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WHO official urges world leaders to stop using lockdowns as primary virus control method

Fine advice from WHO who’ve already crushed everybody & everything. Read the other post today titled: “United Nations, WHO & World Bank Issue Similar Eerie Warning For The World…Than BANG This Happens…” Lisa Haven. They finally have to admit the damage which they knew all along would happen. Game plan is depop. EWR Nwo Report […]

Americans demand climate change be a primary topic at 2020 presidential debates

Over 160,000 thousand Americans have signed petitions demanding climate change be a primary focus of the presidential debates.  Voters are aware the climate crisis is here and needs immediate action. Back in the 2016 presidential elections, there was not a single question asked about climate change or global warming at any presidential debate. Citizens do […]

Man Who Identifies as Woman Wins Del. Democratic Primary by Landslide

WILMINGTON, Del. — A man who identifies as a woman won the Democratic primary for the Delaware state Senate on Tuesday, defeating his opponent by a landslide. He will now face a Republican challenger who serves as a church deacon and is running on family values. Tim McBride, who goes by Sarah, received 91 percent […]

‘Drag Queen’ Wins Democratic Primary Against Incumbent Who Voted Against ‘Gay Marriage’

GLASGOW, Del. — An openly homosexual Delaware man who moonlights as a drag queen has won the Democratic primary for state representative, defeating current Rep. Earl Jaques, Jr., a “moderate” lawmaker who voted against same-sex “marriage” in 2013, as well as a 2017 bill to “modernize” the state’s laws to align with Roe v. Wade. […]

Tuesday Live! Transsexual Satanist Anarchist Wins Primary For Sheriff In New Hampshire

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‘Look How Clueless the Average Voter Is!’ Trans Satanist Anarchist Wins GOP Primary for County Sheriff

CHESHIRE COUNTY, N.H. — Voters in one New Hampshire county have nominated a Satanist man who identifies as a woman, who ran with the slogan “[Expletive] the police],” for the Republican candidate for sheriff. He will now face off against Democratic incumbent Eli Rivera, who endorsed homosexual candidate Pete Buttigieg for president. “More than 4,000 […]

***Live Updates*** Massachusetts Primary Results

Massachusetts holds its primary elections on Tuesday. Incumbent progressive Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), whom Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) backed early, faces a challenge from Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA), whom House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently endorsed. In the House, incumbent Richard Neal (D-MA) faces a challenge from Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse. Stay tuned to Breitbart […]

Jewish anti-Muslim provocateur Laura Loomer wins GOP primary in Florida

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Laura Loomer, a Jewish right-wing provocateur known for her anti-Muslim rhetoric, has won the Republican primary in the southern Florida congressional district where US President Donald Trump votes. Her win was swiftly feted by Trump, who tweeted and retweeted several messages of support for the candidate. The primary win caps a rapid […]

Israel-born ecology professor wins Wyoming Democratic Senate primary

University of Wyoming ecology professor and climate activist Merav Ben-David won the Democratic nomination for the US Senate in Wyoming on Tuesday night. The Israel-born Ben-David, 61, of Laramie, beat two Democrats who actively campaigned: social justice and environmental activist Yana Ludwig, of Laramie; and climate-change think tank vice president Nathan Wendt, of Jackson. Ben-David […]

Ilhan Omar beats well-funded challenger in Minnesota primary

On Tuesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar defeated challenger Antone Melton-Meaux in her primary. She’s now expected to sail to an easy victory this November in Minnesota’s heavily-Democratic 5th district. Omar becomes the third member of The Squad to beat back a primary challenge and, since Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley is running unopposed next month, all four […]

How They Do It–Neo-Nazi Republican Patrick Little Gets 1.2% In California Senate Primary

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Convict Blankenship surges in senatorial primary with anti-McConnell ads

     Coal baron Don Blankenship is surging in West Virginia’s GOP senatorial primary on the eve of the May 8 election, with an anti-Mitch McConnell message that’s resonating with voters. However, that message is also terrifying Republicans nationally in what may become a repeat of the disaster in Alabama in last year’s special Senate election. […]

The primary importance of slaughtered offerings in Judaism

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Iran bans English in primary schools after calls to end Western ‘cultural invasion’

“Teaching English in government and non-government primary schools in the official curriculum is against laws and regulations,” Mehdi Navid-Adham, head of the state-run High Education Council, said on state TV on Saturday. “This is because the assumption is that, in primary education, the groundwork for the Iranian culture of the students is laid.” The authorities […]

Colombia’s ELN to become a primary military target if ceasefire isn’t extended: General Alberto Mejia

nsnbc : Colombia’s leftist National Liberation Army (ELN) will become a primary military target if the current ceasefire isn’t extended, said General Alberto Mejia. […]


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CNN’s Primary News Anchor Exposed With Ties To The CIA & The OSS

Next Story The CIA’s connections to mainstream media are well documented. Take Operation Mockingbird, for example, a program developed by the agency to infiltrate mainstream media and feed them stories that suit the narrative of the agency, for ‘national security’ purposes. It was actually birthed out of the Office for Strategic Services (OSS), which, during the […]

Palestine’s primary schools defy Israeli demolition orders

by Aziz Nofal Israeli demolition of a European-financed school in the occupied West Bank has forces Palestinian children to instead attend classes in a ten. Palestinian activists restored some good cheer to primary school students in Jub al-Thib as they set about rebuilding their school over the night of September 9-10 using concrete blocks. On August 22, Israeli authorities had demolished the only […]


EUROPEAN BLACK NOBILITY IS A PRIMARY SUPPORT GROUP FOR THE BRITISH-SWISS-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE THE BLACK NOBILITY HEADED BY ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE Click for Source Article on Black Nobility Black nobility descended from Khazars & Medieval & Renaissance Popes and Venetian & European Families including : Colonna Provided a Mayor of Rome. Orsini Massimo Ruspoli […]

Hamas, in another U-turn, realigns itself with Iran as primary sponsor

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Yahya Sinwar, new Hamas leader and Hamas’ “Prime Minister” in Palestine’s Gaza Strip, said relations between Hamas and Iran have returned […]

Putin on Global Cyber attack “. Russia had nothing to do with it, the primary source was the USA

Global Cyberattack When asked about the global cyberattack, Putin said that Russia is concerned over the hacker attack, however, so far it has caused no significant damage for the country. He emphasized that “Russia has nothing to do with it,” while the source of primary virus was the US. “For us there has been no significant damage: neither banks, nor for the […]

DNC argues in court it had the right to rig 2016 democratic primary

     A lawsuit brought against the Democratic National Committee, and its former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, by Bernie Sanders donors has revealed the DNC believes its own rules of impartiality don’t apply, and they can pick whatever candidate they wish. “We could have voluntarily decided that, ‘Look, we’re gonna go into back rooms like they […]

Cannabis Found to Destroy Toxic Protein That Leads to Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists may have just found an ingredient in cannabis that could help people with Alzheimer’s. Over 5 million people in the US and around 850,000 in the UK suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This is a severe condition where a person struggles with memory loss. Currently, people suffering from this disease are put on symptom management […]

Barak says Trump should name Rice or Gates v.p. to improve his chances from 30 percent

Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime minister, says Donald Trump has a 30 percent chance of becoming president but he offered him advice on how to get there: name Condoleezza Rice or Robert Gates as his vice presidential nominee to make Americans think that he is a more stable candidate. A “few responsible nominations” would […]

Norway has a positive view to interaction with Iran: Official

Tehran, June 15, The Iran Project – Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Norway says after the JCPOA implementation Norway has a positive view to interaction with Iran. Speaking to a reporter on Wednesday, Iran’s ambassador in Norway, Majid Nili said after the JCPOA implementation, Norway has a positive view to broaden its […]

Henry Kissinger Does The Bilderberg Walk Of Shame

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Why Women Aren’t Getting Loved

  June 8, 2016 Ladies, if you want   love and marriage, act like a potential wife  and mother, not a slut. (Updated  from Sept 12, 2004) by Henry Makow Ph.D A news story June 7, 2016 said that more than four in 10 US women are obese.     Women are getting fat because they’re not getting […]

Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech about inequality

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Google is Secretly Recording Everything You Say — Here’s How to Hear It, Delete It, and Stop It

Thanks to a function of their search software, Google could have years worth of your conversations recorded, and you can hear it for yourself. by Matt Agorist Your cringe-worthy history can be heard and viewed along with a list of all your searches, at your personal Google history page. The feature was built into Google’s […]

Mother successfully fights off man as he attempted to kidnap her teen daughter

     HERNANDO, Fla. – A Florida man was arrested on charges of kidnapping and child abuse after store surveillance video showed him dragging a 13-year-old girl away from a desperate mother. Surveillance video shows the suspect, who police say is 30-year-old Craig Bonello, calmly pushing a shopping cart inside a Dollar General in Hernando, Florida […]

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