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Polio outbreak in Philippines caused by the vaccine, says WHO

On 19 September 2019, the Philippines declared an outbreak of polio. Two cases have been reported to date, both caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2). Environmental samples taken from sewage in Manila on 13 August and a waterway in Davao on 22 August have also tested positive for VDPV2. The […]

Philippines Animal Cruelty

Philippines Animal Cruelty Hunt on for woman who stubbed cigarette on puppy’s eye nearly 30 times in video and allegedly broke his legs The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore has asked social media users for their help in tracking down the suspect By Akshay Pai Published on : 02:35 PST, Sep […]

Researchers find 150km wide caldera off Philippines coast, possibly the largest known on Earth

   A team including members from GNS Science have identified an ancient mega-volcano that could have the largest known caldera on Earth. The feature is on the crest of Benham Rise, an oceanic plateau off the Philippines coast. A caldera is a depression created when a volcano collapses after the emptying of its magma chamber […]

Judge fines petitioners for challenging Israel’s arms sales to Philippines

A judge imposes a fine on petitioners who brought suit against the government in an attempt to end its arms exports to the Philippines, sending a clear message to those protesting Israel’s complicity with some of the world’s most repressive regimes. The Philippine Coast Guard presenting a shipment of 70 Israeli-made machine guns at the PCG National Headquarters […]

Powerful shallow 6.4-magnitude earthquake rattles the Philippines sending people running into the streets as officials warn of aftershocks

   A powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake has rattled the Philippines’ second biggest island today, sending hundreds rushing out of a shopping mall and patients fleeing a hospital The quake struck about 40 miles north of General Santos, Mindanao, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported. Local media said an elderly man was injured after being struck […]

WHO Admits Polio Outbreak in the Philippines Caused by Polio Vaccines (Even Though it Was Eradicated for Over 25 Years)

The polio vaccine has caused an escalating outbreak of polio in the Philippines, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, which issued a joint statement admitting the vaccine is causing polio. “WHO and UNICEF said in a joint statement the polio outbreak in the Philippines is concerning because it is caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus […]

Israel is trying to hide its arms sales to Duterte’s Philippines

Israel continues to sell arms to the world’s most oppressive regimes, but the courts won’t let the media cover the story. By Itamar Baz The Philippine Coast Guard presenting a shipment of 70 Israeli-made machine guns at the PCG National Headquarters Port Area on May 7, 2018. (Courtesy of Philippines Coast Guard) An Israeli court imposed […]

‘The Chinese are coming’: US attempts to turn the Philippines against its Beijing ally

China is now the second-biggest defence spender in the world, losing out only to the US (who – by the way – is so far ahead of the game that it accounts for 36 percent of all global defence spending). The rise of Beijing – and Washington’s response to its ever-emerging preeminence – is putting […]

Philippines ships 69 containers of dumped rubbish back to Canada

A cargo ship carrying tonnes of rubbish dumped in the Philippines by Canada more than five years ago, causing a festering diplomatic row, has left the Southeast Asian country, as nations in the region increasingly reject serving as dumpsites for wealthier states. The 69 shipping containers of rotting waste were loaded onto the M/V […]

New 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits Philippines a day after earlier one kills at least 11

   The U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude 6.3 earthquake has hit the central Philippines, a day after 6.1 quake hit the country’s north and killed at least 11 people. The new quake hit Tuesday afternoon and was centered 13 kilometers (8 miles) east of Tutubigan in the country’s central region. The quake was relatively […]

6.3 magnitude quake strikes Philippines, several dead

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake has struck the Philippines main island of Luzon and several people have been killed in collapsed buildings, media reports. The quake struck 60 km (37 miles) northwest of the capital, Manila, at a depth of 40 km (25 miles), the US Geological Survey (USGS) said. The governor of Pampanga province […]

‘More dangerous than Florence’: Typhoon Mangkhut is about to make landfall in the Philippines

     While the world’s eyes are zoomed in on the US East coast, where 1.7 million people are told to evacuate in order to avoid Hurricane Florence damage, a much stronger storm is lashing out at Southeast Asia: Mangkhut. Super Typhoon Mangkhut deserves all the superlatives it can get. By far the strongest storm of […]

3 dead, 5 million people at risk as Philippines’ strongest typhoon makes landfall (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Mangkhut, known locally as Ompong, has recently been downgraded to a category-4 Atlantic hurricane. It is essentially a huge 900km (560-mile) rain cloud which could, when mixed with seasonal rain, create waves of up to six meters (20ft) on the coasts of Cagayan, weather experts have warned. Staggering winds of 205kph and extreme rainfall caused […]

Dead whale shark found near Manila, Philippines

     A whale shark or ‘butanding’ was found dead in Navotas Fish Port, Friday. The 16-foot corpse was discovered by the residents near Navotas Fish Port according to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) officials. The whale shark was seen floating around 11 p.m. Thursday. Residents pulled out the butanding to the shore […]

Record Deaths Amid Duerte’s US-funded Crackdown on Philippines’ Poor

MANILA – As Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte enters his third year in office, his administration has earned the ignominious distinction of ushering in the country’s ranking as the deadliest country for environmental and lands rights defenders in Asia. It’s just the latest indicator of Manila’s careless, if often hostile, attitude toward the rural poor and […]

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Says God Is Stupid

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has insulted a lot of people, including world leaders and high ranking officials, but he has now gone a step further and questioned God’s logic, calling him stupid The 72-year-old leader who is an open critic of the Catholic Church, was referring to the concept of original sin in the Bible during […]

Primed by Saudi Money and Influence, the ISIS Diaspora Reaches the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (Analysis) — ISIS’ inevitable decline in Iraq and Syria, the credit for which is almost always wrongly bestowed upon the Trump administration, has provided windows of opportunity for the global terror group to spawn insurgencies in other locations. On December 20, 2017, MintPress News reported how this foreseeable ISIS “diaspora” would lead to […]

PHILIPPINES – Duterte Calls on Developing Nations to Exit International Criminal Court

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,887 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Polio outbreak in Philippines caused by the vaccine, says WHO On 19 September 2019, the Philippines declared an outbreak of polio. Two Philippines Animal Cruelty […]

Philippines, Honduras Are Embracing RFID Technology To Track Citizens’ Movements

In the not-too-distant future, law enforcement will be able to easily track our movements thanks to microchips, which some workers – as we’ve previously reported. Indeed, some people are happily lining up to be microchipped – even throwing parties to celebrate their coworkers embracing the microchipping phenomenon, without any regard to how this […]

Four people killed by landslide in the Philippines as Tropical Storm Sanba hits (VIDEOS)

     Four people were killed in the southern Philippines early Tuesday as a tropical storm unleashed heavy rain and triggered deadly landslides, police said. Tropical Storm Sanba slammed the east coast of the main southern island of Mindanao Tuesday with gusts of 75 kilometres an hour. The heavy rain triggered landslides that hit mountain villages […]

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