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Israeli ‘Kamikaze Drones’ a Popular Item in the Azeri-Armenian War (VIDEO)

Posted on October 1, 2020 by martyrashrakat September 30, 2020  The Israeli K1 ‘Kamikaze Drone’. (Photo: File) By Palestine Chronicle Staff “Hats off to the engineers who designed it,” Hikmet Hajiyev, assistant to the president of Azerbaijan, said in reference to the Israeli-made attack drones which Azerbaijan is reportedly using in its war with its neighboring […]

Popular Children’s App Allegedly Requests Minor To Take Naked Pictures

A shocking claim, made by one parent in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, alleges a popular smartphone app designed for children asked a  5-year-old user to take naked pictures of themselves and siblings while in the bathroom and threatened to strangle the child if they didn’t comply, reported WBAL Baltimore. Anne Arundel County police learned about the incident on Wednesday (Sept. […]

Popular Israeli reality show ‘Goalstar’ to film its next season in the UAE

Popular Israeli reality show ‘Goalstar’ to film its next season in the UAE – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 0

The Extraordinary Story of Alexander Nevsky, the 13th C. Prince, Russia’s Most Popular Leader Ever

Home » Culture, Europe, History » The Extraordinary Story of Alexander Nevsky, the 13th C. Prince, Russia’s Most Popular Leader Ever     “He who comes to us with the sword will die by the sword.” Nevsky laid down the standard for how Russia would conduct diplomacy. Hail and take heed, this is the tale […]

US Army investigating officer, a popular social media influencer, for TikTok video featuring Holocaust joke

US Army investigating officer, a popular social media influencer, for TikTok video featuring Holocaust joke – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 5

Popular American Actress Shares That She Was Molested At Disney From Ages 6 to 14

The Facts: A small trial in Germany is set to take place giving participants $1400 a month for three years. They will compare the lives of those who receive it, and the participants who don’t. Reflect On: Why is the concept of universal basic income rejected by the major political parties in most developed nations? […]

Hugely popular kids’ computer game ‘ROBLOX’ has secret ‘Red Light District,’ Simulated Sex

The hugely popular Roblox online gaming platform for kids allows children to participate via their Lego-like avatars in digital sex parties, appear naked, simulate sex acts, use racial slurs, and send sexually explicit messages, according to a lengthy exposé by Fast Company. Roblox, which is easy for kids to access on smartphones, tablets, and computers, is […]

Popular Movements Can Overcome Authoritarian Policing

Popular Movements Can Overcome Authoritarian Policing Above photo: Portland protests say Go Home Feds as protests grow. By Noah Berger, AP. Today is the 60th day of protests since the murder of George Floyd. This weekend, people marched in cities across the country in solidarity with Portland and in opposition to the US becoming a police state. […]

Meet The Communist Jew Who Wrote The Song That Brought ‘Racist’ Lynchings Into Popular Culture

Not surprisingly, it was a communist Jew from the Bronx, Abel Meeropol, the son of Jewish-Russian immigrants, who wrote the lyrics to the infamous song, “Strange Fruit,” about the lynching of Blacks in the American South, popularized by Billie Holiday, whose birth name was also decidedly Jewish: In the late 1930s….Meeropol “was very disturbed at […]

12 of the most popular Aboriginal boy names

Image / Marshall your Photos – Facebook After many requests we have finally put together the list of the most popular Aboriginal baby names for boys. In case you missed it, check out the most popular Aboriginal baby names for girls that we published just last week. If you think we’ve left out a popular […]

Nationalizing The Banks Is A Popular Demand, So Let’s Demand It

“Everybody knows that the bankers are criminal, and everybody hates the banks.” The following is an edited version of remarks Black Agenda Report executive editor Glen Ford delivered to a panel on “Imagining an Authentic U.S. Left for the 21stCentury ,” at the Left Forum, in New York City, this past weekend. Power to the People! I’m honored […]

Popular Soda Additive ‘BVO’ Found To Induce Paranoid Schizophrenia

Popular soda ingredient brominated vegetable oil (BVO) causes memory loss, nerve disorders, and can lead to acute paranoid schizophrenia – according to several studies.   BVO was first patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant and was quickly banned throughout Europe and Japan. But BVO has been added to a large number of sodas in North […]

Popular Salon Paintings by Naturalist Émile Friant

Émile Friant (1863 – 1932) was a French artist, born in the eastern part of France, but forced to flee to Nancy at an early age by the advance of Prussian soldiers. Although he was born to parents of modest means, he was lucky to have “second parents” who helped fund his training. Due to […]

America’s Most Popular Politician Is Nikki Haley — Let That Sink In

Renegade Editor’s Note: Polls are notoriously inaccurate and deliberately manipulated. By Middle East Monitor US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is America’s most popular politician according to a study by Quinnipiac University, CNN reported yesterday. Haley is viewed positively by some 63 per cent of US voters, while only 39 per cent gave their approval of US President Donald […]

Why Israel Feels Threatened by Popular Resistance in Palestine

Why did Israel kill many unarmed Gaza protesters and wound over 2,000 on Friday, March 30 and on the following days, when they clearly posed no threat to Israeli soldiers? Hundreds of Israeli soldiers, many of them snipers, were deployed to the deadly buffer zone that the Israeli army has created between besieged Gaza and […]

Separating fact from fiction: Sleep expert debunks popular sleep myths

(Natural News) A lot of people don’t think much about sleep. However, for Dr. Michael Scullin of the Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory at Baylor University in Texas, it’s the opposite: His life’s work is about sleeping – rather, studying how people sleep – because it’s a field of study that doesn’t get much introspection. […]

Iran Army Chief highlights popular support for Sacred Defense goals

Tasnim– The Iranian nation’s allegiance to the Islamic Revolution’s goals and legacy of devotion left by the Sacred Defense would guarantee defeat of the US and termination of the Israeli regime in less than 25 years, Iran’s Army chief said. Speaking to Tasnim in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan on Saturday, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi […]

How Most Popular Music Keeps You In An Unconscious Egoic State

Next Story Many of us don’t realize it but much of the popular music out there isn’t doing our consciousness much good. And it has been built that way for a reason. I’m passionate about this issue because my purpose is in waking up human beings so that we can thrive. This is a big part of […]

Popular American Journalist Explains How There Was NO Sarin Gas Attack By Assad In Syria

Next Story False flag terrorism has ruled our world for decades and modern-day warfare has become a tool used by the global elite for economic and political gain. This is no secret, and terms like “false flag terrorism” have, within the past couple of years, entered into mainstream political rhetoric, as multiple world leaders have […]

State Bans Popular AR-15 Accessory; Police Shocked After Only 4 People Comply

By Rachel Blevins Massachusetts became the first state to ban bump stocks for firearms; and after three weeks with the new law in effect, police are apparently shocked that only a few citizens have come forward to voluntarily give up their newly illegal devices. Bump stocks, which replace a rifle’s standard stock and […]

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Russiagate

“An epidemic terror seized upon the nations,” wrote Charles Mackay in his 1841 masterpiece, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. “It was a crime imputed with so much ease, and repelled with so much difficulty, that the powerful, whenever they wanted to ruin the weak, and could fix no other imputation upon them, […]

Trump’s Phony Support for Iran’s Popular Protests

During a recent reporting trip to Iran, I interviewed almost two dozen people at random in both rich and poor neighborhoods of Tehran. All the middle and upper-middle class people I spoke with said the government of President Hassan Rouhani had made economic progress, although not as much as they wanted. All the working-class Iranians […]

The most popular TOXIC food ingredient in the United States – CANOLA OIL

(Natural News) You’ve heard the saying “The devil’s in the details,” well… the devil is actually in the ingredients list. It’s called Canola oil and it’s quite easy to find in almost all of the prepped and processed food products at two of the top “healthy” food grocers in the country. No, Canola oil didn’t […]

Gallup Poll: Melania Trump is more popular than Kate Middleton and Beyoncé

     More folks admire first lady Melania Trump than singer Beyoncé or Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, according to the latest poll from Gallup released Wednesday. Americans were asked by the polling firm, “What woman that you have heard or read about, living today in any part of the world, do you admire most? And […]

This Popular Cooking Oil May be Destroying Your Memory and Causing Learning Deficits

Heather Callaghan, ContributorWaking Times One of the world’s most common food ingredients is finally being outed as a big, fat fraud. We hope you are sitting down for this one! This polyunsaturated oil is touted as healthy by the big food industries, fast food industries, the natural health communities (!), and even our regulatory agencies. We’re […]

Meet Some Of The People Behind Popular Resistance

Meet Some Of The People Behind Popular Resistance Popular Resistance is more than a daily movement news website. It is a reflection of many people – some are behind the scenes making the website function or organizing campaigns, others are taking action or creating alternative institutions and still others are right behind them documenting their actions. For […]

Cosmic Consciousness & Outer Spaces in Popular Culture

Kingsley L. Dennis, ContributorWaking Times The sacred, the sublime, has always walked amongst the profane. The signs are everywhere, blended into the sidewalks, pulp fictions, and the kitsch trappings of the art world. For iconic sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, most of the sublime things of his world were disguised as trash that seamlessly […]

Secret Code Is Recording Every Keystroke You Make On More Than 400 Of The Most Popular Websites On The Internet

If someone secretly installed software on your computer that recorded every single keystroke that you made, would you be alarmed? Of course you would be, and that is essentially what is taking place on more than 400 of the most popular websites on the entire Internet. For a long time we have known that nothing […]

Research Finds Popular Coffee Maker That is FULL of Bacteria & Mold

Attention coffee drinkers: your Keurig coffee machine might be making you sick. Local CBS news affiliates have reported that Keurig machines are often a disgusting bacteria breeding ground. According to recent tests performed by CBS stations in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Chicago, Keurig coffee machines came back with findings of E. coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus and pseudomonas […]

Persian ranks 11th among most popular languages in internet

According to the latest W3Tech report in November 2017, Persian language has ranked 11th among most widely used languages of the Internet, being used by 1.7% of all the websites. This comes as the Persian language now stands one rank higher than Turkish and 5 ranks higher than Arabic, and is the most popular language […]

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