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Tough times need vanguard parties – are ‘social media users’ the West’s?

by Ramin Mazaheri exclusive for The Saker log So when did you become an epidemiologist? You seem quite willing to shame anyone not sterilising every square inch of every square inch. And when did you become an economist? “The economy is not important now” must have been a pretty unusual PhD thesis. We have likely […]

Netanyahu, Gantz talk up unity as their parties sling mud at each other

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz on Tuesday both expressed willingness to continue efforts to form a unity government that would include both their parties, even as Likud and Blue and White kept hurling accusations at each other. Gantz was tasked last week with forming a government after 61 lawmakers backed him […]

Arab-Israeli parties just recommended Benny Gantz to be prime minister. Here’s why that’s historic.

(JTA) — Amid all the justifiable focus on the coronavirus and its consequences, there was major political news in Israel this week: Benny Gantz, the Blue and White party leader, was tapped by the president to assemble a government coalition — bringing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu closer to his ouster than he’s been in 11 […]

Section 100. Unlawful Political parties leave OUR rivers alone

News Flash in Australia. Y-O-U C-A-N-N-O-T O-W-N W-A-T-E-R….While the MDBA turns a deliberate blind eye to billions of litres of water being hived off into private cotton dams they can’t say the Darling Barka river has enough to flow. What a disgrace the fake government of NSW and the MDBA is to the rivers and […]

How Likud beats other parties at social media

On March 2, Israeli voters will go out to cast their ballots for the third time in the span of a year. Once again, social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram serve as effective and powerful tools for campaigning, for motivating citizens to go out and vote — but also for political manipulation.  […]

Labor-Gesher-Meretz leader okay with government propped up by Arab parties

Suicide bomber in Pakistan kills 8 at Islamist rally A powerful suicide bombing has killed eight people and wounded 16 others in Pakistan’s restive Baluchistan province, local police say, when it struck an Islamist rally in the regional capital. Police say the blast went off near Quetta’s press club, where dozens of supporters for a […]

It’s War Australia. The People v Political Parties

Foreword: This channel does not support Trump we would if he terminated all the zionist filth that surround him, starting with his son in law.John Wilson Tells it how it is, being a former Union organiser he now can see like many of us how the Union movement in Australia has been led onto the […]

Finland Is Now Being Run By Five Parties — All Led By Women, All But One Of Them Under 35

Marin won the confidence of parliament with 99 votes in favor and 70 against. She replaced Antti Rinne, who resigned last week after the Centre Party, one of the members of governing center-left coalition, said it had lost confidence in him over his handling of a postal strike. “I want to build a society in […]

The Liberal Establishment is Already Warning Third Parties Not to Ruin the 2020 Election

As predictable as death and taxes is the quadrennial injunction from liberals for progressive third parties to cease and desist. Equally predictable is the warning that this will be the most decisive presidential election in U.S. history. Given the prospect of four more years of Trump, do they have a valid thesis, or are they […]

Israeli rightwing parties merge ahead of election – wolves in sheeps’ clothing

Last night (Wednesday) was the deadline for submitting party lists ahead of the upcoming Israeli elections set for March 2nd – the third elections within a year. Israel is in a political gridlock, with none of the two major blocs managing to create a coalition of at least 61 seats out of the 120 Knesset […]

Women’s group says parties pushing female candidates to ‘the back benches’

A women’s advocacy group on Thursday criticized the dearth of top female candidates in the upcoming national elections, accusing political factions of relegating them to the back of the bus. Of the eight parties forecast to enter the Knesset in the March 2 elections, only Labor-Gesher-Meretz has two women among its top five candidates, while […]

The DMV charges you for registration and tags, then secretly sells your personal data to third parties for even more revenue

(Natural News) If you thought the massive increase in registration and tax fees at California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) was upsetting, you’ll be incensed to learn that the CA DMV is also selling drivers’ personal information to third parties for upwards of $50 million per year. According to an investigation by […]

Impeachment Indicts Both Parties And Clarifies Our Tasks In 2020

Impeachment Indicts Both Parties And Clarifies Our Tasks In 2020 If you value Popular Resistance’s news, analysis, and movement building work – all brought to you without a paywall or advertising – please make a year-end donation now. CLICK HERE TO DONATE. The Democratic Party’s electoral strategy of impeaching Donald Trump is backfiring. Before impeachment, […]

National religious parties scramble after Bennett launches New Right campaign

The New Right party launched its election campaign on Monday, kicking off an independent bid and leaving the remaining national religious parties on their own to decide how best to compete in the upcoming March vote. Naftali Bennett’s party said in a statement that it would be running under the slogan, “There’s pretend right, there’s […]

Lebanese protesters burn ruling parties’ offices after night of clashes

BEIRUT — Attackers in northern Lebanon set fire to the offices of two major political parties on Sunday, the state-run National News Agency said. The assaults came just hours after the capital Beirut was rocked by the most violent government crackdown on protesters since nationwide demonstrations began two months ago. Lebanese security forces used rubber […]

US-backed parties have infiltrated Lebanon’s protests, pushing the country toward war amid economic collapse موقع أميركي: الأحزاب المدعومة أميركياً تحرف احتجاجات لبنان

By joining the roadblocks around Beirut, protesters allowed themselves to be used by US-allied parties playing a dangerous game that has the potential to explode into open warfare ٍSource December 11, 201 By Rania Khalek This is the second installment of a two-part report. Read part one here. The US is desperate to ride the revolutionary […]

Syria’s Opposing Parties

A Canadian political commentator and author of “Voices from Syria” said if a new constitution is approved by the Syrian Constitutional Committee, the foreign-backed “unelected” opposition cannot guarantee to adhere to it. “Unelected opposing parties cannot guarantee anything,” Mark Taliano said in an interview with Tasnim. “Their (opposing parties’) masters are not Syrian,” he said, adding, […]

Americans Need to Reject Both Political Parties as Violent Crime Syndicates

Ed.’s note: If a “civil war” erupts in the US, it will be because of President Trump (Republican Party criminal syndicate) and the Democratic Party (also a criminal syndicate). And the lying culpable media are just as responsible. Both of these political parties are criminal syndicates and are deliberately causing confrontation in America for potential […]

Canada’s main parties get failing grades on Palestine

Ali Abunimah Power Suits 13 September 2019 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launches his Liberal Party’s re-election campaign in Vancouver, 11 September. (via Facebook) Canadian political parties have launched their campaigns for the country’s 21 October general election. But voters looking to cast a ballot in support of Palestinian rights will be out of luck […]

Iran nuclear deal parties committed to saving deal, says EU, but talks of ‘increasing’ difficulties

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says the remaining parties to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, have expressed their commitment to preserving the agreement, stressing, however, that there are increasing difficulties ahead. “It is in the interests of all to remain committed to the […]

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