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Jewish Political Candidate ‘Offended’ His Oponent Describes Himself As A ‘Proud Christian Conservative’

A Jewish candidate for county attorney in Michigan claims he is allegedly ‘offended’ by ads from his political opponent, who in a recent mailing and Facebook post calls himself “a candidate…who is truly a Christian”: Stuart Fenton is running to be the top prosecutor in Emmet County, in northern Michigan. His opponent, James Linderman, a […]

COVID-19 Is Garbage Science and Political Nihilism

COVID-19 is nothing other than corporate eugenics Great summation of the scamdemic: [embedded content] Informed consent includes the right to refuse treatment: [embedded content] Please visit our sister site: Related Posts Little NASA Wigga Denies Racial Science Arrogant little faggot thinks he’s an astronaut. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo! […]

Foreign Interference in Elections: Is it Real or Just Political Noise?

Philip Giraldi July 30, 2020 A recently concluded British Parliamentary inquiry has determined that Russia may have interfered in the 2016 Brexit referendum, which resulted in the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. But, ironically, it also concluded that Russia might not have interfered given the fact that the British government never bothered […]

Italian Politician Accuses Government Of Prolonging Pandemic ‘For Political Purposes’

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini has denounced the three month extension of the country’s state of emergency over the coronavirus. Salvini, who is now leader of Italy’s populist Lega party, suggested that the decision was made for “political purposes.” In a tweet on Monday night Salvini said: “If there is no real […]

How Nazism Came to Dominate Both of America’s Political Parties

July 26, 2020 by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog The following 11-minute youtube video is a good introduction to this article: Ukraine Crisis — What You’re Not Being Told On July 20th, Moss Robeson headlined at TheGrayZone, “Influential DC-based Ukrainian think tank hosts neo-Nazi activist convicted for racist violence”, and he reported the inescapably visible […]

US Palestinians release list of 2020 principles for ‘a political world that too often ignores our voices’

Last month, over 120 Palestinians in the United States published a list of principles aimed at candidates seeking office in 2020. The “Palestinian Americans’ Statement of Principles and Policies for 2020 Elections” include ending the occupation, support for the Palestinian right of return, opposition to anti-BDS laws, and an endorsement of Rep. Betty McCollum’s historic […]

Going Underground – Ep. 620: Legendary Don Letts on Political Music, Windrush Scandal & Social Change

Going Underground – Ep. 620: Legendary Don Letts on Political Music, Windrush Scandal & Social Change Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we go to the old Camden Palace now KOKO in Camden Town, to speak to celebrated DJ, director and Clash videographer Don Letts about 50 years of Trojan Records, political music […]

Slogan Voters: The Road To Political Masochism

Slogan Voters: The Road To Political Masochism Above Photo: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera/Flickr Ralph Nader points to one more problem in voting — slogan voting. A PR phrase is developed usually after it is tested through polls and focus groups, that people can emotionally relate to. Ralph focuses on Trump voters, but this could have also been applied to […]

The Art of Political Power, with Robert Caro and William Hague

It looks like the WordPress site URL is incorrectly configured. Please check it in your widget settings. Source Article from Related Posts The Unveiling of B’nai Brith by William Cooper Part 8 of 8 (Final) [Editor„¢s Note: William Cooper was murdered by police on November 5th, 2001 at the age of 58. […]

Why medicine is a political act

Thanks to all who have contributed! For those who missed our webinar with Professor Rita Giacaman, here is a link to the extraordinary work of the Institute of Community and Public Health at Birzeit University which studies health and disease through the lens of military occupation and colonization. The researchers have developed unique measures for […]

Putin, Assad declare Syria ready for political process

Press TV – Russian President Vladimir Putin has told his Syrian counterpart that the situation in Syria is now favorable for the beginning of a “political process.” In a rare meeting with the visiting Syrian head of state in Russia’s southern city of Sochi on Thursday, Putin said recent victories against terrorist groups in Syria […]

Murder as a way to make a political point

Gaza is a small, densely populated sliver of land whose 1.8 million inhabitants have been suffering under an Israeli blockade for the past 11 years (with Egyptian cooperation). Half of Gaza’s population is under 16 years of age. The unemployment rate is 44%. Knowledgeable people call it an open air prison controlled by Israel. Here […]

Making sense of Russian political ambiguities

[This article was written for the Unz Review] Introduction: the world is not Hollywood The past couple of weeks saw a number of truly tectonic events taking place simultaneously in the USA, in Russia, in Israel, in Syria, in Iran and in the EU. I think that it would also be reasonable to say that most […]

Pipeline Outrage Is A Human Issue, Not A Political Issue

Pipeline Outrage Is A Human Issue, Not A Political Issue Above Photo: Red Terry at a pipeline protest in Waynesboro, Virginia (Photo: The fight against pipelines can unite progressives and libertarians, city folk and country folk. I almost cried at a press conference, watching a mother and her grown daughter explain the dramatic lengths they’d […]

How Its Done– Amid the Political chaos surrounding the Trump administration, VP Pence Reaches for Control of the G.O.P.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,956 other followers Source Article from Related Posts ‘He’s against God’: Donald Trump makes claim Joe Biden wants to ‘hurt the Bible, hurt God’ President Donald Trump billed his trip to the US state of Ohio […]

Gaza massacre ends American political oath: Israel support is bipartisan

To be in Israel during a historic massacre, as I was on Monday, is a special experience, and one whose meaning will sink in for a while. I wonder what I will remember in five years’ time, or ten. This is what I can tell you two days later. All that afternoon in the gathering […]

Fall of ‘Jupiter’? Macron’s popularity down, as hopes for the ‘political wonderboy’ seem to vanish

In early May 2017, Macron won the French presidential elections with 66.1 percent of the vote, which was one of the most decisive results in the history of the French Fifth Republic. A month later, his party, ‘Republic on the Move’ (LREM), scored another impressive victory by winning a majority of seats in the French […]

Barber Sermon On Militarism Reveals Philosophical & Political Limitations Of The Poor Peoples Campaign

Barber Sermon On Militarism Reveals Philosophical & Political Limitations Of The Poor Peoples Campaign Above Photo: tormentor4555/Flickr “Rev. Barber speaks for the politically leftish wing of the Institutional Church in the US, which has pretty much anointed him the mantle of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s final year, minus the burden King carried as […]

Judge Napolitano: Political Class “Must Have Known About” Schneiderman Sex Abuse

Judge Napolitano: Political Class “Must Have Known About” Schneiderman Sex Abuse Democratic AG faces “a lot of jail time” Paul Joseph Watson May 8, 2018 Judge Andrew Napolitano told FOX Business earlier today that the political class “must have known about” Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s alleged sexual abuse of women before it became […]

Karl Marx: The Political Activist We Need More Than Ever

In 1848, Marx wrote, “philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.” On this 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx we focus on Marx as a political activist, rather than what he is best known for, an economist and philosopher who wrote some of the most […]

Sayyed Nasrallah: Proxy War Ending in ME, Resistance Needs Political Protection Guarded by Electoral Vote

 Zeinab Essa 01-05-2018 | 20:08 Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Tuesday a speech in which he addressed two huge electoral rallies in Baalbek and Bekaa. At the beginning of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah told the crowd: “I’m addressing you via screen because your love, compassion, and loyalty didn’t need me […]

Trump & Macron’s political ‘bromance’ blossoming after attacks on Syria

     Long gone are French snorts at the US. Despite disagreeing on the Iran deal and climate change, Emmanuel Macron is the first foreign leader to be indulged with a full state visit by US President Donald Trump in the White House. United in their recent crusade against Syrian President Bashar Assad, the two leaders […]

The symbol of political prisoners resonates beyond borders

On Tuesday across the occupied Palestinian territory demonstrators marked Prisoners Day, an annual call to free over 6,000 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel. The commemoration first began on April 17, 1979, five years to the day after the first prisoner exchange between Israel and the Palestinians. The day has since spread to honor former prisoners, including […]

Iran against instrumental use of OPCW for political gains

IRNA – Iran’s Permanent Representatives to the OPCW voiced opposition to instrumental use of the organization for political gains. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) as the competent authority in the field of chemical weapons shall not be used as an instrument to confirm the political intentions of the States Parties,’ Alireza […]

Protest & Political Activity Increases In Trump Era

Protest & Political Activity Increases In Trump Era Above: Signs from ResistJ20 Trump Inauguration protest by Megan Cloherty for WTOP. People have noted that the last year has seen an escalation of protest activity in the United States. Many of these protests are generated by opposition to Donald Trump, e.g. protests against immigration policies, and many […]

Bitcoin: Bridging the political divide

When it comes to politics, the world seems to be getting more and more polarized. Looking at the USA as an example, you can see that in pretty much any national election, the USA now has clear “blue” and “red” states, in a manner that would have been simply unimaginable […]

As Israel becomes a political liability it is time to challenge its enablers

The Great Return March has already made a difference.  As thirty thousand non-violent marchers are all indiscriminately viewed as “legitimate targets” for asserting their inalienable human rights, the image of Israel as a liberal democracy, an image already severely tarnished by its brazen embrace of apartheid over the past few years, is now receiving additional […]

EU Parliament Member Calls For Banning Political Parties that Criticize Immigration

EU Parliament Member Calls For Banning Political Parties that Criticize Immigration Complains that Muslims are being mistreated in Sweden Paul Joseph Watson April 17, 2018 EU Parliament member Soraya Post has called for political parties that criticize mass immigration to be banned in Sweden. Post, who is a part of the Feminist Initiative party […]

British Jewish political terrorism finally meets resistance from righteous Jews

British Jewish political terrorism finally meets resistance from righteous Jews Corbyn attends left-wing Jewish group’s Passover event… and is attacked regardless … from Russia Today, Moscow Having dinner with the wrong kind of Jews in Britain ignites Britain’s Jewish form of ISIS [ Editor’s Note: This incredibly cheap shot on Jeremy Corbyn by the Jewish KKK […]

Russia’s Political Repression of Crimea’s Radical Left

Russia’s annexation of Crimea was purportedly an exercise in free political expression, a watershed moment in history when a historic part of Russia returned to the motherland against the backdrop of a fascist putsch in Ukraine. Indeed, Crimea’s “reunification” (in Kremlin lingo) with Russia was sold, at least in part, as a humanitarian operation to […]

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