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Trump: Dismissal of Pennsylvania Lawsuit Moves Us Closer to Supreme Court Victory

President Trump’s campaign lawyers say the dismissed Pennsylvania lawsuit brings them closer to a Supreme Court victory. Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis said in a statement: “Today’s decision turns out to help us in our strategy to get expeditiously to the U.S. Supreme Court. Although we fully disagree with this opinion, we’re thankful to […]

Trump appeals as judge rejects effort to block Pennsylvania vote certification

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania  — US President Donald Trump is appealing a federal judge’s dismissal of his campaign’s effort to block the certification of votes in Pennsylvania. The president and other plaintiffs filed notice of appeal to the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals on Sunday, a day after the judge issued a scathing order shooting down […]

Dismissal Of Pennsylvania Lawsuit Moves Us Closer to Supreme Court Say Trump’s Lawyers

President Trump’s campaign lawyers have said that they would file an appeal to the Third Circuit court after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit to challenge the results of the election in Pennsylvania. US District Judge of the United States District Court for Pennsylvania, Matthew Brann, predictably dismissed Trump’s lawsuitand claimed it would “disenfranchise almost […]

LANDSLIDE INCOMING: Dershowitz Says Trump Set to Win Pennsylvania Lawsuit

Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz has promised that President Trump is set to win a lawsuit his campaign filed in Pennsylvania challenging the legitimacy of mail-in ballots received after Election Day. Dershowitz predicted that the U.S. Supreme Court would take on Trump’s lawsuit if the number of votes being challenged are enough to change […]

Democratic Pennsylvania Secretary of State REFUSES Recount

Democratic Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar on Friday declared she would not order a recount of her state’s election results, despite President Trump’s ongoing legal challenges in key battleground states. The Pennsylvania Department of State released a statement, saying: “Based on the unofficial returns submitted by all the counties to the Department of State, Secretary […]

True the Vote Lawsuit: Illegal Ballots Counted in Four Pennsylvania Counties

The election integrity group True the Vote is suing Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and Secretary of State Kathryn Boockvar (D), alleging that illegal ballots were counted in four counties across the state in the presidential election. A lawsuit filed by True the Vote on Tuesday, on behalf of four Pennsylvania voters, alleges that ballots […]

Trump Campaign Spox Murtaugh: Pennsylvania Presidential Election ‘Unconstitutional’

White House communications director for the Trump campaign Tim Murtaugh on Tuesday sounded off on the 2020 presidential election and the campaign’s lawsuits filed in multiple states over claims of voter fraud. Murtaugh, on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” said the process in parts of Pennsylvania was “unconstitutional.” He argued GOP voters received “disparate treatment.” […]

Philadelphia GOP Alleges Dead People Voted in Pennsylvania

The Republican Party in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is alleging that hundreds of dead people voted in the presidential election. In a post on Saturday evening, the Philadelphia GOP said it found on the state’s website that at least 840 dead people voted in the election. The site details when a voter sent in his ballot and […]

Trump continues to lose ground in Pennsylvania, Georgia; makes gains in Arizona

Ilhan Omar accuses Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing’ after demolition of Palestinian hamlet NEW YORK — Congresswoman Ilhan Omar accuses Israel of violating international law and carrying out “ethnic cleansing” in response to the demolition of a wildcat Palestinian village in the West Bank earlier this week. “This a grave crime—in direct violation of international law. […]

Pennsylvania County Says It Won’t Resume Counting Votes Until Friday Due to “Administrative Work”

Trump supporters are questioning why Joe Biden has so many more votes, in the case of Georgia nearly 96,000, in key swing states compared to the number of people who voted for Democratic Senators on the same ticket. Usually, voters will choose both their preferred president and that president’s corresponding political party when it comes […]

‘F**k GOP Legislators in Pennsylvania’ Says Debra Messing

Debra Messing has taken to Twitter to say “Fuck GOP legislators in #Pennsylvania” The actress erupted over the Trump campaign’s decision on Wednesday night to file a lawsuit to halt vote counting due to lack of transparency and other alleged irregularities. Brietbart reports: “Fuck GOP legislators in #Pennsylvania. It was their strategy, and it’s disgusting […]

Debra Messing: ‘F**k GOP Legislators in Pennsylvania’

Actress Debra Messing took to Twitter and said “Fuck GOP legislators in #Pennsylvania,” likely erupting over the Trump campaign’s decision on Wednesday night to file a lawsuit to halt vote counting in the Keystone State due to lack of transparency and other alleged irregularities. “Fuck GOP legislators in #Pennsylvania. It was their strategy, and it’s […]

Yes, the Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin And Pennsylvania

By John Daniel Davidson NOVEMBER 4, 2020 In the three Midwest battleground states, vote counting irregularities persist in an election that will be decided on razor-thin margins. [Editor’s note: Proof that the Democrats flooded the election with millions of fake ballots follows from the discovery that they LOST some 22 of 25 contested House seats, which would have been […]

Pennsylvania GOP Chair: Dem Officials in PA ‘Using Their Official Position to Stack the Deck’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas said that Democratic elected officials in the state have “been using their official position to stack the deck,” and that if “one standard applies, a fair standard, equally in our state, the president will win.” Tabas said, “Well, look, the […]

Trump Campaign: We Won Pennsylvania, On Track to Win Re-election by End of the Week

President Donald Trump’s campaign on Wednesday announced they had won the state of Pennsylvania and were on track to win both Arizona and the president’s reelection by the end of the week. “We are declaring a victory in Pennsylvania. This is not based on gut or feel. This is based on math,” Trump campaign manager […]

Democrats Collude With CIA to Alter Voting Machines in Pennsylvania (CIA Works Against American People-This is Only ONE Example)

Shocking new evidence has emerged that the CIA is conspiring with Democrats to intercept and alter voting machine results in Pennsylvania and other swing states.The CIA built the system to steal elections in other countries; now they’re targeting the USA with their “Scorecard” operation.See the full story here.Also today: Kamala Harris just openly endorsed communism. She now claims […]

Supreme Court May Revisit Pennsylvania Vote-by-Mail Case — with Justice Amy Coney Barrett as Tiebreaker

The Supreme Court could soon revisit a challenge to a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision on extending the deadline for the receipt of absentee ballots — this time, with Justice Amy Coney Barrett on the Court, possibly casting a tie breaking vote. As Breitbart News reported last week: The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a Republican application […]

Fox News Polls: Trump Leads in Ohio, Race Tightens in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

A series of new polls released by Fox News on Wednesday indicate the presidential race has shifted in recent days, with President Donald Trump leading in Ohio and a tight race forming in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The polls, which were conducted between October 17 and October 20, found Trump was running close to former Vice […]

Biden holds big lead over Trump with Florida, Pennsylvania Jews, poll shows

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Democrats Focus Efforts on Winning Pennsylvania as Race Tightens

Democrats are focusing huge resources on winning the key battleground state Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes in 2020, a state Hillary Clinton lost by 68,000 votes to President Donald Trump in 2016. Two weeks before election day 2020, the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls shows Biden with a 3.7 point lead over […]

Pennsylvania Boilermakers Union Calls Out Biden: We Support Trump, Not You

The Boilermakers Local 154 union, which represents thousands of American workers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, is calling out Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden for lying about having been endorsed by the union. At a televised town hall event this week, Biden made the false claim that the Boilermakers union “overwhelmingly” endorsed him, saying […]

The Pied Piper of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

On Monday night, many of us sat in disbelief watching Donald Trump return to the White House from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center just three days after being admitted to the hospital with the disease that’s killed more than 210,000 of his fellow citizens. The shock, at least in my case, quickly turned to […]

50 Years Ago, A Small Town Ohio Policeman Chased a Flying Saucer Into Pennsylvania – and It Ruined His Life

434 Shares We met at Mike’s Place, the greasy spoon near Kent State with the X-Wing parked out front. It seemed appropriate – it was fifty years ago, this week, that James Evans’ father chased some kind of spacecraft into Pennsylvania. They seated us inside the converted school bus near the back of the place. […]

Natural Gas Fracking Under Fire In Pennsylvania

Above photo: A  natural gas fracking site in Susquehanna County, PA, overlooks bucolic farmland. Dave Harp / 2009. State grand jury finds that state failed to protect health, environment. In a blistering report on Pennsylvania’s 12-year experience with hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, a special statewide grand jury said public health and the environment have suffered and the […]

Trump Gets Pennsylvania Opportunity as Democrats Endorse H-1B Outsourcing

The Vanguard Group’s outsourcing of 1,300 Pennsylvania white-collar jobs to Indian H-1B workers has given a huge opportunity to President Donald Trump in the key swing state, says a series of activists and consultants. “Most voters vote their pocketbook, and if one candidate is going to protect their jobs and the other is going to […]

Mark Levin: Pennsylvania, Michigan Legislatures Must Undo Courts’ Election Decisions

Conservative radio host Mark Levin said Friday that the Republican-controlled legislatures of Pennsylvania and Michigan should meet in emergency session to undo recent court rulings that could compromise the election in both of those states. “As in Pennsylvania, the Michigan legislature is controlled by the Republicans. They must meet in emergency session and exercise their […]

Hans von Spakovsky: ‘Pennsylvania Supreme Court Acted in a Blatantly Political and Partisan Matter’

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court acted in a “blatantly political and partisan manner” in rulings it issued on Thursday regarding the state’s voting laws, explained Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative and a senior legal fellow of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, offering his analysis on Friday’s edition […]

How Pennsylvania State Troopers Conduct Illegal Traffic Searches

Around 10 a.m. on Nov. 6, 2013, a Pennsylvania state trooper pulled over a minivan on Interstate 81. He later wrote that he had seen a GPS device mounted on the car’s windshield, possibly obstructing the driver’s view. While talking to the two people in the car — a man and his nephew, who said […]

Pennsylvania Will Rule On Mumia’s Case, After Proceeding In Secret

Pennsylvania Will Rule On Mumia’s Case, After Proceeding In Secret The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has put Mumia Abu-Jamal’s evidentiary hearing on hold.  The case is under seal and is proceeding in secret! Pennsylvania Supreme Court “Justice is being conformable, human and divine; fair, impartial, honest in administering, coordinating and relating with others, no matter what. Not […]

Pennsylvania Patriots Show Up In Force in Lancaster

#REOPEN PA!, COVID-19 BY TREYLancaster Blog Braving sweltering summer temperatures and even higher humidity, more than a thousand patriotic Pennsylvanians took to the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg on Wednesday, calling for an end to Gov. Tom Wolf’s authoritarian lockdown of the Keystone State. Speakers and attendants included several Lancaster County residents, as well […]

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