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‘Israel, please help us overthrow Eritrea’s autocratic regime’

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Can someone please send me the section of the Constitution where the media selects the POTUS?

Can someone please send me the section of the Constitution where the media selects the POTUS? Thanks! I missed it when I looked. — Dan Bongino (@dbongino) November 7, 2020 Hits: 23

Please Donate, support us, we need you and We will give you PC GAMES every month

    Guys if you haven’t already subscribed to our Patreon, please explain why!? Did you know we offer free monthly premium title PC games? We even had GTA5 for free among many other premium titles. Follow us on Patreon, donate whatever you can monthly and not only you support us in these harsh times […]

Dear fellow progressives: Please vote for Biden

Tis the season for some progressives to argue that the best way to build a progressive political movement in America is to stick it to the centrist Democrats—who have rejected progressive nominees and platforms—by voting for a third party in swing states. If that helps elect what many regard as a “greater evil” Republican, some […]

‘Whistleblower’ Email Exposing Where The Plan Is Meant To Go From Here – David Icke! Please Share Widely.

Truth To Power This Tyranny Is All About The Re-Modification Of Human Behaviour And Perception Of Reality! When Insanity Becomes Normal Freedom Becomes History! Universal Basic Income To Be Introduced Globally. David Icke talks to Toronto Caribbean about the political ‘whistleblower’ email exposing where the plan is meant to go from here — Darrell […]

Will someone please explain why Russia is pushing a hastily tested, inadequately formulated COVID-19 vaccine for various multi-infection syndromes caused by different pathogenic micro-organisms that have undergone multiple mutations!

Will someone please explain why Russia is pushing a hastily tested, inadequately formulated COVID-19 vaccine for various multi-infection syndromes caused by different pathogenic micro-organisms that have undergone multiple mutations! | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary Hits: 21

If You Want Answer To Our Trying Times, PLEASE Watch This by BF Kennedy, Jr Exposing Global De-Population

National Addiction News There are too many unanswered questions. Are we going through a pandemic of SCAMDEMIC? Are people in authority playing us? Will globalists control our children? Are we going through Nazi Tactics by those we should trust? Are masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 or to cause us to be obedient little […]

Digital Papers Please: New Reports of TSA Searching Computers and Cellphones for DOMESTIC Flights

By Nicholas West Despite being roundly hated by the traveling public, the TSA continues to trample upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path. Whether it is the physical searches that are sometimes tantamount to sex crimes, or forcing foreign travelers to take books, magazines and food out of their bags for inspection, there seems to […]

Will the Real Crisis Actors Please Stand Up?

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times It’s been almost 20 years since the massacre at Columbine High School. That was in 1999, when cable news was really just beginning to sinks its teeth into American culture. It was a new format, and for the first time such horrific news was in your face, everywhere you […]

Papers Please: “Daily Citizenship Checks” on Buses Across Maine Highlight Constitution-Free Zone

By Joe Wright Still unknown to much of the U.S. population is the fact that they reside within a “Constitution-Free Zone,” as it has been dubbed by the ACLU for many years. In fact, it is estimated that 200 million people (2/3 of the populace) are likely to have their 4th Amendment protections […]

Please join the 9th annual Open Shuhada Street campaign

When I was a young child, I remember Shuhada Street in my city of Hebron being so crowded that my father had to hold my hand tightly to keep me from getting lost as we walked down the street. Today, the street is a ghost town. The front entrances to Palestinian homes and shops are […]

Open Letter to Ben Jealous: Please take a progressive stand on Palestine

Dear Ben Jealous, We are writing this letter to you in regards to your campaign for governor of the state of Maryland. We are both Maryland voters and would like to talk to you about Palestine, BDS, and civil rights. Kim is a Baltimore writer, community college professor, and Green Party activist who has lived […]

Watching The Hawks – Ignorant Spending & More HR, Please

Watching The Hawks – Ignorant Spending & More HR, Please Watching The Citizens and legislators diverge on government spending priorities. The #MeToo movement highlights the importance of corporate HR. The Big Picture host Holland Cooke discusses FCC chair Ajit Pais absence from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. RTs Natasha Sweatte explores Americas […]

Invitation to Our Readers: Please Offer Your Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

LD:  We invite our readers to speculate on coming events in the next year. Offer us your point-by-point predictions.  If you wish, think big and look ahead to the year 2050 and beyond. What will life be like for our children and grandchildren? Will it be better or worse? Will it be Utopia or Dystopia? […]

‘Get lost, please. Thank you’ – Watch Russian tycoon tell pestering CNN reporter where to go

     Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska’s encounter with a CNN reporter, who kept asking him about alleged ties with Paul Manafort, ended with the tycoon giving him a steely look and telling him to “get lost.” CNN’s Matthew Chance spotted Deripaska during the APEC summit in Vietnam and immediately started following him. The journalist repeatedly asked […]

‘Get lost please’: Moment Russian tycoon brushes off CNN reporter caught on camera

CNN’s Matthew Chance spotted Deripaska during the APEC summit in Vietnam and immediately started following him. The journalist repeatedly asked questions about Deripaska’s alleged connections to former Donald Trump aide Paul Manafort, according to the CNN video released on Friday.  After unsuccessful attempts to ignore Chance’s questions, Deripaska eventually became annoyed with the reporter and […]

UK Doctor Mixed 8 Vaccines Into 1 Syringe & Gave To Child. Please Donate To Help Sue The GP For Damage Done To Jodie

Next Story A family from Sussex, UK, is suing their GP for giving their daughter, Jodie, eight vaccines combined into just one syringe in 1993. The GP chose to do this against the parents wishes they had expressed before they came in for the appointment. The parents had requested only the MMR be given to Jodie, who was 14 […]

Philippines’ Duterte winds down drug war to please ‘bleeding hearts & media’

On Tuesday, Duterte signed a memorandum, tasking the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to be the “sole agency” to battle illegal drugs. The order effectively suspended Oplan Double Barrel and Oplan Tokhang operations again drugs in the country, which were conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP) for over a year. The National Bureau of […]

Please call Rodney Frelinghuysen

Please call Rodney Frelinghuysen By ethand to well-placed Capitol Hill sources, your representative, Rodney Frelinghuysen, is listening to Campaign for Liberty members like you and opposing attempts to sneak the online gaming ban into must pass appropriations legislation. . . . . . But the special interests behind this scheme are pressuring him to support […]

Please go fishing, Washington state says after farmed Atlantic salmon escape broken net

Cooke, in an estimate to WDFW, put the number of escaped fish at 4,000 to 5,000, according to Ron Warren, fish program assistant director for the WDFW. Source Article from Hits: 0

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Please help us to dismantle the siege of Hebron

When I filmed the video of the assassination of Abdel Fattah al-Sharif in March 2016, it caused a worldwide sensation to the extent that the Israeli defense minister submitted his resignation from the government after the case caused great controversy. This documentation of a crime was part of the program for photography by the Human […]

Access Denied. Please Pay Up.

Above Photo: From Today, the FCC released the text of its proposal to gut Net Neutrality. As reported by The Hill: “The commission voted along party lines Thursday to move forward with the proceeding to eliminate the regulations, which reclassified internet service providers as telecommunications companies and required them to treat all web traffic equally. Republican FCC Chairman […]

Dear Dance Teachers, Please Stop Sexualizing Your Child Students

Dance Teachers, We need to talk. You have got to stop sending children out to dance in public in their underwear. Maybe you’ve added some rhinestones to that underwear or maybe you’ve strategically placed a piece of chiffon somewhere but come on…underwear is underwear and we all know it. And Dance Parents, you shouldn’t allow […]

Someone Please Meme the Blacks Into Renaming Houston “No Limit City”

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 23, 2017 I told you guys that if you took down Confederate monuments, they would just start going after “anyone who owned slaves,” which is effectively every major figure of import in American history before the Civil War. Sam Houston was governor of Texas from 1859 to 1861, […]

Dear Dance Teachers: Please Stop Sexualizing Your Students

Misty Copeland is not covered up in this photo or in the incredible commercial she filmed for the Under Armour campaign. But… She’s Misty Copeland. She’s a grown woman. This is an ad for base garments, otherwise known as UNDERWEAR and is not apparel that is advertised as a dance costume. Notice that both the […]

Please No: Joe Lieberman Being Considered for FBI Chief

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 18, 2017 This is pretty much the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Trump, don’t do this. This Jew will destroy you no matter what. There is no scenario in which this Jew will not hunt you and BBQ you. You cannot placate the Jew. He knows Pence would […]

Site Migration Under Way – Please Be Patient

I hate having to take any time off from publishing here at the Tribune, but in order to maintain the integrity of the database and media content, I have been forced to halt publication and turn off comments for the time being. We will be bringing everything back up to full speed as soon […]

USA to Russia ” please do not hurt our terrorists in Syria”

America Mingles with Al Qaeda in Syria: Washington Wants Russia Not to Target al-Qaeda “Terror Groups” By Daniel McAdams, The total muddle that is US policy toward Syria continues to astonish. This week we saw the spectacle of a State Department Spokesman telling us that President Obama’s promise to not put US boots on the ground […]

A Case for LIFE: Stop Killing Us, Please!

Every day I wake up and look at the sky. Some days the sky is blue and beautiful but other times I see planes flying all across it, spraying us with toxic chemtrails; and, before long, the chemtrails spread out and start blocking the sunlight. This is called geo-engineering and it’s allegedly designed to fight […]

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