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Breaking news: The daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is said to be the mystery brunette waving at pedo Prince Andrew while leaving child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion in 2010 – following Epstein’s 2008 conviction for raping kids. Evidently, the children of VIPs have no moral objection to pedophilia. Pedo Paul […]

Italy’s Conte Announces Resignation, Setting The Stage For Prime Minister Salvini

Until today, Italy has had 61 governments since World War II. We can now make that 62. Moments ago, during a scathing speech that slammed his his deputy premier, Matteo Salvini of the League who is also Italy’s most popular politicians and defacto leader, said Salvini’s decision to spark a political crisis was “irresponsible,” motivated […]

Regev: God, not people, will decide who is next prime minister

Culture Minister Miri Regev of Likud said Friday that God will decide who becomes Israel’s next prime minister — not people, as the country heads to a second election in a year, with polls predicting further political gridlock in its aftermath and no clear path to forming a government. Speaking to 103FM Radio, Regev bristled […]

Bennett says right-wing Yamina bloc will recommend Netanyahu as prime minister

The Yamina party, formerly known as United Right, will recommend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new government after September’s Knesset election, Naftali Bennett announced  Wednesday. “I say in the clearest and sharpest manner, Yamina will recommend Benjamin Netanyahu to be the next prime minister of Israel,” Bennett declared in a live broadcast on […]

Meet Boris Johnson: Britain’s “Climate-Denying” New Prime Minister and “Donald Trump of Britain”

As I write, Boris Johnson has just been confirmed as Britain’s new Prime Minister. A highly controversial and divisive figure, there are millions who are shocked at his offensive sexist, racist, Islamophobic, and homophobic views, amongst others. It is hardly surprising that Donald Trump is an ardent fan. Yesterday, Trump tweeted: Congratulations to Boris Johnson […]

With Pakistan’s Prime Minister at His Side, Trump Threatens to Wipe Afghanistan “Off the Face of the Earth”

US President Donald Trump threatened to “kill 10 million” Afghans in “a week” so as to win a quick victory in America’s longest war, at a joint White House press conference Monday with Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister. The US Commander-in-Chief cavalierly boasted that he could wipe Afghanistan “off the face of the Earth” if […]

Don’t mourn Theresa May: She was one of Britain’s worst-ever prime ministers

Spare us the Uriah Heep-style hypocrisy and gushing ‘tributes.’ The truth is an Op-Ed on the achievements of Theresa May would be the shortest one ever written. Winston Churchill helped defeat the Nazis in World War Two. Clement Attlee gave Britain the NHS. Harold Wilson established the Open University. Ted Heath saved Rolls Royce. Gordon […]

Towards an India-US-Israel Alliance directed against Iran? Prime Minister Modi “Pivots to the West”

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Iran Might be About To Change Its Approach Towards India youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from More Fake News and US Statistics About Payroll Jobs. The Trend Towards Part-Time Employment Yesterday’s column referred to a  “falling labor force participation rate.”   One of the […]

Amazon Taps Celebrities For Prime Day Buzz As New Member Growth Slows

Now that Amazon Prime Day has begun to rival Black Friday as a driver of sales, the company has turned to celebrity endorsements in order to boost sales and attract new Prime members amid sagging membership figures, according to Bloomberg.  From Will Smith and his son slinging water to Kobe Bryant peddling deodorant – Amazon may have officially jumped […]

Liam Gallagher Wants To Be The Next UK Prime Minister

Former Oasis front-man Liam Gallagher is arguing his case to replace Theresa May as the British Prime Minister vowing he’ll ‘sort this pile of s**t out’ In a priceless tweet that’s now gone viral Gallagher asks: “WHY ME? WHY NOT.” He also joked how he’d get Oasis back together ‘by law’ RT reports: Gallagher, known […]

Boris’ tactic to become British prime minister is to hide the crazy

Look, I don’t judge Boris for wanting to be leader. The perks are excellent; central London pad and a place in the country, driver, mobile phone and guaranteed retirement at Goldman Sachs – who wouldn’t want the job? The people I judge harshly are those driving him towards Downing Street, his backers.  Would it be […]

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe due in Tehran on historic visit

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has arrived in Iran on a first visit by a Japanese premier to Tehran in more than 40 years, with a plan to help ease tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States. Prime Minister Abe arrived in Tehran on Wednesday morning. During his two-day visit to Iran, […]

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Is Trump’s Informal Ambassador to Iran, but He Wants More Than to Mediate

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is functioning as Trump’s informal ambassador to Iran during his two day trip to the Islamic Republic, though he has much greater strategic interests in mind than just being the US President’s proxy such as expanding his island nation’s footprint in the Mideast as part of its attempt to “contain” China. […]

Prime Minister of Poland Signs Global Appeal to Stop 5G

By Julian Rose In what is surely an unprecedented and  groundbreaking action, the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, has personally backed an International Appeal to stop the controversial roll-out of 5G electromagnetic microwave telecommunication transmissions. 5G, a new millimetre band frequency range being introduced by the telecommunications industry worldwide has been identified by over […]

Prime Minister of Poland Signs Global Appeal to Stop 5G Telecommunications Transmission

In what is surely an unprecedented and groundbreaking action, the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, has personally backed an International Appeal to stop the controversial roll-out of 5G electromagnetic microwave telecommunication transmissions. 5G, a new millimetre band frequency range being introduced by the telecommunications industry worldwide, has been identified by over […]

Majority of UK voters do not want Johnson as prime minister: Polls

A study of recent polls carried out in the United Kingdom shows majority of voters in the country have not a good opinion of Boris Johnson as their next prime minister. Polling expert Robert Hayward told the Guardian on Wednesday that voters in Britain have a “distinct antipathy” towards Johnson, the former foreign minister […]

Trump endorses Johnson as ‘very good’ UK prime minister

US President Donald Trump has publicly supported Boris Johnson in his bid to become next British prime minister, saying the eurosceptic politician will be an excellent choice for the job. “I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent,” Trump said in an interview with the Sun newspaper […]

British Prime Minister Candidate Admits He Smoked Opium in Iran

British Prime Minister hopeful Rory Stewart has admitted to smoking opium in Iran when he visited the country 15 years ago. Stewart hopes to replace PM Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party. In a stunning admission, Stewart says he smoked the drug, knowing it was against the law, while visiting Iran to assess […]

Iraq sending teams to Tehran, Washington to calm tensions – prime minister

Reuters – Iraq will send delegations to Washington and Tehran to help “halt tension” amid fears of a confrontation between the United States and Iran in the Middle East, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday. He said there were no Iraqi groups that wanted to push towards a war, two days after a […]

Meet Canada’s Next Prime Minister: Pro-Israel Neo-Con Andrew Scheer?

Canadian “conservative” leader Andrew Scheer on Tuesday kicked off a campaign to unseat Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, after he promised last year to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital if elected in October: Scheer, whose Tories are neck and neck with the Liberals in the latest public opinion polls ahead of elections in October, […]

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