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Photos: President arrives in Maku, West Azerbaijan

ISNA | Soheil Faraji: President arrived in Maku County, West Azerbaijan Province in order to open infrastructural and economic projects. Upon arrival at Maku Airport on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani was welcomed by Governor General of West Azerbaijan Province and other senior local officials. Opening Karam Abad Dam and other infrastructural and economic projects through […]

Photos: Nishapur artists pay tribute to Omar Khayyam

IRNA – A group of artists from Nishapur, the birthplace of Ommar Khayyam, have commemorated the great Persian poet and polymath. May 18 marks the birth anniversary of renowned Iranian mathematician, astronomer and poet Omar Khayyam who lived in the Seljuk era in 12th century BCE. Khayyam wrote essays on mechanics, geography, mineralogy, music, and […]

Photos: Haleem, Ramadan’s favorite food

MNA | Seyede Zahra Mirzafarjooyan: Haleem is Ramadan’s favorite food in Iran. It is made from wheat or barley, and meat.       Source Article from Related Posts Cristiano Ronaldo Donates $1.5 million to Palestine for Ramadan Source Article from Israeli forces arrested 100 Palestinians in Ramadan only Ramallah (QNN)- A report […]

Photos: Virgin nature of Dehdez

IRNA – The astonishing beauty of areas surrounding Dehdez town in Iran’s Khuzestan province would surprise every visitor coming to the region for the first time. Dehdez is located 241 km east of Ahvaz in south-western Iran.         Source Article from Related Posts Virgin Galactic Test Flight Reaches Edge of Space […]

Photos: FM Zarif meets with senior Japanese officials in Tokyo

MNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held separate talks with his Japanse counterpart Taro Kono and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Thursday. During the meetings, the sides discussed Iran’s countermeasures on the US’ unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.   Source Article from Related Posts US ‘genocidal taunts’ won’t […]

Photos: IRGC, Basij launch internet platform to help deprived areas

ISNA | Farzad Khabooshani: In a ceremony on Wednesday attended by the chief commanders of IRGC and Basij Organization, the biggest internet website dubbed ‘Atlas of Jihadists’ on which the details of Basij and IRGC rescue and relief efforts and the information about deprived areas are available. IRGC chief commander Salami said in his speech […]

Photos: Funeral ceremony of Behnam Safavi

ISNA | Aria Jafari & Fatemeh Sadeghzadeh: Iranian pop star Behnam safavi has passed away on Monday, after years of battling with cancer. He died at 36. The funeral ceremony took place Wednesday at Isfahan’s Artists Forum.     Source Article from Related Posts Photos: Nishapur artists pay tribute to Omar Khayyam IRNA – […]

Photos: Iranian nomads move to mountainous regions as summer looms

Tasnim | Aziz.Babanezhad: Nomads in western Iran are relocating to mountainous areas of the province of Lorestan to graze their sheep before the beginning of hot season.     Source Article from Related Posts Support for Mayor Khan Crashes After Summer of Violence The London Mayor’s approval rating has slumped to its lowest level […]

Photos: FM Zarif meets with departing Bulgarian envoy

IRNA | Mahtab Karambeigi: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the departing Bulgarian Ambassador to Tehran Christo Polendakov meet and held talks on Sunday. Polendakov officially ended his mission as Bulgaria’s envoy to the Islamic Republic after four years.     Source Article from Related Posts US ‘genocidal taunts’ won’t end Iran – […]

Photos: Gilan, a paradise in northern Iran

MNA | Behnam Yousefi: The northern province of Gilan, which encompasses the western end of the Alborz Mountains and lies along the Caspian Sea, is privileged by unique nature and rich historical background. Filled with and dense rainforests and over 40 rivers, the green province attracts thousands of tourists every year.     Source Article […]

Rare photos from Israel’s War of Independence to be auctioned

A rare collection of photographs from Israel’s 1948 War of Independence that offer a glimpse into both sides of the struggle will go on auction next week in Jerusalem, the Kedem Auction House said Wednesday. The auction house said the “remarkably rare and valuable collection” of pictures, which had been designated to be printed by newspapers […]

Photos: Filband village covered in snow in middle of spring

Mizan | Mehdi Mohebbi pour: Filband, a village in northern Iran famous for its skies which are full of interconnected cumulus clouds, has become even more attractive these days as it is blanketed with snow in the middle of spring. This village is located at an altitude of about 2,300 metres above sea level on […]

In photos: after airstrikes and funerals, Palestinians in Gaza celebrate Ramadan

After a weekend of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and rocket fire into Israel, Palestinians began the holy month of Ramadan amid clearing rubble from destroyed buildings and holding funerals. Over the course of two days Israeli forces killed 24 Palestinians including two pregnant women and two babies, and Palestinians fire killed four Israelis, with a […]

Photos: Iranian envoy presents credentials to UN Secretary General

IRNA – Iran’s newly-appointed Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi presents credentials to Secretary General Antonio Guterres April 24, 2019.     Source Article from Related Posts US Secretary of State Pompeo to meet Russia’s President Putin & Foreign Minister Lavrov on May 14 The visit comes as the […]

Photos: Fields of wild poppy flowers in Qom

Mizan | Mohammad Mohsenzadeh: We are witnessing the growth of large wild poppy flowers in different parts of Iran due to the advent of spring and good rainfall in the country.     Source Article from Related Posts Sen. John Tower Murder Conspiracy: How Poppy Bush, Brent Sowcroft & John Brennan fit in Poppy […]

Fearsome ‘warg-like’ ancient predator was bigger than a polar bear (PHOTOS)

The Simbakubwa kutokaafrika fossils were stored at the the National Museums of Kenya having been excavated in the 1980s but were never closely examined until recently. Simbakubwa means “big lion” in Swahili despite the fact that it is not a cat, nor is it closely related to bears, hyenas or wolves either. “Most of the […]

Photos Surface Showing ‘Closed-Door’ Meeting Between Rep. Ilhan Omar and President Erdogan

Photographs have surfaced of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a mysterious “closed-door meeting” in 2017. Reporter Jordan Schachtel recently came upon an interesting tidbit in the Tusmo Times, a publication that covers the Somali community in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, area. reports: He found a story there […]

Scientists reveal first ever IMAGE of black hole (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The major announcement was made in simultaneous news conferences in Washington, Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo as the European Commission, European Research Council, and the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project detailed the findings of their mission. Despite their enormous mass black holes are extraordinarily difficult to observe. It is impossible to photograph a black hole’s […]

Russian Navy tracks NATO squadron entering Black Sea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The large patrol ship ‘Vasily Bykov,’ along with surveillance ship ‘Ivan Khurs,’ both of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, are closely tracking the movement of NATO vessels in the area, the Defense Ministry said. The photos and videos from Turkey had earlier showed three NATO frigates passing through the Bosporus Strait and entering the Black Sea […]

Cyclone Idai death toll reaches 732, hundreds still missing (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Survivors are struggling to deal with the aftermath of the huge disaster, with an estimated 1 million people affected in Mozambique alone. Tens of thousands have sought refuge in emergency shelters after hurricane-force winds of up to 200kph and heavy flooding forced them from their homes.   The UN has repeated calls for emergency support to […]

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