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Nancy Pelosi "Optimistic" A Deal On $2.5 Trillion Stimulus Bill Can Be Reached "In A Few Hours"

During one of her famous phone interviews with CNBC host Jim Cramer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi assured investors that there’s “real optimism that we could get something done” in the next few hours on the $2.5 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill. Pelosi claimed that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had agreed to Democratic demands for increased oversight […]

Nancy Pelosi’s NASTY Daughter Endorses Violent Assault Against Sen. Rand Paul

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi is just as nasty as her mother. Christine Pelosi on Monday endorsed the violent assault against Republican Senator Rand Paul. “Rand Paul’s neighbor was right” Christine Pelosi tweeted in response to Senator Paul’s remarks on his Coronavirus diagnosis. reports: Senator Paul announced Sunday he tested positive for […]

Newt Blasts Pelosi for ‘Trying to Blackmail Trump Into Accepting Really DUMB Ideas’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has blasted Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for trying to blackmail Trump into accepting far-left policies and shutting down the bipartisan coronavirus relief bill in the Senate. Senate Democrats made a sudden U-turn on Sunday night, and blocked the critical $2 trillion COVID-19 economic relief package in a […]

Nancy Pelosi proposes 1,400-page Coronavirus bill stuffed with special interest goodies while many Americans are hanging by a thread

   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi debuted a 1,120-page coronavirus rescue bill after Democrats tanked the Senate proposal on Sunday night. The bill includes a wish list of Democrats’ pet issues including: Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds and carbon offsets: (1) IN GENERAL. Not later than 90 days after the enactment of this […]

Tucker: Israel Closed Their Border, Nancy Pelosi Should Call Them Immoral

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 18, 2020 Tucker calls out the Israel Double Standard in Congress — Zoomer Clips (@ZoomerClips) March 13, 2020 Interesting piece from Tucker Carlson this week: after noting that Israel closed their borders in response to Coronavirus, he said that Nancy Pelosi should denounce Israel over this […]

Pelosi Warns That Democrats Must Unite To Prevent Trump Getting Re-elected

Nancy Pelosi has called for unity among Democrats and their candidates in the upcoming presidential election to ensure President Trump does not get elected for a second term. In an exclusive interview with CNN from the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, nasty Nancy said: “We have to have our own vision for the future, but […]

‘Is the democratic system so fragile?’ Audience applauds as Pelosi’s Huawei scare session prompts rebuke from Chinese delegate

“National security, economy and values all come together on the Huawei issue,” Pelosi proclaimed during the third day of the Munich Security Conference (MSC), devoting the bulk of her press briefing to Huawei and Beijing’s “digital autocracy.” READ MORE: Chinese FM after Pompeo & Esper speeches: Replace ‘China’ with ‘US’, and maybe lies become facts? […]

Donald Trump Said Nancy Pelosi Had ‘Venom Coming Out Of Her Ears’ When She Said He Was ‘Impeached For Life’

President Donald Trump has blasted Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s over her reaction to his impeachment acquittal. During a new interview with Geraldo Rivera, Trump said Pelosi had “venom coming out of her ears” when claiming he would be “impeached for life.” He also described the Democrat leader as being filled with “hatred” throughout the […]

White House Petition to ‘Impeach Nancy Pelosi for Treason’ Gains 329,000 Signatures

A White House petition to “Impeach Nancy Pelosi for Treason” has amassed a staggering 329,000 signatures from patriots. The “We the People” petition calls on Congress to impeach the House Speaker and accuses Pelosi of being “a TRAITOR to the American People.” At the time of publishing this article, the petition has received almost one third of a […]

Why Nancy Pelosi is “A National Disgrace”

Nancy Pelosi tears up Trump’s State of the Union Address. “I thought it was a terrible thing,” said Trump. “It’s illegal what she did. She broke the law.” On one thing I agree with Donald Trump: Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is a “National Disgrace”. But not for the reasons mentioned by Trump.   […]


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‘Acquitted For Life’ GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Trolls Pelosi, Rips Up Articles of Impeachment

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) trolled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the Senate voted to acquit President Trump in the Democrats’ failed impeachment trial. The Senate on Wednesday voted to acquit President Trump on both articles of impeachment. Article 1 “Abuse of Power” — Not Guilty! 52-48 Article 2 “Obstruction of Congress” — Not […]

George Washington Law Professor: Nancy Pelosi Should Resign Over SOTU Conduct

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley wrote Wednesday that Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should stand down from her position as House Speaker after insulting President Donald Trump while introducing him at the State of the Union and for ripping up his speech. According to Professor Turley, “Pelosi forfeited the right to occupy that office” by her inability […]

Pelosi Suffers HUGE MELTDOWN as Impeachment Backfires: “He Will NOT Be Acquitted”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suffered a massive meltdown on Thursday as the Democratic impeachment case imploded in the Senate. President Trump’s defense team demolished Schiff and the Dems, causing Pelosi to go on an insane rant during a press conference. A reporter asked Pelosi if Trump will be “chastened” knowing “Congress is watching him” or […]

White House Petition to ‘Impeach Nancy Pelosi for TREASON’ Amasses 286,000 Signatures — Nwo Report

Source: Nworeport A White House petition demanding that Nancy Pelosi is impeached for committing treason has amassed over 286,000 signatures from concerned citizens. The “We the People” petition calls on Congress to impeach the House Speaker and accuses Pelosi of being “a TRAITOR to the American People.” At the time of publishing this article, the […]

Pelosi, US bipartisan delegation visit Auschwitz ahead of liberation anniversary

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a Congress delegation on Tuesday paid a visit to the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp ahead of the 75th anniversary of its liberation by Soviet troops. At the memorial site in southern Poland, Pelosi and Poland’s Senate speaker, Tomasz Grodzki, laid wreaths at the Auschwitz Death Wall where […]

Cruz TRIGGERS Pelosi: Trump Will Be “Acquitted Forever of Bogus Impeachment Charges”

Senator Ted Cruz has mocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her recent claim that President Trump will be “impeached forever,” saying that POTUS will be “acquitted forever of these bogus charges.” Pelosi faced backlash for her braggadocious remarks about President Trump’s impeachment, gleefully boasting that he is “impeached forever” during an appearance on “Real Time […]

This makes no sense. Enough.#Pelosi #McConnell #Putin Pelosi: ‘McConnell has Russian connections’

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Breaking News: Nancy Pelosi said the House would vote Wednesday to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, allowing a long-awaited trial to begin. — © blogfactory

House Will Vote Wednesday to Send Impeachment Articles, Pelosi Says The speaker, who has waited nearly a month to transmit the papers which will allow thr trial to begin. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that the House will vote Wednesday to send the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, three […] […]

Nancy Pelosi guilty of ‘obstruction of Congress’ for withholding articles of impeachment that claim Trump "obstructed Congress;" the hypocrisy is sickening

(Natural News) Last month, Democrats fulfilled their campaign pledge to their perpetually angry, always deranged voting base: They officially impeached President Donald Trump, though he hasn’t committed a single “high crime or misdemeanor,” as required by the Constitution. Though a couple of Democrats voted against the two articles, all Republicans voted against […]

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