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Iraq’s million-man march against US occupation, and Pentagon admits to 34 injuries from Iran strike

Iraqi people gather in the capital Baghdad for a “million-strong” march to demand an end to the presence of US forces in their country, on January 24, 2020. January 24, 2020 by Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog Iraqis have rallied in Baghdad in massive numbers to call for an end to US military presence in […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Pentagon racks up $35 trillion in accounting trickery in a year – a total greater than the entire US economy

   The Pentagon made $35 trillion in accounting adjustments last year alone — a total that’s larger than the entire U.S. economy and underscores the Defense Department’s continuing difficulty in balancing its books. The latest estimate is up from $30.7 trillion in 2018 and $29 trillion in 2017, the first year adjustments were tracked in […]

‘Pentagon Racks Up $35 Trillion In Accounting Changes In A Year’

Rotten to the core and the source of most of the problems on this planet. In other news: Nearly 4 in 10 Americans would borrow money to cover a $1K emergency. Via: Bloomberg: The Pentagon made $35 trillion in accounting adjustments last year alone — a total that’s larger than the entire […]

Pentagon Admits More US Occupation Troops Are ‘Treated’ After Ain Al-Assad Attack

By Staff, Agencies The US military admitted there were more troops from the US occupation base in Iraq who were treated when it came under attack by Iran retaliation for the US assassination of IRGC’s Quds Force Commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani. US Central Command announced Tuesday that apart from the 11 previously announced injured, […]

Pentagon insists US troops are ‘force for good’ in Iraq after its parliament votes to expel them

   The US Defense Department has claimed that its military presence makes Iraq more secure and “prosperous,” despite calls by Iraqi lawmakers for the removal of all foreign troops from the country and growing tensions with Iran. “At this time, there are no plans by the US military to withdraw from Iraq,” Assistant to the […]

Pentagon insists US troops are ‘FORCE FOR GOOD’ in Iraq after its parliament votes to expel them

“At this time, there are no plans by the US military to withdraw from Iraq,” Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Jonathan Rath Hoffman told reporters at a press briefing. And I think it’s been obvious… that the consensus in Iraq seems to be that the United States forces there are a force for good. […]

Pentagon chief says no specific evidence Iran was plotting to attack four U.S. embassies

The Pentagon, Image Source: Flickr   U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday said he did not see specific evidence from intelligence officials that Iran was planning to attack four U.S. embassies, an assertion made by President Donald Trump in justifying the killing of Iran’s top general. While Esper said […]

Pentagon Propaganda: 6 Things The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About Soleimani’s Assassination

By Mac Slavo The war propaganda has ramped up in the aftermath of the assassination of top-ranked Iranian general Qassam Soleimani.  But before jumping on the violent and horrific war bandwagon, there are six things you should know, that the mainstream media is failing to mention because they don’t align with the globalists’ official narrative. […]

The Long Sordid History of Pentagon Intervention in Iraq

Second, it’s also important to keep in mind that during the 1980s, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was a partner and ally of the Pentagon, when the Pentagon was helping him to wage his brutal 8-year war against Iran. Third, U.S. officials expressed indifference to their partner and ally Saddam when he expressed exasperation […]

Pentagon Accuses Iran Of Shooting Down A Ukrainian Plane But Its Evidence Is Flimsy

The Pentagon is accusing Iran’s air defense of shooting down the Ukraninan plane that crashed yesterday near Tehran. The Pentagon says that it was an accidental incident. But the evidence on which the claim is based is flimsy. We reported yesterday on flight PS752: Hours after Iran had launched the missiles a Ukrainian […]

Assault Ship With 2,000 Marines Heading Toward Iraq as Pentagon Confirms US Army NOT Leaving

By Tyler Durden UPDATE 4:37pm EST: US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says the memo is NOT ACCURATE and that “there has been no decision to leave Iraq. Period.” BREAKING: @EsperDoD says memo on withdrawal is not accurate “there’s been no decision whatsoever to leave Iraq.” — Tara Copp (@TaraCopp) January 6, 2020 MORE […]

Iran parliament passes motion designating US Army, Pentagon as terrorist

Tasnim – Iran’s lawmakers unanimously voted for a motion to designate the US Army and the Pentagon as terrorist organizations in response to a recent move by Washington to assassinate Iran’s revered commander, Lt. General Qassem Soleimani. The generalities and details of the emergency motion were unanimously passed during an open session of the parliament […]

Pentagon Wants to Spark an American Small-Drone Industry

The Defense Department expects to focus on domestically created and funded unmanned aerial systems and counter-unmanned aerial systems in 2020 as part of its ongoing efforts to secure its supply chain. “We see this as developing an ecosystem to have investment in areas that the Department of Defense thinks are particularly critical for providing […]

NATO all about values, but pay up! Pentagon boss reprimands US allies – or should that be vassals?

“There can’t be any free riders. There can’t be any discount plans. We’re all in this together,” Esper said on Friday at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, referring to nineteen NATO members who are still failing to spend two percent of their gross domestic product on “defense.” In reality, however, free-riding […]

Pentagon Test Fires 2nd INF-Banned Missile Over Pacific Ocean

A week after Russia’s President Putin said he is ready to extend the New START nuclear arms reduction pact with the United States “without preconditions” by year’s end, in an attempt to save it after the recent collapse of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, the Pentagon has conducted another test of a previously banned ballistic […]

After Pensacola Shooting, Pentagon Restricts Training for Saudi Military Students

The Pentagon has suspended operational training for all Saudi military students in the United States, indefinitely halting flight instruction, firing range training and all other operations outside the classroom in the wake of a shooting last week at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida by a member of the Saudi Royal Air Force. […]

The Afghanistan Pentagon Papers

The Afghanistan Pentagon Papers The war in Afghanistan, America’s longest, has cost about 2,300 US lives, over 20,000 wounded, and about $1 trillion. Now, thanks to the persistence of the Washington Post, we have an abundance of interviews which, like the Pentagon Papers, reveal the enormous wastefulness, ignorance, and deceit that make Afghanistan, like Vietnam, a […]

Pentagon Alarmed by Growing Russian ‘Sympathy’ Among US Troops

(ZH) — An alarmist headline out of US state-funded media arm Voice of America: “Pentagon Concerned Russia Cultivating Sympathy Among US Troops”. The story begins as follows: Russian efforts to weaken the West through a relentless campaign of information warfare may be starting to pay off, cracking a key bastion of the U.S. line of defense: […]

The Pentagon’s 36 Military Bases in Africa. America’s Growing Military Presence

Africa now contains 1.3 billion inhabitants, almost twice that of Europe’s population, and the number of African people continues expanding rapidly in what comprises the world’s second biggest continent. Following five centuries of pillage and exploitation by Western imperial powers, Africa is today riddled with poverty and social injustice. Africa remains a sought after land […]

The Pentagon’s Destruction of the Bill of Rights

It is supremely ironic that Pentagon officials take an oath to support and defend the Constitution because they intentionally destroyed the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution when they set up their “judicial” system at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In fact, the very reason the Pentagon established its system in Cuba, rather than the United […]

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