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Do You Have to be a Convicted Felon to Join PANTIFA?

That appears to be the case, as was shown a few days ago in Kenosha, WI when the brave patriot Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to defend himself against three violent PANTIFA thugs with a history of violence. Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories One was a convicted pedophile, with multiple charges […]

Why is BLM & PANTIFA Going after Whites While Letting the Racist TBTF Banks Slide?

The day I’d hoped and prayed would never happen has arrived. That St. Louis couple that defended their home that was under siege from BLM & PANTIFA thugs who threatened to kill them and move into their home? Not only were their weapons confiscated, they’re now under arrest: Charges filed against St. Louis couple who […]

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