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The Feminine Power Breakthrough – FREE eBook

Awesome men reading this – please forward this invite to the brilliant women in your life!  Why are so many women today struggling to express their greatest gifts, attract the love and prosperity they deserve, and shift out of depression and anxiety? The world desperately needs more smart, conscious women able to realize their full […]

Hillary Clinton: Trump Has Asked Foreign Power to Help Him Win Election AGAIN

Hillary Clinton blasted President Trump on Friday for seeking the assistance of a foreign government to win the presidential election for a second time. “The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again,” the twice-failed presidential candidate wrote on Twitter. The president asked a foreign power to help him win an […]

Feminine Power Comes from Difference, Not Equality

September 19th, 2019 By Niaby Codd Guest Writer for Wake Up World Have you ever wondered when we, as women will be satisfied that we are being treated equally? Have you ever wondered what it will take to make us feel equal in a man’s world? Have you ever wondered why we do not yet […]

Extracting Energy From The Quantum Vacuum: Can Zero-Point Energy Power Our Planet?

The Facts: Quantum mechanics has discovered that “empty” space is not empty, and that it’s full of energy. Can this energy be utilized and drawn upon to provide power and replace our energy industry? Reflect On: What would be the implications of new energy technology that allowed everyone on the planet access to clean energy? […]

US energy head to discuss nuclear power with Saudis on Monday

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Friday he will meet the new Saudi energy minister on Monday and likely discuss plans Saudi Arabia has to build nuclear reactors. Perry did not say where he would meet Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, who took over from Khalid al-Falih on Sunday. But a […]

How the rising power of the Arab electorate is thwarting Netanyahu

The prime minister didn’t reckon with the rising power of the Arab electorate. For the first time, he’s seeing his anti-Arab incitement stymied by old-fashioned realpolitik. By Meron Rapoport An Arab woman casts her vote at a polling station in the city of Lyd on October 22, 2013. (Yossi Zeliger/Flash90) Netanyahu probably did not […]

Will Iran be a Full Nuclear Power by the End of 2020? No Return to the 2015 Agreement

French President Emmanuel Macron failed to promote successfully his Iranian initiative with the US administration despite the initial blessing of his US counterpart. This failure led Iran to make a third gradual withdrawal from its JCPOA nuclear deal commitment, raising two main issues. Iran has become a regional power to be reckoned with, so we […]

Power Outage For Federal Court Computer System Screws Up Three Months Worth Of Job Applications?!?

For years, we’ve talked about what a total joke the federal courts’ PACER system is. That’s the computer system the federal courts use for accessing court documents. It acts like it was designed in about 1998 and hasn’t been touched since (and even when it was designed, it wasn’t designed well). But that’s […]

Moronic Contradiction: How can we all switch to solar power if Bill Gates blocks the sun with pollution?

(Natural News) The crazy Left never seems to think anything through before announcing schemes for the “greater good” or to “save the planet” from global warming. Take for instance the “Green New Deal.” We are all supposed to believe that somehow we can replace every fuel-burning machine in America in 10 years, including every […]

At least 1 killed, 20 injured, 1mn without power as Tokyo lashed by Typhoon Faxai (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The powerful typhoon is one of the strongest on record in the Kanto region of eastern Japan, and the strongest storm to hit the Tokyo area in several years. A woman in her 50s has been confirmed as the first casualty of the storm after CCTV footage showed her being blown off her feet and […]

Book Review: Truth Has a Power of its Own: Conversations About a People’s History by Howard Zinn and Ray Suarez

The New Press Truth Has A Power of Its Own: Conversations about a People’s History by Howard Zinn and Ray Suarez September 3, 2019,  $24.99 Editor’s Note: Read the radical conversation between Howard Zinn and PBS/NPR journalist Ray Suarez that lasted for six hours, over a two-day period.  Howard Zinn began his activist life while […]

A US-Taliban Peace Deal Would Redefine the Regional Balance of Power

It’s been widely reported that the tentative peace deal that the US is negotiating with the Taliban will see the removal of 5,000 American troops from Afghanistan and the closure of five military bases (at least in the first phase) in exchange for the armed group (formally recognized as terrorists by Russia and many other […]

Iran’s defense, security power impenetrable, invincible: IRGC cmdr.

The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the country’s military and security power is impenetrable and invincible, adding that the country’s enemies are aware of this fact. Speaking during inspection of the IRGC’s units and personnel in the Bushehr region in southern Iran, Major General Hossein Salami said on Thursday […]

#QuestionMore #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT Snap UK election may give EU ‘unprecedented’ power – Galloway

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts An Unprecedented Level Of Panic Is Being Demonstrated By Epstein’s Elite Friends The Facts:Noam Chomsky calls out Israel for interfering in the US elections. He also confirms US Officials Confirm Israel Behind Unprecedented Airstrikes On Iraq In an unprecedented escalation which could reshape alliances in […]

Bavar-373 missile system boosted Iran’s deterrence power

MNA – Commander of Army Air Defense Force Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard said on Thu. that homegrown Bavar-373 defense missile system has greatly enhanced the country’s deterrence power. Iran’s advanced homegrown Bavar-373 defense missile system will throw off enemies’ calculations threatening the Islamic Establishment, he said. He highlighted the significance that of air defense in […]

Harnessing the Power of Synchronicity

September 4th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Who doesn’t love a good coincidence? Bumping into someone you last saw at primary school and discovering that they’re also married to an astrophysicist called Theo? Chalk that one up as a smile-inducing cosmic win. Talking at work about a restaurant you want […]

#usa #vs #russia United States vs Russia military power comparison 2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts United States has killed 20 to 30 million people since World War II United States Announces Additional Humanitarian Assistance in Response to Venezuelan Regional Crisis U.S. Department of State Deputy Secretary John Sullivan and United States Agency for International Development The United States: A Nation […]

Hydro-Québec ends collaboration with Israeli power firm

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 29 August 2019 Israeli warplanes make a ceremonial flyby of the Israel Electric Corporation’s Orot Rabin coal-fired generating station, to mark what Israel calls its Independence Day, May 2017. The power company is deeply complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights. (via Facebook) Activists in Quebec are celebrating after […]

Going dark: Pakistani PM’s office warned of power cut over unpaid bills

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) issued a notice to Imran Khan’s Secretariat on Wednesday, warning it faced disconnection over the non-payment of bills, the Indo-Asian News Service reports.  The Secretariat is the headquarters for the cabinet and government of Pakistan in Islamabad and it reportedly owes over $25,677 (41 lakh rupees) to the energy […]

Iran’s deterrence power prevented US action after drone downing: Top cmdr.

Iran’s top military commander says the Islamic Republic’s deterrence power prevented the US from taking an action against the country following Tehran’s downing of an intruding American drone. “If the US came close to taking action against us after the shooting down of the Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle but changed its mind under the […]

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