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US appears to be seeking a pretext to start Persian Gulf war, Moscow warns, expressing ‘concern’

Russia is deeply worried about recent developments in the Gulf, which risk igniting “a large-scale military confrontation,” a statement by the foreign ministry reads. The US is adding fuel to a smoldering conflict, and is now building up “a naval coalition” tasked with piling military pressure on Tehran. The seizure by the UK of an […]

U.S. Drone Intrusion Designed to Provide Pretext to Degrade Iranian Defenses and IT Infrastructure via Trump-ordered Cyber-Attack It’s been revealed that President Trump did order an attack on Iran – but not a military assault – instead, the US initiated a major cyber attack against an Iranian intelligence outfit the Pentagon believes was part of last week’s limpet mine incident involving two tankers in the Gulf of Oman. According to Yahoo News, which first […]

Israel, America and Britain: Building a Pretext to Wage War on Iran, Setting the Scene for a Broader War?

At 11pm BST 13th of June 2019, the British Broadcasting Corporation, or more correctly, the British State Broadcaster, pumped this out on an ultra short bulletin, usual for this time of night.  (Sometimes it is difficult to rest the mind for sleep after frequent strokes of black propaganda from the BBC.)  The messages. That the US held […]

Gulf of Oman False Flag Bombing Obvious Pretext for US Attack on Iran

    False Flag? Iran Has Little To Gain From Oman Tanker Attacks Gulf of Tonkin 2.0? Regardless of whether Iran is responsible for damage to vessels in the Sea of Oman, Bloomberg’s Julian Lee explains, it will still get the blame – and suffer the fallout. Via Bloomberg, Two oil tankers have been damaged in a suspected […]

US, allies use incidents like tanker attacks as pretext to wage war: International Lawyer

International lawyer Barry Grossman says the US and its allies are essentially seeking to stir up animosity towards Iran and motivate their military apparatus to wage a war.  Source Article from Related Posts Iran ‘Will Respond’ to October attack on tanker ‘At Appropriate Time And Place’ Radio Farda – Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said […]

How Israel is Providing the Pretext to Trigger US-led War on Iran

That language represents an obvious move by Bolton to create potential options for U.S. retaliation against Iran for a real or alleged attack by “proxy forces” on Israeli or Saudi forces or “interests.” Such a commitment to go to war with Iran over incidents related to Israeli or Saudi conflicts should be the subject of […]

With the US-Iran War Ball Now Rolling, Could an “Accident” or “False Flag” Serve as Pretext?

As tensions between the U.S. and Iran threaten to boil over, the probability of a provocation or “accident” that would provoke hostilities between the two countries is higher than ever. U.K. Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, after meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, openly stated as much on Monday, telling reporters in Brussels that […]

Trump Administration Neocons Fabricating Fake Pretext for War Against Iran, Warmonger Pompeo Telegraphs Yet Another False Flag Operation in the Works

  © Reuters / Reuters Photographer   Pompeo threatens ‘swift and decisive’ response to any attacks by Iran or its ‘proxies’ US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has threatened Iran with a “swift and decisive” response to any attack on “US interests or citizens,” including those by “proxies” – leaving lots of leeway for […]

Kushner’s peace plan is ‘pretext’ for Israeli land grab: Palestinian UN ambassador “Why the Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan shouldn’t be released,” by Dov Waxman**, The Conversation, May 6/19 “Dead on arrival.” “That’s what almost every expert predicts will be the fate of the Trump administration’s long-awaited peace plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “As the author of the new book, “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What Everyone […]

EVIDENCE: Kerch Incident Was Planned Provocation – Pretext for US Aid, Martial Law, War in Donbass

The shelling began at about 19:50 GMT, according to the correspondent. The Ukrainian army is using various weapons, including heavy artillery. Prior to this, a relative ceasefire had held in the Donbass, and there was real talk among stakeholders that certain key benchmark objectives for Minsk Accords could now be met, with an aim to end hostilities […]

Russia in Syria Is in a Continuous Struggle Not to Give Americans & Israelis Any Pretext for War They so Badly Want

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,972 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Three Deep State Confessions on Syria First, all the way back in 2005 — more than a half decade before the war Syria, Oil, and the Exceptional, Indispensable Kleptocrats […]

Russian MoD: Terrorists in Idlib Preparing Chemical Attack, Pretext for US Strikes

IMAGE: USS The Sullivans guided missile destroyer deployed to the Persian Gulf in recent days. Following on from previous patterns in East Ghouta and Douma, US-UK and Gulf-backed “Rebel” terrorists in the Idlib province in northern Syria appear to be preparing another repeat of past staged ‘chemical attacks’ designed to trigger a tripartite US-UK-France missile […]

Press gives Israel pretext to attack Gaza

David Cronin Media Watch 27 June 2018 The kite is now Israel’s most fearsome adversary.  Dawoud Abo Alkas APA images Journalists in Britain and Ireland often refer to the summer months as the “silly season.” Little of consequence is happening, the media apparently decide, so we can treat trivia as newsworthy. I’m not sure if […]

The Segev Case: Major Israeli Security Breach or Another Pretext for War with Iran?

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — According to Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, Israel has indicted Gonen Segev, former energy minister, on suspicion of spying for Iran and assisting in its alleged activity against Israel. Segev reportedly sent information to his contacts in Iran regarding “Israel’s energy sector, security sites in Israel, structures, and the identity […]

“Idlib Airstrikes” New Pretext for US to Stir Crisis in Syria

“Idlib Airstrikes” New Pretext for US to Stir Crisis in Syria A senior Syrian military expert described a UN demand to investigate alleged reports of Russia’s airstrikes against Idlib on June 7 as a Washington plot to start a new wave of crisis in Syria. Colonel Mare’i Hamdan told the Arabic website of Sputnik news […]

“Locked and Loaded”: What Fresh Pretext Will Trigger US in Syria?

DAMASCUS, SYRIA – Though U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis called the recent strikes targeting Syria a “one-time shot,” recent evidence suggests that the U.S. will likely strike Syria again in the coming weeks and months. Indeed, after the U.S. — along with the U.K. and France – chose to attack Syria based on “evidence” […]

CIA Stages Gas Attack Pretext For Syria Escalation

CIA Stages Gas Attack Pretext For Syria Escalation Above Photo: Debra Sweet/ Flickr The US media has seized on the latest claims by CIA-backed groups of a poison gas attack on civilians to demand a further escalation of the US-led war for regime-change in Syria and an increased confrontation with Russia. The Syrian government claims that […]

US and Zionist Governments Stage Duma Gas Attack as Pretext for Invading Syria

Related Posts Zionist Infiltration of the Christian Churches Jim Condit Jr. Source Article from Ted Springett – the Zionist Godfather of Bowral If you’re wondering why the Wingecarribee Shire Council is the most corrupt in Australia, this A Public Relations Scam: J Street Conference Attracts War Criminals and Zionist Liberals Alike Israeli war criminal […]

Trump’s Hypes “Caravans” of Asylum-Seekers as Pretext to Militarize US Border

WASHINGTON – After stirring concerns about “caravans” of Central American asylum seekers heading to the United States, President Donald Trump announced during a press conference Tuesday that he would deploy the National Guard to the U.S.’ southern border to strengthen its protection. “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be […]

Turkey ready to get involved in Iraq – Kurdistan war using PKK in Kirkuk as pretext

nsnbc : The government of Turkey has expressed its readiness to cooperate with the federal government of Iraq in Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region (KAR) […]

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