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Mueller Found Guilty Of Wiping Peter Strzok’s iPhone

Robert Mueller authorized the scrubbing of vital evidence from disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s iPhone, a new inspector general’s report reveals.  After Mueller’s special counsel’s office reviewed Peter Strzok’s text messages, all of the evidence was then swiftly deleted. reports: The Mueller team is specifically responsible for the scrubbing of the Strzok phone, while […]

Peter Ford Responds to the UK Foreign Office Cabal on Syria

Headline in today’s Sunday Times attacking clerics and peers who have had the “temerity to visit Syria and not join in the usual Assad-bashing”  Peter Ford 21st Century Wire  A ‘cabal’ is at work to deceive the British people about Syria. So says The Times. But the conspirators are not those spoken of by ‘The […]

Peter Hitchens: How Tony Blair and New Labour Ruined Britain

British journalist and historian Peter Hitchens holds court at the Oxford Debate Union in 2015, and lays out a most damning indictment of the epic political fraud which was New Labour, and the criminal exploits of its leader, former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who remains at large. Watch: . READ MORE ON CRIMES OF BLAIR […]

US Impedes Efforts to Reconstruct War-Ravaged Syria – By Peter KORZUN -Strategic Culture Foundation

The US is officially the largest donor in the world, but does it really care about those who suffer? Not so much. The administration believes nothing should be done unless it is in pursuit of political goals. International humanitarian aid has been cut recently.  In August, the US pulled out of its role in Syria’s short-term reconstruction, […]

Peter Hitchens: ‘UK is a Doomed Society For Young People’

For those who are able to get past the Establishment’s banal ‘Trump’ and ‘Brexit’ talking points, much deeper, systemic socioeconomic problems and cultural deprivation issues start to emerge. In 2016, Shout Out UK conducted an interview with the author and journalist Peter Hitchens, discussing his views on Marxist roots, the election of Donald Trump, BREXIT, and […]

Trey Gowdy vs FBI Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at Congress Hearing on anti-Trump Texts

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Peter Strzok Removed Incriminating Clinton Emails During FBI Probe

Former anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok personally handpicked the 1 percent of emails FBI investigators were allowed to examine during their Hillary Clinton probe.  According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, Strzok selected 3,000 non-incriminating emails and documents from a trove of nearly 700,000 emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. He decided which documents FBI investigators could see, […]

In detaining Peter Beinart, Israel no longer represents millions of Jews overseas

     Academics, lawyers, human rights groups, opponents of the occupation and boycott supporters are facing ever-more difficult interrogations when landing in Israel There are few places in Israel where its apartheid character is more conspicuous than the imposing international airport just outside Tel Aviv, named after the country’s founding father, David Ben Gurion. Most planes […]

In detaining Peter Beinart, Israel has declared it no longer represents millions of Jews overseas

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth There are few places in Israel where its apartheid character is more conspicuous than the imposing international airport just outside Tel Aviv, named after the country’s founding father, David Ben Gurion. Most planes landing in Israel have to circle over the West Bank before making their descent. Below, more than […]

Whitewashing the White Helmets – Peter Ford, Former UK Ambassador to Syria Responds to UK Government Statement

21st Century Wire says… Former Ambassador to Syria 2003 – 2006, Peter Ford responds to the UK Government statement by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt on “exceptional” Israeli evacuation of the UK/US Coalition intelligence construct, the White Helmets: “Following a joint diplomatic effort by the UK and international partners, a […]

Peter Strzok’s Wife, Who Is SEC Director, Blocked All FBI Investigations Into Clintons

Hours after the FBI found classified Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Peter Strzok’s wife was promoted to a powerful position in the SEC and immediately blocked all criminal proceedings against the Clintons. According to FBI sources, Peter Strzok and his wife Melissa Hodgman were instrumental in preventing Bill and Hillary Clinton from having to serve jail time […]

Investigators: Peter Strzok Is Funded By The CIA

Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok received large amounts of funding from the Central Intelligence Agency, according to a bombshell investigation. Strzok, a central figure in the spying and wiretapping scandal of President Trump, grew up in Africa while his father worked on various CIA projects. reports: Now, as the spying and wiretapping scandal of the […]

Peter Strzok faces the music in first public hearing since report of anti-Trump texts

     FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok will face hostile questions from Republicans on Thursday when he appears before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees for a public hearing. In his first public hearing since the Department of Justice inspector general released a report outlining his anti-Trump texts to his FBI lawyer mistress, GOP lawmakers will […]

Melania Trump’s Office Reported Peter Fonda to Secret Service for Vulgar Tweet About Her Son Barron

Peter Fonda has been reported to the Secret Service for an inappropriate tweet regarding Donald and Melania Trump‘s 12-year-old son, Barron. The actor, 78, went after President Trump’s youngest child in the midst of the migrant crisis which has seen more than 2,300 children separated from their parents at the Southern border. The since-deleted tweet […]

More Than 2300 Alleged Pedophiles Arrested Nationwide; MSM (And Peter Fonda) Silent

Last week, the Department of Justice released a statement detailing the arrests of an thousands of pedophiles in a nationwide sweep that lasted for three months. “The Department of Justice today announced the arrest of more than 2,300 suspected online child sex offenders during a three-month, nationwide, operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces,” […]

Peter Fonda Under Investigation After Threatening To Rape Barron Trump

Peter Fonda has been placed under a Secret Service investigation after threatening to kidnap and rape Barron Trump. The sick Hollywood actor publicly called for Trump’s youngest son to be ripped from his mother Melania’s arms and placed alone in a cage with sex-starved immigrant pedophiles. reports: First Lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman released a […]

Peter Fonda tweets he wants to ‘rip Barron Trump from his mother’ and put him in a ‘cage with pedophiles’

Actor Peter Fonda has a social media army and the Secret Service on his back after a twisted Twitter call to “rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles.” The brother of Jane Fonda also called for violence against Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen […]

IG Report Reveals Peter Strzok Text Messaged “We’ll Stop” Trump From Becoming President

The Inspector General report which will be released in full shortly, reveals a previously hidden, extremely damning text message from Peter Strzok to Lisa Page. The Trump-hating agent sent his mistress a text message saying “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming President. This text message from Strzok was sent to Page 9 days after “Crossfire Hurricane” was […]

“The Media are on Trial” – Peter Ford’s Presentation at Media on Trial Event, Leeds

Peter Ford 21st Century Wire The Media are on trial. But what are they on trial for exactly? Not long ago the media were on trial in the form of the Leveson  enquiry, for being too tabloidish. Poking in people’s dustbins, that sort of thing. The Leveson enquiry however was almost trivial – where the media […]

Climate skeptic professor Peter Ridd was fired for his views by James Cook University

Just an update of my battle On 2 May, 2018, I received a letter from James Cook University (JCU) terminating my employment. JCU have sacked me because I dared to fight the university and speak the truth about science and the Great Barrier Reef. Shortly after I went public with the GoFundMe campaign to which […]

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