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Reforestation Drones Will Plant 40,000 Trees This Month With 1 Billion Goal Set for 2028

(TMU) – As the world continues to witness warming climate conditions, there has been a frightful uptick in massive wildfires from California to the Amazon rainforest and the Australian bush. And as the world’s forests burn to the ground, this creates a dilemma not only for wildlife habitats but also for us humans – because […]

Dutch emergency services battle fire at abandoned NUCLEAR PLANT, urge residents to lock windows and doors (VIDEOS)

The fire broke out shortly before noon local time on Thursday in Dodewaard, which is roughly 100 km from Amsterdam. Eyewitness video from the scene shows fire crews battling the blaze on the roof. The cause of the fire is as yet unknown, but it may have started after work was carried out on the […]

Blaze rips through chemical plant near Venice, residents warned to block windows with damp rags to stop TOXIC SMOKE (VIDEOS)

At least one worker was seriously injured at the chemical plant, after a tank reportedly exploded at approximately 11.30am local time on Friday morning. A thick column of black smoke was visible across the city and lagoon. Firefighters and biohazard response units from Venice and Treviso are currently on scene, with multiple ambulances, helicopters and […]

Jam petchem plant breaks output, sales record

SHANA — The director of Jam Petrochemical Company said: “Fortunately, this complex was able to achieve a new record in production and sales last [calendar] year by supplying more than 2.5 million tons of various items.” According to the company, Nader Kazemian added: “This year, we will be trying to improve last year’s performance, although […]

Mexican chemical plant RIPPED APART by huge blast as locals flee for their lives (VIDEOS)

The chemical recycling plant processes solvents and various oils in an industrial sector of the city. Despite the enormous explosion, somewhat miraculously, there have as yet been no confirmed injuries. Eyewitness video from the scene shows the sheer scale of the blaze and the resultant thick black smoke that is now blanketing parts of the […]

4 Plant-based sources of vegan cheese (Plus 2 recipes to try)

(Natural News) A vegan diet is good for your overall health, but it restricts what you can and can’t eat. If you’re craving cheese but want to stick to your diet, why not try vegan cheese? Plant-based vegan cheese Vegan cheese is a plant-based substitute for animal-based cheese, and it’s popular among people who want […]

Coronavirus lockdown: Taxi drivers plant a seed of hope in troubled times

The Garden Centre Association sent the NPHTA and the National Taxi Association a list of its members who are still selling plants but need help with deliveries. Iain Wylie, of the GCA, added: “If garden centres can distribute their plants in this way, we will be grateful. It will go some way to ease the […]

Defense Industries plant produces masks & protective gowns for medics

IRNA – Defense Minister announced on Sunday that the Defense Industries Organization of Iran has been making round-the-clock efforts to help both medical centers and the Iranian people fight the coronavirus (COVID-19). Defense Industries Organization will make use of all its capabilities to meet the needs of the health and medical centers to contain the […]

Demand for meat rising despite deluge of plant-based alternatives, report finds

   Impossible Burgers at Disney Parks. Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks. The proprietary Plantiful burger at Wendy’s. Another day, another plant-based product rollout, or so it would seem. Add the frequency of cattle rancher counterattacks targeting labelling requirements and language into the mix, and you’d be forgiven for assuming meat was in trouble. But […]

Organization Aims To Protect The Integrity Of Plant Medicines Worldwide

The Facts: Anti-gravity technology has been around for decades, and there is much proof of that. One of the pioneers was Otis T. Carr, who was subjected to large amounts of ridicule and difficulty while pursuing his developments. Reflect On: If the release of this technology would completely wipe out the Oil Industry and collapse […]

5 Surprising Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

The Facts: A whole foods plant based diet is far different from a plant based diet containing processed vegan foods. The benefits of this diet are huge even though still misunderstood. Reflect On: Do you believe that mock meats and processed vegan foods are healthy because they are vegan? This is not the form of […]

Jane Goodall Promises to Plant 5 Million Trees in 2020

(TT) — Dr. Jane Goodall, the primatologist who is widely considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, has recently announced plans to plant five million trees this year. Goodall has partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to help the group with its 1 Trillion Trees Campaign. In a statement on her website, Goodall […]

The Science Of Healing Trauma With Plant Medicine – Dr. Jeff McNairy Explains

The Facts: I started alternate day fasting a few months ago. I’ve lost a healthy chunk of fat from my body and my weight has stabilized. Fasting is a great way to boost your health and help your body utilize its fat stores. Reflect On: The science of fasting is very interesting, and it shows […]

Unlock the Power of Anti-Aging Plant Medicine – FREE Online Event

If you’d like to lengthen your life while staying vigorously healthy and alert every step of the way, acclaimed herbalist K P Khalsa has two words for you: plant medicine. Herbal remedies can be life changing, sometimes with dramatic results, but if you’re not already familiar with this field, it can be hard to know […]

Fiat Chrysler To Shut Serbia Plant As Covid-19-Shock Paralyzes Global Supply Chains

It’s certainly plausible that the global economy is in the early stages of grinding to a halt. Already, we’ve noted that two-thirds of China’s economy is offline, with major industrial hubs idle and 400 million people quarantined. The next phase of the supply chain chaos is to spread to regions that are overly reliant on Chinese […]

PCRM urge FDA to promote plant-based diet on Viagra labels

   Package labels for Viagra, Cialis, and other erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs should inform patients that ED is a sign of potentially fatal artery disease, according to a petition the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine filed with the Food and Drug Administration on Feb. 10. Between 18 and 30 million men in the United States […]

Fungi That Absorbs Radiation Has Been Growing All Over Chernobyl Plant

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times For a long time, scientists have known that certain types of fungi are attracted to radiation, and can actually help to break down and neutralize radiation in certain environments. The radioactive site of the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has acted as a real-life laboratory in many ways over the […]

Take that, climate change! With the Oscars’ plant-based menu, Hollywood finally saves the world for real

Hollywood has an extended and rich history of depicting mankind in peril from various existential threats. If you recall, it was Hollywood that showed us the nefarious nature of robots, like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Skynet and their T-1000 killer robot minions (that speak with a strange Austrian accent for no apparent reason) […]

Study Finds That Nearly 30,000 Plant Species Are Used As Medicine Around World

The Facts: A study published in The Astrophysical Journal in October found that hundreds of galaxies were rotating in sync with the motions of galaxies that were tens of millions of light years away. This suggests that an invisible force somehow connects them. Reflect On: How much of what we know, and what we think […]

WATCH: Cameras go inside Fukushima nuclear power plant to show cleanup progress since 2011 tsunami damage

Video from the plant shows much of the damage is still clearly in place, amid the ongoing cleanup effort.  The buildup of contaminated water at the site is still a problem, years after the disaster — and could be a problem for decades to come, according to reports. Giant tanks are used at the site […]

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