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Flight from Tel Aviv causes London panic as scrambled jets set off sonic boom

A Boeing 767 plane flying from Israel to the United States went unresponsive over the United Kingdom early Sunday, causing Royal Air Force jets to be scrambled towards it and setting off a sonic boom that sounded throughout London. The retired El Al plane, which according to the Ynet news site had been sold to […]

Is the Run on the Dollar Due to Panic or Greed?

What’s going on in the repo market? Rates on repurchase agreements (“repo”) should be around 2%, in line with the fed funds rate. But they shot up to over 5% on September 16 and got as high as 10% on September 17. Yet banks were refusing to lend to each other, evidently passing up big […]

PANIC reported at New Delhi airport after bomb unit retrieves suspicious bag possibly containing explosives

A suspicious black bag was found abandoned in the arrivals hall around 1am local time on Friday. A bomb squad with a sniffer dog was immediately called in to investigate. The bag was then removed from the site and placed into a cooling pit. Deputy Commissioner of Airport Police Sanjay Bhatia said that the bag […]

Another Look at the Federal Reserve’s Panic in September 2019 and Solutions to the Crisis

Part 1 : Another look at the Federal Reserve’s panic in September 2019 You may recall that from 17 September 2019, the United States Federal Reserve injected massive amounts of liquidity into banks due to a quite abnormal situation on the repo market [1]. The repo market designates a mechanism used by banks to obtain short-term […]

Deep state in total panic as Durham’s investigation confirmed to have transitioned to CRIMINAL phase… indictments imminent

(Natural News) Beyond “bombshell” news, we now have confirmation that U.S. Attorney John Durham has transitioned into a “criminal investigation” which will likely lead to criminal indictments of deep state traitors. Those most likely to face criminal indictments are John Brennan and James Clapper, which may lead to evidence implicating James Comey, […]

As Hong Kong ATMs Run Out Of Cash, Central Bank Steps In To Prevent "Panic Among The Public"

As the violence in Hong Kong escalates with every passing week, culminating on Friday with what was effectively the passage of martial law when the local government banned the wearing of masks at public assemblies, a colonial-era law that is meant to give the authorities a green light to finally crack down on protesters at […]

Panic In Emerging Markets: South African Stocks On Track For Worst 3Q Since 2011

The world is on the cusp of an economic storm, and most global investors haven’t strapped on their rain boots nor deployed their umbrellas for what is coming in 2020. As we note in this piece, the most vulnerable fall first, all eyes on emerging markets for the next domino to drop.  Bloomberg examines South African […]

Why Does The Federal Reserve Keep Slamming The Panic Button Over And Over If Everything Is Okay?

By Michael Snyder What in the world is the Federal Reserve doing?  For months the Fed has been trying to publicly convince us that the U.S. economy is “strong”, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell recently unequivocally stated that “the Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession”, but the Fed’s actions tell a completely different […]

$53.2 Billion In QE Lite: Fed Concludes First Repo In A Decade Amid Liquidity Panic

Update 4: It’s over: after a torrid 30 minutes in which the NY Fed first announced a repo operation, then announced the repo was canceled due to technical difficulties, then mysterious the difficulties went away just minutes later, at precisely 10:10am, the Fed concluded its first repo operation in a decade, which while not topping […]

An Unprecedented Level Of Panic Is Being Demonstrated By Epstein’s Elite Friends

The Facts: Noam Chomsky calls out Israel for interfering in the US elections. He also confirms the obvious, that the Russian Interference narrative is a joke. Reflect On: Why does the media only focus on certain figures to create a narrative? Who is guiding the media to create these narratives? It’s important to understand why […]

Investors Panic-Sell Emerging Market Funds, On Pace For Worst-Ever Outflow  

Lipper’s Emerging Markets Funds have experienced their worst-ever net outflows during 3Q19. The mass exodus is due to a combination of factors, likely caused by an escalation of the trade war between the U.S. and China this summer, a global synchronized slowdown that is wreaking havoc on emerging market countries, and a strong dollar that has […]

Project Fear Panic: Predicted Hard-Brexit Job Losses Across Europe

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts New project aims to establish Palestine’s place in the broader progressive movement Freedom Is the Future is a joint project recently launched by the US Campaign for Palestinian Disney’s Marvel Documentary Series ‘Hero Project’ Features a White 12-Year-Old Transgender Boy Named ‘Rebekah’. Why Not a Muslim […]

5.1-magnitude earthquake hits Athens, prompts panic & evacuations

The earthquake struck at 2:14pm local time, with the epicenter located 23km northwest of the city, according to the Institute of Geodynamics at the National Observatory of Athens. The quake, followed by several aftershocks, was felt in different parts of the city. Witnesses described them as “powerful.” No injuries were reported in the immediate aftermath of […]

Cryptos Suddenly Panic-Bid, Bitcoin Back Above $10k

Following further selling pressure overnight, someone (or more than one) has decided to buy-the-dip in cryptos this morning, sending Bitcoin (and most of the altcoins) soaring… Bitcoin surged back above $10,000… Ethereum bounced off support at its flash-crash lows… But Litecoin is outperforming on the day… As CoinTelegraph notes, Bitcoin recovered more swiftly from its […]

Pedosadist Elites Panic: Congress Bill Wants To End Child Porn In Pentagon Networks; Epstein Charged, Files To Be Unsealed On Powerful Clients

By Aaron Kesel America is receiving a hell of a Christmas in July present – a bill in Congress is being pushed to end child porn sharing in Pentagon networks, and Jeffrey Epstein was charged for child trafficking. Additionally, an appeal court ordered that all files pertaining to Epstein’s case of wealthy powerful clients will […]

WTF Chart Of The Day – Panic-Buying Bonds & Stocks

Tips: General: Legal: Advertising: Abuse/Complaints: Advertise With Us Source Article from Related Posts Stocks Drop As Tariff Deadline, Central Banks Looms Global stocks, US equity futures, 10Y TSY yields and the US dollar dropped for a Weed Stocks Soar After House Committee Votes to Legalize Marijuana Nationwide (TMU) — […]

Panic In The Bond Market: Yields Tumble, 10Y Inverts To Fed Funds

After months of ignoring reality and sticking its head in the sand over the severity of US-China trade war, which consensus finally admits well be a painful, multi-year global affair, this morning denial has finally transformed into acceptance, and the result is a panic bid across the US yield curve, which has sent the 10Y […]

Panic Propaganda – It’s What Government and Mainstream Media Do Best

Panic Propaganda – It’s What Government and Mainstream Media Do Best Rosanne Lindsay, Contributor Waking Times Are you a victim of panic propaganda promulgated by the Government? The media is the fourth branch of government, dominated by the power of advertisers, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Media propagandizes people using words as weapons to disparage, […]

OMG! Panic & loud bangs as fireworks explode at children’s New Year party (VIDEO)

Spectacular footage emerged online, showing kids dressed in red Santa Claus outfits watching the show with their parents. Seconds later, the fireworks started to combust, producing bright flares and noises like bomb blasts. The hall quickly lights up red and yellow, and some parents can be heard screaming as they try to protect their ears. […]

Panic & evacuation at Paris CDG airport as pair armed with fake guns sneak into terminal (VIDEO)

Two people brandishing airsoft guns sparked panic at Terminal 2 of Paris’ main Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday. The pair didn’t speak French, according to media reports. Videos posted online show an emptied terminal and police officers – equipped with full gear – going after suspects. Rumors of a terrorist attack quickly spread through […]

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