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How @realDonaldTrump Changed Politics — and America

Donald J. Trump’s removal from Twitter on Friday night might have been one internal decision by one tech company, but it was a seismic event in the history of American political media. At the birth of the @realDonaldTrump account in 2009, Twitter itself was still a tech-world curiosity, covered by the mainstream only in the […]

Let’s Remove Israel from American Politics

By Philip Giraldi There has been one good thing about the COVID-19 virus – for the first time many among the general public are beginning to ask why a rich country like Israel should be getting billions of dollars from the United States taxpayer at a time when many Americans are struggling. Inevitably, of course, […]

Will Politics Get Better… or Worse? We’re About to Find Out.

The central question of the relationship between Donald Trump and the virulent strain of populism that has raged in our country has been frequently raised and never conclusively answered: is Trump a symptom of these passions or the cause of them? Was the soon-to-be-former president an instigator of the anti-establishment anger that has characterized our […]

Pinkerton: Georgia and the Arts of War and Politics 

The Power Game Is a Numbers Game The final battle of the 2020 elections—the two senatorial runoff elections in Georgia—comes to a close on January 5.  And yet as we shall see, the Democrats’ patient preparations for the battle have been going on for years. An indication of the work that’s been done came on […]

Jewish life in 2021: Predictions about politics, culture, antisemitism

If we learned anything from 2020, it was that trying to predict the future on January 1 is a foolish exercise. Yet here we are, taking stock of what we learned in this tumultuous, terrible year and starting to think about what’s coming next. Will Zoom become a permanent fixture of Jewish life? What will […]

Pakistan recognizing Israel is dirty politics. But it’s legitimate

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‘What binds us together is our class politics’: new book connects the fight for socialism with the Palestinian cause

Palestine: A Socialist Introduction was just published by Haymarket Books. The collection (which includes essays from Shireen Akram-Boshar, Omar Barghouti, Nada Elia, and others) argues that Palestine should be viewed as an important part socialism and socialism should be viewed as an important part of Palestinian liberation. “This collection is a poignant and incisive engagement […]

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Election 2020: Divisive Politics and Blurring of Regional Sentiment

Written by Md Rahat Hasan & Mohd Shahwaiz The election of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), 2020 perhaps characterized the most happening civic body election in the history of India. The reason behind gaining attention of media and political pundits was the extreme level of politics of polarization played by both Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) […]

Pompeo thinks Israel is great domestic politics for 2024

Last night on PBS News Hour, Nick Schifrin said Mike Pompeo was showing up in the occupied West Bank with last-minute gifts for Israel so that he would have “photo opportunities… if he were to choose to run for office– say president in 2024.” It was a rare moment that the mainstream media addressed the […]

Playing politics with the truth

The 1980 film Brubaker starring Robert Redford, based on a true story, had one scene that told it all.  Reform warden Henry Brubaker gets fired for seeking to uncover past corruption surrounding the penitentiary. As he is walking away down the hallway, his friend Lillian, who works for the governor and actually got him the job, […]

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Threatens To Leave Politics If Democrats Don’t Move Further Left

Socialist Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has threatened to quit politics if the Democratic Party does not move even further to the left. Just hours after the mainstream media has anointed Joe Biden as President-Elect, Ocasio-Cortez seems to be having some type of meltdown. AOC told the New York Times she could consider quitting politics if Democrats […]

Another Republicuck Doesn’t Like Racial Politics

Republicucks are almost useless. English Bitchute Spanish Bitchute English Telegram Spanish Telegram World Truth Videos Gab 00 Hits: 6

Everyone’s Life is at Stake Now: Don’t Get Distracted by Politics

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News As Americans are fixated on the U.S. elections, which it appears will dominate the corporate news cycle for days on end now, the truly big story is not what is happening here in the U.S., but across the pond in the U.K. where the medical tyrants try to force […]

ACH ARCHIVE (51) Dr. Adrian Krieg – Politics, Finance And George Soros

ACH ARCHIVE (51) Dr. Adrian Krieg – Politics, Finance And George SorosTHE ACH SHOW On this tribute show that was originally broadcast on April 12 2016, Andy interviews Dr. Adrian Krieg, for a show entitled, “Politics, Finance And George Soros.” Adrian was my most frequent collaborator on the show, indeed we recorded 162 shows together. […]

Poll: 61% Say Social Media Is Bad for Politics

A person who claims to be a program manager at Google Cloud has told investigative journalists with Project Veritas that the search engine is intentionally manipulating results in order to benefit the Democrats and to hinder President Trump’s campaign. Ritesh Lakhkar, who identified himself as a technical program manager at Google’s Cloud service, made the […]

Chris Hedges: The Politics Of Cultural Despair

Above photo: It is despair that is killing us, eating into the social fabric, rupturing social bonds, and manifesting in self-destructive pathologies. A Talk by Chris Hedges. The physical and moral decay of the United States and the malaise it has spawned have predictable results. We have seen in varying forms the consequences of social […]

After protest violence, Tel Aviv mayor says cops are being used to play politics

A day after clashes at anti-government protests in Tel Aviv and around the country sparked accusations of police violence, Tel Aviv’s mayor claimed police were acting on orders from the political leadership. Police forces are being deployed by the government “not to enforce the coronavirus [lockdown rules], but to break the demonstrations,” Tel Aviv Mayor […]

NYT: W.H.O.’s Pandemic Open Border Suggestions Based on Politics, Not Science

The World Health Organization’s (W.H.O) assertion that closing borders would not stem the spread of the Chinese coronavirus was based on politics and economics, not science, according to the findings of a New York Times investigation unveiled this week. After publishing several editorials suggesting that President Donald Trump’s coronavirus-linked travel bans were racist, unjust, and […]

How Religion, Money, Politics, and Education Are Used To Enslave Our Bodies and Souls

This article is my most controversial article because it contains “forbidden knowledge” and evidence proving that the Controllers have infiltrated and distorted most systems in the world, including the religious, political, educational, and financial system. If you do not know who the Controllers are, they are wealthy globalists who control society from behind the scene […]

Looking back at a crazy Jewish year of politics

WASHINGTON (JTA) — To prepare for Rosh Hashanah, take a break, my editor said. Let’s take this moment to look back at the crazy year in politics, he said. So I did — but it wasn’t a restorative break. In 5780, the news didn’t stop. Shana tova to my readers, and here’s hoping we’ll get […]

Politics is fake and staged & all NZ PMs are globalists (Corbett & Vinny Eastwood)

Short clip that illustrates what you possibly hadn’t noticed. Helen features in the header image seeing she is a globalist (& never really spelled that out to us). And clearly proud of it. EWR [embedded content] corbettreport 495K subscribers SOURCES: Only a psychopath could read someone else’s lies from their teleprompter with such feigned […]

Partisan Politics At the Highest Levels

Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn speaks during the change of directorship for the Defense Intelligence Agency on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C., July 24, 2012. (DoD Photo) As might be anticipated from its heavily Democratic majority, on Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rejected Michael Flynn’s mandamus petition […]

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on politics from the pulpit: ‘I’m afraid American Jewry is making a big, big, big mistake’

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on politics from the pulpit: ‘I’m afraid American Jewry is making a big, big, big mistake’ – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement 00 Hits: 2

Kellyanne Conway: ‘Trump Helped Me Shatter a Barrier’ in Politics

Counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, said at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night that Trump helped her “shatter a barrier” in politics by becoming the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign. Kellyanne Conway said President Donald Trump spent decades elevating women to “senior positions” in the workplace. “He confides in and consults us, […]

Exclusive– Richard Grenell on Trump: ‘He Doesn’t Play Identity Politics’

Richard Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, told Breitbart News this weekend that President Donald Trump making him the first openly gay cabinet member in U.S. history has nothing to do with “identity politics” and simply reflected that the president picks the most effective people […]

“Stop Playing Politics With The Virus” – Trump Slams Biden’s Call For Mandatory Mask-Wearing

President Trump slammed Joe Biden for calling on governors to mandate that all Americans wear masks for the next three months, accusing the Democratic presidential candidate of politicizing the issue. Trump claimed Biden has been wrong about the coronavirus pandemic at every turn, “ignoring the scientific evidence and putting left-wing politics before facts and evidence.” Trump also […]

Watch Live: Kamala THIS Is Your Life – Policies, Politics & Crimes

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So You’re Not Into Politics?

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids So You’re Not Into Politics? August 11 2020 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________+Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos! Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Agenda Here The Insulted Majority Here Secesssion Now! Here The Synagogue On Capitol Hill Here +BN Classics On BitChute! The ADL’s War On White America Here Obama’s Homosexual Past Here What If […]

Watch Live: Chicago Draw Bridges, Civil War & Pork Politics

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Survey: Millennials Care More About Date’s Politics than Attraction or Good Sex

This is what I’ve been saying for years. New York Post: Nobody’s sleeping with the enemy these days. “If I see somebody who’s like, ‘I’m moderate or conservative,’ I keep swiping,” Bronx resident Nadine Anglesey tells The Post. The 33-year-old art director hasn’t dated a conservative since the 2016 election — even if she’s attracted […]

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