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Parrot Approaches Young Puppy — Don’t Miss Out on Their Unique Encounter

Have you ever noticed how most of the unlike friendships among different species of animals usually involve dogs? I guess you have, as these furry creatures are one of the friendliest on Earth. This time, a cute Shetland Sheepdog puppy is welcomed in a new family that already has a pet; a lovely parrot who […]

Parrot Screams “Let Me Out” And Brings Cops To The Home

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Giant parrot Heracles inexpectatus lived 19 million years ago in New Zealand

   More than 16 million years ago in what is now New Zealand, a giant bird died and sank to the bottom of a lake. Preserved in layers of sand and gray-blue clay, the bones of this behemoth have since been unearthed, revealing what is now the largest parrot known to science. Of the 350 […]

Parrot Uses Alexa to Order Watermelon, Lightbulbs While Owner Is Out

Parrot Uses Alexa to Order Watermelon, Lightbulbs While Owner Is Out December 15th, 2018 Via: Newsweek: A peckish parrot has been caught ordering strawberries, a watermelon and even a water boiler through his foster owner’s electronic personal assistant. Rocco, an African Grey, requested the […]

Parrot Curses At Firefighter Trying To Rescue It From A Rooftop

You know the feeling when you’ve been stuck on top of a house for a few days and you are enjoying it so much you just don’t want to get down.  That’s exactly what happened to a parrot in north London over the weekend who despite efforts from firefighters was quite happy on his lofty […]

Google to begin bribing journalists with cash to parrot establishment news narratives that are often fake news

(Natural News) They say in the political arena if you can’t get good coverage, buy it. Looks like social media giant Google is going into the business of buying favorable political coverage at the ‘expense’ of drowning out competing ideas (read conservative ideas). As reported by Breitbart News, Google has decided that […]

CNN condemns heroic student who shielded others as a "liar" because he won’t parrot left-wing gun control talking points

(Natural News) Straight up: CNN is no longer even pretending to be a “news” network, and instead has gone full-blown Marxist in pushing as much agitprop as possible because, obviously, the commies who work there are pushing Americans toward civil war. Case in point: The Salem witch hunt-like “town hall” meeting the network […]

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