]

Kashmir and Palestine share the struggle for self determination against colonial occupation

As a Kashmiri living in North America, I have been to Kashmir some twenty times. I have experienced the instability, power outages, curfews, and closures that are a cruel part of everyday life, and witnessed massive non-violent demonstrations against the military occupation. I have seen Indian military personnel haul Kashmiri kids playing cricket into armored […]

Palestine in the 2020 elections: a look at Joe Biden

76-year-old Joe Biden is currently one of the candidates to beat. He has been in politics longer than some of the others have been alive. In this If Americans Knew series, we will analyze each contender’s position on Israel/Palestine and provide information that voters can give them to correct their misunderstanding of the issue. by […]

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