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Airbus attempts to sell the world on pilotless planes – or would you rather fly Boeing?

Ever since two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft went down within six months of each other due to a glitch in the plane’s computerized flight control system, killing everyone onboard, airline passengers have had good reason to be leery of placing their lives in the hands of computers. News that Boeing was aware of the […]

U. S. Sale Of War Planes To New Zealand Faces Resistance

U. S. Sale Of War Planes To New Zealand Faces Resistance Above Photo: From The U.S. State Department uses public funds and public employees to market private products designed for mass killing to foreign governments. Few corporations have benefitted more from this socialism for the oligarchs than Boeing. In one recent example, the U.S. government […]

Across America Mystery Planes are Releasing ‘Huge Plumes’ of Aluminum and Other Particles, Baffling Meteorologists

Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times Across America meteorologists frequently see anomalous formations showing up on radar that have no connection to trending weather patterns. In some cases these unnatural formations are found to have been caused by emissions from power plants which can cause weather changes including several inches of snow. Snow plume originating […]

Fruitful thaw: S. Korean planes carry 200 tons of tangerines north in return for pricy mushrooms

North Koreans will soon have an opportunity to enjoy the taste of tangerines as four cargo planes took off from South Korea on Sunday. The fruit was chosen as a gift because it is not a common delicacy in the North. Kim’s prized mushrooms safe to eat, Seoul says after radiation test of North Korea […]


WHEN A COMPANY called HawkEye 360 wanted to test its wares, it gave an employee a strange, deceptive task. While the worker stood in Virginia, he held the kind of transceiver that ships carry to broadcast their GPS locations. Usually such a signal would reveal his true position to a radio receiver, but he’d altered […]

CCTV footage shows 2 military transport planes’ bizarre collision at Khartoum airport (VIDEO)

CCTV footage shows two Sudanese military cargo planes – an Antonov 30 and Antonov 32 – landing on the same runway. Unable to avoid each other, one of the planes clips the tail of the other. Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene to extinguish the resulting blaze, Khaleej Times reported. There are currently no reported […]

US Sanctions China for Buying Russian War Planes and Missiles

The Trump administration imposed sanctions on the Chinese military on Thursday for buying fighter jets and missile systems from Russia, in breach of a sweeping US sanctions law punishing Moscow for meddling in the 2016 US election Reuters reports. The US State Department said it would immediately impose sanctions on China’s Equipment Development Department (EDD), the branch […]

IRGC adapts Ilyushin planes to fight wildfires: Commander

Tasnim – The Ilyushin transport aircraft in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ possession have been adapted to carry out aerial firefighting operations, a senior IRGC commander said, noting that the task has been fully performed by local experts. In an interview with Tasnim, General Shamseddin Farzadipoor, commander of aerial operation of the IRGC Aerospace Force, […]

France has “good hope” that ATR can deliver its planes to Iran

Reuters – The French minister Economy and Finance said Tuesday have “good hope” that ATR gets permission from the United States to deliver eight regional  planes to Iran before August 6 despite the sanctions inflicted on Tehran. “I am confident that the United States is giving us authorization to deliver these ATRs, “said Bruno Le […]

Photos Inside Chemtrail Planes You’ve Never Seen Before

I follow your website everyday and I’m thankful there are like minded people like yourself who are aware of global things that I have know since I was a little girl. I came across some photos from a trusted source of the inside of planes that are used for chemtrails and I figured if I […]

Everything Is Fake?? Chemtrails, CGI Planes On 9/11?? Crisis Actors?? MUST WATCH!!

Everything you’ve been told is not real, from 9/11 to Mass shootings in America… “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987 Produced by HouseOfFreewill Tv: <!– –> Source Article from Related Posts New Mexico mother who boiled puppies and forced […]

German aerospace expert says that electric planes may be in our very near future

(Natural News) Tesla e-cars are prowling the U.S. highways, while the roads of Chinese cities are filling up with electric buses. Soon it will be the turn of the electric plane to take to the skies. In a Deutsche Welle article, a German aerospace expert believes we will see e-planes offering short-range regional flights within […]

Iran to receive 3 more Airbus planes by year end: MP

Tasnim – Iran plans to take delivery of three more Airbus planes by the end of the current Iranian year (March 21, 2018 – March 20, 2019) in a major deal that it signed with the European aviation giant in December 2016, a lawmaker said. Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, the spokesman for the […]

Russian jets reportedly intercept israeli planes illegally over Lebanon

Times of Israel: In rare face-off, Russian jets reportedly intercept Israeli planes over Lebanon… SU-34 planes said to have challenged IAF F-16s in Tripoli’s skies despite mechanism to avoid conflicts between Moscow and Jerusalem In a rare incident Israeli warplanes were reportedly intercepted by Russian fighter jets over Lebanon early Monday morning, despite an understanding […]

In rare move, Russian jets reportedly intercept Israeli planes over Lebanon

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,962 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Annual defense show displays Russian military power Russian military power was on display in the Moscow region on Tuesday (June 25) Russian Warship Docks In Havana As […]

Israeli Planes Strike Gaza Destroying Boat Preparing To Meet Aid Flotilla

Israeli  jets struck targets in the Gaza Strip destroying a boat which was preparing to meet other boats that were trying to sail through Israel’s naval blockade. According to local residents the vessel was due to sail to meet an aid flotilla on its way to Gaza The IDF claimed that Israeli planes bombed sites […]

No Commercial Planes Crashed on 9-11

  April 25, 2018 The FBI released the names, addresses, photos, religious beliefs, whereabouts, affiliations, professional connections, flight training schools, nationalities, personal histories, ages, visa status OF ALL the highjackers within DAYS Of 9-11 (Unibomber took 17 years!)… [Editor’s Note: April 18, 2013. This is a good roundup of empirical facts surrounding the greatest act […]

China to Bar People with Bad ‘Social Credit’ from Planes, Trains

China to Bar People with Bad ‘Social Credit’ from Planes, Trains March 16th, 2018 Via: Reuters: China said it will begin applying its so-called social credit system to flights and trains and stop people who have committed misdeeds from taking such transport for up […]

CEO: 14 more new planes to join Iran Air fleet next year

FNA- Chairwoman and CEO of Iran Air, the country’s national flag carrier, Farzaneh Sharafbafi announced that the company will receive 14 more new passenger planes in the next Iranian year (to start on March 21). “Next year, almost 14 new planes will join the Iran Air fleet, based on the contracts,” Sharafbafi told FNA on […]

(Un)safe & (un)professional: How NATO, Russian planes chase each other (VIDEOS)

In fact the current dominant narrative says NATO pilots always act in a safe and professional way while the bad Russkies are risk-takers and show-offs. The Russian defense ministry seems to be quite irritated with the accusations, going as far as questioning whether NATO aviators are fit for duty, considering the panic attacks apparently caused […]

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