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UK Government drug regulator says it urgently needs AI to cope with predicted adverse reactions from ‘Covid’ vaccine – ARE YOU GETTING IT YET? (PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN)

Truth To Power The Supreme Court Has Ruled That ALL Vaccines Are Unavoidably UNSAFE! The Vaccine Court Has Paid Out Over $4.5 BILLION To Families As Compensation For Vaccine DEATH And Injury! FACT! [embedded content] View original post Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Hits: 6

Solzhenitsyn Correctly Predicted the Decadent Collapse of America 40 Years Ago

    This TV segment is from mid-November, but we’re running it now because of all the news about Solzhenitsyn. It starts with a discussion of the US mid-term elections, and how uncivil the tone is in the US, and then has a very good discussion of Solzhenitsyn. His famous and prescient 1978 Harvard speech […]

Trump or Biden? Historian who correctly predicted every election since 1984 makes his pick

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Author of Dystopian Classics Predicted Face Masks to Enforce Conformity 70 Years Ago

A petition to prosecute Nancy Pelosi for violating Covid-19 regulations by visiting a hair salon in San Fransisco has attracted thousands of signatures in just 24 hours. At time of writing, the petition hosted at media action network has garnered close to 25,000 signatures. The petition, addressed to SF Police Chief William Scot, states: Laws aren’t […]

Flashback: Alex Jones Predicted Censorship of Internet Media Back In 2010

Alex Jones predicted the censorship of internet media back in 2010 and warned of a licensing program that rewarded establishment-approved stories. This has now come into fruition with NewsGuard. “What’s scary is the media is reporting on it like it’s reasonable,” said Jones back in June 2010. “And other states are moving as well, to […]

1947 Declassified CIA Report Predicted Israelis Intended To Take All Of Palestine For Themselves

Wow, what a surprise! To think that Zionist and their Jew sayanim in the West have been lying all the time about their real plans for Palestine, which continue this day, unabated and with no push-back from the West. Recently declassified documents from the CIA written at the time of the original partitioning of Palestine […]

True Prophet Predicted USA 2020 Demise Back in 2009

For before these days there was no hire for man, nor any hire for beast; neither was there any peace to him that went out or came in because of the affliction: for I set all men every one against his neighbour. (Zechariah 8:10) John ‘Jack’ Johnston is the real deal. A reformed Satanist, his […]

As Predicted here–Gaza Medic Killed on Border Wasn’t Intentionally Shot by Israeli Soldiers, Military Finds

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As Predicted and warned here–Sandy Hook Parents Sue Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Over Claim Shooting Was ‘Fake’

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A 1991 Book Predicted the Connection Between Mass Shootings and Public Demand for Gun Control

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times The American public is being triggered to fear scary black assault rifles, and in the wake of school shootings and mass shootings, many are demanding the revocation of their 2nd Amendment rights. Nearly 30 years ago, though, one of the greatest conspiracy books of all time accurately predicted […]

Historian Predicted Current Run-Up to Nuclear War

  March 30, 2018 by Henry Makow Ph.D. A Munich-based historian Wolfgang Eggert, 54, believes orthodox Jews called Chasidim want to instigate a nuclear holocaust to fulfill Biblical prophesy. He thinks these religious fanatics must be exposed. The largest Chasidim group, the Chabad Lubavitcher sect want to hasten Armageddon which they believe is a prerequisite […]

Flashback: Alex Jones Predicted Stock Market Crash Blamed on Trump

Flashback: Alex Jones Predicted Stock Market Crash Blamed on Trump The globalists are the ones trying to bring Trump down who are… driving the market down, Jones warned Kit DanielsPrison Feb. 5, 2018 On May 21, 2017, Alex Jones warned that the banking elites were planning a stock market crash to blame on President […]

As predicted here first–Jewish Powerbroker David Axelrod says Dems ‘sacrificed’ Franken to help them win Alabama

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These 1989 Video Games Predicted 9/11 With Eerie Accuracy

A handful of mysterious video games from 1989 shows the twin towers collapsing in the same exact fashion as they did on 9/11.  After the three collapses, the games show a new single tower being erected: One World Trade Center. reports: A handful of video games released in the years and months leading up […]

Pope John Paul II Predicted “Radical Islam Will Take-Over Europe”

Former Pope St. John Paul II warned that radical Islam would invade Europe in a dire prediction to a close friend before he died.  Those close to Saint John Paul II claim he was a “mystic” who often had visions from God and made strikingly accurate predictions about the future. reports: Speaking to a […]

Sir Isaac Newton Predicted When The End Of The World Will Come And We Don’t Have Long Left

SIR Isaac Newton predicted when the end of the world will occur, and has been revealed in notes he wrote at the time of explaining the laws of gravity. The godfather of physics wrote, in his findings from 1704, the world is set to end on 2060 – exactly 1,260 years after the foundation of […]

US Betrays Iran Deal as Predicted – Edges Closer to War

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As We Predicted: Trump to Sign Rand Paul Healthcare Plan

As We Predicted: Trump to Sign Rand Paul Healthcare Plan Trump joins forces with Sen. Paul Kit DanielsPrison Oct. 10, 2017 President Trump will allow Americans to buy healthcare across state lines, which is a plan spearheaded by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). The president will likely sign an executive order this week that will […]

LNG glut smaller than predicted: Bloomberg

nsnbc : Research by Bloomberg has found that the global oversupply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be one third less than expected. A […]

As Predicted, Google Fires Man Who Complained About Firm’s Repressive Political Culture

21st Century Wire says… Earlier in the week, 21WIRE reported about the Google employee who released a controversial 3,000 word memo which went internally viral – complaining about the Silicon Valley tech giant’s “ideological echo chamber” – a repressive, intolerant corporate cultural where political correctness rules, and which only caters to the leftist ‘progressive’ side […]

Sweden predicted to be a cashless society by 2030

Niklas Arvidsson, one of the researchers at KTH behind the study, believes the prediction is possible. “It’s going very fast just now. For the banks handling cash is just a cost, so cash will only be available as long as people and stores request it,” Arvidsson told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD). According to […]

As predicted, a mini gold rush has descended on Northern California

     When asking seasoned miners about this year’s so-called gold rush in Northern California, it can be a challenge to obtain trustworthy information. “People who are smart don’t advertise what they’ve found,” said Bob Van Camp, better known as “Digger Bob.” “If you’re finding nuggets in an area, you don’t tell anyone about it; I’ve […]

BBC Predicted Grenfell Tower Disaster In 1993 Drama

An old 1990’s BBC drama called House of Cards features a storyline that bears a startling similarity to the Grenfell Tower fire that left hundreds of people dead. In the show, which was originally aired in 1993, a gas explosion occurs in a poor run-down tower block in London, killing 70 people. At one point […]

Living in Fast-Forward: Events are predicted by the human brain seconds before they happen

     When an object is flying in a human’s direction for one reason or another, the reaction is invariably to flinch. While long thought an instinctual reflex, a team of researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands believe brains are constantly viewing lives in fast-forward, playing out actions in an individual’s head before they happen. […]

UN Must Face Scientifically Predicted Consequences Of Nuclear War

Above Photo: Nuclear weapons test (Photo/CC) The preamble of the treaty to ban nuclear weapons now under consideration at the UN will be greatly strengthened if it includes a summary of the long-term environmental consequences of nuclear war, as described by a series of peer-reviewed studies done by prominent scientists working at major US and Swiss […]

Is the Trump-tied global market crash the Health Ranger predicted about to happen?

(Natural News) As the discredited, lying, #fakenews Washington media continue to generate stories targeting President Donald J. Trump, using unsubstantiated “leaks” from “anonymous” sources and attacking him and his administration every hour on the hour, one thing has become abundantly clear: As Jake Novak of CNBC adroitly notes, the assault against this president has all […]

Top Analyst Who Predicted Trump Bets On Marine Le Pen Victory

One of the world’s top analysts who correctly predicted that Trump would become President, has said that Marine Le Pen will win the upcoming French presidential election.  According to Charles Gave, founder of Hong-Kong based financial consultancy GaveKal Research, the anti-euro National Front candidate will surprise the establishment with an unexpected win. “Le Pen’s momentum is […]

How Some Alien Bodies Look, Where They Come From & How Their Crafts Operate: According To Professor (FBI Document)

With several governments around the world openly admitting to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), the United States government has received a large push from its citizens to disclose the truth about their knowledge of this bizarre yet fascinating phenomenon. As a result, in late 2014 Barack Obama’s right hand man, (Councillor) Jon Podesta, […]

Possible MH370 Debris in Madagascar Uninvestigated, Personal Belongings “Irrelevant”

nsnbc : Potential debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and possible personal belongings of those who disappeared along with the Boeing 777-200, found in Madagascar about 6 – 8 weeks ago has not been claimed by Malaysian investigators. Meanwhile, the Malaysian government is closing down the investigation. Previously found alleged “probable” wreckage of […]

Above Average Intelligence Black Guy has a Message for We Wuz Kangs

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 14, 2016 Here you have an above-average IQ Black guy (still well below the average White, mind you) lecturing Black people who blame Whites for everything and say they’re going back to Africa. He goes into some details about what is going on in Africa, and the fact that they wouldn’t […]

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