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As tensions run high, residents report increasing presence of Israeli jets over Lebanon

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Iranian Presence in Crisis-Ridden Venezuela Is Growing, Warns Top Organization of American States Official

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) embraces Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at a meeting in Caracas. Photo: Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins. Venezuela remains the center of Iranian ambitions in Latin America, a top official from the Organization of American States (OAS) told The Algemeiner this week. In an extensive interview, David Smolansky — […]

Muslim Invaders Try to Justify Their Unwanted Presence in the UK

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Hong Kong sees heavy police presence to deter protests on China’s national day

Thousands of police officers stood by in Hong Kong, ready to stop any mass demonstrations during National Day celebrations. It came as leader Carrie Lam hailed her city’s “return to peace” after last year’s huge democracy movement. Last year clashes broke out between protesters and police during the event, but China has since imposed a […]

FM Spokesman: Iran’s presence in Syria upon Damascus’ request, Netanyahu prattling

FNA – Iran’s presence in Syria is upon Damascus’ request for advisory purposes, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi said on Monday, adding that Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu speaks a lot of nonsense. “Iran’s presence in Syria is upon the request of the Syrian legitimate and lawful government,” Mousavi reiterated. Emphasizing Iran’s advisory presence in […]

Muallem thanks Iran’s aid, says US presence in Syria ‘illegitimate’

MNA – Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem on Sat. thanked Iran for their advisory help in fighting terrorism, adding that the presence of US forces in Syria is ‘illegitimate’. Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Muallem said that handing over a list on the names of members in the committee of discussing the […]

France Expands Its Military Presence In Syria

France has stepped up its military presence in Syria along the border with Iraq, joining US forces to support Kurdish militants who are being used by the United States to partition Syria. Earlier this month, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the US military buildup in the eastern side of the Euphrates River […]

Georgia welcomes presence of Iran companies in development projects

IRNA – Georgia’s First Vice Prime Minister Dimitry Kumsishvili said on Monday that Georgia welcomes the participation of Iranian companies in the development of a large number of projects in the country. Kumsishvili, also the minister of economy and sustainable development of Georgia, made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad […]

Israel desperate to escalate Syrian conflict – retaining US presence maintains its own advantage

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Trump: The U.S. will end their illegal presence in Syria very soon and presumably end their support of terrorism

“We’re coming out of Syria very soon. Let the other people take care of it now,” Trump said during a speech in Richfield, Ohio on Thursday, dedicated to his infrastructure initiative. The US spent $7 trillion in the Middle East, Trump said, describing how the US would build schools only for insurgents to destroy them, […]

In President Rouhani’s presence; Kermanshah connected to national railway network The president opened the 110-kilometer long Firouzan-Kermanshah railway on Tuesday, hours before the turn of the new year. Dr Hassan Rouhani appeared in Kermanshah Railway Station and opened the Firouzan-Kermanshah railway project, ordering the first passenger train to leave Kermanshah for the holy city of Mashhad. When opening the project, the president said: “I […]

Russia upgrades presence in Pakistan

nsnbc : Russian-language signposts have been erected in several regions of Pakistan, and Russia has appointed an honorary consul for the Pakistani city of Peshawar, […]

Shaaban: Turkish aggression and US presence in Syria impede political solution and victory over terrorism

SANA – Presidential Political and Media Adviser Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said that the Turkish aggression on Syria and the illegitimate US presence in it violate international law and impede the political solution and victory over terrorism. Speaking at Valdai Discussion Club on Monday, Shaaban said that the Turkish regime has helped terrorists to enter Syria, […]

Moscow Slams “Illegal US Presence in Syria” Following US Airstrikes on Syrian Troops

Moscow lashed out at the U.S. this morning, after the U.S.-led coalition in Syria carried out several “defensive” airstrikes against Syrian forces allied with President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province – purportedly in retaliation for what the coalition said was an “unprovoked” attack on the U.S.-backed left-wing rebel group. In response, during a […]

Iran: US Relocating ISIS To Afghanistan To Justify It’s Military Presence There

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says that the US has been relocating ISIS from the Middle East to it’s neighboring country to rationalize its military presence in the region. By transferring the terror group from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan, the US is seeking “to justify the continuation of its presence in the region […]

US relocating Daesh to Afghanistan to justify military presence in region

‘US took Daesh to Afghanistan to justify regional presence’ Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has expressed regret over the deaths of Afghan civilians in Daesh terror attacks, saying the United States has been relocating the terror group from the Middle East to the South Asian country to rationalize its military presence in the region. By […]

Trump’s Sec Of State Tillerson Says US Will Keep Military Presence In Syria Indefinitely

Press TV| US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has announced that US military will remain in Syria indefinitely, spelled out a US plan to advance a political transition in the country, and also called for closer cooperation with Russia to avoid conflict in “de-escalation zones.” In a speech about the future of the Syrian […]

Foreign Ministry: U.S. military presence in Syria act of aggression on Syria’s sovereignty

SANA– The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Thursday that a U.S military presence in Syria was illegitimate and represented a blatant breach of the international law and an aggression on Syria’s national sovereignty. “The internal affairs in any country in the world is an exclusive right of the people of this country, thus nobody […]

Syria Vows To End US Military Presence In Its Country

Syria has said it is determined to end US military presence in its country after Washington announced plans to build a “border force” that Russia says could lead to Syria’s partition. On Monday Syria’s Foreign Ministry slammed the plan as a “blatant assault” on its sovereignty. The ministry were quoted on State TV as saying […]

Orthodox patriarch: ‘Jewish settlers’ threat to Christian presence in Holy Land

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Police Presence Planned for Start of ‘White Racism’ Class

When a “White Racism” class meets Tuesday at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), at least two campus police officers will be on guard as a precaution. Today marks the start of the spring semester at FGCU, and Tuesday will be the first time the class meets. The course has caused controversy due to its name […]

Iranian official raps US military presence in Syria

In a meeting with Palestine’s ambassador to Tehran on Thursday, senior adviser to the Iranian Parliament Speaker for international affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian warned against the establishment of US military bases inside Syria. Washington is pursuing its own and Israel’s rogue plots under the pretext of backing the Kurdish forces in Syria, he added. Amir […]

Bogdanov: Washington’s justifications for US troops’presence in Syria unacceptable

SANA– Russian President’s special representative to the Middle East and North Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister, Michael Bogdanov, stressed that the US justifications to keep its  forces in Syria are “unacceptable and rejected”, particularly after eradicating Daesh (ISIS)  terrorist organization. Russian mass media on Tuesday quoted Bogdanov as saying that Justifications for the presence of the […]

Russian diplomat voices concern over US presence in Syria

TASS– The remaining US military presence in Syria after the victory over the Islamic State (terror group, outlawed in Russia) arouses concerns, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Geneva office and other Geneva-based international organizations Alexei Borodavkin said. “We believe that after the victory over the IS there is no need for the US-led […]

Putin asks lawmakers to expand Russia’s naval presence in Syria until 2092

nsnbc : Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday submitted a draft treaty to the lower house of parliament (State Duma) that could see Russia’s […]

Prolonged US Military Presence In Syria?

Prolonged US Military Presence In Syria? Above Photo: From Note: When the US Empire puts in place troops and bases, it rarely leaves. Bases in the Kurdish areas of Syria will be a foothold that the US will use when the time is right to either create a new Kurdish country allied with the US […]

CIA chief & Netanyahu threaten Iran over presence in Iraq & Syria

In a video message released hours after missiles struck targets near Damascus, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Iranian military presence in Syria poses an existential threat to Israel and would not be tolerated. “Let me reiterate Israel’s policy: We will not allow a regime hell-bent on the annihilation of the Jewish state to acquire […]

Syria and Russia demands the U.S. ends their illegal presence in Syria now

With ISIS on the ropes, their leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, probably dead from a Syrian Air Force strike last June in Al–Mayaadeen, and the plans to slice up Syria in shreds themselves, the Damascus government and the Kremlin have sent clear messages to the U.S. to get out of Syria, or else.  There are approximately 4,000+ American troops […]

Iranian presence in Syria is legitimate, Russia says amid Israeli concerns

Haaretz– Israeli defense figures are set to meet U.S. counterparts today; Jerusalem troubled by seeming unwillingness of superpowers to expel Iranian troops from southern Syria. Russia has not promised to ensure a withdrawal of pro-Iranian forces from Syria, RIA news agency quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying on Tuesday. The presence of Iran […]

UK to Maintain Reaper Drone Presence in Iraq: Perpetual War Policy in Middle East

Chris ColeDrone Wars UK A Ministry of Defence press conference has revealed that as the war against ISIS ends, British Reaper drones are to stay deployed in the Middle East after other UK aircraft return home .  As The Times reported “Air Commodore Johnny Stringer, who led the British air campaign against the terrorist group until last […]

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