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Children Taken From Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K Shot

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times Since 1961, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that all newborns receive a vitamin K1 injection to prevent uncontrolled bleeding caused by vitamin K deficiency.1,2 Vitamin K1 is required for proper blood clotting, and newborns tend to have low levels due to the fact that vitamin K doesn’t cross […]

7 Things Parents Can Do to Foster Success in Their Children

October 16th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Parenting is tough; the choices you make day by day as a parent are often instinctive and always made with love, but it’s not always easy to figure out the best way to help an individual child to be the best they can […]

Lord of The Rings special effects artist jailed for killing parents in row over pet dog

Sergey Koudryavtsev was handed the sentence at the Old Bailey in London on Friday after last week admitting to murdering his parents at their home in West Kensington in May. During the trial, the court heard that the 48-year-old had become increasingly annoyed with his mother Tatiana Koudriavtseva and father Vladimir Koudriavtsev in the run […]

Billionaire Who Promised To Pay Off College Students’ Debt Is Tackling Their Parents’ Debt, Too

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory Good news! In May of this year, multi-billionaire and philanthropist Robert F. Smith. pledged to pay off the student loan debt of an entire graduating class. Now, he’s intent on paying off the debt of the students’ parents, as well! Smith is the founder and […]

State Takes Child from Parents, Forces Him to Take Chemo for Treating Cancer With Cannabis

By Jack Burns Parents of a 4-year-old Florida boy had their child taken away last month because they sought to treat his cancer in a holistic manner. A judge ruled the couple had placed their son in harm’s way after ceasing chemotherapy treatments for his leukemia. Taylor Bland-Ball and Joshua McAdams had their parental rights […]

Remember those Florida parents whose son was abducted by the state after they refused chemo treatments? The government has now assumed PERMANENT CUSTODY of the child

(Natural News) A Florida judge has officially ruled that the state, and not parents, represents the ultimate authority when it comes to making medical decisions for children. Noah McAdams, age four, will now be forced by Florida to continue receiving the toxic chemotherapy treatments that we previously reported his parents wanted to […]

Parents charged with abusing girl, 7, scalded with hot water, tied to bathtub

Prosecutors filed an indictment Monday against a father and mother after police last month found their 7-year-old daughter tied to a bathroom fixture and showing signs of severe physical abuse at their home in the central city of Lod. According to the indictment, the injuries were inflicted on the child over a prolonged period. The […]

Parents Sue Over Vaccine Requirement, Compare it to ‘Military Draft’

How far would you go to protect your children from a potential harm? Currently in the US, all 50 states have laws requiring specified vaccines for students. While exemptions many vary from state to state, all states do grant exemptions for medical reasons. In total, there are 45 states (including Washington D.C.) which grant exemptions […]

Deep Dive: BC Canada to Require Parents To Vaccinate Kids Despite History Of Adverse Effects

By Aaron Kesel The (BC) British Columbia province in Canada is starting a new forced vaccination schedule program for children, requiring parents to submit their child’s vaccination records if attending a public school. However, there are numerous issues with this since vaccines affect individuals differently and can have adverse side effects as will be documented […]

Parents to Challenge Child Abuse Court Reports by Accused Bond Psychologist Bob Montgomery

BOND UNIVERSITY Psychologist and former President of the APS, Bob Montgomery, who was charged with the historical rape of 3 x 12-year old Boy Scouts, has had his matter adjourned until October 2019. He remains on bail. Bob Montgomery wrote court reports that helped determine custody disputes, namely where a parent was accused of sexually […]

Pedophiles Continue to be Licensed as Foster Parents in the U.S. to Meet the Demand for Child Sex Slaves

by Brian Shilhavy It has been well-documented and frequently reported here and by websites like Health Impact News that the United States Foster Care system is the nation’s #1 pipeline for child sex trafficking. Attorney Michael Dolce from the law-firm Cohen Milstein, who speaks from experience from representing children abused in foster care, wrote an […]

Parents Catch FBI In Plot To Force Mentally Ill Son To Be A Right Wing Terrorist by Matt Agorist

  Source Article from Related Posts France Foils "Sept. 11-Style" Terrorist Attack French intelligence have thwarted a terror attack directed at Paris that they said "Global Terrorist" Released In US-Brokered Taliban-India Prisoner-Swap Baluch was arrested in Nimroz, a smuggling hub on the border with Iran, in Justice Ministry to investigate after […]

Man shoves baby’s stroller in London, calls parents ‘dirty Jews’

JTA — A Jewish family from the United Kingdom complained to police about a young man who was filmed hurling an object in their direction and calling them “dirty Jews” on a London street after shoving their baby stroller. The incident Sunday, which police are treating as a hate crime, escalated after the man pushed […]

Wealthy Parents Give Up Child Custody For College Financial Aid

Wealthy Parents Give Up Child Custody For College Financial Aid Above Photo: The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus pictured on Monday. (Kristen Norman for ProPublica Illinois) Dozens of suburban Chicago families, perhaps many more, have been exploiting a legal loophole to win their children need-based college financial aid and scholarships they would not otherwise receive, court […]

A millionaire coffee CEO offered to pay parents’ school lunch debt so their children wouldn’t be take by CPS, but the school board is refusing his offer.

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Luzerne County, PA — As TFTP reported this week, Wyoming Valley West School District parents, whose school lunch accounts were delinquent, received a disturbing letter threatening to have their children kidnapped by Child and Youth Services if they don’t pay their past due balances. The letter garnered […]

School District Warns Parents Their Kids Could Be Taken Away Over Unpaid Lunches

(TMU) — A school district in Pennsylvania has warned parents that their children could end up in foster care if overdue school lunch bills aren’t paid. About 1,000 parents in the Wyoming Valley West School District received letters outlining the new policy, leading to complaints from parents and the community. […]

LA Horror Story: More Parents Horrified Over 5G Cell Towers Near Schools

July 16, 2019 By B.N. Frank There’s a lot of information and misinformation being reported about health risks from exposure to 5G technology.  So if you can only remember one thing about 5G and health risks, this would be it: The telecom industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. If you can […]

Appellate Court rejects Sandy Hook parents’ lawsuit against Newtown; families plan appeal to Supreme Court

The lawsuit, brought by the parents of Jesse Lewis and Noah Pozner, claimed school officials didn’t follow security procedures, including immediately ordering a school lockdown after Adam Lanza shot his way in. It also claimed school officials failed to adequately train staff for lockdowns, which it said may have saved lives. […]

Top court throws out case demanding Palestinian kids be allowed to call parents from prison

The Israeli Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments in a case about whether Palestinian minors imprisoned by Israel should be allowed to speak to their families on the phone. Illustrative photo of Israeli soldiers detain a blindfolded Palestinian child. (Wagdi Ashtiyeh/Flash90) Israel’s High Court of Justice refused to hear a petition by an […]

Should Palestinian children be able to call parents from prison? Israeli court will decide

Palestinian children in Israeli jails classified as ‘security prisoners’ are denied the right to speak to or see their families, sometimes for months on end. A prisoner seen making a phone call in Gilboa Prison, northern Israel, February 28, 2013. (Moshe Shai/Flash90) Israel’s top court will hear arguments about whether Palestinian children held […]

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