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Swedish Police Respond To Shocking Rising Crime Levels By Inviting Gang Leaders For Pizza

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, Swedish authorities in Malmö, where violent crime and grenade attacks continue to soar, responded by inviting local gang leaders for a friendly chat over some pizza. Yes, really. Explosions in Malmö, which is home to several no go zone migrant ghettos, are becoming commonplace, with the city […]

Tear gas & bonfires: Scuffles with police as Yellow Vests block roads in Paris ahead of 1st anniversary of protests (WATCH LIVE)

Clashes broke out at Place d’Italie downtown and near Porte de Champerret on the city’s outskirts. The protesters have also blocked traffic down the Boulevard Peripherique, the main ring road circling the capital. Riot police were deployed to disperse them. A total of 41 people were arrested on the streets of Paris, police said. More than […]

Capitol Police Attempted To Arrest Code Pink Activist Medea Benjamin For Allegedly ‘Assaulting’ Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Capitol Police Attempted To Arrest Code Pink Activist Medea Benjamin For Allegedly ‘Assaulting’ Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Above Photo:  Screen shot from stream posted by Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin (Facebook) Police in Washington, D.C. surrounded the home of Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin and attempted to arrest her for “assaulting” Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman […]

Hong Kong Protesters Use Catapults, Flaming Arrows and Javelins in Battle With Police

(TMU) — Hong Kong’s protesters are getting medieval on authorities, combining a mix of modern militant protest tactics such as Molotov cocktails with flaming bows and arrows, javelins, and even catapults. As protests and clashes grow increasingly violent in the autonomous Chinese territory, Beijing has continued to issue stern warning of an impending clampdown by […]

‘Operation Snowflake’ causes uproar as Swedish police invite gang leaders for pizza & cosy chat after shootings & bombing

Malmö has a serious crime problem. With a population of around 316,000, Sweden’s third largest city suffers all the afflictions of a modern urban society, with a large population of immigrants, gangs and drug trafficking. A 15-year-old boy was shot dead in the city and another was critically wounded at the weekend, just minutes after […]

Police Responding to Man Having a Seizure, Shoot and Kill His Service Dog

(FTP) — Monday night, Larry Massey — likely warned by his service dog — pulled over to the side of the road before going into a seizure. When Massey would come to after losing consciousness, his service dog Butch would be dead — shot and killed by an Okeechobee police officer. According to police, they […]

Daily police violence is the new norm in Issawiya — with no end in sight

For the past six months, Israeli police have subjected Issawiya’s residents to daily raids, arrests and beatings, alongside constant drone surveillance. No one seems to know the goal of the operation – including the police. Border Police take aim at a resident of Issawiya, East Jerusalem, November 11, 2019. (Oren Ziv/ In the […]

If You’ve Given Your DNA to a DNA Database, US Police May Now Have Access to It

(CONVERSATION) — In the past week, news has spread of a Florida judge’s decision to grant a warrant allowing police to search one of the world’s largest online DNA databases, for leads in a criminal case. The warrant reportedly approved the search of open source genealogy database GEDMatch. An estimated 1.3 million users have uploaded their DNA data onto it, […]

Police accuse Hong Kong ‘rioters’ of turning university into ‘weapons factory’ as academic institutions cancel classes en masse

Armed with petrol bombs, javelins and other weapons, demonstrators seized control of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on Tuesday night, forcing riot police to retreat. Similar clashes took place on several other university campuses in the city. Photographs and videos show large fires started by the protesters, who threw petrol bombs and constructed […]

Hong Kong Police Warn City On Brink Of ‘Total Breakdown’

After nearly six months of protests in Hong Kong, the weekend demonstrations – which more closely resemble street skirmishes between black-clad protesters and the cops – have grown increasingly violent, people are being seriously wounded and even killed on both sides. And this week, protesters have apparently committed to another escalation: they’ve taken to the […]

Caught on Video: Hong Kong Protester Shot by Police in Chest as Chaos Erupts Across City

(ZH) — Hong Kong police opened fire and hit at least one protester on Monday, the SCMP reported, as chaos erupted across the city a day after officers fired tear gas to break up demonstrations that are entering their sixth month. Police fired live rounds at protesters on the eastern side of Hong Kong island, […]

Greek police clash with students protesting against university shutdown

Related Posts Police accuse Hong Kong ‘rioters’ of turning university into ‘weapons factory’ as academic institutions cancel classes en masse Armed with petrol bombs, javelins and other weapons, demonstrators seized control of the Chinese University Cannabis Might Reverse Heart Failure, University of Hawaii Study Finds The Facts:New research is showing that TRPV1, a cannabinoid receptor […]

Holocaust Survivor Gets Police Protection After Italians Become Fed Up With Her Tall Tales

Jewish groups are ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’ by reports that an Italian Holocaust survivor has been given police protection after being taunted online by Italians who appear to be fed up with her improbable stories of survival in World War II: Liliana Segre, 89, who called last month for a parliamentary investigation into racism and antisemitism, […]

Judge Says Police Can Search Company’s Entire DNA Database

A Florida detective successfully obtained a warrant to search the company GEDmatch’s full database of user-provided genetic information, even if users had opted out of appearing in police search results, HuffPost has confirmed.  The warrant, signed by a judge in Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in July, will likely earn praise from […]

Hong Kong police & fire dept struggle for unity as frontline officers lock horns with each other (VIDEOS)

The city’s senior police and firefighter officials had to come up, twice lately, with joint statements on how their men should communicate better and not clash with each other. The employees in both departments experience “tremendous stress upon working under such chaotic conditions,” the latter of the statements read. It referred to the ongoing violent […]

THOUGHT POLICE: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter all ban any mention of "whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella as the Overton Window of allowable speech collapses

(Natural News) Anyone publishing the name of the so-called deep state CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella is being systematically de-platformed by Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is happening because lawless Leftists fully understand that the more people learn about Eric Ciaramella, the more rapidly the “Ukrainegate” impeachment hoax collapses. An insane effort […]

‘This has become a trend’: Swedish police speak out over spike in gang bombings

“I understand that many people are worried about what is happening, there’s a sense that the criminals’ vendettas are creeping closer to the general public,” Thornberg said, during a press conference Wednesday.  Just this past week, a bomb exploded in a Malmo apartment complex, another device blew up on a balcony in Hassleholm and explosives […]

Netanyahu confidants appeal against police searches of their phones

Two close aides to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu filed an appeal Thursday in the Tel Aviv District Court against a warrant allowing police to obtain the information contained on their phones. Likud’s campaign manager and Netanyahu family spokesman Ofer Golan and party spokesman Jonatan Urich are suspected of harassing and intimidating a state witness. They […]

AG to check alleged police wrongdoing in grilling of witness against Netanyahu

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Tuesday vowed to look into possible wrongdoing by investigators in the cases involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after a news report raised questions about police conduct during the questioning of a key state witness, as well as the veracity of his testimony. The head of the Israel Bar Association called […]

Police State: Orwellian Pre-Crime and National “Surge”

November 4, 2019 By Michael Boldin With the announcement of two separate, but related new “crime-fighting” plans, local police is set to be even more nationalized than it already is. First, a new “pre-crime” approach to shootings. And what’s being called a police “surge.” But the Constitution reserves the “police powers” to the states. Path […]

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