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The Price of “Freedom”? US Drone Massacres Dozens of Afghan Farmers as They Slept

By Matt Agorist Jalalabad, Afghanistan — Imagine for a moment that you had just finished a long day’s work with two hundred other farmers. You were settling down to relax for the night, when out of nowhere, Hellfire missiles rain down from drones in the sky and blow up dozens of your coworkers, maiming and […]

Gold Price Suffers Biggest Fall in Six Years

The gold price plunged in early morning trade on Thursday, in one of the worst trading sessions in dollar terms in gold market history. The gold price dropped to $1,514.30 an ounce in mid-morning – down 3% or $46.10 an ounce from the Thursday’s settlement of $1,560.40 on the Comex market in New York. The […]

Israel will pay high price for its acts of aggression against Mideast: Iran official

Press TV – The spokesman for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s administration has slammed Israel’s recent attacks against targets in a number of regional countries, saying Tel Aviv will pay “a high price” for its acts of aggression against sovereignty of those countries. Speaking to reporters during his weekly briefing on Monday, Ali Rabiei said, “During […]

Jewish Settlers Rule the Roost in Israel, but at What Price? 

Israeli Jewish settlers are on a rampage in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. While settler violence is part of everyday routine in Palestine, the violence of recent weeks is directly linked to the general elections in Israel, scheduled to be held on September 17.  The previous elections, on April 9, failed to bring about political […]

The Price of Publishing Independent Thought: We Need Your Support!

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Thought police on campus: What’s behind ‘consent classes’ at British universities Universities UK (UUK), the body representing higher education institutions, reports that universities are making young We have sinned against Israel’s land, water and air: Yom Kippur food for thought On Tuesday night and Wednesday, […]

Criminal War Propaganda Directed against Iraq and Syria: “We Think the Price Is Worth It.”

When we play their game, we will always lose, and they will always win. “They” are the largely unelected “Permanent State”, sometimes called the “Deep State”. “They” are the publicly bailed-out transnational, corporate monopolies and their political fronts that destroy domestic and foreign economies with their supranational “trade” agreements, their parasitical “neoliberal”, publicly bailed-out “privatization” […]

Is the Federal Reserve Losing Control of the Gold Price?

by Paul Craig Roberts After years of being kept in the doldrums by orchestrated short selling described on this website by Roberts and Kranzler, gold has lately moved up sharply reaching $1,510 this morning. The gold price has continued to rise despite the continuing practice of dumping large volumes of naked contracts in the futures […]

Gillette CEO After $8 Billion Writedown: A “Price Worth Paying”

Gillette CEO Gary Coombe said the backlash to the company’s infamous ‘toxic masculinity’ ad was a “price worth paying” despite Procter & Gamble taking $8 billion writedown on its Gillette shaving business. As we previously reported, despite performing well in other areas, Procter & Gamble reported a net loss of $5.24 billion thanks to the […]

Beyond Meat Bleeds Back Below Secondary Offering Price

Well that escalated quickly… Since the secondary offering on 7/31 at $160, it’s been a one-way streak lower, and now back below that secondary offering price… Some respite for the shorts but BYND is still up 546% from its IPO open… Still beyond belief. Source Article from Related Posts Forex drops to 8074t/1$ in […]

British Schoolteachers Want Price-Controls For Vacation Packages

Authored by Simon Black via, Here’s our weekly roll-up of the most absurd and concerning articles we came across this week from both sides of the Atlantic. 8th grader gets 3-week suspension for picture of airsoft gun Airsoft guns are toy guns which shoot little plastic BBs. As long as kids are wearing safety […]

Oberlin College is paying the price of wokeness

   Oberlin College is known for its ‘social justice’ activism and is considered one of the most PC colleges in the US. In recent years, Oberlin students have demanded trigger warnings on classic literature, called for a ban on ‘F’ (failed) grades, and complained about the cultural appropriation of sushi in the dining hall. So, […]

Surviving Tiananmen: The Price Of Dissent In China

Paints mars the portrait of Mao Zedong after Yu Dongyue, Yu Zhijian, and Lu Decheng threw paint-filled egg shells at in May, 1989. (AP Photo / Mark Avery) Ten days later, Chinese soldiers equipped with tanks and AK-47s attacked, nonetheless. On June 4, some 200,000 People’s Liberation Army soldiers were deployed to participate in the […]

The price Mizrahim pay for serving in the Israeli army

Mizrahim are forced to carry out the dirty work of the occupation, coming face to face with their Palestinian subjects in the West Bank. It doesn’t have to be this way. Palestinians clash with Israeli troops in the West Bank city of Hebron, February 9, 2018. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90) It is hard to know […]

Bulgarian defense minister slams US jet deal for ‘unjustified and high’ F-16 price

While the price issue is not currently on the table, officials in Bulgaria think the terms of the deal are disadvantageous for Sofia. That’s according to Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov who made the point as he was speaking on local TV. Personally, I think some of the deal’s parameters are not profitable and it is […]

Price of expanding cabinet: Up to NIS 300m just in expenses and bureaucracy

Among the hundreds of motions filed in an attempt to delay the 2015 bill to expand the cabinet, one mocking proposal called for replacing the title “minister-without-portfolio” to “MK who knowingly wastes public funds.” Four years after that incoming government succeeded in pushing through the measure, which increased the maximum number of cabinet ministers from […]

Iranian heavy crude oil price rises $4.35 per barrel in April: OPEC

MNA – Iranian heavy oil price increased $4.35, according to OPEC’s latest monthly report to reach $68.5 in April. As the same report confirmed, the average price of Iranian crude oil in 2017, stood at $49.60 per barrel and in 2018 at $64.25 per barrel. In the first four months of 2019, the prices hovered […]

New Housing Data Warns The Era Of Double-Digit Home Price Gains Is Over

Following last month’s disastrous starts and permits data, Tuesday’s release of the S&P/Case–Shiller US National Home Price Index hinted at a nasty slowdown in all 20 metropolitan regions the index tracks, indicating that the era of double-digit growth is coming to an end. Case-Shiller’s 20-City Composite expanded at just 3.00% YoY in January (just above […]

New Home Sales Soar To 16-Month Highs As Price Plunges

New home sales were expected to retrace some of February’s gains but in a reversal of yesterday’s dismal drop in existing home sales, new home sales in March soared 4.5% higher MoM (and February was revised stronger from +4.9% MoM to +5.9% MoM). This is the 3rd straight month of rising new home sales The […]

"Green New Deal" pushed by Democrats would cost 3,600 times the price of a border wall

(Natural News) The up-and-coming Democratic Party has many ambitious plans for the country. First, they want a “Green New Deal” which would force the economy to run on 100 percent renewable energy. This multi-trillion-dollar plan would provide taxpayer-funded incentives for wind and solar, while shuttering American coal, oil, and steel independence. The […]

US Consumer Price Growth Slowest Since Aug 2017 As Gas Prices Plummet

Following China’s dismal CPI and PPI prints this week, and terrible data from core Europe, all eyes are on US consumer prices with the over-arching ‘goldilocks’ hope that it’s not too hot to prompt Powell to re-hawk and not too cold to prompt growth scares. And it seems investors got what they wanted as CPI […]

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