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Gaza attack aimed to get Netanyahu out of Israeli political jam

   Pundits and politicians appear to agree that the assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu Al-Atta and his wife in Gaza, as well as the failed attack in Damascus against Akram Ajoury was committed to assuage domestic Israeli political tensions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing a corruption indictment and possibly about to lose power […]

‘NY Times’ downplays Netanyahu’s political motivation for ordering the latest attack on Gaza

Today’s New York Times report on the latest Israeli escalation of violence in Gaza at first raised the hope that the paper might be suspending its chronic bias. Right in the second paragraph, the Times did note that the “timing of the attack. . . led some critics of Benjamin Netanyahu to charge that it was […]

Poetry and Political Struggle: The Dialectics of Rhyme

There was Ebenezer Elliott (1781–1849) who was an English poet, known as the Corn Law rhymer for his leading the fight to repeal the Corn Laws which were causing hardship and starvation among the poor. Though a factory owner himself, his single-minded devotion to the welfare of the labouring classes won him a sympathetic reputation […]

Selected Articles: Political Disruption in Latin America

Do you value the reporting and in-depth analysis provided by Global Research on a daily basis? Click to donate or click here to become a member of Global Research. . . . *     *     * Lula Free, Bolsonaro in Rage By Danica Jorden, November 13, 2019 Last Friday, November 8, 2019, […]

Netanyahu’s attack on Gaza really meant to target political foes, Gantz and Joint List of Israeli parties

   Benjamin Netanyahu’s motivation in killing a Palestinian commander in Gaza was partly political, a former Israeli negotiator said today: Netanyahu aims to show that his chief rival to be prime minister, Benny Gantz, cannot be counted on to provide security to the country. In the wake of the attack, a “convoy” of Netanyahu’s political […]

Netanyahu’s Gaza attack targeted political foes, Gantz and Joint List, says Israeli negotiator

Benjamin Netanyahu’s motivation in killing a Palestinian commander in Gaza was partly political, a former Israeli negotiator said today: Netanyahu aims to show that his chief rival to be prime minister, Benny Gantz, cannot be counted on to provide security to the country. In the wake of the attack, a “convoy” of Netanyahu’s political allies […]

#RT #news CrossTalk Bullhorns: Gag Order! Big tech Big tech and the political left unite! The age of the gag order is underway. And, is Boris Johnson set to win and win big in the general election? Brexit, it would seem, has changed everything. CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Alex Christoforou, and Marcus Papadopoulos.

Source Article from Related Posts Left and right unite in denouncing Liberman’s ‘anti-Semitic’ speech Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman may have failed in his efforts to push for a Global Appeal For Peace; People Of The World Unite Global Appeal For Peace; People Of The World Unite This is a new initiative to Sovereignists […]

Political deadlock again: Neither party gains majority in Spain’s election

   Spain is facing a hung parliament again as neither the right nor left blocs gained enough votes to form a majority. The right-wing Vox party more than doubled its number of seats, coming in third in the snap election. The fourth election in four years has not resulted in a clear winner among the […]

On anniversary of Rabin’s murder, Rivlin warns of ‘violent’ political climate

State memorial events were held Sunday commemorating the Hebrew-calendar anniversary of the assassination of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin 24 years ago, with President Reuven Rivlin warning that the current political discourse was reminiscent of the hateful climate that had preceded the murder. “The days before Rabin’s murder were days of intense and legitimate public debate, […]

Jewish U.S. Political Intern Shelby Shoup Allegedly Linked To Israeli Mossad, Receives Nearly $10k After Throwing Chocolate Milk at College Republicans

Shelby Shoup’s gofundme fundraising page (read more) Jewish Freemasonry’s Worship of Their Goddess ISIS (read more) Illuminati Linked President Trump Begins “Fireside Chats” Directly To American People, Just Like Jewish Freemason President FDR, Before He Orchestrated False Flag In Hawaii That Pulled America Into WWII (read more) Why Jewish Freemason President FDR Kept Impending Attack […]

Retired Army Officer Says Lt. Col. Vindman Is Dem ‘Political Activist’ Who ‘Talked Up Obama’

A retired Army officer who worked with House Democrat’s “star witness” Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in Grafenwoher, Germany, claims Vindman is a “political activist in uniform” who “really talked up” former President Barack Obama and ridiculed America and Americans in front of Russian military officers. In a disturbing thread on Twitter last week, retired U.S. […]

Oh, my! Huge gaming site may be asked to write about games without political bias, in favor of better journalism

Recently, the editorial director of Kotaku’s parent company, G/O Media, issued a memo to the staff of Deadspin, its massively-popular sister sports blog, outlining that writers need to “stick to sports” since the company has “plenty of other sites that write about politics, pop culture, the arts, and the rest, and they’re the appropriate place […]

4 wounded in Hong Kong mall knife attack sparked by political argument – reports (PHOTOS)

A tense political argument is said to have broken out between the suspect and a family near CityPlaza mall in the Tai Koo district. The attacker then took a knife from a bag and assaulted the group. One of the victims was described as lying unconscious in a pool of blood, while others sustained only […]

Pelosi Begins "Political Death March" As Impeachment Resolution Offers Few Answers

Nancy Pelosi has done it. Without a single Republican vote, the Democratic leader has passed a resolution endorsing her impeachment inquest and setting forth rules and a loose timetable allowing it to proceed in an even more public fashion. In a 232-196 vote that underscored the bitter partisan divisions in Washington, Pelosi’s Dems were joined […]

Reader Email: We Can’t Be “Neutral Observers” In Trump/Biden Political Battle

The Facts: Along with the science showing how the HPV vaccine can be dangerous, there are numerous examples of adverse reactions, hospitalizations and deaths that have resulted from the HPV vaccine. Reflect On: Why are the points made by vaccine safety advocates never addressed and countered by the mainstream? Why does the mainstream always respond […]

Political persecution: Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal arrested months after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence

   The Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal has been arrested on false charges after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence outside the DC embassy. He describes the manufactured case as part of a wider campaign of political persecution. By Ben Norton Max Blumenthal, the editor of the news site The Grayzone, was arrested on the morning of […]

Iranian political analyst urges gov. to pull out from JCPOA, NPT

MNA – Iranian foreign affairs analyst Foad Izadi has called the government to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal with 5+1 (JCPOA) and Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). “Regarding Europeans’ measures and behavior, pulling out from JCPOA and afterward from NPT must be on the government’s agenda,” he said. “The taken steps by […]

Israel’s president wants an end to ‘boycotts’ in political horsetrading — except of Palestinians

The news out of Israel is that the President Reuven Rivlin has turned from Benjamin Netanyahu to Benny Gantz to form the next government, and in doing so said sharply that he wants Israeli politicians to cease “boycotts” of one another, as Ellie Hochenberg translated the word on i24 News yesterday. The Jerusalem Post said […]

Case Mismanagement in London: Julian Assange, Political Offences and Surveillance

While Australian journalists bonded and broke break in condemning national security legislation that some of them had previously supported, one figure was barely mentioned.  Julian Assange was making his first public appearance since April for a case management hearing at the Westminster Magistrates Court. Those in attendance were disturbed.  Craig Murray professed to being shaken. […]

Protests against gun violence trigger a political awakening for Palestinians in Israel

A wave of demonstrations against gun violence and police negligence has inspired a renewed sense of solidarity among Palestinian citizens of Israel, according to veteran activist Fida Tabony. After years of division, ‘we’re acting like a people,’ she says. Tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel protest against gun violence and under-policing in the […]

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