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Children and pregnant women will be the last to be vaccinated in Israel

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Chilling Video Shows Man Dumping Body of Pregnant Girlfriend on Highway

    Authorities in New York have arrested a 29-year-old man accused of dumping the body of his deceased pregnant girlfriend on the side of a highway in chilling footage. A video released by the NYPD shows a male suspect pull a body from the passenger side of a white coupe parked on the shoulder […]

Protest Over Arrest Of Pregnant Woman Enters Seventh Day

By Justine Coleman, The Hill. October 9, 2020 Above photo: Charlie Reidel. A protest in front of City Hall in Kansas City over the arrest of a pregnant Black woman entered its seventh day on Thursday. Demonstrators have camped out in front of City Hall after videos circulated showing a white Kansas City police officer kneeling […]

San Fran: Racist Mayor Announces $1,000 Payments for Pregnant Black & Pacific Islander Women, Not Whites

This is mask-off jew subversion right here. They’re not even hiding the anti-white racist agenda. The Blaze: The mayor of San Francisco wants to help pregnant women with the financial burden of having and caring for an infant — but only certain pregnant women. White, Asian, and Hispanic expectant mothers need not concern themselves with […]

San Francisco to pay Black Women $1000 a Month if They Get Pregnant and Outbreed the White Devils

    Partially taxpayer-funded program provides “an unconditional monthly income supplement of $1,000” to black and Pacific Island women only as San Francisco mayor’s London Breed came up with the idea to outBreed those white devils from hell since her name is “Breed”. On Monday, the San Francisco mayor’s office announced the launch of a […]

San Francisco Launch Gov’t Program To Pay Black Women $1,000 Cash Per Month To Get Pregnant

The San Francisco mayor’s office has announced a government program called the “Abundant Birth Project” which will give $1,000 per month in cash payouts to black and Pacific Islander women for becoming pregnant and having children. The mayor’s office stated in a press release that “the pilot will provide an unconditional monthly income supplement of $1,000 to […]

Australian Regime goes full DICTATORSHIP: PREGNANT WOMAN Arrested Over Anti-Lockdown Facebook Post

Home » Australia, Injustice, Suppression » Australian Regime goes full DICTATORSHIP: PREGNANT WOMAN Arrested Over Anti-Lockdown Facebook Post     What is happening with our world? What is happening with our countries, with our freedoms? Give me freedom or give me death! Remember that?????????????????? This is not freedom! Shocking video footage out of Melbourne, Australia […]

WATCH: Arizona Cop Accused of Punching Pregnant Woman in Face

March 15, 2017 A police officer in Arizona has been placed on restricted duty after he allegedly punched a pregnant woman in the face while she was being arrested for violating a court order. Rickeda Jobe, 24, was arrested on March 5 by officers from the Gilbert Police Department and a witness caught a portion […]

It’s "open season" on vaccinating pregnant women with toxic, harmful substances confirmed present in many vaccines

(Natural News) Everybody knows that when you’re pregnant you don’t drink coffee, smoke cigarettes or take pain medications, right? And no matter how tempting that glass of wine might look, as a conscientious mom-to-be you wouldn’t think of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. For a mother, the responsibilities of parenting start from the second she […]

That Was Then, This Is Now: Open Season on Vaccinating Pregnant Women

Next Story By the World Mercury Project team Instinctively, most of us know that pregnancy is a time when it makes sense to be cautious. After all, as even popular culture attests, “precious cargo” is involved. With medications, focus group research indicates that when the risks of a given medication are unknown, most women are not willing to […]

Did You Get An Epidural? Here Are 10 Issues Some Pregnant Women Have With It

Next Story I have observed natural childbirth to be a topic of a lot of heated debates online. One camp, to which I belong, prefers to do it “the way nature intended,” without pain killers and interventions, and another camp wonders, understandably, why not use the methods of pain management that civilized humanity has come up […]

Now we’re told pregnant women shouldn’t be referred to as "she" – new medical language guidelines claim it’s disrespectful

(Natural News) If you’re in the room with a woman giving birth, it’s always a good idea to make her feel as comfortable as possible. You want to talk soothingly to keep her stress down, but a new guide published in the British Medical Journal that the Royal College of Obstetricians and […]

Zebrafish study: Taking migraine meds while pregnant linked to autism in children

(Natural News) A research study conducted at the Oregon State University and Wenzhou Medical University showed that exposure to a compound used to treat migraines and seizures causes symptoms related to autism. The researchers used zebrafish as a model to conduct a study on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their causes. “The […]

Afghan migrant kicks Syrian pregnant woman in the stomach after dispute in Berlin

     A 27-year-old Afghan migrant attacked a pregnant woman at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz station. The migrant kicked the woman in the stomach after a dispute at the station. German media say the man dragged the pregnant woman against her will into a train, while he kicked her several times. A companion of the Syrian victim helped […]

Turkish State Institution Says Girls Can Marry & Get Pregnant Aged 9

Turkish State Institution Says Girls Can Marry & Get Pregnant Aged 9 Islamic religious body follows Muhammad’s lead Paul Joseph Watson January 2, 2018 Turkey’s top state religious institution has issued a new fatwa on marriage announcing that girls can get married and become pregnant as young as 9 years old. The Diyanet, otherwise […]

What The Body of A Pregnant Woman Eating Organic Looks Like Compared To One Eating Conventional

Next Story *Republished article with some minor updates  It seems as if it was yesterday when the masses were completely unaware of the concerns being raised by a number of internationally recognized scientists regarding Genetically Modified Foods (GM). Now, dozens of countries in Europe have completely banned or have severe restrictions on GMOs, which includes […]

Science is ready to make men pregnant, fertility expert claims

Dr. Richard Paulson told the society’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas that there was no anatomical reason why a womb could not be successfully implanted into a transgender woman. “You could do it tomorrow,” he reportedly said in his address. “There would be additional challenges, but I don’t see any obvious problem that would […]

Moms-to-be cannot be called a "pregnant woman" but ‘people’ – UK to UN

     A mom-to-be cannot be called a “pregnant woman” – she is a “pregnant person,” the UK government reportedly said in an amendment to a UN treaty. The changes, which claim to consider trans parents’ rights, have triggered a backlash. The UK has objected to use of the term “pregnant woman,” as it may “exclude […]

CDC-funded study finds shockingly high rate of miscarriages among pregnant women who receive flu shots

(Natural News) If you were told that obediently getting your flu shot every year would give you a 40 to 60 percent shot at avoiding the flu (or zero, if the experts get it wrong that year), but would double your chances of having a miscarriage one day, would you find those odds acceptable? Many […]

Pregnant women who take antidepressants increase risk of psychiatric disorders for their kids

(Natural News) Mothers-to-be who are mulling over the decision about whether to take antidepressants while pregnant might want to take note of a recent study out of Aarhus University that reveals that doing so raises a child’s risk of having a psychiatric disorder later in life. In the study, which looked at nearly a million […]

Indian government stupidly tells all pregnant women to stop eating eggs, even though they’re loaded with nutrition for developing babies

(Natural News) New guidelines for pregnant women set by the Indian government recently caused a furor in the international medical and health community, with experts saying that India’s own government is advocating for measures that can harm expectant mothers. India released a government booklet titled Mother and Child Care, which spoke against the consumption of protein-rich meats […]

Mother Killed By Seattle Police Was Pregnant And Had Mental-Health Issues

Dozens of people attended a vigil Sunday night for a 30-year-old woman fatally shot by Seattle police as department use-of-force investigators probed how officers wound up killing a woman who had called police for help. Just after 10 a.m. Sunday, Seattle police responded after the woman had called to […]

Cops Electrocute Pregnant Teen With 50,000 Volts After She Demands a Warrant To Enter Home

In an extremely disturbing video, an NYPD officer can be seen traumatizing a pregnant teen by shocking her with a stun gun. The teen was accused of resisting arrest on Friday night after she refused to let officers enter her apartment without a warrant. The video evidence clearly shows teenager, Dailene Rosario, 17, who is […]

The Wisdom of My Father

  My father was 86 when he died almost thirty years ago.   He was born in 1900, came of age in World War I, survived the Nazis and the Communists in Prague, came to New York with two suitcases and my mother (and me), and finally retired in southern California. Just before he died, he […]

‘Underground Chernobyl’: French parliament OKs nuclear waste facility despite protests

On Monday, the National Assembly adopted the project of a nuclear waste landfill site, named Cigeo (Industrial Centre for Geological Disposal) in the town of Bure, eastern France.  The site will be a part of Meuse/Haute Marne Underground Research Laboratory run by the National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra). The laboratory conducts studies of […]

Israeli defense minister Lieberman calls Palestinian lawmaker a ‘terrorist’

On June 29, Hanin Zoabi, a member of the Israeli Knesset, sparked an uproar by stating that Israeli commandos who killed nine people on a Turkish aid boat in 2010 were murderers. Other members of Knesset rushed her and called her such names as “filth” and “terrorist.” Now Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has made the […]

‘Crocodile’ Spotted Basking In The Thames At The Isle Of Dogs

City workers in London’s docklands spotted what they thought to be a crocodile basking on a plank of wood along the River Thames in the Isle of Dogs, East London. Locals panicked unnecessarily as the reptile was seen close to a group of children paddling in the water. As it turned out later, what appeared to […]

Slattery and Dankof: After Brexit, is NATO next?

Slattery and Dankof: After Brexit, is NATO next? Dr. Slattery and Pastor Mark Dankof had a fascinating discussion on the implications of the Brexit vote, and in particular its impact on NATO. Donald Trump has questioned the role of NATO, and Slattery and Dankof point out that not only did the military alliance long ago […]

Days of Rage Protest at the RNC: FBI & Police Go Big Brother

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Various law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have begun knocking on the doors of local activists in order to gage the momentum of protests and demonstrations planned for the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, Ohio. The […]

Portland School Board Bans Materials That Denies Climate Change

The Portland Public Schools board have unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating any doubt about climate change and its causes in schools. The school board is planning to ban all textbooks and other materials that denies the existence of man-made climate change Is it right to completely stop students from learning about scientific evidence that […]

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