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Water Poisoning Alerts Hidden From Public

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times Each year, red flags over toxic drinking water are raised across the U.S., with reasons varying from location to location. One major problem is aging water pipes, which have become an increasingly common source of toxic exposure.1 In a 2013 report,2 the American Society for Civil Engineers warned that most of the drinking water infrastructure […]

At Least 100 Cases of Salmonella Poisoning from British Eggs

Dozens of people have been poisoned after eating British eggs contaminated with one of the most dangerous forms of salmonella, the Bureau can reveal, despite government assurances that the risk had been virtually eliminated. There have been at least 100 cases recorded in the past three years, and 45 since January, in a major outbreak […]

If you use "regular" sunscreen, you are poisoning your blood with cancer-causing chemicals

(Natural News) When it comes to exposure to the sun, less it not necessarily more, but too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing. Finding the right balance between on the one hand avoiding excess sun exposure, and on the other preventing health conditions related to insufficient sunshine […]

America’s Forgotten Nuclear Disaster: Church Rock Still Poisoning Navajo Tribe 40 Years Later

IMAGE: The imposing and stunning sight of Church Rock in the Navajo Nation, located in northwestern New Mexico. Here is the true cost of the American empire. In 1945, the first atomic bomb was tested at the U.S. defense facility at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Just 34 years later, the area also suffered the worst nuclear […]

Trump’s Embrace of White Supremacy Is Poisoning America’s Soul

Within 13 hours, two mass shooting took place—in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio—killing 31 innocent people and injuring twice as many. We normally hear about these horrifying incidents, express sorrow and bewilderment, talk about gun control, and move on. Politicians, including Trump, dispatch their old and tired expressions of condolences and offer prayers to […]

Trump imposes new sanctions on Russia over Skripal poisoning

US President Donald Trump has imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia over accusations that Moscow was involved in the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain last year. According to a report published by The New York Times, Trump signed on Thursday an executive order whereby the US Treasury […]

Alaskan vacation ends in mercury poisoning after man eats too much fish

(Natural News) They say that too much of a good thing can be bad for you, which in the case of a 69-year-old man, was eating too much fish. After returning from a 14-day Alaskan cruise, the man – whose identity was withheld – started to show signs of confusion and forgetfulness. He also behaved […]

From Sunscreen to Bug Spray: How To Protect Your Kids From Chemical Poisoning This Summer

The Facts: From chemical-ladened sunscreens to bug sprays with DEET, there is plenty to be cautious about before lathering up your kids in the name of protection. Reflect On: What simple changes can you make to protect your family this summer? Summertime should be a carefree time of year as we head out on vacation, […]

Are you slowly poisoning yourself with… rice?

(Natural News) Rice is a filling food that goes well with almost any type of ingredient. However, a recent study warns that eating certain kinds of rice can increase your exposure to harmful inorganic arsenic. The study was conducted by Kan Shao and his collaborator Zheng Zhou. Both researchers are from Indiana University Bloomington. […]

The Mass Media Is Poisoning Us With Hate

The Mass Media Is Poisoning Us With Hate Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig In “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media,” published in 1988, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky exposed the techniques that the commercial media used to promote and defend the economic, social and political agendas of the ruling elites. […]

Eight vultures die of poisoning in Golan, in ‘mortal blow’ to local population

Eight griffon vultures were found dead in the Golan Heights Friday morning after being poisoned, and two more were being treated for poisoning, in an incident that was seen as devastating to the species in the region. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority said it was investigating the incident and “will take every measure to […]

High-fat "Western" diet increases your risk of infectious diseases and food poisoning, reveals study

(Natural News) There’s no question that the high-fat Western diet contributes to obesity – just take a look around you in any public place and you’ll find all the proof you need. However, all this unhealthy eating is affecting more than just people’s waistlines and heart health; Irish researchers have now found […]

Ford facing legal claims over Explorer SUV ‘carbon monoxide poisoning’

According to a Bloomberg report, 3,000 Ford Explorer users have reported they suspect exhaust gases have leaked into their vehicle and that they’ve experienced some of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, which include headache, dizziness, nausea, and loss of consciousness. In one instance, Ford Explorer owner Bert Henriksen was told by his doctor that […]

The U.S. Military Is Poisoning Germany

The U.S. Military Is Poisoning Germany Above Photo: Poisonous foam fills the hangar at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, during a biennial fire suppression system test, February 19, 2015.U.S. AIR FORCE PHOTO / AIRMAN 1ST CLASS LARISSA GREATWOOD Germany is experiencing a public health crisis with millions of people potentially exposed to drinking water contaminated with Per […]

The FREE Toxic Mold Summit – Is Your “Mystery” Illness a Symptom of Toxic Mold Poisoning?

Toxic mold may be why your illness is a “mystery” to doctors. The consequences of unrecognized mold toxicity can create hormonal imbalances, brain disrepair, chronic gastrointestinal issues and multiple autoimmune conditions. Thankfully, there’s help to be found! Join the Toxic Mold Summit, a FREE online event, and learn how to determine (or eliminate) whether mold is […]

MASSIVE nationwide meat and poultry recalls for Salmonella poisoning issued by CDC, FDA, HHS, and USDA during final days of October, 2018

(Natural News) In a joint U.S. regulatory agency recall effort, up to 6.5 million pounds of beef are being yanked after Salmonella infects 120 people nationwide and hospitalizes at least 33. The multi-state outbreak was announced on October 23rd, but not soon enough. Consumers, be on the lookout for beef products carrying […]

How CAFO Dairies Are Poisoning Hamburgers

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times Earlier this month, the world’s largest meatpacker, JBS Tolleson, recalled1 more than 6.9 million pounds of raw beef processed in its Arizona facility due to possible contamination with Salmonella enterica of the serotype Newport, a more unusual strain of Salmonella.2 The recalled products were processed between July 26 and September 7, […]

Many people who think they caught the "flu" actually have SALMONELLA or E. coli poisoning

(Natural News) The majority of “farm” animals in America are not raised in pastures, wandering around out in the sunshine and fresh air, as the meat and dairy industries hope all the carnivores (and vegetarians) would believe. Even most fish harvested for mass consumption are not “wild caught,” but rather bred in […]

Bellingcat: Salisbury poisoning suspect identified as a decorated Russian colonel

     The real identity of one of the two Russians blamed by Britain for the Salisbury nerve-agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal is Anatoly Chepiga, the investigative website Bellingcat says, adding that he was a decorated Russian colonel. Earlier this month, British prosecutors charged two Russians — identified as Ruslan Boshirov and Aleksandr […]

Business Tycoon and Former Politician Arrested for Poisoning Homeless Encampment

Former politician and real estate tycoon Ron Alleva was arrested for spreading toxic chemicals in a popular homeless encampment near the headquarters of his business in Anchorage, Alaska, Grubstake Auction. Alleva was charged with reckless endangerment, pollution of land/air/water and unauthorized pesticide distribution, according to KTVA. Alleva confessed to police that he told his employees […]

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