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Iraqi people take to streets and demand US troops leave country

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi protesters have hit the street in Baghdad after the influential Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called for a “million-strong” march to demand the withdraw of U.S. coalition forces from the country. NBC News Tehran Bureau Chief & correspondent Ali Arouzi said hundreds of thousands of protesters marched […]

Obama feels Sanders is unfit to battle Trump – and he has told people he might say so publicly

   Obama could publicly rebuke Sanders as the senator’s momentum grows Former President Barack Obama has remained mostly silent through the early stages of the Democratic race to unseat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election but that may soon change, friends and associates tell FOX Business, as avowed socialist Bernie Sanders gains in national […]

Over 4 Million People Join March Against US Presence in Iraq. 24 January 2020

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This Horse Pretends To Be Dead Whenever People Try To Ride Him

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Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Run 3 Months Ago Predicts 65 Million People Could Die

As of this morning, the deadly coronavirus that originated in China has killed 26 people and infected more than 900.  But according to one simulation run less than three months ago, things could get much, much worse. Less than three months ago, Eric Toner, a scientist at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, had run […]

US imposes fresh Iran-related sanctions on two people, six companies

Reuters – The United States on Thursday said it blacklisted two companies based in Hong Kong, one in Shanghai and one in Dubai for helping Iran’s state-owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) export millions of dollars of goods in violation of U.S. sanctions. The U.S. Treasury Department said it imposed sanctions on the Hong Kong-based […]

Top Professor: China’s Coronavirus Could Kill 50 Million People Around The World

China’s deadly coronavirus could have the same death toll as Spanish flu and kill 50 million people around the world, according to an Oxford University professor. Deaths from the new virus rose to 17 on Wednesday with hundreds of cases now confirmed, increasing fears of widespread contagion and a global pandemic. The previously unknown flu-like […]

The New Mind Control. “Subliminal Stimulation”, Controlling People without Their Knowledge

This incisive article was first published by Global Research on March 3, 2016 Over the past century, more than a few great writers have expressed concern about humanity’s future. In The Iron Heel(1908), the American writer Jack London pictured a world in which a handful of wealthy corporate titans – the ‘oligarchs’ – kept the masses […]

Study: Are ticks behind a new virus infecting people in China?

(Natural News) There’s a new virus on the rise in China and the culprit behind its spread may just be crawling around the corner. Dubbed the “Alongshan Virus” after the northeastern Chinese town where it was first discovered, the virus is linked to a number of symptoms, including fevers, headaches, fatigue, nausea, […]

How To Truly Change The Way People Look At You (For Good)

The Facts: An ancient perspective with regards to a woman’s period was far different from what it is today. It used to be related to spirituality and consciousness. Reflect On: It’s amazing how connected the human body is to cosmic events. Can cosmic events alter and shift human consciousness in some sort of way? When […]

Lion Carved From Single Tree In 3 Years By 20 People Becomes The World’s Largest Redwood Sculpture

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Dershowitz: I Have ‘Secret’ Epstein Emails That Will Put ‘Prominent People in Handcuffs’

Alan Dershowitz has “secret” emails from Jeffrey Epstein that implicate VIP pedophiles, including household names, and will put “prominent people in handcuffs” when they are released. “I can prove it, and I will prove it,” vowed Dershowitz in an interview Thursday morning with ‘Good Day New York.’ During the interview, Dershowitz pushed back against allegations […]

Peter Thiel Wants to Inject Himself With Young People’s Blood

Trump delegate and Gawker bankrupter Peter Thiel is no stranger to the idea of increasing his lifespan through science. “I stand against confiscatory taxes, totalitarian collectives, and the ideology of the inevitability of the death of every individual,” he wrote in libertarian journal Cato Unbound seven years ago. On Bloomberg TV in 2014, Thiel explained that he was […]

The People of Colombia Are Cracking Up the Walls of War and Authoritarianism

The protests that started with the national strike called by Colombia’s central union on November 21 to protest pension reforms and the broken promises of the peace accords have persisted for two months and grown into a protest against the whole establishment. And the protests have continued into the new year and show no signs […]

“Make Iran Great Again” – Trump Says “Noble Iranian People” Should “Abandon Terror” — NATION AND STATE

“Make Iran Great Again” – Trump Says “Noble Iranian People” Should “Abandon Terror” If you didn’t expect Trump to kick off the long holiday weekend with some feisty tweets about Iran, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. 39 more words via “Make Iran Great Again” – Trump Says “Noble Iranian People” Should “Abandon Terror” — […]

Ayatollah Slams Trump: He’s A "Clown" Who Will Betray The Iranian People

In his first Friday prayers sermon in more than 8 years, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the IRGC will seek revenge against the US and take their fight beyond Iran’s borders. That the Ayatollah picked now for the sermon is hardly a surprise: The Iranian public is furious at the regime for its botched downing of […]

Truth Movement why help your enemies? Truth Movement people cave on Trump they often say that Trump is a puppet of the Zionist. But Sanders campaign people call for burning cities down. “If trump Gets Elected cities burn”

“We don’t want to f**king have to like, eliminate people…if people are going to try and fight back against the revolution…if you’re going to take up arms against the revolution…expect a violent response” – Kyle Jurek, Field Organizer Source Article from Hits: 29

Questions People Ask

by David Sims HERE ARE some of my answers that Quora’s moderation team doesn’t like, published here (and lots of other places) so that censorship fails to achieve its purpose. Question: Homosexuality is never mentioned in the Koran, so why are homosexual acts considered a sin in Islam? My Answer: I’m not sure. But the […]

People In US See Economy Is Rigged For The Wealthy

The notion that the U.S. economy is “rigged” to benefit the wealthy and special interests was a major rallying cry in the 2016 presidential election and is already resurfacing in the 2020 race. This message is likely to resonate with many Americans. Seven-in-ten U.S. adults say the economic system in their country unfairly favors powerful interests, compared with […]

The Real Reason Anxious and Stressed-Out People Smoke Cannabis

(TMU) — Marijuana users have long testified that after a stressful or anxiety-racked day they often turn to the plant to chill out and relax. While cannabis users’ testimonies about the soothing effects of THC and CBD are well-known, they’re finally receiving the backing of a growing body of scientific evidence. The research could open […]

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