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Frankfurt airport fire sparks plane inferno fears (PHOTOS)

Images showing columns of black smoke billowing from the airport tarmac have appeared online, with some people fearing that an aircraft had caught fire. Yet, the blaze, which in eyewitness pictures appeared to come from a passenger jet, was actually caused by a malfunction in an aircraft tow vehicle, according to local media reports. The […]

Severe hailstorm smashes windshield, nose of US plane

     American Airlines flight 1897 was forced to make an emergency landing in El Paso, Texas, Sunday night after the Airbus A319 suffered severe damage during a hail storm over New Mexico. The Phoenix-bound flight, which had departed at 6:57 p.m. local time from San Antonio, was forced to divert to El Paso roughly an […]

Attempt to hijack passenger plane flying over Iran fails

IFP- An attempt to hijack a passenger plane flying from the UAE’s Dubai to the Afghan capital of Kabul has been foiled. The attempt happened in skies near Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan Province, when a person carrying a knife tried to enter the plane’s cockpit. But the pilot locked the door and then crew of […]

Man tries to force his way onto plane, injures 3 ground staff (VIDEO)

The incident took place on the tarmac at Melbourne Airport in Australia on Thursday morning. Video footage published by 9News shows the passenger furiously tugging at the door handle in an effort to break onto the aircraft. He even uses his foot to get greater leverage when his initial efforts prove fruitless. The video ends […]

China Sichuan Airlines pilot ‘half sucked out of plane’ survives

BBC reports: A Chinese passenger jet was forced into an emergency landing after its windscreen blew out at 32,000ft (9,753m), sucking the co-pilot halfway out of the plane. Captain Liu Chuanjian said the Airbus A319 had been cruising mid-air when a deafening sound flooded the cockpit. “There was no warning,” he […]

Turkish airlines plane tail smashed in dramatic collision at Istanbul Intl’ Airport (VIDEO)

Footage has emerged showing the moment the two planes collided on Sunday. The South Korean Asiana A330 airplane, which was heading for Seoul, can be seen making its way to the runaway as it accidently smashes the tail of the Turkish Airlines A321, which had just landed. The footage shows that the South Korean plane’s […]

Nature Spirits Said To Inhabit Earth’s Astral Plane & Interior: The Gnomes

Next Story Photo Cred Many ancient cultures have stories and texts which refer to ‘magical’ and ‘mythical’ lands that c0-exist alongside our reality. Whether these places are actual physical places, or places that reside in ‘another dimension,’ for lack of a better term, has been the subject of great discussion within various material throughout the ages. These […]

Russian jet intercepts American Navy surveillance plane over the Baltic Sea

     A Russian SU-27 jet flew close – reportedly within 20 feet – to a U.S. Navy plane over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday. While the maneuver was deemed safe, it was criticized as “unprofessional” by two defense officials who spoke with CNN. What’s the background? The Russian SU-27 is a one-man fighter plane. It […]

Qatari fighter jets endanger Emirati passenger plane – UAE officials

The civilian jet was crossing airspace run by Bahrain when it was shadowed by fighter planes on Sunday. The approaching military aircraft came so close that the passenger plane was forced to take evasive action, according to Emirati civil aviation authorities cited by the UAE state news agency. Bahrain’s aviation authority also issued a statement […]

At least 257 dead after Algerian military plane “fell from the sky” (VIDEO)

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Smoke rises from debris of Algerian plane crash that killed 257 (VIDEO)

READ MORE: 257 killed as military plane crashes in Algeria The plane went down near Boufarik Airport, the base for the Air Transport fleet of the Algerian Air Force, some 20km from the capital, Algiers, on Wednesday. According to the latest data from the Defense Ministry, 257 people died in the crash. The jet crashed in […]

NASA Hires Lockheed Martin to Build Quiet Supersonic X-Plane

NASA Hires Lockheed Martin to Build Quiet Supersonic X-Plane April 3rd, 2018 Via: NASA has taken a huge leap forward in its quest to create an aircraft that can travel faster than the speed of sound without causing the ear-splitting sonic boom. The […]

Russia warns UK of reciprocal measures if Aeroflot plane search not explained

The ministry-affiliated aviation security center is to file a request to clarify the reasons behind the search of the Aeroflot plane by UK authorities at Heathrow Airport in London on Friday. “If no explanation is forthcoming, Russia will deem the search illegal and will reserve the right to take similar action against British air carriers,” […]

Independent witnesses report silent ghost plane over Ripley, UK which ‘turned the sky dark’

     Separate reports of a mysterious ghost plane have emerged in Derbyshire where witnesses have seen a dark, silent shape’ sweep across the sky. Onlookers have stated they have seen a dark shape in the sky at around 6.45pm on Monday night at different locations across the county. Mark O’Brien believes he saw a quiet, […]

‘We were very scared’: Passengers of Air France flight discover huge hole in plane cabin

However, the 48 passengers aboard the flight from Paris to Aurillac in the south of France only discovered the full scale of the problem once the aircraft landed at around 9.30pm local time, when the hole was actually spotted, France 3 reports. Photographs of the short-haul regional airliner ATR 42, posted across social media, show […]

10 killed as plane crashes into home, wiping out Philippine family (PHOTOS)

The six-seat Piper PA-23 Apache aircraft crashed in Plaridel, Bulacan province, shortly after takeoff at around 11:20am, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said. The plane was flying from Plaridel Airport to the city of Laoag. Plaridel police chief Agustin Joseph said in a radio interview that the plane hit a house at […]

Tons of gold pours from sky in Russia after plane hatch falls off (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Photos circulating on social media appear to show gold bars wrapped in material scattered on the runway at Yakutsk Airport, in the country’s major diamond-producing region. The precious metals fell from the Nimbus Airlines An-12 plane when its cargo hatch accidentally flew open upon takeoff, Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed on Thursday.  The plane was carrying […]

US-Bangla plane crash worst air disaster in Nepal in nearly three decades

nsnbc : The US-Bangla airlines Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft with 71 passengers and crew on board crashed and burst into flames while landing at […]

Dozens feared dead after US-Bangla passenger plane crash in Nepal

nsnbc : Dozens are feared dead and at least 17 were injured when a passenger plane of US-Bangla Airlines crashed at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International […]

Three bodies of victims of Turkish crashed plane in Iran transported

IRNA – Three of the ten bodies retrieved from the debris of the Turkish crashed plane have been transported to the operation camp set up following the incident, said the governor of the Charmahal-Bakhtiari Province. ‘The bodies will be transported and delivered to the authorities,’ said Eqbal Abbasi on Monday. According to the Turkish Ministry […]

Dozens dead after plane with 71 on board crashes at airport in Kathmandu, Nepal (PHOTO, VIDEO)

According to airport officials, the airplane was carrying 67 passengers and 4 crew members. The final death toll appears to be uncertain so far. An army spokesman said that 50 people have perished, according to Reuters. However, Nepali police told the Associated Press that at least 38 were killed and 23 were injured, with 10 people […]

New 9/11 Video Proves No Plane Hit Pentagon

A new video filmed outside the Pentagon on 9/11 has emerged, proving what conspiracy theorists have said all along: that no plane hit the building on September 11.  The footage, shot on a handheld camera, shows a hole in the exterior of the Pentagon building, with absolutely zero plane wreckage anywhere to be found. […]

Black box of Iranian crashed plane probably found

Along with the plane wreckage, further remnants of the victims have been found, which will be soon transferred to the bottom of the mountains, he added in a Farsi interview with Mizan. Mohammad Saeed Sharafi, a Civil Aviation Organisation official, also told IRNA that examinations by CAO experts were needed to confirm if the black […]

Website linking cocaine scandal and Russian presidential plane gone offline

nsnbc : The Kremlin has denied reports that a presidential aircraft used by high-ranking state officials was used for smuggling cocaine from Argentine to […]

French delegation to visit site of ATR plane crash in SW Iran

IRNA – A seven-member delegation from France is going to examine the site of the ATR plane crash on top of the Dena mountain in Yasouj, southwestern Iran, to find the black box of the plane, said Member of Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) Asghar Salimi. The French delegation arrived in Iran on Tuesday night to examine […]

Roads minister to be impeached over plane crash

MNA – Spokesperson of Parliament Civil and Development Commission Sodeyf Badri revealed the impeachment of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akoundi. The impeachment of the roads minister came after a plane belonging to Aseman Airline, heading from Tehran to Yasuj, crashed a couple of days ago in Mt. Dena of Zagros mountain […]

Iran Red Crescent mobilizing to transfer dead bodies of plane crash

IRNA – After the plane wreckage was found, all forces and helicopters are being mobilized to transfer the dead bodies of the plane that crashed in southwestern Iran on Sunday, Secretary-General of the Iranian Red Crescent Mahoud Mahmoudi-Nasab was quoted saying on its website. Earlier in the day, spokesman of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps […]

Drone to look for Iran crashed plane: Local official

IRNA – Very extreme weathers in the mountainous area where the Iranian passenger plane crashed Sunday morning has made the rescue teams to put up a drone to look for the debris and exact site of the crash. ‘Bad weather prevents us to dispatch helicopters to the region and we will soon put up a […]

Turkish military training plane crashes in Izmir province, 2 pilots dead

Chinese military plane crashes during training exercise (VIDEO) The SF-260D training plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Cigli Airbase at around 11am local time Friday, statement says, as cited by Hurriet. Fire brigades, ambulances, as well as search and rescue teams were immediately sent to the crash scene.  Debris from the aircraft was reportedly found […]

Russian Plane Crash Murdered 71 To Silence 3

Yesterday we had breaking news about the Russian plane crash that happened 50 miles outside of Moscow right after takeoff and that killed 71 people on board including three people linked to Uranium One, Loop Capital and the fake Russian Dossier. Since this story is so big, I wanted to be sure we covered this […]

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