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The ‘stars aligned’ in Israeli politics (and a nameless Gaza family is massacred)

Israel called its recent onslaught on Gaza “operation Black Belt.” The two-day attack started on November 12th with Israel’s extrajudicial assassination bombing of Islamic Jihad commander Baha abu al-Ata (killing him and his wife, wounding two of his children) and by its completion killed 34 Palestinians, over half whom were civilians. The assault also included […]

How Israel-Palestine jumped to the heart of U.S. politics

The last time there was a wide-open Democratic Party primary, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama clashed on everything from the Iraq War to health care to race. Everything, that is, except for Israel. Criticism of Israel during the 2007-2008 race was limited to fringe candidates. In a 2007 NPR debate, Mike Gravel, the gadfly former […]

‘We have heard all your arguments before’: Gaslighting, the burden of proof, and the politics of recognition with the Armenian Genocide 

Armenian descendants of those massacred, displaced, and in exile have been organizing for recognition for over three generations. It’s been a longtime coming and has taken far too long, all because of the geopolitical and imperial interests of the United States and Turkey at the expense of truth and justice. The politics of recognition have […]

Blain: "UK Politics Is Half-Way To Hell In The Proverbial Handbasket"

Blain’s Morning Porridge, submitted by Bill Blain of Shard Capital “He would, wouldn’t he?” What have we got to look forward to this week? Markets will be watching for smoke signals hinting at some agreement on trade between the US and China..  I suspect there will be little tangible, just more promises and electioneering dressed […]

Personal politics, public impeachment, persuasion and post-apocalyptic planning

(Natural News) One of my primary concerns regarding the forthcoming economic chaos and societal breakdown is that there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. As normalcy bias evaporates like tears on dehydrated sunken cheeks, hungry neighbors and pre-collapse friends and acquaintances will soon assimilate into zombie hoards and come […]

Dissecting Identity Politics: Gilad Atzmon with Angelo John Gage

NOVEMBER 12, 2019 BY GILAD ATZMON We dissected the disastrous impact of identity politics, the meaning of Zionism, Israeliness, and Jewish culture, we covered many topics such as historicity, the Holocaust, White Nationalism and more. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy watching us. Filed under: Holocaust, Identity Politics | Tagged: Gilad Atzmon, The […]

Hashtag Politics: “Brand Trudeau” Wins a Second Term

“Brand Trudeau is: ‘Welcome to the new politics, just like the old politics.’” – Shachi Kurl, Angus Reid Institute, The Guardian, Aug 22, 2019 Few politicians come across more as products of hashtag committee management than Justin Trudeau.  His image has been doctored, massaged and spruced, and even then, the Instagram-Twitter committee did not quite […]

A Little bit of Politics in Everything

When most people hear the term politics, they think about the way in which a country is governed. However, there is a lot that comes into play when we talk about politics. That is why we have a little bit of politics everything that we do even has a […]

Recipe for disaster: BBC adds politics & history to borscht and serves it up to add more bitterness to Russia-Ukraine relations

But how can beetroot soup cause so much outrage? Perhaps when history and politics is added to the mix, and often, it’s a recipe for disaster. Earlier this year, the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted: “A timeless classic, #Borsch is one of Russia’s most famous & beloved #dishes & a symbol of traditional […]

Beto O’Rourke Threatens To Leave Politics If He Doesn’t Win 2020 Nomination

Robert “Beto” O’Rourke has threatened to never run for public office again if he fails to win the 2020 Democratic nomination for the presidency. O’Rourke revealed during an interview with Politico on Tuesday that he “cannot fathom a scenario where I would run for public office again if I’m not the nominee.” But those keen to […]

The US Bids to Extradite DPRK Businessman from Malaysia ‘Solely Based on Politics’

The legal battle over the extradition of Mun Chol-Myong to the United States continues, as Malaysian courts postpone judgment until the end of October. Mun is a 54-year-old citizen of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea who has lived in Malaysia since 2008. He was arrested at the behest of the United States in May […]

The Politics of Funding: Cash Crisis at the United Nations

It remains one of the more unusual arrangements in terms of funding. Like a club filled with members of erratic disposition, the United Nations can never count on all dues to come in on time.  Some members drag their feet.  The bill is often delayed.  In the United States, responsible for some 22 percent for […]

The geo-politics of Turkey’s incursion in Syria

   Despite the fact that Turkey has been defying the US as of recently with regard to its purchase of Russian S-400 missile system, the US president has finally conceded to its NATO partner’s long-standing demand of invading northern Syria and wipe out the Kurdish militias. This is a critical decision since Kurdish militias were […]

Paper tiger politics: US Congress hotheads want to kick Turkey out of NATO

If Ankara launches a military operation against the Kurds in Syria, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) said he would submit a bill that would suspend Turkey’s NATO membership.  Similar statements have been made in the US before – in January 2018, for example, when Turkish forces were engaged in fighting near Afrin, and Fox News […]

With Clinton & Romney both rumored to be JOINING 2020 race, has politics gone the way of Hollywood?

It’s not just Clinton and Romney. Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden himself is a two-time loser convinced that third time’s the charm. Even Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, whose policy ideas are relatively new, even if he isn’t, has been in politics most of his life. DC has become the east coast version of Hollywood, churning through […]

Blain: "It’s All About Politics"

Blain’s Morning Porridge, submitted by Bill Blain “I’d rather play jazz. I hate rock and roll.” Another challenging week in prospect for global markets….  But let’s move on from worrying about how dangerous bond yields look, why the glue holding the horns on the Unicorns seems to be coming unstuck, or fearing just how horrid […]

Political Fatigue? How to Stay Engaged with Politics Without Losing Your Soul

October 7th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World We live in highly uncertain geopolitical times. Across the western world, the political onslaught can feel relentless. From the never-ending psychodrama of Brexit here in the UK to the near daily scandals and tumult in the White House, many of us look at […]

In Israel, ‘politics as usual’ means escalating Palestinian oppression

Three trends from Israel’s do-over election demonstrate that the more Israeli politics stay the same, the more dangerous its policies become. Outgoing IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz seen with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a ceremony held in honour of incoming IDF chief of staff Gadi Eizenkot at the PM’s office in Jerusalem, […]

At Knesset swearing-in, Rivlin urges lawmakers to shed politics of division

The 22nd Knesset was sworn in Thursday afternoon in an official ceremony in Jerusalem, as lawmakers were warned to find a way to form a unity government or face the wrath of the electorate. The extraordinary swearing-in came only five months after the previous such ceremony and with the very real prospect that its tenure, […]

The Latest Plot To Topple Trump: Politics According To (Groucho) Marx

The Latest Plot To Topple Trump: Politics According To (Groucho) Marx Source Article from Related Posts The violent war against Trump is real. But Trump is winning.     President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is stuck in prison.  His WINNING: Trump’s Approval Rating Jumps 5 Points as Democrats Proceed with Impeachment […]

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