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Gun sales skyrocket amid coronavirus pandemic AND engineered riots

(Natural News) By the end of May, more than five million guns were sold in the U.S. as people began to fear the possibility of widespread unrest over the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Now, gun sales have spiked once again as rioting, protests and civil unrest over the death of […]


05.06.2020  South Front Written by J.Hawk exclusively for SouthFront It is well established in scholarly literature on international conflict that whenever a country behaves in an erratic, aggressive manner, it is nearly always a reflection of deep-seated internal social, political, and economic problems which the country’s leadership is unable or unwilling to address. United States is an example […]

Coronavirus now weaker than it was during the height of the pandemic, Italian doctors say

(Natural News) Italian doctors have claimed that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) — which has killed more than 370,000 worldwide — has weakened and become a shadow of its former self. The pronouncement comes after a number of weeks where infections and deaths from COVID-19 in Italy have continued to fall. Italy currently has […]

German academics lambaste management of health pandemic

On 9 May 2020, an employee of a German Interior Ministry department called unit KM4, in charge of protecting critical infrastructure, passed on to the liberal-conservative magazine Tichys Einblick an internal document challenging the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ministry immediately denounced the leak as expressing the opinion of only one official and not […]

‘People are going to go hungry’: pandemic effects could leave 54m Americans without food

A record number of Americans face hunger this year as the catastrophic economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic looks set to leave tens of millions of people unable to buy enough food to feed their families. Nationwide, the demand for aid at food banks and pantries has soared since the virus forced the […]

During The Pandemic Small Farms And Farmer’s Markets Are Booming

Anthony McLennan, Truth Theory Waking Times Even before the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a strong push towards organic, local farm produce over the past few decades. The organic movement actually started in the early 1900’s. Since the 1970’s it has increased in momentum and over the past 20 years the movement has rapidly gained in popularity as […]

Scientist posits ‘wild’ hypothesis that cross immunity could slow pandemic

PARIS (AFP) — Could exposure to the coronaviruses that cause the common cold help protect against COVID-19? Is herd immunity closer than previously thought? As nations lift lockdowns and experts worry about a potential second peak in cases, our ability to ward off infection is one of the hottest topics of scientific debate. Ever since […]

The Pandemic Pattern—How the Illusion is Built

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times This article is based on my study and investigation of so-called epidemics over the past 30 years. In the case of COVID-19, I’ve written at least one piece covering, in detail, each main element of the illusion. Here, I’m laying out the pattern. It is the same for each fake epidemic. […]

Despite pandemic, Israeli army shoots at water tanks in Palestinian village

The residents of Kafr Qaddum are no strangers to Israeli military incursions in their village, which sits northwest of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.  For the past nine years, the residents of the village have been holding weekly demonstrations against the confiscation of their village’s land for the use of settlement expansion and […]

A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making

Children’s Health Defense Team, Guest Waking Times From the moment of “COVID-19’s” naming—and particularly since the imposition of unprecedented restrictions on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”—some people have smelled a rat. And with each passing week, the smell becomes worse. A growing chorus of ordinary citizens and world-renowned medical and scientific experts is raising […]

You Need More Than Mental Intelligence To Get Through A Pandemic: A Primer For Using Your Four Whole Health Intelligences

May 28th, 2020 By Lissa Rankin Guest writer for Wake Up World Now that we have bought ourselves a few months of time with a global quarantine, individual states and countries will be making decisions about loosening the Outer Shield imposed upon us by our governments and public health officials. As lockdown restrictions gradually transition to masks […]

Has Coronavirus Pandemic Really Destroyed Globalization?

The coronavirus pandemic has not only created contradictory information on the best ways to deal with it, on whether there are cures and vaccinations, or whether there will be a second wave, but they are also contradictory on how the world will look after we overcome the pandemic. Two supranational ideological tendencies have emerged – […]

Why wait? The 2020 Tokyo Olympics should be cancelled immediately. It has no place in a post-pandemic world

Montreal 1976 was an iconic Olympics. Gymnast Nadia Comaneci achieved the first perfect 10. It was so groundbreaking, the three-digit scoreboard displayed it as 1.00. Bruce Jenner scooped gold in the decathlon, as did Sugar Ray Leonard in the boxing ring. But it was iconic for another reason: being 720 percent over budget. The city […]

"What Pandemic?"

By Ian Lyngen of BMO Capital Markets 3-Handle Again Global equities continue to perform well as reopening optimism remains the primary driver and S&P 500 futures breached the 200-day moving-average to trade >3000 for the first time since early-March. Trading off the same underlying impulse, the Treasury market has seen yields edge higher; albeit within […]

Pandemic has brought a significant rise in racism and xenophobia

This COVID-19 update appeared first on the Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory site on May 23. This is my weekly report for the Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council on the spread of COVID-19 in Israel and Palestine, but I begin with a global focus. Health Inequities and COVID-19 The rise in the […]

Jubilant over low virus rates, Arab Israelis enjoy Eid as pandemic ‘Victory Day’

After a Ramadan under partial lockdown, this year, the Muslim al-Fitr holiday was particularly joyous for Israel’s Arab community. “People are celebrating Eid, and it’s also Victory Day against the coronavirus,” said epidemiologist Emil Adha on Monday, the second day of Eid al-Fitr festivities, of the “double joy” felt in many Arab Israeli communities. As […]

Unsentimental Journey: Timeline Details Fading Freedoms and the Pandemic Speeding Up the Process

By B.N. Frank The pandemic has been a difficult and confusing time for a large percentage of the population worldwide.  At the same time, how difficult and confusing has varied significantly depending on where you live and the lawmakers in charge. It’s only natural that many theories have been floating around since the “facts” and […]

How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Safe Haven Assets?

While large-scale disasters such as the coronavirus pandemic can have a significant negative impact on the global economy, causing certain stocks and shares to plummet, there are certain investments that are more likely to retain or even gain value during times of severe market instability. Here, we’ll explore the concept of these […]

Psychedelic Experiences Disrupt Routine Thinking — And so has the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ron Shore, Guest Waking Times The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the widespread disruption of our usual routines. The ambiguity of when it will end, how things will unfold and what will happen in the future has resulted in a collective liminal state, a kind of a waiting area on the threshold of change. COVID-19 […]

When even tough New Yorkers become petrified pandemic-shamers, it’s time to confront our over-anxiousness about Covid-19

As someone who has been writing about social media movements for many years, I can tell you that they always follow the same formula. They start out with good intentions, then quickly devolve into a method of feeling superior by demonizing others. The Covid-19 pandemic has been no different.  Back in early March, it was […]

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