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Iran: Power Politics Behind America’s March to War

Sheila Coombes 21st Century Wire War with Iran has been proposed and promoted as an option, by various factions within the United States for decades. Various factions, particularly Washington Neoconservatives, have promoted the idea as beneficial to the security interests of the United States and its closest ally Israel. Shockingly, Neoconservative Patrick Clawson joked at […]

Congressman Calls for Banning Bitcoin Because it ‘Takes Power’ from the Corrupt Federal Reserve

(Support Free Thought) – In 2017, the state of Arizona went after the federal government’s attack on gold and silver by eliminating the capital gains taxes on precious metals. This paved the way to deal a massive blow to the Federal Reserve and end their monopoly on money. While the precious metals move […]

SPYgate: AG Barr confirms “government power was used to spy on American citizens” during 2016 election cycle

    “Treason!” – Barr Finds “Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens In his first pair of interviews since being sworn in, Attorney General Barr told Fox News and WSJ that he was pursuing the investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe – an investigation he has tasked John Durham, […]

The Israeli right is now openly saying it wants to keep Hamas in power

As the latest round of fighting in Gaza and southern Israel died down, it became clear that keeping Hamas in power has become a central tenet of the Israeli right. By Meron Rapoport Hamas supporters attend a rally marking the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Hamas movement, Nablus, West Bank, December 15, […]

ANC sweeps to power with outright majority

Hassen Seria Press TV, Cape Town South Africa’s ruling party, the ANC has clung to the top position in a hotly contested election which was touted to see its biggest loss yet. Hassen Seria makes sense of the numbers.   Source Article from Related Posts Top Psychiatrist: DEMONS Really Are Possessing People As […]

‘Zuckerberg’s power is unprecedented and un-American’: Facebook CO-FOUNDER says the social network’s boss is too powerful and the government should break up ‘dangerous’ tech giant

Chris Hughes spoke out in a searing New York Times op-ed on Thursday Co-founder of Facebook blasted the company and called for antitrust action Said CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s power is ‘unprecedented and un-American’ Lamented Zuckerberg’s ‘unilateral control over speech’ and threat of censorship Demanded federal regulators break up Facebook […]

Reclaim Your Personal Power Through 6 Body Wisdom Areas

Waking Times How would it feel to be truly comfortable and at ease in your own skin? To be able to release the residue of traumas and long-held blocks that may be hijacking your joy, creativity, and vitality? The key to experiencing this powerful shift lies in discovering how to reconnect with the deep wisdom […]

US playing ‘cowboy’ & ‘abusing power’ in Venezuela & Cuba – Spain’s FM

Borrell roasted US President Donald Trump’s administration policies in Latin America during a TV interview on Wednesday. He was particularly fired up about Washington’s decision last month to begin enforcing the 1996 Helms-Burton act, which essentially allows Cuban-Americans to sue the Cuban government over property confiscated during the 1959 Socialist revolution. “This is further proof […]

Iran stresses peaceful transition of power in Sudan

MNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has stressed the need to meet legitimate demands of Sudanese people and peaceful transition of power in the North African country. “The Islamic Republic of Iran is closely pursuing developments in Sudan and the protests and demonstrations of Sudanese people and emphasizes the need to meet […]

Labour & ‘anti-Semitism’: Real goal of establishment smear campaign is to deny socialists power

There have been 673 allegations of anti-Semitism by Labour Party members and, since the new general secretary started a crackdown on this issue back in April 2018, 296 members have either been expelled, sanctioned, or have resigned. Some 227 have been cleared of these accusations, and 150 cases are still under investigation, according to the […]

Can these truck-sized nuclear reactors power U.S. military basecamps in remote locations?

(Natural News) The United States military could very soon be getting a major field upgrade, as military heads are in the process of test-running a new type of nuclear mini-reactor that they say will have the capacity to power troops in otherwise hard-to-reach places of the world, such as hillside camps located […]

Venezuela: Why Is Maduro Still In Power?

Green Left Weekly’s Federico Fuentes analyses why Maduro remains in power after recently visiting Venezuela. For many, it is impossible to understand how, despite presiding over the country’s worst economic crisis and facing such intense international and domestic opposition, Maduro remains in the presidential palace. The answer lies in the enduring strength of Chavismo, a political […]

Venezuela Suffers Another Major Power Outage as Gov’t Denounces Alleged Attacks

(VA) — Venezuela suffered another widespread power outage on Monday, with authorities claiming a “double attack” against the country’s main hydroelectric dam took place. Both alleged attacks against the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant, known as the Guri Dam, affected as many as 16 of Venezuela’s 23 states. The first one took […]

You have the power to stop apartheid: An open letter to AIPAC

American Jews, who play such a central role in what happens in Israel, can put an end to the oppression of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line. But only if they tell Israelis that enough is enough. By Marzuq al-Halabi Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the AIPAC Conference in Washington DC, on March 6, 2018. […]

“Existence of Extraterrestrial Space Vehicles OF Enormous Size & Power Is a Fact” – Ex NASA Scientist

The Facts: In 1941, a supposed crash occurred of an extraterrestrial vehicle. It’s one of many that’s happened and have been researched and verified by prominent UFO researchers. Reflect On: If there have been crashed craft and bodies recovered, how much has our government, or the clandestine group in charge of these subjects discovered? Why […]

Maduro says 2 perpetrators of power grid ‘sabotage’ captured

Authorities reportedly apprehended the two “material” perpetrators of the vandalism in the midst of interfering with the dam’s communications systems on Monday, averting a serious catastrophe, and have turned them over to the courts. They are now looking for the “intellectual authors” of the sabotage, and Maduro has blamed the US for the sustained technological attack […]

The pornographic allure of ‘American’ power–How Judaic American Mass suicide culture has turned Americans and the world into madmen and warriors.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,026 other followers Sign me up! Source Article from Related Posts Jeremy Kyle Guest Who Committed Suicide Was a Pedophile, Wife Claims The British man who committed suicide shortly after appearing on the ‘Jeremy Kyle’ talk […]

The Neglected Power of Freedom of Choice

It’s worth re-evaluating these questions continually, as I see it. When we honestly get down to analyzing the various areas of our personal progress, how would we score ourselves? What needs changing or challenging that we’re either too lazy to do anything about, or too afraid to rock the boat and lose our seeming support […]

Energy Democracy: Taking Back Power

Energy Democracy: Taking Back Power Above Photo: From Executive summary Electric utility (re)municipalization is gaining popularity as a strategy to shift away from a reliance on fossil fuel extraction in the context of combating climate change. Across the world—from Berlin to Boulder—communities have initiated campaigns to take back their power from investor-owned (private) utilities […]

San Agustín: Popular Power Striking Back Against The Coup And The Crisis

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has bombarded us with selective images of Venezuela, with Venezuelans portrayed either as passively suffering from the devastating crisis or desperately wanting to be rid of the elected government of Nicolas Maduro. When Chavistas are depicted they are presented as fanatical red-clad drones mindlessly following a “socialist dictator.” Absent […]

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