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Plane passengers stunned as ‘UFO splits into six pieces and vanishes in mid-air’

   Passenger Lucas Kim recorded the bizarre encounter as he flew from South Korea to Thailand Lucas Kim spotted what he thought was another flight from his window This is the stunning moment a mysterious ‘aircraft’ splits into six pieces and vanishes in full view of a shocked passenger aboard a nearby plane. Lucas Kim […]

Russia intercepts US spy plane over Black Sea

A Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet has intercepted a US spy plane that was approaching Russia’s border over the Black Sea. “An Su-27 fighter jet, as part of the Southern Military District’s air defenses, was scrambled to intercept the target,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday, adding, “The crew flew the aircraft at a […]

Pro-Palestinian activist who was jailed for racist rant on plane found dead

A disgraced pro-Palestinian activist from Britain who was jailed for staging a rowdy and racist scene aboard an airplane was found dead in what police are treating as a suicide. The lifeless body of Simone Burns, 50, also known as Simone O’Broin, was found last month on a beach, the Daily Telegraph reported Thursday. Sussex […]

Passenger plane lands safely at Ben Gurion after blown tire scare

A passenger plane with a blown tire landed safely at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday after rescue services were put on high alert for a potential emergency situation. Over 100 ambulances, firetrucks and emergency workers had been scrambled to the airport and Israeli fighter jets followed the Boeing 737 as it prepared to land four […]

Plane with shredded tire lands safely at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport

Staff at Ben Gurion were put on highest alert on Monday afternoon as the plane with 152 on board prepared to land. More than 100 ambulances were scrambled to the scene and all other flights were canceled or diverted. After circling in a holding pattern to shed fuel, the 737 touched down at 4.25 PM local time, using […]

Medics rush to Ben Gurion airport as plane with missing tire prepares to land

More than 100 ambulances were scrambled to the scene on Monday afternoon, as the airport announced its highest emergency level. The plane circled over the airport to shed fuel. It later landed safely, with no injuries reported.  Also on Plane with shredded tire lands safely at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport The Electra Airways […]

Brazilian airman from president’s backup plane caught smuggling ’39kg of cocaine’

The Air Force service member was arrested by Spain’s Civil Guard on Tuesday at Seville airport, where the plane stopped before flying to Osaka for the upcoming G20 summit. According to El Pais, the illegal cargo was found inside a bag of Sergeant Manoel Silva Rodrigues, during a mandatory check. Spanish customs authorities discovered 37 […]

Iran refrained from hitting manned US plane accompanying downed drone, IRGC says

A senior Iranian military commander says Iran has refrained from shooting down a US plane with 35 people on board that was accompanying an American spy drone which was shot down in the Persian Gulf after intruding into the Iranian airspace. “Along with the US drone, there was also an American P-8 plane with […]

Iran refrained from targeting US plane with 35 on board flying beside downed drone – commander

Brigadier General Hajizadeh told state TV that the main reason for shooting down the drone, which marked a serious escalation in tensions with the US, was to force the American P-8 military aircraft to divert course, according to Iranian media. Hajizadeh also claims that there were some 35 personnel on board the US P-8, though […]

‘Did aliens take missing Indian Air Force plane?’ News anchor floats bizarre theory (VIDEO)

The AN-32 military aircraft disappeared in Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh near the border with China last Monday, with 13 people on board. It lost contact after it took off from Jorhat in Assam. Also on Indian Air Force transport plane with 13 on board missing The IAF have offered a reward of 500,000 Indian […]

Indian Air Force transport plane with 13 on board missing

The aircraft went missing an hour after take-off from an airbase in northeastern India. It was headed for a landing ground in Mechuka Valley, which is close to the Indian-Chinese border. “Since the aircraft did not reach the airfield, overdue action was initiated by IAF,” an Indian Air Force official told local media. Indian Minister […]

Elite Banker ‘Put Plane on Autopilot’ So He Could ‘Have Sex With Child’

A millionaire banker is facing prison after he admitted to having sex with an underage child while flying his private jet. Stephen Bradley Mell, a bond trader from New Jersey, put his plane on autopilot to engage in sex acts with the 15-year-old in the air, according to court documents. Stephen Mell has a helipad at […]

Iceland pro-Palestinian band may sue El Al over bad plane seats

Iceland’s entry in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Hatari, is considering filing a formal complaint with Israel’s El Al airline over claims ground crews intentionally seated the band’s members in undesirable seats on their Monday flight from Tel Aviv to London. The techno-metal steampunk act won effusive jeers during the song contest […]

Australian-Lebanese dual national ordered released in Sydney plane bomb plot

The lawyer of an Australian-Lebanese dual citizen on trial for an alleged plot to bring down a passenger plane says her client has been ordered released on bail by a Lebanese military court. Joceline Adib al-Rai, lawyer of Amer Khayyat, said Saturday the court’s decision was delivered a day earlier. Prosecutors can appeal. Lebanese authorities […]

US spy plane spotted snooping near Russian maritime border in Black Sea, again

   Wednesday’s flight was the third time a US recon aircraft was spotted near Russia’s southern borders in less than 24 hours. A US Air Force Boeing RC-135V large reconnaissance aircraft based in Crete, Greece made its way into the Black Sea this morning, coasting along the Russian maritime border in the Krasnodar region before […]

World’s Largest Plane Takes to the Air

Life Science Microsoft’s Paul Allen and Stratolaunch Source Article from Related Posts Trump/Kushner Deal of the Century: ‘Money, Money, Money, It’s A Rich Man’s World’ By Stuart Rees Story Code : 806111 Islam Times – Cruelty occurs when one group 50 Years Ago USA United World with Moon Landing By Johnny Punish 50 YEARS […]

Rendition Plane, Increased Police Presence Raise Fears For Assange

Rendition Plane, Increased Police Presence Raise Fears For Assange Above Photo: winkletweb/Flickr A mysterious flight of a U.S. rendition plane to London and increase of plainclothes British police outside the Ecuador embassy has heightened concern for the WikiLeaks founder March 27, 2019 “Information Clearing House“ – In four days, it will be a full year since WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange […]

Russian Su-27 fighter jet intercepts US spy plane over Baltic Sea – Moscow (VIDEO)

The radars picked up the approaching target over the neutral waters in the Baltics and a Su-27 fighter jet was scrambled to intercept it. The Russian pilots closed in on the target, while maintaining a safe distance, and identified it as US Air Force reconnaissance plane, P-8A Poseidon. The American aircraft subsequently pulled away, while […]

Silent and Simple Ion Engine Powers a Plane with No Moving Parts

Silent and Simple Ion Engine Powers a Plane with No Moving Parts November 21st, 2018 I found a video of the flight: Via: Scientific American: Behind a thin white veil separating his makeshift lab from joggers at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology indoor track, […]

China turns legendary Soviet plane into ‘world’s heaviest’ transport drone (VIDEO)

The small single-engine biplane started its outstanding career in 1947 and became a civilian workhorse in many countries of the former Soviet bloc, thanks to its reliability, virtually non-existent requirements for ground infrastructure, and affordability. It’s best known as the Kukuruznik in Russia, or ‘corn crop duster’, due to its use in agriculture. Chinese producers […]

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