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Catholic Priest With Coronavirus Shakes Hands With 500 Parishioners In D.C. To Eliminate The “Fundamentalist Scourge” of Christianity

Antichrist, Jesuit Pope Francis: Christians Who Believe The Bible and Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Are a “Fundamentalist Scourge” (read more) Antichrist, Islam Allied Jesuit Pope Francis Tells Christian High School Students To Not Convert Nonbelievers (read more) Lesbian Priest Pushing Prepaid Gas Cards For Women Seeking An Abortion (read more) 301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named […]

Voting Pro-Choice Is Worse Than Pedophilia Says Catholic Priest

A Catholic priest in Rhode Island has claimed that voting pro-choice is worse than raping children. The priest defended his decision to ban 44 pro-abortion state politicians from receiving communion in his parish, by saying ‘pedophilia doesn’t kill anyone’ but abortion does. According to Patheous: Newsweek reports: CATHOLIC PRIEST SAYS ‘PEDOPHILIA DOESN’T KILL ANYONE’ AFTER […]

Priest Refuses Communion for Lawmakers Pushing Pro-Abortion Bill

A Rhode Island priest has announced he will block Holy Communion to lawmakers who support a pro-abortion bill. Father Richard Bucci warned pro-abortion politicians that they would be denied Holy Communion if they attended mass at his Catholic parish, Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a bill in 2019 that preserves […]

Teen Kills Pedophile Priest Who Raped Him by Ramming Crucifix Down His Throat

A teenager has been arrested for murdering a pedophile priest who raped him and three other children, by ramming a crucifix down his throat. 19-year-old Alexandre V., who accused the priest of raping him, attacked 91-year-old Catholic priest Roger Matassoli at his home in northern France. Father Matassoli had been accused of sexually abusing at […]

Abused Teen Arrested for Killing Pedophile Priest by Ramming a Crucifix Down His Throat

(TMU) — A 19-year-old was arrested for the brutal revenge killing of a pedophile priest accused of abusing him and at least three other young boys. The suspect, identified only as Alexandre V., reportedly killed and tortured 91-year-old Catholic Priest Roger Matassoli at his home in Agnetz, Oise, in northern France, on November 4th. The […]

Catholic Priest Jailed in Poland for Warning that Jews Intend to Destroy and Enslave Them — Mothman777’s Blog

Catholic Priest Jailed in Poland for Warning that Jews Intend to Destroy and Enslave Them via Catholic Priest Jailed in Poland for Warning that Jews Intend to Destroy and Enslave Them — Mothman777’s Blog Source Article from Hits: 40

The 10 Spiritual Realms According To An Ancient Japanese Buddhist Priest

The Facts: The system of Celtic tree astrology greatly differs from the North American zodiac signs we typically write about. Reflect On: Astrology is always fun to look into, nothing to live and die for obviously but can perhaps provide some guidance and insight. The system of Celtic tree astrology greatly differs from the North […]

Divine intervention: Priest pilots ‘parking for prayers’ scheme in Italy

The ‘price’ runs from 10 Hail Marys for one hour of parking, right up to a whole novena for five hours.  The parish priest of the Madonna Del Passo in Avezzano, Vincenzo De Mario, said he introduced the parking rate to encourage church-goers to pray, and “for those who do not attend, [this] may be […]

Migrant Rapes Prison Priest In Prayer Room During Spiritual Guidance

A migrant serving time at Sweden’s high-security Hall Prison locked the door to the room serving as a space for prayer and spiritual guidance before brutally attacking and raping a female prison priest, according to Swedish reports. The rape behind the walls at Hall Prison, located 5 kilometres southeast of Södertälje, happened in December last […]

Should a Jewish Priest Be US Ambassador to Israel?

The US ambassador to Israel, chosen by Donald Trump, is the Orthodox Jew David Friedman. Friedman, told a group of Hispanic Christians, “Israel is on the side of God, and we don’t underestimate that.” Not only is Friedman an Orthodox Jew who believes the ungodly and cruel Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is the Word of God […]

Moment of stabbing attack on Canadian priest during mass caught on camera (VIDEO)

The footage, which some viewers may find disturbing, shows Father Claude Grou conducting the ceremony when a man dressed in black clothing and a white baseball cap rapidly approaches him. The man chases the 77-year-old director of the oratory from behind the pulpit, knocking down one of the candles on his way. He then appears […]

One Jew Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language

One Jew Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter By Craig A. James | 2 December 2008 The Religion Virus Mayan Glyphs. The New York Times described the decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphs as “one of the great stories of twentieth century scientific discovery.” Tragically, this decipherment was […]

Spectacular, colorful tomb of ancient Egyptian high priest revealed (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The tomb at the Saqqara necropolis is in good condition and its walls are lined with images depicting the tomb owner, a high priest, and his family, according to Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khalid Al Anani. Numerous colorful statues have also been found at the site, which dates back to the reign of King Neferirkare […]

BASED Mexican Priest Suicide-Shames Dead Faggot at Own Funeral!

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 15, 2018 Suicide is for faggots. They deserve to be mocked. There is nothing worse than a suiciding little fagboy. And we do encourage these little bastards to off themselves and create these terrible scenes of cowardice when we do not condemn suicide. BASED latinos understand this. […]

80-Yr-Old Catholic Priest Busted for 400 Images and 210 DVDs of Child Porn (Kids As Young As 2)

There’s another tragic tale of a Catholic Priest engaged in degenerate pedophilia-laden desires. This time 81-year-old former Priest at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Great Falls, Montana was arrested for receipt of child pornography. As of this time, Krauth remains a free man awaiting trial, now with a felony indictment for his alleged receipt […]

The Law of One — Information Released By An Illuminati Priest

Information Received by Carla L. Rueckert The Law of One information was received by channeling to Carla L. Rueckert from Ra. The information found here, is in her book “Living The Law of One, 101: The Choice”. This information was received in the early 1980’s. The philosophy behind the Law of One material is that, […]

Fighting Father Dave: Australia’s pro-Palestine, pro-Putin celebrity priest

Why a fearless and fiery Anglican priest travels to war-torn countries, supports Putin in Syria, and believes that Christians must unite to fight the lies of Western liberal governments      Australian born Anglican priest ‘Fighting’ Father Dave, 55 years old, is a vivid character, dynamite in a religious world which too often closes its eyes […]

Pope Defrocks Chilean Priest At Center Of Child Sex Abuse Scandal

The Vatican said Pope Francis has defrocked Father Fernando Karadima, the 88-year-old priest at the center of Chile’s child sex abuse scandal In a statement on Friday the Vatican said that the pope had made an “exceptional” decision and did so “for the good of the Church”. Karadima had been ordered to live a life […]

Chicago Priest Exorcises, Burns Rainbow Fag-Flag: “Priest Abuse Definitely a Gay Thing”

Luis Castillo Daily Stormer September 21, 2018 As part of the Internet Hate Speech Super Friends Team, I am forced to pay homage to the most prolific hate speech document of our civilization. A few days ago, we were reminded that the Bible demands that women must be quiet, obey men, and […]

Pedophile Priest Says ‘The Devil’ Made Him Molest 11 Year Old Girl

A Catholic priest who has been accused of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl said that he thought the child was 11, and that he did what he did because ‘the devil tripped’ him Father Paolo Glaentzer, 70, was arrested last month for molesting an 11-year-old girl in a car. The Italian priest has not been […]

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