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Rent Control Is Bad for Renters, but Good for Politicians

Ontario’s ever-changing rent control policies prove that politicians are just as committed to flip-flopping as the Minnesota Vikings are to not winning the Super Bowl. Rent Control as a Means of Buying Votes Ontario’s modern history of rent control legislation began during the 1975 election campaign, when it was actively promoted by the New Democratic Party […]

France’s Macron presses Lebanese politicians as cabinet deadline looms

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What Israel’s right-wing politicians are prepared to do for the sake of apartheid

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President Trump: ‘We Put Our Faith in Almighty God’ — Not Career Politicians

President Trump drew a stark contrast between his view of America and that of the Democrats, affirming the American faith in “Almighty God” and asking how Joe Biden and the Democrats can possibly lead the nation when they spend so much time “tearing down our country.” This election, Trump said, “will decide whether we will […]

Why your elected politicians cannot keep their election promises

“Why don’t the elected politicians that we elect to parliament or congress keep their election promises? – ANSWER: they can’t!” ” Our decisions on monetary matters, social welfare matters, energy matters, food matters, internal matters, external matters, all are being dictated to us”. Barry Smith, Postscript, 1992, pp 36, 38 ______________________________________________________________________ The late Barry Smith, […]

PEDOGATE Part 1 and 2 (Videos) | Exposing The Evil Celebrities, Politicians and Networks In the video below, Politically Biased shines a light into exposing and explaining this dark and sick world of PEDOGATE.   But just because nobody was talking about them doesn’t mean that they weren’t preying on the children of the world behind closed doors.. And Pedogate Part 2 Tom Hanks’ Single Lost Glove Photo On […]


Scotland’s Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, of the Scottish National Party, must be booted out? Much of Dumfries and Galloway has been killed off by the scamdemic. Brian Whittle MSP (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Conservative MPs Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, and David Mundell. Conservative MPs Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, and David Mundell have been […]

Conspiracy Theory? Politicians and Corporations Admit to Paying Actors to Show Fake Support

By John Vibes In an age where most politicians have very little support for their campaigns and causes, they have been known to resort to desperate measures to improve their public image. While this practice is disregarded by some as a “conspiracy theory,” many politicians have been caught hiring actors to fill the […]

The Indigenous Community that Rebelled Against Narcos, Thieves, and Politicians … and Won

CHERAN, MEXICO (Report) — On the road leading into this hardscrabble town in Mexico’s southwest corner, there stands a checkpoint staffed by heavily-armed guards, clad ominously in balaclavas, or ski masks. This scene is not particularly unusual for this violence-plagued country, but Cheran is no ordinary place: seven years ago this month, the mostly […]

Russia ‘Novichok’ Hysteria Proves Politicians and Media Haven’t Learned The Lessons of Iraq

This was my initial reaction back on March 14, 2018, during a live TV segment: . The ‘Collective’ Concern It’s important to understand how this week’s brash move by Washington was coordinated in advance. The US and the UK are relying on their other NATO partners, including Germany, Poland, Italy, Canada, the Czech Republic, the […]

UK Court Hears of Plot To Rape, Dissolve in Acid Children For Pleasure of Unnamed ‘Top Politicians’

UK Court Hears of Plot To Rape, Dissolve in Acid Children For Pleasure of Unnamed ‘Top Politicians’ March 19th, 2018 The source article is paywalled at Court News UK: Plot to Abuse Children for ‘Top Political People’: A paedophile told an undercover police officer […]

Watch As Woman Dragged Away By Security For Exposing Oil Bribes & Ties To Politicians

Next Story It’s no secret, the “1 percent” own everything and among this 1 percent are an even smaller group, and it’s this group that has a large stake in global financial institutions, which drip down into federal financial institutions and disseminates into various powerful corporations that deal with all aspects of human life from […]

Dept Of Justice Considering Arresting Sanctuary City Politicians

The Department of Justice is considering subjecting state and local officials to criminal charges if they implement or enforce so-called sanctuary policies that bar jurisdictions from cooperating with immigration authorities. Immigration advocates argue such a move would be illegal. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made the disclosure Tuesday during a Senate committee hearing […]

Example of Politicians saying one thing, leaving government to join the MIC and then change their minds

Example of Politicians saying one thing, leaving government to join the MIC and then change their minds By Dark PolitricksSecular Talk Now this is a bit of an old video but it shows perfectly how politicians say one thing, then leave government to go and work for lobbyists or in this case the Military Industrial […]

Media, Politicians Desperate to Protect the Shaky Russia-gate Narrative

It’s been 18 months since the Democratic Party and the US mainstream media launched it’s “Russia-gate” narrative, claiming that Moscow had hacked the DNC, John Podesta and somehow influenced the result of the US 2016 Presidential Election. 18 months later, there’s still no evidence to substantiate this mainstream conspiracy theory. Award-winning journalist Robert Parry of […]

U.S. House Considers Changes to Law That Protects Identity of Politicians Accused of Sexual Misconduct

By Derrick Broze Several new attempts are being made to reform a controversial law that prevents the public from knowing the identities of politicians accused of sexual misconduct. At least two new efforts are being launched to reform a law that shields the identities of politicians accused of workplace sexual harassment and forces […]

Cops Having Sex With Detainees Should Always Be Considered Rape, Say New York Politicians

When New York City Council Member Mark Treyger read about Anna Chambers’s case, he was appalled. News of the alleged rape of an 18-year-old by two undercover detectives from the New York Police Department while she was detained in their car was disturbing enough. When the Brooklyn City Council member learned that officers Eddie Martins […]

May, Netanyahu celebrate Balfour while Palestinian politicians call for UK to apologize, recognize Palestinian state

As the hundred year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration takes way, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, as well as various other Palestinian politicians are calling on the United Kingdom to not only apologize to the Palestinian people for the “suffering” caused by the declaration, but to also recognize Palestine as a […]

How the elite dominate the world: Politicians are bought, incumbents almost always win – and we’re stuck with them

     Once we wake up to how the game is being played, then we will have a real shot at changing things. For decades, the elite have been pulling the strings behind the scenes in both major political parties. That is why nothing has ever seemed to change very much no matter which party has […]

Swedish Politicians Call for Army to be Deployed to No Go Zones to Keep Peace

Twenty members of the Moderate Party in Sweden have proposed the government deploys the armed forces in some of the country’s most dangerous no-go zones to combat “gang violence”. Moderate Party politician Mikael Cederbratt made the proposal this week saying: “The situation in our areas of exclusion has deteriorated. The gangs have taken over and the police […]

British Army chief complains politicians ‘spawned fallacies’ about war to justify military spending cuts

     The head of the British Army has accused British politicians of creating an illusion of war and misleading the public with unrealistic ideals, accusing them of having “spawned a number of fallacies.” In their desperate bid to slash funding for the UK’s military services, politicians have pushed the idea that wars can be won […]

Stephen Hawking Blames Tory Politicians For Damaging NHS

Above Photo: Stephen Hawking said the crisis in the NHS has been caused by political decisions. Photograph: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images Exclusive: Physicist criticises ministers over funding cuts, privatisation and pay caps before address revealing his reliance on health service Stephen Hawking has accused ministers of damaging the NHS, blaming the Conservatives in a passionate and sustained […]

It’s not just U.S. politicians, it seems the majority of Americans are frigging mad

Survey: Most Americans Accept Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iranian Civilians As the survey notes, a clear majority of Americans “would approve of using nuclear weapons first against the civilian population of a nonnuclear-armed adversary, killing 2 million Iranian civilians, if they believed that such use would save the lives of 20,000 U.S. soldiers.” A new survey published […]

Can The Politicians Heed The Lessons Of Hurricane Harvey?

Above Photo: Flickr/ NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Hovering Hurricane Harvey, loaded and reloading with trillions of gallons of water raining down on the greater Houston region—ironically the hub of the petroleum refining industry—is an unfolding, off the charts tragedy for millions of people. Many of those most affected are minorities and low-income families with no […]

Black Politicians Increase Attacks on Ben Carson, Accuse Him of Supporting ‘White Supremacists’

Politics can be a nasty business. This latest spat proves once again, that in politics, it’s not really about color, as much as it is which party you belong to. In this sense, many prominent black American Democrats consider Ben Carson to be a ‘traitor’ to their cause. Recently, President Trump’s opponents have begun to […]

Crossing AIPAC leaves writers smeared, politicians’ careers ‘suddenly stalled’ — Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan has long been a singular critical voice on the Israel question among U.S. mainstream columnists and he plays that role again at New York Magazine in a column blasting Chuck Schumer for leading the charge on “creeping authoritarianism” with the new “Israel Anti-Boycott Act”. Sullivan ascribes the bill to the “complete… grip of […]

Only 2% of US Politicians Actually Want to Stop Arming Terrorists — Here’s Why

Source: ANTI MEDIA One of the few elected Democratic lawmakers with an extensive anti-war record, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), has combined forces with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) to push legislation through both the House and the Senate that would bar federal agencies from using taxpayer-backed funds to provide weapons, training, intelligence, or any […]

VIDEO: Owned! UK Politicians Shilling for International Jewry

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

Foreign intel contacts with Russia go on despite politicians – Russian security chief

“The way that the intelligence services and security officials act differs a lot from the stance of politicians, who call for communication with Russia to be curbed, and the intelligence communities are the subordinates of countries’ leaders, but in fact, they come here [to Russia] on a bilateral basis, speak regularly, express their interest and […]

Trumpcare Proves Politicians Are Willing To Challenge The Healthcare Industry

House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks during a news conference at the Republican National Committee Headquarters on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 8, 2017. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)  Published in partnership with Shadowproof. The American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) recently approved by the Republican-controlled House is a truly terrible bill. It would cause millions to lose Medicaid […]

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