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MSNBC: Chicago price gouging up 9,000% & the sports-journalization of US media

March 25, 2020 By Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog The Chicago Tribune – seemingly the only major newspaper which did not endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016 (they endorsed Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson) – has reported that price gouging in Chicago has skyrocketed a spectacular 9,000% since March 1. What’s worse, that figure only includes […]

Has Saudi Arabia Shot Itself in the Foot With Its Oil Price War?

Faced with an escalating crisis brought on by the global outbreak of COVID-19, Saudi Arabia made a conscious decision to increase oil production in order to avert a potential oil-price collapse. The move sent an already faltering global economy into a tailspin.   The trouble began at the beginning of March, after Russia rejected an ultimatum […]

After Bilking U.S. Out Of Billions In Price Rigging Conspiracy, Israeli Drug Company Offers Free Pills to Help Fight Coronavirus

Teva, the Israeli drug manufacturer that is involved in an ongoing criminal investigation that alleged it was involved in a ‘massive conspiracy’ to bilk U.S. consumers out of billions of dollars in a price rigging scheme, is trying to clean up its tarnished image by donating some cheap generic anti-malarial drugs that are known to […]

Trader: Asset Price Action Is Trying To Lure You Back In… Don’t Be Fooled

Authored by Richard Breslow via Bloomberg, On the face of it, financial markets are having an upbeat day. You don’t, and shouldn’t, have to believe that this signals the end of the financial challenges that the global economy still faces and yet welcome it. As long as it doesn’t race too far, too fast. Traders […]

Saudi Arabia makes oil price drop to $ 31 per barrel

The price of crude per barrel plunged 20% on the European markets and 30% on the Asian markets following the quarterly OPEC meeting in Vienna, reaching it’s lowest level in eleven years. Dismissing proposals to slightly cut its oil production during the current global economic downturn sparked by the coronavirus crisis, Saudi Arabia has aggressively […]

Jewish Senator Schumer Threatens SCOTUS “They Will Pay The Price” During Pro-Abortion Rally That Fulfills Jewish Law “Mitzvah” To “Cut Off The Offspring” of Non-Jews

Lifesite, 3/5/2020 WASHINGTON, D.C., March 5, 2020 (Operation Rescue) — Yesterday, as the U.S. Supreme Court was hearing an important abortion case, June Medical Services v. Russo, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) publicly threatened Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh while speaking to a crowd of abortion supporters, as evidenced in a widely shared video clip of […]

Would you pay $400 for hand sanitizer? Amazon should stop price gouging amidst coronavirus panic-buying, urges US lawmaker

(Natural News) As of writing, there are 159 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the U.S., and throughout the country, shoppers are hoarding items and leaving store shelves empty to stock up before the infectious disease turns into a full-blown pandemic. Even online stores like Amazon’s Marketplace are running out of stocks, with unscrupulous sellers […]

Market ‘Starts’ To Price In "Viral Impacts"

Authored by Lance Roberts via, At the end of January, I wrote a piece titled “This Is Nuts: Why We Reduced Risk” discussing why we took profits in our portfolios. Here is the important point: “When you sit down with your portfolio management team, and the first comment made is ‘this is nuts,’ it’s probably time […]

Two Books for One Price: Special Offers from Global Research Publishers

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Chinese pharmacy to pay $430,000 fine after hiking face mask price by SIX TIMES as coronavirus spread overshadows SARS

   A drug store in Beijing will have to pay a hefty fine after it apparently tried to cash in on the coronavirus outbreak, hiking the price of an essential protective mask by about six times, China’s market watchdog has said. Beijing Jimin Kangtai Pharmacy was caught red-handed by a municipal market regulator, which launched […]

CORONAVIRUS: Is China paying the price for extreme animal cruelty?

(Natural News) If you’ve been following the progression of the coronavirus outbreak, then you likely know that authorities are blaming tainted meat sold at the Wuhan, China, Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market for causing it. This market, in case you didn’t know, sells all sorts of “exotic” meats derived from rodents, as well […]

Core Producer Price Inflation Tumbles To Weakest Since 2016

Following the surprise acceleration in consumer prices, producer prices were expected to re-accelerate after diverging for three months. While the MoM gain in headline PPI was a slight disappointment (+0.1% vs +0.2% MoM) but on a YoY basis it met expectations at +1.3% (still well below CPI)… Source: Bloomberg However, core producer price gains (ex-food […]

Market Bubbles: It’s Not The Price, It’s The Mentality

Authored by Lance Roberts via, “Actually, one of the dangers is that people could be throwing risk to the wind and this [market] could be a runaway. We sometimes call that a melt-up and produces prices too high and then if there’s a shock, you come down to Earth and that could impact sentiment. I think […]

Bullion Banks Used Paper Gold and Silver to Restrain Price Advance in 2019

By Clint Siegner Gold and silver investors buy metals because they are scarce. Precious metals are by nature difficult to find, and hard to produce. Consequently, above ground stocks are limited and valuable, particularly when priced in unlimited fiat currencies. The bankers and government officials behind these fiat currency systems don’t like stable monetary benchmarks […]

Oil price keeps rising as industry drilled by Iran-US conflict

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (AP) — The global benchmark for crude oil rose above $70 a barrel on Monday for the first time in over three months, with jitters rising over the escalating military tensions between Iran and the United States. The Brent contract for oil touched a high of $70.74 a barrel, the highest since […]

Iran’s Supreme Leader hits back at Trump’s ‘big price’ threat, says US ‘took revenge’ for defeating ISIS

On the heels of the Tuesday siege of the US diplomatic mission in Baghdad, President Trump fired off a series of inflammatory tweets, vowing to hold Iran “fully responsible for lives lost, or damage incurred, at any of our facilities.” Shortly thereafter, he took a different tone, saying he doesn’t see a war with Iran […]

US Home Price Gains Accelerate Again (But Not In San Francisco)

Following September’s (the last data point) modest reacceleration in home prices (the first since March 2018), Case-Shiller’s October data is expected to stabilize at +2.10% YoY. But instead, the 20-City Composite accelerated significantly – rising 2.23% YoY – the fastest since May… Source: Bloomberg Prices rose on an annual basis in 19 of the 20 […]

British Weapons Manufacturers, Banks, See Share Price Rocket after Conservative Election Victory

The big winner in last week’s conservative landslide elections in the United Kingdom? Weapons manufacturers.  Almost every one of Britain’s top arms producers saw large spikes in their share price immediately following the news that Boris Johnson was to become the next Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn was going to stand down as leader of […]

Wildlife pays price for month of floods

He added otters have been found in garden ponds as they seek fish when rivers turn into raging torrents. Britain was bracing for icy weather this weekend with a risk of snow. Yesterday the Met Office issued weather warnings for fog in the Midlands and South Yorkshire. Freezing temperatures were predicted in parts of the […]

Fuel price riots exposed enemies’ opportunism: Top general

Press TV – A top military commander says recent fuel-related riots that broke out across Iran exposed the degree of opportunism by which the enemies of the country seek to undermine its stability. “The enemies … had been waiting for an opportunity like the implementation of the fuel price reform plan to benefit from the […]

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