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January Opinion Piece

By Dr. Ron Weiser AM  Prime Minister Netanyahu has suddenly shifted the goal posts and his political future may depend on how his imaginative and daring initiative shapes up. Over the past two years in what is effectively the one election cycle being played out now for the fourth time, I have continuously described the… […]

December Opinion Piece

By Dr. Ron Weiser AM Although it is Chanukah, it very much seems as if we are witnessing a Purim spiel in two arenas. Having put to bed the normalisation deals with the UAE and Bahrain, the more complex deals with Sudan and Morocco rely heavily on US incentives for them to go ahead. In […]

New York Times Piece Claims Trump is Deliberately Inserting Typos Into His Tweets as Secret “Code” to His Supporters

Trump supporters are questioning why Joe Biden has so many more votes, in the case of Georgia nearly 96,000, in key swing states compared to the number of people who voted for Democratic Senators on the same ticket. Usually, voters will choose both their preferred president and that president’s corresponding political party when it comes […]

Operation Warp Speed – A Technocratic Chess Piece?

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October Opinion Piece

By Dr. Ron Weiser AM Direct Etihad passenger flights to Israel; the formation of Kosher Arabia which will apparently make it easier to get kosher food in Abu Dhabi and Dubai than in Sydney or Melbourne; a public sukkah in front of the world famous Burj Khalifa Tower; and normalisation with Sudan around the corner. […]

The BBC Prepares Another Hit Piece on Independent Journalists

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube Vanessa Beeley joins the program to discuss the BBC’s forthcoming hit piece on journalists like herself who dare call out the White Helmets as a foreign-founded, foreign-funded, terrorist-embedded propaganda construct. We discuss Beeley’s reporting on […]

Interview 1587 – Vanessa Beeley Debunks A BBC Hit Piece

Libertydan says: BBC is only a relatively small piece of the World wide Propaganda Campaign. CBS brags about it’s “60 Minutes” being the most watched and trusted “News” program on TV. On Sunday October 18, 2020 they broadcasted some fairy-tails, that were so well scripted and acted out that I had to do a Reality […]

September Opinion Piece

It’s quite amazing how the State of Israel at this moment in time, has become a mirror image of the two sides of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s operating styles. Internally, whilst the raison d’etre for the formation of this coalition government was to fight Covid 19, it has descended into a shambolic series of policies and […]

Jew York Times Runs Piece Sympathizing With Pedophiles

The Jew York Times wants you to know that pedophiles who try to meet up with underage boys/girls and bring condoms with them shouldn’t go to jail. NYT: Since 2015, nearly 300 men in cities and towns across Washington State have been arrested in online-predator stings, most of them run by the State Patrol and code-named […]

CNN’s 2007 Hit Piece Against Christopher Bollyn – “Anti-Semitism & 9/11”

This youtube upload is even from 2007! It is wild to hear this discussion 11 years after. The cat really is out of the bag now and it’s not going back in. Listen to CNN talk about how the real enemy is “Islamo-fascism” whereas now they would criticize such talk as “racist rhetoric” now. […]

Assange slams Intercept hit-piece claiming his group ‘sexist, backed Trump’

     WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has rejected claims by The Intercept that he backed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He accused the outlet of furthering one of the authors’ personal obsession. “The editorial propriety of letting Micah F Lee, of all people, instrumentalize the Intercept to further his obsessive, obscenity laden campaign against WikiLeaks must be […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2018 (+ Kim Jong-Un’s sister: the final piece of the war provocation puzzle + more & More on the Putin assassination setup)

(Special Note – 8 February 2018) – Kim Jong-Un’s sister: the final piece of the war provocation puzzle With the announcement that North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un will send his sister to the Olympics, all the pieces are now in place for a war provocation. Her assassination, real or simulated, would provide a superb motive for […]

Does Every Single Piece Of Plastic Ever Produced Still Exist Today?

Renegade Editor’s Note: This is one of those issues that is always associated with “the left,” but it is something every one of us who cares about the future needs to start doing something about. By Alanna Ketler In the above image, plastic toothbrushes are lined up on Kahuku Beach. This is an act of […]

Newsweek Hit Piece Calling Organic Food a ‘Scam’ Authored by Known Monsanto Propagandist

Claire Bernish, Guest Waking Times Monsanto, the megalithic corporation responsible for Agent Orange and for inundating the planet with noxious PCBs for years with full knowledge the horrific damage the substances cause to the planet and its inhabitants, finds itself in hot water, again, thanks to a poorly-delivered smear campaign against organic, healthy food — that is, food […]

Globalist propaganda rag NEWSWEEK runs Monsanto-style hit piece on organic food, authored by discredited propagandist Henry Miller

(Natural News) An anti-organic food, pro-GMO opinion piece in Newsweek allegedly has the Monsanto’s fingerprints on it. In the Op-Ed that accuses the organic food “campaign” of being a “deceitful, expensive scam,” the author, Dr. Henry I. Miller, claims that organic farming uses pesticides and that this form of agriculture is wasteful to farmland […]

Vic Mensa’s searing piece in ‘Time’ on Israeli oppression is prefaced by clunky disclaimer re anti-Semitism

Rapper Vic Mensa has published a wrenching piece in Time Magazine about “oppression and abuse” in Palestine. He saw elderly women being “punched in the face” by Israeli soldiers, saw hundreds of children being harassed and detained, and felt a solemn obligation to bear witness. But check out two of the opening sentences in the article: […]

Millionaire Returning $4 Million Piece Of Manhattan To Native American Tribe

An eccentric millionaire is giving Manhattan back to the American Indians — at least his small part of it.Jean-Louis Goldwater Bourgeois, 76, an architectural historian and activist for Native American causes, is in the process of transferring the deed of his $4 million, land marked West Village house to a nonprofit controlled by the Lenape […]

Lee Camp: How To Create NPR’s Propaganda – As Seen In a Hit Piece Against Me

By Lee Camp, the host and head writer of the comedy news show “Redacted Tonight” that airs every Friday on RT America and at He’s a former comedy writer for the Onion and the Huffington Post. This article originally appeared on Naked Capitalism.  I never thought I’d be the target of an NPR attack piece. Through […]

Ridiculous Guardian Smear Piece Results In Epic Satire

By Brandon Turbeville In perhaps one of the most ridiculous propaganda pieces of the year, The Guardian’s Olivia Solon has published an article coming to the aid of the Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the White Helmets and labeling anyone who dare criticize the group as “conspiracy theorists,” “alt right,” or “Russian […]

Oh wrestler, Jerusalem is not a chess piece– Gazans tell Trump

Amid hundreds acres of fields covered with grass and the rusty metal wires of old burnt tires, young protesters experienced in skirmishes with Israeli soldiers recommend to their newly experienced friends the best ways to avoid the tear gas and stun grenades fired from the Nahal Oz military post east of Gaza City. About 100-300 […]

FS1’s Sharpe: Racist U.S. Flag Is Just ‘A Piece of Cloth…Nobody Fights For’

FS1’s Sharpe: Racist U.S. Flag Is Just ‘A Piece of Cloth…Nobody Fights For’ Newsbusters September 30, 2017 After engaging in character assassination against Green Bay Packers fans who chose not to protest during Thursdays National Anthem, FS1’s Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe did the same with the American flag, declaring it to be merely a racist […]

98% Of college students will divulge their friends’ emails for a piece of PIZZA

(Natural News) Nothing says friendship like pizza, or does it? A recent study of college students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that a staggering 98 percent were willing to give up their friends’ email addresses for a slice of pizza — not even a whole pizza, just one piece. Clearly, kids these days don’t have […]

Woman Told To Leave Pool For Wearing One-Piece Bathing Suit & She’s Not The Only One

This headline may have you just as confused as I am, but the sad reality is, women face this kind of judgement every day, and in unexpected places. Three minutes after Tori Jenkins and her fiancé Tyler Newman entered the swimming pool at their apartment complex, they received a complaint about how she was dressed and were told she would […]

What We Can Learn From NBC’s Megyn Kelly’s ‘Hit Piece’ On Alex Jones

Over the past week, NBC’s Megyn Kelly has taken a lot of heat over her controversial interview with Alex Jones. You may be familiar with Alex Jones’ work at Info Wars, as he’s gained an extensive following after years of work in alternative news and “conspiracy theories.” To be clear, I genuinely believe that Alex Jones […]

Jew York Times Writes Fluff Piece Promoting Professional Cuckold David Futrelle

In the final days of May, after police in Portland, Ore., reported that Jeremy Joseph Christian stabbed three men on a train, killing two of them, an unusual theory as to why the attack occurred emerged in certain parts of the internet. Mainstream commentators had already pointed to Christian’s alt-right flavored racism, which seemed obvious […]

CNN Fires Host Who Called President a “Piece of Shit” on Twitter!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 11, 2017 Leftism is emotionalism. It is the feminine force in the world of men. That is why these people make impulsive, stupid tweets and then delete them all the time. I mean, I am on the internet most of the day, including sometimes while drinking and/or angry, […]

Tokyo Electric Power Co. admits covering up severity of the Fukushima meltdown

(NaturalNews) With millions of lives on the line and entire oceans and ecosystems at risk, the Japanese government deliberately lied to the world in 2011, conspiring with Japan energy company Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), to keep the population entirely misled and confused of the whereabouts surrounding the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A new […]

World War 3 is around the corner.

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Zarif, Nalbandian highlight economic ties

TEHRAN, Jun. 05 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has told his Armenian counterpart Iran would help solve Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Republic of Azerbaijan.Mohammad Javad Zarif and Edward Nalbandian met and discussed bilateral and regional issues of interest on Sunday. Zarif believed that Tehran-Yerevan ties would contribute to regional stability and peace; “both countries would […]

Can Religion Be an Addiction?

Valerie Tarico, GuestWaking Times “I’ve never been happier since I quit my 30-year addiction to Jesus.” – Blogger and Christian Heretic, Sandra Kee To a medical researcher, the word addiction has a specific biological meaning. But in common vernacular, it means approximately this: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice […]

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