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Green Party of the United States Statement – Venezuelan Embassy

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Activists guarding Venezuelan embassy offered State Department a peaceful resolution to standoff but US chose to ignore international law To: U.S. State Department, Venezuelan Foreign Ministry From: Embassy Protection Collective Re: Exiting the Venezuelan US Illegally Evicts Protectors from Venezuelan Embassy Today, law […]

Republicans push BDS bill to paint Dems as anti-Semites, and party leadership falls for the trap

On Wednesday, Republicans in the House initiated a rarely-used legislative procedure to try to force a vote on a controversial bill that encourages states and localities to penalize individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies that boycott for Palestinian rights. The legislative procedure, known as a “discharge petition”, was filed by Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) and supported […]

Imperiled Dutch PM’s party: Vote us, or our Kremlin-loving rivals will give country to Putin

People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the party of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, is in a perilous situation at the moment. Two months ago political newcomers from Forum for Democracy (FvD) crushed the centrist ruling coalition in provincial elections. Also on Euroskeptic newcomers unseat Dutch PM’s conservative Senate majority in wake of […]

Censorship is how the radical, lawless Left is marching America into a "one party state" where dissent is criminalized

(Natural News) Freedom Center founder David Horowitz had his Twitter account suspended the other day for no apparent reason other than the fact that he’s not a lunatic Leftist. One of the latest incidents of blatant censorship by Big Tech against yet another respectable conservative voice with a large online presence and […]

Barcelona LGBTQ+ organisation cancels Eurovision party in solidarity with Palestinians

Barcelona’s long-established LGBTQIA organisation El Casal Lambda has cancelled this year’s edition of its annual Eurovision party at the city’s primary LGBTQIA centre, and joined over 100 LGBTQIA groups boycotting the contest in Tel Aviv, in solidarity with Palestinian human rights. In a statement on Wednesday, El Casal Lambda said they had cancelled the event, […]

Expose´: The Labour Party Treats Palestinian Supporters as Mental Cases

Apparently Mrs. Northam posted to her FB page an article I wrote in 2013 titled, Holocaust Day Backfired.   Labour’s inquisitor interrogates Mrs Northam as follows: “Do you agree with the comment in this article, ‘In the context of the Holocaust Memorial Day, the verdict is clear – the Israelis learned something in Auschwitz, but apparently not the most […]

Buchanan: The Credibility Of The Democratic Party Is Now At Issue

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via, The release of the Mueller report has left Democrats in a dilemma. For consider what Robert Mueller concluded after two years of investigation. Candidate Donald Trump did not conspire or collude with the Russians to hack the emails of the DNC or John Podesta. Trump did not distribute the […]


Project Interchange is a Jewish project financed by money from  the American  Jewish Committee  which runs on donations by American Jews to promote Israel It takes “opinion makers” from around the world on freebies to Israel Founded in 1982, Project Interchange has brought over 5,000 influential figures to Israel from more than 60 countries for […]

Davutoglu blames Erdogan party for Turkey elections loss

Ahmet Davutoglu, a former prime minister and close ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has censured the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for its poor performance in the March local elections. In his first major public challenge to Erdogan since leaving office three years ago, Davutoglu, in a 15-page statement issued on Monday, […]

In 1921, Nazi Party Member Ernst Ehrensperger Denounced Adolf Hitler as a Traitor and Jewish Puppet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes In my book Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist, Volume 1, Communism, I translated a brochure entitled “Adolf Hitler–Traitor?” which Nazi Party member Ernst Ehrensperger published denouncing Hitler as a traitor and Jewish puppet, who sought to undermine the NSDAP and derail it to serve Jewish interests. The source for the original German […]

Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party’s lies about electric cars signal tactics for the 2019 federal election

The Scott Morrison government has kicked one of the biggest own goals on record criticising the Labor Party’s electric car policy when the Liberal’s own policy is basically the same. Instead of backing off on the issue the Liberal Party has doubled down and wheeled out one of Australia’s most disliked and dishonest politicians in […]

After worst result in Labor’s history, party members look to oust leader Gabbay

After the center-left Labor party was left in shock with its worst result ever in Israeli elections, party members on Wednesday morning directed the blame at leader Avi Gabbay, with some calling for his resignation and others suggesting a union with the Meretz party, which is further to the left. The party, which led Israel for […]

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his dirty deal with the Labor Party and Sam Dastyari

Prime Minister Scott Morrison worked in marketing for many years before he entered parliament in 2007 so it’s no surprise he comes across as a used car salesman when he announces new government spending, programs, and initiatives. But he has a history of stabbing Liberal Party competitors in the back on a regular basis with […]

Cybersecurity researchers find security flaws in Likud, Labor party Android apps

Researchers at Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. said Wednesday that they had found “serious security breaches” granting access to “highly sensitive personal information” in the Android phone apps of the Likud and Labor parties. “There has been much talk of impact attacks on social networks and we learn more and more about […]


NAZI PARTY ISRAEL The NAZI Party Israel, that changed its symbol from the Swastika to the Star of Moloch. Once Hitler moved the Jews into Palestine and created Israel, the Swastika changed to the Star of Moloch. Worlds No. 1 in child trafficking across the globe are the Jews. Have been for centuries.   Adolf […]

The Labour Party Now Admits that I am not ‘an antisemite’

January 22, 2019  /  Gilad Atzmon By Gilad Atzmon This is how I interpret the email I just received from the Party ‘s general secretary:  Jennie Formby. On 24 December 2018 I sent an email to the Labour party’s leaders, Jennie Formby, Ian Lavery and  Jeremy Corbyn and asked them to clarify their position after several media sources, including the […]

Investigator: Ed Buck Raped 12 Men; Told Democratic Party to ’Stay Silent’

A Los Angeles investigator has uncovered evidence that Democrat mega-donor Ed Buck raped at least 12 men and told the Democratic party to “stay silent” about his crimes.  According to Jasmyne Cannick, Ed Buck is a serial rapist and possible murderer. reports: Last Monday, the body of another young black gay escort was found at the West […]

OMG! Panic & loud bangs as fireworks explode at children’s New Year party (VIDEO)

Spectacular footage emerged online, showing kids dressed in red Santa Claus outfits watching the show with their parents. Seconds later, the fireworks started to combust, producing bright flares and noises like bomb blasts. The hall quickly lights up red and yellow, and some parents can be heard screaming as they try to protect their ears. […]

UK Labour Party stuck in the “Dark Ages”

­A merry tale of how the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) anti-Semitism code is used to spawn a medieval tyranny that can ruin lives and political careers under the noses of “we-know-what’s-best” party leaders. By Stuart Littlewood Last week the French Republic’s Human Rights Award was presented at the Ministry of Justice in Paris to […]

Open letter from Gilad Atzmon to Britain’s Labour Party: Stop slandering me!

Gilad Atzmon writes:­ Dear Sirs, I note with concern that several media sources this week, including the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, have quoted a “spokesman” from the Labour Party describing me as “a vile anti-Semite.” I was profoundly shocked to hear this language used against me by a member of your political party. Let […]

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