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Martial law effectively imposed in Canada by Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General of Canada

The United States and Canadian governments have murdered the people they were elected to represent by willfully, deliberately and maliciously inflicting them with cancer, disease, viruses and/or bacteria or by inducing a heart attack? If cancer and infectious diseases in animals can be induced, at will, at thousands of medical research labs around the […]

Revealed: U2’s Bono was caught up in Bastille Day massacre and had to be rescued from a restaurant by anti-terror police

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Japan’s Supreme Court Upholds Mass Surveillance Of Muslims

Tokyo Camii Japan’s Supreme Court gives the green light to the government’s blanket surveillance of Muslims living in the country. A legal challenge to police profiling of the country’s Islamic population was dismissed, giving the government the right to continue the mass surveillance of Muslim residents, places of worship, halal restaurants, and other related institutions. […]

InfoWhores: Paul Joseph Watson Says There Is No Evidence Jews Control Anything

Youtube link “There’s the Jew Question.” — “People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence.” — “It’s an obsession you don’t want to be associated with: Neo-Nazis and White Supemacists!” “As a proud Jew, I want America to know… Yes, we control Hollywood.” ~ Joel Stein Source […]

New Moon In Gemini: Cultivating Adaptability

There will be a New Moon in Gemini on June 4th/5th, which is the beginning of the 29.5 day Moon cycle. In astrological practice, we view New Moons as a new wave of energy happening as the Sun and Moon meet at the exact same point in the zodiac. New Moons aren’t significant new beginnings like Solar […]

Goebbels’ Introduction to Hitler’s 1933 Proclamation to the German Nation

This speech was given by Goebbels right before Hitler’s Proclamation to the German Nation, delivered at the Sportpalast in Berlin, Germany – February 10, 1933. This was less than two weeks after Hitler became Chancellor. The video of this speech follows the transcript. My national comrades! Before the meeting begins I would just like to take […]

Official 9/11 story crumbles as Washington blames Saudis

By Michael Rivero, Guest Post The official story of 9-11 is collapsing almost as fast as the Obamacare website. Most Americans are now well aware of the strange collapse of WTC Building 7, the video that captures the sound of the actual explosion that initiates the collapse of WTC7, the very strange […]

Alien Wormhole Captured On NASA ISS Live Stream

A mysterious beam of green light shooting out from the Earth was captured on a live NASA video stream recently, leaving some stunned viewers suggesting they may have witnessed “time-travelling aliens”.  The green light, which was hundreds of miles wide, was seen on a live broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday. In the […]

Former US Senate Candidate: Israel Orchestrated The 9/11 Attacks

Former U.S. Senate candidate Mark Dankof has said that he has proof that Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., during a television interview with Iranian TV recently.  Commenting on the Saudi’s role in supporting the 9/11 attacks, Dankof told the broadcaster that Israel were the chief player in organising the attacks. “When we get […]

Globalist Agenda Watch: Update 8C – The Panama Papers and the “eye of the hurricane,” Vladimir Putin (Part 4)

[Update 8] If you want to know why the globalist intelligence services released the Panama Papers, ponder this picture… …I found it on the Putin-worshipping alt-media site If you place your cursor on the thumbnail of this image found on their main page, it says “Putin eye hurricane.” Note how he is surrounded by […]

The Saudis Are Pissed Off With The American Quran

The American Quran is a new English translation of the Muslim holy book, that believers believe was dictated by god to his prophet Muhammad in a serious of visions. The book aims to explain Islam to the world in a way that is not confined to the rigid Wahhabi interpretation of a typical Saudi version. The Daily […]

Polarized Poland: The Identity Crisis Goes International

The outside understanding is that this is a stereotypical struggle between the government and the opposition, represented in this case by the right and left wings, respectively. This is factually true on the surface of things, and that misleadingly makes Poland’s problems seem like nothing out of the ordinary when placed in a global perspective. […]

Detroit Collapsing Into 3rd World Status As Water Supply Becomes Too Toxic To Drink

Already pressured by a collapsing economy and a financial state of emergency, the people of Flint, Michigan, were also deprived of clean water in 2014, when the state decided to switch the city’s water source to the notoriously mucky Flint River in a bid to save money. In the absence of proper treatment, the water […]

UK Tube Station Machete Attack is an Islamophobic Hoax

UK Tube Station Machete Attack is an Islamophobic Hoax With revelations from our posters, who correctly called this a hoax. Regarding the UK purported tube station attack, the one occurring at Leytonstone, when the evidence is reviewed, how can such an attack be deemed real? The Zionists seek to keep the pressure off them as […]

UK Tube Station Machete Attack is an Islamophobic Hoax

UK Tube Station Machete Attack is an Islamophobic Hoax With revelations from our posters, who correctly called this a hoax. Regarding the UK purported tube station attack, the one occurring at Leytonstone, when the evidence is reviewed, how can such an attack be deemed real? The Zionists seek to keep the pressure off them as […]

Britain Preparing Potential Military Involvement in Syria as a Means to Regain Grip over Middle East?

Reactions are emerging toward the comments by General Nicholas Houghton, the chief of Britain’s defence staff, that the country should involve in anti-ISIL air strikes in Syria. Analysts believe that Britain is preparing the British public opinion about a potential military involvement in Syria. However, they are unanimously warning that this strategy – that they say […]

Truth about 9/11 would take down the US as a global empire

     The truth about the September 11, 2001 terror attacks would not only destabilize the American political system but it would also take down the US as a global empire, an American scholar says. Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in an interview […]

Prunella Vulgaris: The heal-all herb

     Prunella Vulgaris has a long history of medicinal use. It shows antiviral and antibacterial properties, and in China it is used as an anti-cancer drug. It can also be used for the prevention and treatment of cognitive impairments associated with Alzheimer’s disease or schizophrenia. Prunella vulgaris var. lilacina Nakai (Labiatae) is commonly known as […]

Facebook’s privacy lie: Aussie exposes ‘tracking’ as new patent uncovered

  Asher MosesSydney Morning Herald October 4, 2011 Facebook has been caught telling porkies by an Australian technologist whose revelations that the site tracks its 800 million users even when they are logged out have embroiled Facebook in a global public policy – and legal – nightmare. Facebook’s assurances that “we have no interest in […]

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