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PM and Ukraine president discuss possible Israeli mediation in Russia conflict

KYIV, Ukraine — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed a possible future role for Israel as mediator between Ukraine and Russia, two officials familiar with the matter said Tuesday. Israel, which has good relations with both Kyiv and Moscow, could serve as intermediary between the two warring countries at a future […]

Heading to Ukraine, Netanyahu says military operation in Gaza possible

Despite the tense security situation in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to head to Ukraine for a two-day visit that political analysts are saying is primarily geared toward currying favor with Russian-speaking immigrants ahead of next month’s Knesset election. Netanyahu’s working visit to Ukraine is the first by an Israeli prime minister since […]

Netanyahu sees ambassador to US or Mossad chief as possible successor

   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said he sees the head of the Mossad intelligence agency or Israel’s ambassador to the United States as his prospective successor after he bows out of political life, according to a report on Thursday. “There are two people I consider fit to lead the State of Israel — Yossi […]

Inflation Is Showing Up At The Worst Place Possible For Consumers: Walmart

When it comes to aimlessly bemoaning about how inflation is a giant mystery that nobody will ever figure out, the Federal Reserve are experts. When it comes to actually assessing real world inflation that is rearing its head in places that have a direct impact on consumers, the Fed is conspicuously absent from the conversation. […]

Pakistan will use ‘all possible options’ to counter revocation of Kashmir autonomy by India – FM

On Monday, Indian President Ram Nath Kovind signed a decree effectively abolishing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) state, which forms the part of Kashmir administered by India. Among other changes, this will allow people from the rest of India to settle and own property there. Pakistan, which considers the whole of Kashmir […]

Feds Probing Possible Finance Misdeeds by AOC’s Chief of Staff

The Feds are investigating possible campaign finance misdeeds by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, who suddenly resigned Friday. According to federal sources who spoke to The Post, the inquiry centers on two political action committees founded by Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s top aide who quit along with her spokesman Corbin Trent. Chakrabarti was the mastermind behind […]

Will plastic pollution end the world? Experts say it’s possible

(Natural News) A team of 250 experts from around the world has named plastic pollution as one of the greatest threats to global health. Estimates suggest that eight million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the oceans every year. There is little doubt that the plastic revolution has changed the world […]

Talks only possible with ‘tangible results,’ but US does not ‘seek dialogue’ – Tehran

“Dialogue and negotiation can be held when we have a certain agenda in place, and when we could get some tangible and practical results out of it,” Abbas Mousavi said on Monday, as cited by Reuters. The Americans “are not seeking dialogue,” he added. Problems have been piling up between the US and Iran over […]

Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources

Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources Source Article from Related Posts Jeffrey Epstein Suicide: Ain’t Nobody Buying That! Derrick Broze breaks down a new poll showing Americans do not trust the autopsy ruling Epstein used wealth to survive in jail, DoJ guards not cooperating with ‘suicide’ investigation […]

A$AP Rocky Charged With Assault In Sweden, Faces Possible 2-Year Jail Term

After spending nearly a month in a Swedish jail, where he was denied bail for being a “flight risk”, American grammy-nominated rapper A$AP Rocky has been officially charged by prosecutors with Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm. If convicted, Rocky could be sentenced to up to 2 years in a Swedish prison. The charges suggest that […]

Iran’s Rouhani hints ship swap possible with UK

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani suggested on Wednesday that Iran might release a UK-flagged ship if Britain takes similar steps to release an Iranian oil tanker seized by the British Royal Navy off Gibraltar earlier this month. His remarks could create an opening to reduce tensions as Boris Johnson becomes prime minister. […]

How is it possible that the Right Wing Fox News asks all the right questions?

The answer is devastatingly simple: truth often interferes with the Left and Progressive’s worldview. It is then suppressed so it fits with a vision of correctness. I delved into this question at length in my latest book: Being in Time – a Post Political Manifesto: Traditional Left Ideology sets out a vision of how the […]

Another Ice Cream Licker Arrested; Faces Possible Prison Sentence

Another person has been arrested for licking Blue Bell ice cream and returning it to a grocery store shelf, police have confirmed. Last week, a young woman was seen licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream and returning it to the shelf in a viral video. She was promptly arrested by police and now […]

Israel pursues possible war crime in village demolition

The army issued scores of demolition orders for the Bedouins’ rickety hovels of corrugated tin, scrap wood and nylon fabric. Periodically, soldiers tore down a few shacks, toppled water tanks, carted off solar panels or staged military training exercises on the site, in what critics called a drip-drip campaign to make life so miserable that […]

Because ‘Another World Is Possible,’ Tens Of Thousands Of Activists Stage Climate Mobilizations In Germany

Because ‘Another World Is Possible,’ Tens Of Thousands Of Activists Stage Climate Mobilizations In Germany Above Photo: Georg Kurz via Ende Gelände/flickr/cc With anti-coal Ende Gelände action in one city and Fridays for Future rally in another, activists demand urgent climate action. Chanting “we are unstoppable, another world is possible,” thousands of activists in Germany set off […]

Oregon Senate closes due to ‘possible militia threat’ after Republican walkout

The Oregon state Senate closed Saturday after a “possible militia threat” from a right-wing group — amid a broader drama over a walkout by Republican lawmakers over looming climate change legislation. RIght-wing groups posted their support for the 12 rebel Republicans on Friday, including one group — the Oregon Three Percenters — who joined in an armed […]

Cat among the pigeons: Russian-made TV show on Chernobyl to suggest possible CIA involvement in nuclear accident

   Russian state TV is working on its own version of Chernobyl, a series based on the worst nuclear accident in history. The NTV drama will deviate from the acclaimed HBO series – and from historical reality – by claiming that the CIA was involved in the disaster. Director Aleksey Muradov claims it will show […]

Ben & Jerry’s to Start Selling CBD-Infused Ice Cream as Soon as Possible

Emma Fiala, TMU Waking Times Ben & Jerry’s, the Vermont-based occasionally political ice cream company, is ready to jump into the CBD game as soon as the non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid is legal in all 50 U.S. states. As of now, an FDA regulation prevents the cannabidiol from being added to both food and beverages. The company announced on […]

EU elections: Possible winners, losers and massive upsets, here’s what you need to know

Elections for the ninth European parliament come at a critical juncture for European politics, with rising geopolitical tensions worldwide thanks to bombastic rhetoric courtesy of the Trump administration aimed at both Iran and China and a rising tide of Euroskepticism unbalancing the bloc. Also on ‘You’re getting worried’: Verhofstadt mocked for challenging Salvini to […]

Khan Shaykhun Locals, Damascus Talking About Possible ‘Reconciliation Agreement’

Click to see full-size map, Via Google Maps SouthFront reports… Prominent local leaders in the town of Khan Shaykhun in the southern Idlib countryside are currently negotiating with the Damascus government to reach a reconciliation agreement that would prevent an attack on the town, Syrian pro-government activists reported on May 9. According to the activists, […]

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