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Egyptian intelligence to prepare wide changes in media

The fate of dozens of employees, expected to be laid off in the coming period, has been uncertain as part of the gradual changes expected in Egyptian media and channels, in the framework of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate’s attempts to make extensive changes in the field of media. These changes will […]

We should prepare for extreme weather, but tying it to climate change is a mistake

   Even if climate change were the source of extreme weather, Trudeau’s signature carbon solution would be certain to fail The harm caused by extreme weather merits a national action plan, whatever its cause and whether or not it is increasing in severity or frequency. Policies that only address climate change won’t do the job. […]

China Armed Forces Prepare for Huge International War Exercises

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is preparing for a series of huge international war exercises next week, according to reports. The military exercises, called International Army Games (IAG), will take place in ten countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan. Over 6,000 troops are expected to take part in […]

“It’s Going To Be Staggering”: Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent

“It’s Going To Be Staggering”: Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent Source Article from Related Posts The 5 WORST Reader’s Digest Health Myths STILL being propagated and perpetuated today (Natural News) Reader’s Digest is obviously not a publication you should be The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 […]

Desperate Dems Prepare to Subpoena FIREBRAND Kellyanne Conway

The Democrat-led House Oversight Committee are preparing to subpoena President Trump’s loyal counselor Kellyanne Conway. Members will vote on Wednesday on whether to subpoena outspoken Conway in connection with her alleged violations of the Hatch Act. The House Oversight Committee plans to hold a hearing on Wednesday to discuss the violations, and had previously extended […]

Iraqis Prepare A Carnival For Peace As US Plans For More War

Iraqis Prepare A Carnival For Peace As US Plans For More War Above Photo: An Iraqi woman participating in the 2018 Baghdad City of Peace Carnival. (Facebook / Baghdad City of Peace Carnival in 2018) Two Iraqi peace activists discuss their commitment to peace and undoing the violence wrought by the last two U.S. wars […]

China to prepare own blacklist of entities amid US trade war

China’s Commerce Ministry says it will unveil a blacklist of “unreliable” foreign firms and individuals, amid a trade war initiated by the United States. On May 16, the US Commerce Department added Chinese telecom giant Huawei to a list of entities with which US companies cannot engage in trade unless they get a license […]

The Guardian: Soleimani Tells Iraqi Groups to Prepare for War

By Staff, The Guardian The Guardian British daily revealed on Friday that Iran’s head of Al-Quds Forces has recently met Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces in Baghdad and told them to “prepare for proxy war”. Two senior intelligence sources told the Guardian that Qassem Soleimani met the Iraqi leaders three weeks ago, amid a heightened state of […]

Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – This Is How To Prepare It !?

Translator Source Article from Related Posts "No Need Right Now": Bundesbank Pours Cold Water On German Fiscal Stimulus Hopes One of the pillars of support that has helped propel European stocks higher in recent Extremely High Water Stress In 17 Countries, Representing One-Quarter Of The World’s Population August 20th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff […]

As Hundreds Of Thousands Of Students Prepare For Global #ClimateStrike On March 15, Here’s How To Get Involved

“We are striking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge, prioritize, or properly address our climate crisis.” In 92 countries and counting, hundreds of thousands of students are planning to skip school on March 15 as part of the “School Strike 4 Climate“—a growing movement of young people demanding that policymakers worldwide take urgent […]

Governments warned to stockpile antibiotics to prepare for the coming global pandemic

(Natural News) A new report is urging government officials to begin stockpiling antibiotics in preparation for a potential global influenza pandemic, claiming that doing so will ultimately end up saving authorities tens of billions of dollars. The first study yet to model the financial value of stockpiling antibiotics, the analysis claims that […]

Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world… the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter

(Natural News) An urgent alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world. New information has come to light that indicates the “final solution” of the globalist agenda to destroy America and enslave its citizens is drawing near. The entire corporate-run media is a fact-free mental poisoning operation that […]

Democrats Prepare Hearings on “Rightwing Extremism”

Prior to the 2018 midterm election, I speculated a Democrat-controlled House would result in hearings targeting “hate groups,” that is to say anybody on the “right” who challenges official narratives, otherwise known as “conspiracy theories.”  “Rep. Bennie Thompson, an African American lawmaker from Mississippi, is in charge of the House Homeland Security Committee,” reports McClatchy. […]

One Trader Doubles Down: "Prepare For A Full-Blown Cyclical Bear Market"

Authored by Tommi Utoslahti, Bloomberg Markets Live Commentator Don’t get too comfortable with the idea of a sustained rebound in U.S. stocks this year. There are multiple reasons to prepare for a full-blown cyclical bear market in the S&P 500 Index. Based on Bloomberg surveys, market participants and my MLIV colleagues both expect a hearty […]

Pope Urges Pedophile Priests To Hand Themselves In & Prepare For Divine Justice

Pope Francis has urged priests who sexually abuse children to turn themselves in and “prepare for divine justice” in his first direct appeal to the pedophile predators. In his Christmas address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration, on Friday, the pontiff focused on the international sexual abuse crisis that is overwhelming the Roman Catholic […]

Prepare for ‘divine justice’: Pope Francis calls on abusive priests to hand themselves in

The Pope concentrated on the international sexual abuse crisis overwhelming the Roman Catholic Church during his Christmas address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration, on Friday. Also on ‘Systematic cover-up’: Catholic sex abuse probe spreads to 45 STATES It was unclear if the Pope was telling the child abusers to turn themselves in […]

Bill Gates Warns We Should Seriously Prepare For A Disease That Could Kill 30 Million People In Just 6 Months

If we look back throughout history, we will find that despite our best attempts from generation to generation, we, as a species, have encountered some horrible diseases, epidemics, claiming the lives of millions all around the world. While there are steps that we can take to protect ourselves, we will never know when another epidemic […]

UK Companies Prepare To Microchip Employees To Boost ‘Security’

Some of the the UK’s largest companies are planning to implant their staff with microchips to “improve security” and restrict employees from accessing “sensitive documents,” sparking ethical concerns over such a move. The Swedish firm, Biohax, which makes human chip implants, claims it is in talks with a number of the UK’s major businesses from […]

Japan, US Prepare Plans for Conflict with China in East China Sea

In recent months, we have seen increased military provocations by the US on the edge of China’s territorial waters. More worrying however, if the fact the US are attempting to drag Japan into their geopolitical chess match. In addition to this, British Royal Naval ships have also being used to provoke China in near the […]

Start today: How to prepare for an economic collapse

(Natural News) As the Federal Reserve pumps outrageous sums of currency into the economy, the purchasing power of the dollar shrinks. To adapt to the ongoing collapse of the dollar, you must strategically diversify your investments and income streams, while reducing frivolous expenses and debts that do not benefit your future. Here […]

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