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UK: People Can’t Sunbathe or Buy DIY Equipment for Home Projects During Lockdown

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer April 7, 2020 “Excuse me, sir, but you can’t just sunbathe here all alone, away from people, without bothering anyone.” The government of the United Kingdom appears to want people to be miserable during the lockdown. Exposing the skin to the sun is good for the endocrine system, […]

4 Qualities of Truly Happy People

April 7th, 2020 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World Everyone wants to be happy. One of the three inalienable rights stated in the US constitution is the pursuit of happiness. We all want to be happy, yet more people than ever are sad. What is going on? Wasn’t capitalism supposed to help […]

Spain to extend coronavirus testing to people without symptoms as infection rate slows

Spain will extend coronavirus testing to people showing no symptoms as new infection rates slow in the country, the country’s foreign minister announced. On Sunday, 647 deaths were reported over 24 hours – half the rate recorded during the previous week. Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez told TV station Antena 3:“We are preparing ourselves for de-escalation, […]

Bill Gates: coronavirus lockdowns will prevent people from developing natural immunity so we can sell them more drugs, vaccines

(Natural News) On March 24, Bill Gates had a digital talk with Chris Anderson, Curator of TED, the nonprofit group that runs TED Talks, during which he gave his take on the handling of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. And during their conversation, Gates admitted that the purpose of these extreme lockdown […]

People, Profit and Planned Economy

The concept of an economic system that puts Profit over People has been explained and discussed many times and in many ways. It just took a tiny virus (COVID-19) to display the contradiction between People and Profit as an urgent national question. In this equation, President Trump, as the voice of most powerful capitalist country […]

For the Chief of Army & the People of Australia

Upon request to share. Whatever your religious belief this Man (Soldier) speaks the truth about the Fraud of this disgusting Foreign Corporation called “The Australian Government” & its sold out employees the Political Parties & traitor minions who via greed & corruption have destroyed this Nation & it’s Childrens future. This Nation has some trying […]

People Say This Is the Best Dog Video Ever Made. What Do You Think?

Dogs are super special, don’t you think so? Having them around is a true blessing as they are the only creatures who can fill all your days with happiness and who can put a smile on your face even when you feel blue. Now, if you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to […]

Wesley Everest: "I’m Social Distancing from Silly People"

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5G is safe? The people fight back

Is 5G safe? CoronaVirus? You make up your own mind.Mirror from Truthful Spirit – Blue Heron Channel.…Backup Channel:…Get the real ANZAC Australian Flag here.…https://communismbythebackdoor.tvTO BUY THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTIONWayne Glew24 Hagan Road GlenfieldGeraldton WA 6532$150 plus postage $20 Free Download of Original Constitution… to Documents:…………http://annavonreitz.comhttp://www.strawmanstory.infohttps://www.commonlawcourt.com…Download the Constitution FREE:…… Go fund me […]

President Trump: “a Lot of People CHEAT With Mail-In Voting”

President Trump on Friday denounced the idea of mail voting, warning that it would be a way for people to cheat in the upcoming election. “I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting,” Trump said. “I think people should vote with ID, with Voter ID.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several other Democratic […]

Wesley Everest: "I’m Social Distancing from Silly People"

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Dumb Black Surgeon General Announces He Advises People to Wear Masks

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer April 4, 2020 The dumb nigger Surgeon General was out there saying that a mask would make it more likely for you to get the disease. Now he says that there’s new evidence that that’s not true! New evidence! The Guardian: Donald Trump has said his administration is encouraging […]

People Started Burning Down 5G Towers In The UK

Though this would start faster. Now here you go. UK mobile network providers have warned against the spread of “baseless” conspiracy theories linking coronavirus to 5G, after videos purportedly showing masts on fire were posted on social media. West Midlands Fire Service said eight firefighters attended an incident on Thursday evening, involving a 70-foot tower on […]

Advice for People Fearful and Under Duress

We have a natural impulse to extend protection to the very young and to the old first; we offer sympathy and succor to traumatized refugees too. That’s reasonable. Our seniors and our children require attention as the most vulnerable; immigrants need support in unfamiliar surroundings. Professors speaking about historical precedents for the COVID-19 emergency invoke […]

What Corona. The people are the reporters now. No more lies

The Corona Bird DON’T FLY… Get your camera out visit your local Hospital people, NOTHING IS HAPPENING.. Brilliant from… the people can see for themselves the false flag of this coronavirus. Closing borders over this nonsense, we the people know who are our adversaries now, all documented and they must pay, we know who […]

Doctors are sending out ‘do-not-resuscitate’ forms telling people like my disabled daughter to sign them, I find that chilling

As the parent of a disabled child, you need to become an expert at juggling all the balls you must keep in the air if you want to become the parent of a disabled adult, as I am fortunate enough to be. In all my 18 years of helping to look after my lovely daughter […]

FDA Now Allows Homosexuals, Drug Users and Tattooed People to Donate Blood More Easily

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer April 3, 2020 We are finally MAKING PROGRESS! And it’s all thanks to the flu! VICE News: Responding to a blood shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration eased restrictions Thursday on allowing gay and bisexual men, sex workers, drug users and people with […]

Coronaflu: CDC Releases Statistics Showing 78% of People in the ICU Have Preexisting Conditions

Daily Stormer April 3, 2020 The media actually does report some of the facts about what is going on on the ground, it’s just that they themselves don’t appear to understand what they imply. And the reader surely doesn’t. Fat, old and sickly people have always been the people who are vulnerable […]

Top 10 DUMBEST things people still do during the COVID-19 outbreak

(Natural News) Some people think they’ve found the “end all, be all” of advice every time they hear a nurse or doctor speak on the news, or some CDC or WHO “official” advice gets spewed onto their smart device like a contagious, infectious thought. These folks go and repeat, verbatim, what they heard, like […]

Pandemic Protections Must Extend To People In Prison

Pandemic Protections Must Extend To People In Prison Above photo: By Cynthia Briones. Do Your Job Governor! Over the past month as the Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the United States, precautions have been made to protect residents including enhancements to operational capacity of health care facilities, closing of non-essential business and the establishment of […]

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