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Identity Politics: A Control Mechanism Exploited by the Ruling Elite

There will not be a Peasants’ Revolt like the one in 1381. We don’t have a Jack Straw, John Ball, or Wat Tyler to lead and guide us. Those revolutionaries were betrayed by officers of Richard II—Richard was 14 at the time—who agreed to eliminate serfdom and heavy taxation on the commoners. The concessions were […]

Climate Solutions are Obvious – But Profit and Politics Stand in the Way

September 6th, 2019 By Sergey Baranov Contributing writer for Wake Up World Sometime in 2015 I had an interesting conversation with a retired physicist who was at the time also working for a local bank in our town in the Sacred Valley. We talked about climate change and what it meant to us. Back then, climate change […]

Poles apart: Warsaw’s WWII commemoration puts politics above reconciliation

In September 1939 Poland was invaded by two different countries. On September 1, there was a massive assault from the air, land and sea by Nazi Germany. On September 17, the Soviet Union attacked from the east, to re-occupy territory that had been lost to Poland in the 1919-1921 Polish-Soviet war. While both invasions were […]

British state and politics are fragmenting under the weight of constitutional crisis

As Britain sinks chest-deep into constitutional crisis, both systemic and political tensions are coming to the boil. At a political level, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is struggling to maintain cabinet unity despite commanding the most homogenously right-wing government in living memory.    The latest row involves Chancellor Sajid Javid, who has reportedly “voiced his […]

Israel’s one-state reality is sowing chaos in American politics

Until U.S. lawmakers and major Jewish organizations adjust to the current one-state reality, the acrimony that has marked the last several years under Netanyahu and Trump will only intensify. A mural depicting President Donald Trump kissing an Israeli army watchtower is seen on the separation barrier in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, August 4, 2017. (Flash90) […]

Question: What Exactly Are the Politics of Jeff Bezos?

By Eric Zuesse Jeff Bezos is the owner of the daily newspaper in Washington DC, the Washington Post, which leads America’s news-media and their almost 100% support of (and promotions for) neoconservatism — American imperialism, or wars. This includes sanctions, coups, and military invasions, against countries that America’s billionaires want to control but don’t yet […]

The Wake Up Call We All Need To Hear About Politics

We are having a Full Moon in Aquarius which is exact on August 15th at 12:29 pm, Universal Time. It will appear the fullest on the night of August 14th in the Americas and on the night of 15th everywhere else. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle which began two weeks prior with […]

Dreadful symbiosis sees Israel and Jews pulled into volcanic core of US politics

WASHINGTON, DC — 1. Until just days ago, Israel was one of the very last bipartisan, relatively consensual issues in America’s bitterly polarized political arena. Divided on most everything, legislators could at least come together, for instance, to approve supplementary funding for the Iron Dome defense system at the time of the 2014 conflict with […]

A Urinal In A Scottish Pub Reveals Why Toilets Matter In International Politics

A Urinal In A Scottish Pub Reveals Why Toilets Matter In International Politics Above Photo: The Lismore is named after a Scottish island where the inhabitants were forcibly evicted during the Highland Clearances. Author provided. If you wanted to see international politics in action, where would you go? Maybe the UN headquarters in New York […]

Israel Bars Entry To Humanitarian Congresswomen – Causes Fractures In US Politics — Rebel Voice

US Representatives, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, a thorn in the side of the American establishment and the pro-Israel lobby have been banned from entering Israel and Palestine. There is no precedent for American congressmen or women being denied entry or as in this case, boarding a flight to Tel Aviv. In the case of… […]

Prepping Has Gone Mainstream: Politics, a “Culture of Fear,” or a Return to What’s Been Lost?

By Nicholas West This article contains excerpts from Issue 28 of our premium monthly newsletter — Counter Markets. When the reality show Doomsday Preppers aired its Pilot episode in 2011, the critical reviews were mixed at best. But as soon as the ratings started coming in, it became evident that the show had tapped into […]

UK COLUMN: Boris’s Brexit Blag, Tulsi vs Twitter, Politics of Mass Shootings

This week: Boris’s Brexit blag, and Brussels’ new ‘EU Army’ becomes reality. Also, election meddling by Twitter as the Silicon Valley attempt to derail Tulsi Gabbard’s insurgent presidential run. Also, two back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton set the stage for an artificial civil war in America. All this and much more. Watch […]

PODCAST: How BDS became such a big deal in American politics

Republicans are trying to criminalize boycotts of Israel, part of a broad push to delegitimize any criticism or pressure on Israel. By not unconditionally defending the right to boycott anything or anyone, Democrats are falling into a dangerous trap, Lara Friedman says on The +972 Podcast. The capitol building of the United States of America […]

Marianne Williamson – Can the Politics of Love Triumph Over the Politics of Zionism?

Photo is fake news (the Onion) but noteworthy. The Zionist media machine combined with Republican endorsements (Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump Jr.) have put her in front. She cannot win, but she can impact on all of us for the better. the Onion: Marianne Williamson Sternly Addresses Homemade Trump Puppet About Immigration In Fiery Debate Exchange […]

Chlorpyrifos: Playing Pesticide Politics with Children’s Health

The Facts: A recent study conducted by researchers in California and France found that meat protein is associated with a very sharp increased risk of heart disease, while protein from nuts and seeds is actually beneficial for the human heart. Reflect On: There are multiple studies linking consumption of animal products to several diseases, and […]

Netanyahu, paradigm shifter of Israeli politics, set to break another record

AP — As Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, he is solidifying his place as the country’s greatest political survivor and the most dominant force in Israeli politics in his generation. He has persevered through scandals, crises and conflicts, winning election after election even as the country grows more bitterly polarized. His supporters credit […]

Hot Item: Memorandum for the First Lady, Subject – A Politics of Love (the book and the author), you, your husband, and America

Introduction by the Senior Editor Robert David Steele and I are of one mind, freeing America from foreign influence.  We both are in concert, that Israel is murdering America.  Neither of us hate Israel and believe that a real settlement can only be reached when America leverages its power with both sides, rather than playing […]

As Yemen Starves, International Aid Agencies Play Politics With Food

TAIZ, YEMEN — A recent Saudi Coalition airstrike on the home of a prominent Yemeni businessman in Taiz destroyed not only a family home but also the hopes of the many Yemenis who rely on the generosity of philanthropic donors, as international aid agencies become increasingly beholden to the political interests of their largest benefactors. […]

NXIVM Sex ‘Cult’ Connected to Unlicensed Child Care Facility, Politics & More Hollywood Stars

The Facts: Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson recently shared the fact that America has a “sick care system, not a health care system, calling out the power of big pharmaceutical companies and their prime objective being profit. Reflect On: Reflect on the power of big corporations and their ability to manipulate health an environmental policy. […]

The Jackboots Are Coming: Mass Arrests, Power Grabs and the Politics of Fear

John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Waking Times “Never has our future been more unpredictable, never have we depended so much on political forces that cannot be trusted to follow the rules of common sense and self-interest—forces that look like sheer insanity, if judged by the standards of other centuries.” ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism How […]

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