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Trump is ‘waiting in vain’ for Tehran’s phone call to start talks – Iranian foreign ministry

Sputnik – The statement comes in response to US Department of State spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, who earlier said that President Donald Trump is waiting for a phone call from the Iranian government about whether the Islamic Republic wants to start talks. Iranian authorities won’t call Washington to beg for negotiations, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign […]

Macron-Rouhani phone talk lasts over 100 minutes: Senior Iranian gov’t official

IRNA – Iran’s president and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron’s phone talks lasted over 100 minutes, a senior government official said on Wednesday as Europe is hard at work to keep Iran inside the nuclear deal. “President Hassan Rouhani and French President Emmanuel Macron’s phone talk lasted over 100 minutes,” said president’s chief of staff […]

Again!? The NSA’s Phone Records Program Still Can’t Stay Within the Law

By Matthew Guariglia Just as the Trump administration has signaled its interest in a permanent “clean” reauthorization  of the Patriot Act’s phone surveillance provision, the NSA proves once again that it is not to be trusted with these tools. New documents obtained by the ACLU and reported in the Wall Street Journal have revealed that […]

NSA Busted Again For Collecting U.S. Phone Records

The American Civil Liberties Union obtained the documents, which were reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit involving the surveillance program. They are heavily redacted internal NSA memos that discuss oversight of intelligence-collection activities. These documents only confirm that this surveillance program is beyond redemption […]

PBS Airs 2 Segments on Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure Risks. What Does This Mean for PBS’ Sesame Street Character, “Smartie” The Smartphone?”

May 31, 2019 By B.N. Frank Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for reporting about these segments: Burt Wolf’s Travels and Traditions, which is broadcasted on PBS, aired two episodes on cell phones and wireless radiation. To watch these episodes: go to   Under Season 18, go to episodes 8 and 9 Episode 8 “Short Guide to […]

Russian new ‘quantum phone’ promises ‘unmatched’ security using photon shared key

   Russian scientists have taken secure communication to the next level after presenting Russia’s first phone with quantum protection of connection. The price per set bites but the innovative gadget promises perfect security. The IP phone demonstrated at the presentation on Tuesday looked like an ordinary landline machine, but it employs quantum encryption protocols which […]

If Regulators Won’t Stop The Sale of Cell Phone Users’ Location Data, Consumers Must

By Aaron Mackey A Motherboard investigation revealed in January how any cellphone users’ real-time location could be obtained for $300. The pervasiveness of the practice, coupled with the extreme invasion of people’s privacy, is alarming. The reporting showed there is a vibrant market for location data generated by everyone’s cell phones—information that can be incredibly […]

That’s pretty dumb: Is your smart phone ruining your relationships?

(Natural News) Everywhere you look these days, people are staring down into the LED abysses of their smart phones, often interacting on social media with their “friends” and “connections” while ignoring the actual human beings that exist all around them in the flesh. Well, a new study has largely concluded the obvious […]

Trump Sitting by the Phone Waiting for Iran

By Staff, Agencies  The United States is “sitting by the phone” but has heard no message yet from Iran that it is willing to accept President Donald Trump’s overtures for direct talks, a senior Trump administration official said on Friday, according to Reuters. “We think they should de-escalate and come to negotiations,” the official, who […]

South Carolina DOC Director Stirling Drafts Facetious Cell Phone Contraband Act

South Carolina DOC Director Stirling Drafts Facetious Cell Phone Contraband Act Above Photo: From I purposely chose the word facetious, because South Carolina’s Dept. of Correction’s Director Bryan Stirling has absurdly decided to address serious issued in South Carolin’a prisons with impotent legislation. The problem in South Carolina’s prisons is NOT the fact that a […]

Federal Agents Can Search Your Phone At The US Border — Here’s How To Protect Your Personal Information

Federal Agents Can Search Your Phone At The US Border — Here’s How To Protect Your Personal Information Above Photo: A US Customs and Border Protection officer watches travelers at Los Angeles International Airport on July 2, 2016. David McNew/Getty Images When you’re entering the United States, federal agents have broad authority to search citizens and […]

Facebook Doubles Down On Misusing Your Phone Number

When we publicly demanded that Facebook stop messing with users’ phone numbers last week, we weren’t expecting the social network to double down quite like this: By default, anyone can use the phone number that a user provides for two-factor authentication (2FA) to find that user’s profile. For people who need 2FA to protect their account and stay safe, Facebook is […]

Confirming US Orchestration, Report Details Pence’s Key Phone Call to Venezuelan Opposition Leader

As U.S. lawmakers, civil society leaders, and Latin America experts continue to warn against American intervention in Venezuela’s internal political affairs, the Wall Street Journal on Friday confirmed suspicions that opposition leader Juan Guaido’s move to declare himself “interim president” of Venezuela this week was highly coordinated with the Trump White House and Republican […]

Android phone facial recognition security ‘tricked by 3D printed head’

Forbes reporter Tom Brewster says he managed to successfully break into four Android phones by bypassing the facial recognition software with a 3D printed model of his head that cost £300 to make. All four Google Android phones opened thanks to the head made of gypsum powder. The iPhone, however, wasn’t fooled. New – We […]

America’s “Cell Phone War” against China: HuaWei CFO Meng Wanzhou Held Hostage by Canada

It is clear the US is pushing the battle line to our door … We can completely regard the US arrest of Meng Wanzhou as a declaration of war against China.” So read an editorial in the Global Times of China days after Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the Chinese company Huawei, was taken hostage […]

Another Study Shows Cell Phone Radiation Is Carcinogenic

Anna Hunt, Staff Waking Times For years, consumer electronics manufacturers have downplayed the harmful health effects of cell phones. Yet, as scientists research the impact of wireless technologies on the human body, speculations turn into hard evidence proving that cell phone radiation may be carcinogenic in nature. The latest in such research is a […]

Exposure to Cell Phone and Wireless WiFi Radiation Can Reduce Impulse Control and Cause Violence: Study

November 8, 2018 By B.N. Frank Some people – even President Trump – have pointed fingers at video games for playing a role in behavioral, emotional, and mental imbalances which can lead to unfortunate circumstances in addition to digital addiction.  “We have to do something about maybe what they’re seeing and how they’re seeing it,” […]

Scientists And Doctors Call For Better Protection From Cell Phone And WiFi Radiation Exposure

By B.N. Frank It’s not all that surprising that insurance companies aren’t interested in doing business anymore with wireless companies.  Decades of research has already proven that all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation ARE NOT harmless. Last week, results from U.S. government-funded research revealed that cell phone radiation exposure definitely causes cancer.  […]

UN Intervenes: Ecuador Restores Julian Assange’s Internet, Phone And Visitation Privileges

Ecuador has partially restored Julian Assange’s communications in their London Embassy after UN officials met with Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno on Friday, reports the Belfast Telegraph. Assange, who has lived in the embassy for over six years, had his phone and internet access taken away in March over political statements he made in violation of “a written […]

Your Cell Phone is a Psychotronic Weapon of Mass Mind Control

Peter A. Kirby, Contributor Waking Times Modern telecommunications usually involves devices that can both send and receive wireless signals. These devices are also almost invariably capable of producing and receiving signals that affect our moods, thoughts, and bodily functions. Your cell phone is a psychotronic weapon. That means that your cell phone CAN read […]

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