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Truth movement make a note of this. Isreal messes up the election so they don’t have to go to the peace table. Cliffhanger Election Leaves Israel in a Mess

Cliffhanger Election Leaves Israel in a Mess Source Article from Related Posts Truth or myth: consuming glucose affects your ability to write essays and solve math problems Blood glucose is one of the main sources of energy 9/11 Truth and Justice 18 Years after the Attacks “The worst act […]

Cynthia McKinney to ST: Peace has a chance only with a peace leader in national security adviser position or no one at all in it

ST Wednesday, 11 September 2019 12:03 Former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has said that it might be better for the position of the national security adviser to remain vacant, hoping that President Donald Trump is about to begin to keep his campaign promises about the folly of the US fighting wars for Israel. In a […]

Latest Astana Peace Process Summit Highlights U.S. and Israel’s Role in Prolonging Syrian Conflict

The fifth Syria-focused Astana process summit took place in Turkey’s capital, Ankara on Monday. Since the summit’s inception in 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have engaged in trilateral discussions regarding resolving the Syrian conflict. The focus of this particular summit was on restoring peace and […]

Without Bolton’s Hindrance Peace Might be Possible with Iran and North Korea

On Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump finally fired his third national security advisor, John Bolton after eighteen long and grueling months. John happens to be the thirty-fifth member of Trump’s revolving door administration to get fired or resign, since he took office in 2016. Bolton gives a different version of events but regardless of whether […]

Despite stepping down, US peace envoy hints he may not be done brokering

Despite announcing his departure from the White House to spend time with his family, US Middle East peace envoy Jason Greenblatt has said he may stay on to see the administration’s peace proposal through. Washington has said it will wait until after the Israeli elections on September 17 to roll out its much-awaited plan for […]

Sudan, South Sudan leaders vow to seek peace in their troubled nations

War is “no longer an option” for Sudan and South Sudan, their leaders agreed Thursday during talks which focused on border disputes and the oil trade, but also resolving protracted conflicts in both nations. Sudan’s new prime minister Abdalla Hamdok met with South Sudanese President Salva Kiir on his first official visit since becoming […]

Kushner’s coffee boy on fake US Mideast peace plan team

…by Press TV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: Now you know what I am going to say. You just can’t make this shit up. Even I, Mr. Skeptic, would have lost a ten-dollar bet that this was true. An administrative assistant with no experience given this job, partnering with Brian Hooks who had the Iran portfolio? […]

Why Jews Will Never Make Peace With Palestinians

Source Article from Related Posts Truth movement make a note of this. Isreal messes up the election so they don’t have to go to the peace table. Cliffhanger Election Leaves Israel in a Mess Cliffhanger Election Leaves Israel in a Mess Source Article from Cynthia McKinney to ST: Peace has a chance only […]

Trump still wants peace: Iran ‘Inching’ Toward Right Conditions for Talks, Pentagon Chief Says 8/9/2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Saying He Would Return To US For Fair Trial, Snowden Wants People To Know ‘Why I Did What I Did’ “Was it better for the United States? Did it benefit us? Or did it cause Czech president wants to withdraw recognition of Kosovo – ‘Warn […]

Trump is trying for peace : Analysis Netanyahu Braces for a Warming of Ties Between Trump and Tehran

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Setting the stage for climate sickness: Global warming hoax leaves authorities unprepared to address potential health crisis from extremes of cold   Muscovites shivered through their coldest August in recorded history. Furthermore, daily all-time low temperature records Portents of 21st Century Global Warming Global Research has […]

Attack stops peace talks. #AlJazeeraEnglish #DonaldTrump #Taliban Trump cancels peace talks with Taliban over attack

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday he cancelled peace talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban leaders after the group said it was behind an attack in Kabul that killed a US soldier and 11 other people. Source Article from Related Posts Netanyahu says right-wing, Haredi factions to operate as bloc in coalition talks Right-wing and […]

‘Jared Kushner, you haven’t reached out to us’ writes Israeli peace activist

This is the text of an email I have just sent to Jared Kushner, in his role as Special Advisor to the President, prior to the launch of his “peace plan” for Israel/Palestine. Dear Jared Kushner: I’m one of many Israeli peace activists you haven’t met. I suspect you haven’t tried to reach out to […]

A US-Taliban Peace Deal Would Redefine the Regional Balance of Power

It’s been widely reported that the tentative peace deal that the US is negotiating with the Taliban will see the removal of 5,000 American troops from Afghanistan and the closure of five military bases (at least in the first phase) in exchange for the armed group (formally recognized as terrorists by Russia and many other […]

Trump peace plan architect Jason Greenblatt to quit administration

US Middle East peace envoy Jason Greenblatt, who has spent the last years attempting to cobble together a long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, will step down after the release of administration’s program, the White House announced Thursday. The plan is expected to be released soon after Israeli elections on September 17. “Jason Greenblatt has decided to […]

Will Donald Trump Bring Peace?, by Thierry Meyssan

For two and a half years, the United States has pursued two contradictory and incompatible strategies [1].  On the one hand, the destruction of state structures in large areas – the enlarged Middle East since 2001, then the Caribbean Basin since 2018 – supported by the Department of Defense (Rumsfeld / Cebrowski doctrine) [2];  On the other, […]

Taliban launch massive attack on Kunduz as peace talks with US continue

Taliban fighters descended on the city from multiple directions at about 1am Saturday and took over a number of buildings, including a hospital, where staff were taken hostage. Also on 327 kids killed in Afghanistan so far in 2019, as civilian casualties of foreign forces rise – UN “We could very easily attack but […]

Saudi Arabia Acknowledges Defeat In Yemen – Starts To Sue For Peace

Two weeks ago we wrote that war on Yemen will soon end. The Saudis lost their ally, they lost the war and would have to sue for peace. They are now doing so. But they fighting in Yemen will continue until that country finds a new balance. Today the United Arab Emirates airforce bombed the Yemeni […]

Hollywood’s contribution to world peace: Kick ass while chewing bubblegum

The Scottish movie star’s latest offering to the God of US exceptionalism is Angel Has Fallen. It is the third instalment in his ‘Has Fallen’ action series. In it, he reprises the role of Mike Banning, a former US Army Ranger who now works as a protective detail agent for the Secret Service, charged with […]

CIA Afghan Paramilitaries Prevent Restoration of Peace

By Stephen Lendman Source US aggression in Afghanistan continues unabated in its 18th year. Prospects for restoring peace and stability to the war-torn are more illusory than likely. Talks between Trump regime and Taliban representatives have been ongoing since July last year.  Claims about concluding them successfully in the near-term are wishful thinking — not […]

Turkey to hosts next summit on Syrian peace next month

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will host Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for the next Nur-Sultan summit on Syrian peace process in September, the presidential spokesman says. President Erdogan “will host a three-way summit with the participation of Russia and Iran in Ankara on September 16,” said Turkish Presidential spokesman […]

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